i beat NINJA in fortnite

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
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  • Ninja
    Ninja 5 months ago +36544

    I hope you all know that quote was from lazarbeams PINNED tweet on twitter. I was quoting it.

  • Matthew Gavin
    Matthew Gavin 4 hours ago +1

    I think fresh beat ninja

  • Jam1e pig
    Jam1e pig 5 hours ago

    What's that background song called he used for the thanos scene

  • xXYazzYK2008Xx
    xXYazzYK2008Xx 7 hours ago

    Ninja: who's Lazar
    Lazar:me bitch

  • Aaron Kimu
    Aaron Kimu 7 hours ago

    I've never heard of ninja 🙂🙂

  • Janiboii
    Janiboii 8 hours ago

    Lazerbeam Is Fortnite GOD

  • Angelangel 568
    Angelangel 568 9 hours ago


  • Jonathan jurgensen
    Jonathan jurgensen 11 hours ago +1

    This should be renamed
    Fresh vs tim

  • happy sun casas
    happy sun casas 12 hours ago

    paly fortnit

  • Reyu and Aashiv
    Reyu and Aashiv 14 hours ago

    F word you lazar beaaam ninja is 1234567800998889900887888899000877665443321122333400000000000 better than you

  • Feram Plays
    Feram Plays 15 hours ago

    Lannan please add me on fortnite name : maciulistatto

  • Tribal Armour
    Tribal Armour 16 hours ago

    Who doesn't know who blazer beam is. Even baby's know him

  • Roman Summers
    Roman Summers Day ago

    3:58 look at his face in pause mode

  • Ali Elkordy
    Ali Elkordy Day ago

    Toxic ninja respect to lannan

  • OTM :]
    OTM :] Day ago

    Should’ve made the title fresh beat ninja

  • Noah James
    Noah James Day ago


  • Big Boi
    Big Boi Day ago +1

    Lazar: beat ninja
    Ninja: tries to ban him (that's a joke)
    Lazar: well yes but actually no

  • mc kraut
    mc kraut Day ago

    Just to let you know, NINJA, Lazarbeam is way better.

  • Talen Talen
    Talen Talen Day ago

    I've never heard of ninja before

  • Extreamspice😏
    Extreamspice😏 Day ago +1

    How does ninja not know who larzerbeam is........???????

  • Unsavagable Gaming

    When lazar said Europeans suck at fortnite
    I was triggered


  • Mishal Rasheed
    Mishal Rasheed Day ago

    Ninja: I never heard of lazerbeam
    Lazerlazer: I'm wearing your underwear
    Ninja: I wish I never said never that

  • Kim White
    Kim White Day ago

    Ninja is trash atually

  • Lukas Krantz
    Lukas Krantz 2 days ago

    ninja did not say lazarbeam is not that famous it was just lazarbeam voice

  • Nathan Pham
    Nathan Pham 2 days ago

    lazarbeams you and ninja are a god and boss hog
    nice match guys!

  • Ali Sam
    Ali Sam 2 days ago

    Im team lazarbeam bloody legend

  • James Mathew
    James Mathew 2 days ago


  • The Zim gem
    The Zim gem 2 days ago

    I’m a streamer and I am RU-clip yeet

  • Exotic gamer42
    Exotic gamer42 2 days ago

    i think fresh beat ninja

  • randomday 4
    randomday 4 2 days ago +1

    At the end of the vid lazarbeams character is still moving and lazarbeam was standing on his chair and you could see both of his arms
    It happens just before the video ends is lazarbeam lying hope not

  • jordan sampayan
    jordan sampayan 2 days ago


  • jordan sampayan
    jordan sampayan 2 days ago


  • Young Tomato
    Young Tomato 3 days ago

    Anybody that disliked this video uses code muselk

  • Obvii III
    Obvii III 3 days ago

    Lazarbeam: Ninja's A Bot!
    Me: says the guy wearing ninja underwear on his head
    5 seconds l8r..
    Lazarbeam: Ninja's a double bot!
    Me: oh goddd

  • mathew eapen
    mathew eapen 3 days ago +1

    This will be the only normal comment with likes

  • Jello Kids
    Jello Kids 3 days ago

    Ninja sucks

  • Janine Bozko
    Janine Bozko 3 days ago

    Ningas is trash

  • vincent caccamo
    vincent caccamo 3 days ago

  • Cris Mendez
    Cris Mendez 3 days ago

    I bearly realized I clapped lazar sorry Lazar forgive me

  • Braxton James
    Braxton James 4 days ago

    I love ninja, but code lazar all day

  • Cooper Kosic
    Cooper Kosic 4 days ago

    Ninja is not bad you’re gay

  • Noah AniMaTeS
    Noah AniMaTeS 4 days ago +2

    **1 hour later**
    *you have been banned for stream sniping*

  • Preston Butcher
    Preston Butcher 4 days ago

    well I'm going to watch it the movie has lazarbeam.

  • Junior Lucas
    Junior Lucas 5 days ago

    Like How Tim And Ninja Complained About Pin Bout Lannan Was Just Memed

  • Matthew Hergott
    Matthew Hergott 5 days ago

    Ninja is a giant bot

  • Rokai dragonboy
    Rokai dragonboy 5 days ago

    Sub to PEG TTV

  • Vasanthi Govindasamy Kuppan

    F ninja

  • Gvin Games
    Gvin Games 6 days ago

    Ninja: I’ve never herd of lazarbeam must not be that famous
    Me: boi i outa wuup that smile of yo face

  • Nate Brodeur
    Nate Brodeur 6 days ago

    Laser beam used a uncapilized I in the title

  • Fishy_Playz
    Fishy_Playz 6 days ago

    "They've been using stream snipers" 😂 lazarbeam what the hell

  • faze pug Gamer
    faze pug Gamer 6 days ago

    Who wold win a streamerbty or a youtub boi

  • Levi Madison
    Levi Madison 6 days ago

    I tried to drowned it worked

  • malak mokaddem
    malak mokaddem 6 days ago

    I just the best player

  • That Milo Kid
    That Milo Kid 6 days ago

    10:40 is in u tube rewind

  • Pawsome kitty God
    Pawsome kitty God 6 days ago

    4:54 2019 THE KRAKEN IS HERE

  • RainbowRedSlayer Amv
    RainbowRedSlayer Amv 7 days ago +1

    Honestly...I never heard of ninja till this video

  • Gavin Flesner
    Gavin Flesner 7 days ago

    Lazarbeam- I beat Ninga
    (Gets carried by fresh)

  • Bray Mangiaruga
    Bray Mangiaruga 7 days ago

    I killed Mr. savage in snipers

  • The Ace Of diamonds
    The Ace Of diamonds 7 days ago

    You just got rekt by more English blokes

  • 5k subs with 0 videos?
    5k subs with 0 videos? 7 days ago +1

    "Big fan, ninja i love your underwear, wearing it right now" hahaha