8 Trades Coming To The Lakers Before The Trade Deadline - Carmelo Anthony | Dennis Smith Jr

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • In this #SportHub video, we take an in-depth look at the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers with injuries to LeBron James and Lonzo Ball recently. With the team struggling to maintain a playoff spot in the Western Conference, the Lakers been heavily involved in rumors surrounding much of their roster including Lonzo Ball with even Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma possibly being shopped around for another superstar to pair up with James as well.
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Comments • 325

    X CΔLIBRE 5 months ago

    Get rid rajon rondo

  • jhonbrex sabado
    jhonbrex sabado 6 months ago +1


  • Thomas Dean
    Thomas Dean 7 months ago

    Morris is a good player but Carmelo Anthony has been there before do the right thing and pick the one that has the most experience Carmelo Anthony you need a veteran superstar that is Abel to take over a Game just Like DWade and LeBron James.

  • arc030710
    arc030710 7 months ago +1


  • Bliss Beatbox
    Bliss Beatbox 7 months ago


  • Larry Logan
    Larry Logan 7 months ago

    Lilly Tomlin

  • Jr Hill
    Jr Hill 7 months ago

    I will try to get Anthony Davis and go for Klay Thompson

  • teddy paragas
    teddy paragas 7 months ago

    if the Lakers traded those young player. it collapsed there popularity...

  • chewpaeng12
    chewpaeng12 7 months ago

    Trade Lebron for Anthony Davis...plain and simple

  • Stanley DM Anime Arts
    Stanley DM Anime Arts 7 months ago

    better that kyrie move to LA n pair with lebron

  • Gila Sacks
    Gila Sacks 7 months ago

    Klay thomphson and Carmelo anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matias Morales
    Matias Morales 7 months ago

    I would say stay with Zuvac, and make Kobe play again

  • Daryll Djwess
    Daryll Djwess 7 months ago

    Get Kevin Love and Dwayne Wade, pretty much

  • bill first
    bill first 7 months ago


  • Samuel Caleth
    Samuel Caleth 7 months ago

    I want Anthony Davis and Kevin love

  • Pack Leaders Society
    Pack Leaders Society 7 months ago

    Get Davis!

  • hrishi shah
    hrishi shah 7 months ago

    Kevin Love and Anthony Davis

  • Jk47 Yt
    Jk47 Yt 7 months ago

    Conley and gasol for pope and McGee

  • Jay Crew
    Jay Crew 7 months ago +1

    Lebron will Blow up Another Team.

  • Mika Iceland
    Mika Iceland 7 months ago +1


  • Kathy McCrary
    Kathy McCrary 7 months ago

    In like two years all those new trades will retire

  • Milo High'Grade
    Milo High'Grade 7 months ago +1

    Caldwell-Pope & Chandler for Beal & Pick

  • F M
    F M 7 months ago

    Kyrie Irving is a very good player but a huge liability He is injury prone and the Celtics played better without him last year

  • Wave da Breaker
    Wave da Breaker 7 months ago

    denis smith jr? >

  • braden thompson
    braden thompson 7 months ago

    It goning to be Antony Davis

  • Ryan Burchfield
    Ryan Burchfield 7 months ago

    Your video is sick tho

  • Ryan Burchfield
    Ryan Burchfield 7 months ago

    Memo is washed up

  • Morgan Nowlin
    Morgan Nowlin 7 months ago

    You forgot about Josh Hart on the 2 guard depth chart

  • My Dogs
    My Dogs 7 months ago

    Dennis Smith jr might go to Minnesota I heard

  • Markus Medina
    Markus Medina 7 months ago

    Dwade? hahaha

  • Golden Brush
    Golden Brush 7 months ago

    Lebron gonna make a great Gm when he retire

  • steam stefanos
    steam stefanos 7 months ago

    oh yeah yeah

    Anthony Davis

  • anthony nunez
    anthony nunez 7 months ago +1

    Anthony Davis

  • Idon'thaveausername
    Idon'thaveausername 7 months ago

    uhhh... wade's retiring so....

  • dbzandrew 9998
    dbzandrew 9998 7 months ago

    Don’t trade ingram

  • Christian Alvarez
    Christian Alvarez 7 months ago +1

    Keep kuzma and ball to Lakers

  • Christian Alvarez
    Christian Alvarez 7 months ago

    Then trade Michael Beasley and Stephenson to Dallas for Dennis Smith Jr.

  • Christian Alvarez
    Christian Alvarez 7 months ago

    Lakers need to target bam bam to Lakers and Brandon Ingram to heat.

  • Carl Ian Sullano
    Carl Ian Sullano 7 months ago

    Btw, just here to say "nonsense".

  • Cruzaldo Salvador Begnaen

    Secure A. Davis:D

  • Dave Eduard
    Dave Eduard 7 months ago

    I think that Lebron go to Miami Heat again with D-Wade , Anthony Davis , Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love for Championship thanks ... :)

  • Tmxney Taylor
    Tmxney Taylor 7 months ago

    So is Thanos Goku Ryu and MJ joining the Lakers

  • LiLhLaD
    LiLhLaD 7 months ago

    What about a superstar that is a pure shooter

  • Neo Levert Malapane
    Neo Levert Malapane 7 months ago

    Trade Lanzo; Ingram for starters

  • Carlo Lui
    Carlo Lui 7 months ago


  • Demon King
    Demon King 7 months ago

    Trade ingram and Chandler

  • TheMma8055
    TheMma8055 7 months ago +1

    Lonzo Ball should just be waived----> 🗑 Lakers need Anthony Davis

  • Global Dayz
    Global Dayz 7 months ago

    Wade 305 til retirement

  • MexicanMamba 1
    MexicanMamba 1 7 months ago

    Kemba, Davis, Carmelo
    And George ?????????????????????????????

  • music christian
    music christian 7 months ago +1

    LeBron... Davis ... Love .... Melo .... Wade ... Ingram... Ball ... wow

  • Julian Velasco
    Julian Velasco 7 months ago +1

    Carmelo are you f'n kidding me rite now??

  • jacob plays
    jacob plays 7 months ago +1

    And in my oppinion mike conley isnt a super star maybe all star....js

  • jacob plays
    jacob plays 7 months ago


  • CJ Playz
    CJ Playz 7 months ago

    Melo? But Wade would be 🔥

  • Sebastian Chagolla
    Sebastian Chagolla 7 months ago

    Carmelo Anthony

  • J.R. Smith
    J.R. Smith 7 months ago

    What about Josh Hart he is a shooting guard and a consistent shooter

  • Spiketonix
    Spiketonix 7 months ago

    It dwayne wade is retiring isn’t that’s why the lakers vs heat an emotional game for LeBron because I guess Dwayne wade is retiring

  • los Angeles Lakers
    los Angeles Lakers 7 months ago +1

    I think they need Donovan Mitchell or Lilard or Westbrook or Antetokounmpo

  • Gough Family
    Gough Family 7 months ago

    They need to get Paul Gerorge, Anthony Davis, and some other superstar SG like Bradley Beal.

  • Eric Long
    Eric Long 7 months ago

    Klay Thompson + Anthony Davis + king James = 🏆