Top 5 Apple iPhone 11 rumors

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • There are tons of reports about Apple's upcoming phones. We rank the rumors, from most to least likely!
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Comments • 200

  • Akhil Sai
    Akhil Sai 10 days ago

    3 minutes to go

  • King Kong
    King Kong 22 days ago

    Is the iphone xr be cheaper when the new iphone realese

  • LuisGyG, Geeks y Gadgets

    Great video!!!

  • Steve Mano
    Steve Mano 23 days ago

    You spoiled it when you said RUMORS.

  • Karim Sumar
    Karim Sumar 25 days ago +3

    Here's a simple naming convention for ALL smartphone 📱like IPhone
    2020 iPhone 20
    2021 iPhone 21
    2022 iPhone 22
    Simple 😍👍...
    At least people don't have to search for when they got released!
    Phone 📱 - 2000 = Years

  • Pradheep R K
    Pradheep R K 27 days ago

    Any chance of removing irritating notch?

  • BurntFist
    BurntFist 28 days ago

    New feature allows you to charge AirPods with iPhone.
    Also when you run out of juice on your phone you can charge your phone with your AirPods : |

  • Its me
    Its me 28 days ago

    No infinity display no need for 5000 mah battery humble plead to apple pls provide a physical 2 sim slots to phone

  • Adrian Denila
    Adrian Denila 28 days ago

    im sure its going to be very expensive! and then im sure next year the iphone 12 will come out

  • Justin Perez
    Justin Perez 28 days ago

    When you mentioned the weird naming convention Apple has had with their iPhones, you forgot C. Lol remember iPhone 5C? I remember last year thinking about it when they announced the XR because of their cheaper model and different color options just like 5C.
    Another topic: In regards to the square camera bump. I betcha Google will do another marketing comparison with Pixel 4 to iPhone 11 and probably be slick with a comment of how they have the best camera (once again) using only 2 lenses whereas iPhone needing to use 3.

  • Mark
    Mark 28 days ago

    So there is a iPhone with a nuber or a S,C,SE,PLUS,X,XS,XR or a MAX.. That is like a sequel movie starting with Resurrection, Revolution, Chapter, Rising or Revenge.. Just numer the damn things so i can know when it did come out..

  • Ultramonk27
    Ultramonk27 29 days ago

    Pencil support? Why?

  • Cubing Doctor
    Cubing Doctor 29 days ago

    I'm here on the iPhone 5s

  • John Schaeffer Mike
    John Schaeffer Mike 29 days ago

    THE OTHERS......
    ALL OF THEM ...

  • Luis Fernando Manzano
    Luis Fernando Manzano 29 days ago

    I think it won't be called iPhone at all, they'll change it to Apple Phone, just like every other product is now preceded by the "Apple" name, so it would be Apple Phone and Apple Phone Pro

  • Daniel Barde
    Daniel Barde 29 days ago

    The camera bump isn’t ugly

  • Omar Moreno
    Omar Moreno 29 days ago +1

    iPhones out of style 2019. Switching to android. Hi pixel 4

  • Michael Langston
    Michael Langston Month ago +1

    Sssoooo why are you recording in 1080p? It's 2019 bro...

  • 80s Music
    80s Music Month ago

    Until Apple brings back the headphone jack, I am sticking to my 6s Plus. If they don’t bring it back by the time my 6s Plus is unsupported then I’m switching back to Android. Most likely Samsung. They better bring it back if they want valuable customers.

  • Synder
    Synder Month ago +1

    I want to see Intense gaming on a iPhone for at least 24 hours then I will buy a 1,000 dollar phone

  • Cornelius Wilson
    Cornelius Wilson Month ago

    I'm a Samsung note user I just pre order my note 10 plus the new iPhone looks trash Samsung killing the market!!!

  • opmike343
    opmike343 Month ago +4

    Steve Jobs would have never let that camera setup see the light of day.

  • uktech
    uktech Month ago +1

    You forgot the most important rumour:

    *4 icons in a row* 🤭

  • 80shikhar2
    80shikhar2 Month ago

    Small has 1 camara mid has 2 large has 3 for sure

  • 798488
    798488 Month ago

    Clearly this guy is not a fan lol

  • cute khan
    cute khan Month ago +1

    iphone 11 is ugliest phone ever ugly desigan horribale camera bump what is this app look s10 plus sony xperia 1 desigan look very sexy this phone not even look premium even one plus 7 pro is bater then this

  • Ian Cheng
    Ian Cheng Month ago

    I'm practically forced to buy a Samsung because I want a 5g phone. I want to switch back to apple, but dont want to pay a premium for old tech.

  • Hel Mac
    Hel Mac Month ago

    I remember there was a time when upcoming iPhone rumors and leaks used to be exciting.
    I guess for the OS, the exciting new killer feature will be dark mode.
    On Android on the other hand we're getting 90hrz displays, 5x zoom, crazy good night pictures, two day battery, Google's upcoming sense (or whatever it's called) and more!
    Apple is just happy at being the expensive average phone now.

  • fatcrewz
    fatcrewz Month ago

    Iphone x-1max iphone x-1r

  • Picture Perfect
    Picture Perfect Month ago

    Reverse charging is stupid

  • Kwaku Emma
    Kwaku Emma Month ago +1

    Why do people keep buying apple stuff?
    Name 5 thing iphone XS Max can do but and the samsung Galaxy s6 can't!!!

    • CODGODS11
      CODGODS11 Month ago +1

      Kwaku Emma exactly!!!! The only thing apple has is the eco system that is convenient.. but now that Samsung and Microsoft has partnership that should change. No reason to have apple

  • Tvrtko Krželj
    Tvrtko Krželj Month ago +2

    Rumor number 6: return of the headphone jack. ;)

  • mk
    mk Month ago +1

    Macbook and iPads are fine atm but the stats speak true.. iPhone is dying.

  • tech help with Amit thakur

    Dhari ramro mobile phone chha

  • Seung Lee
    Seung Lee Month ago

    Lol Apple just copied reverse wireless charging fucntion. What a shame

    • dean lewis
      dean lewis 28 days ago

      Seung Lee the copy each other, no headphone jack after years of mocking apple

  • Joseph Michael
    Joseph Michael Month ago +3

    Wait till next year...major changes and will be a redesign...not worth upgrading if you already have X series....

  • B calm & humble
    B calm & humble Month ago +26

    PENCIL SUPPORT!? Steve jobs will literally jump out of his grave, turn into john wick and kill tim cook with it,

    • Porkfat Rulz
      Porkfat Rulz 29 days ago +1

      Once upon a time, Bill Gates said “Nobody will ever need more than 4 MB of RAM.” (That’s Mega Bytes) He was wrong wasn’t he?

  • Douglas Marinini
    Douglas Marinini Month ago

    iPhone names are getting too strange...

  • Nayem Sarker
    Nayem Sarker Month ago

    why we are used iphone where Huawei is the best.

  • World Channel
    World Channel Month ago

    People need to stop buying this crap. Wake up people it's all hype!

  • Shaun RareEarth7126

    Apple is getting a deal Flash

  • Ariel Glaze
    Ariel Glaze Month ago +6

    The designs are getting uglier every year. That three lens assembly in the back means the phone will probably cost $1400

  • Fred Bassett
    Fred Bassett Month ago

    Ya cuda if you buy an iphone.

  • 구리구로
    구리구로 Month ago

    All I knew it come on

  • Flobby Fish paste
    Flobby Fish paste Month ago

    Ughh I wish the 11r would get a better screen. I’m gonna upgrade to the 11r from the 8plus no matter what but, yeah, ughh I wish. It’s not impossible for them to implement better technology, but they aren’t going to, almost guaranteed. It’s gonna suck going from 1080 downward but I really wanna upgrade and I’m not gonna go with the max/ whatever they call it now...

  • Irfan
    Irfan Month ago

    remember , when apple introduce New Phones they only change design factor but real hardware change happen in S model , so no chance that 5G is coming if Apple place 4GLTE with 1.2GHZ modem this would be great also in XR model other wise few things such as camera + etc ... i recommend do not waste money this year on APPLE .

  • Snickers _
    Snickers _ Month ago +8

    2 iPhones
    2 rear Cameras
    8w wireless charging
    No Pencil Support
    "iPhone & iPhone+ (2019)"

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    The design might be a dealbreaker for me, if its an ugly one i might just keel my X or just get the XR2. Btw! I didn’t knew you also used apple products! So cool! 

  • Clifton Honaker
    Clifton Honaker Month ago

    This is pathetic from a trillion dollar company! Straight scam, please give me a Samsung. Looks like an iPhone X, give me the new S10 or Note

  • Jacob Volkenand
    Jacob Volkenand Month ago +1

    If only people would stop complaining about the camera bump... just use a case and get over it... 🤷‍♂️

  • Simon Hussey
    Simon Hussey Month ago

    It’s a bit like... who really cares now. If you have a iphone that’s a couple of years old, the software is maybe the most important update they can make rather than hardware. Do people queue up the night before in droves like they did at apple stores to get an iPhone on release day anymore? Everyone is a ‘Pro’ now! Well... if you have the money.

  • anismistry1
    anismistry1 Month ago +2

    Google didn't copy Apple with the camera bump, Apple copied Huawei and then Google copied Huawei

  • Musa Ali
    Musa Ali Month ago

    Samsung wait me

  • chris huntly
    chris huntly Month ago

    U lost me at 3:15. Just to much going on apple

  • Marshmello JR.
    Marshmello JR. Month ago

    I’m here for the hate comment s towards this company shall I grab popcorn?

  • JJ. C
    JJ. C Month ago +10

    Yeah I ain’t buying this bs I’ll just wait for 2020

    • ASavage Sketch
      ASavage Sketch Month ago

      JJ. C yess u right af. 2019 are not upgrades

  • emark24
    emark24 Month ago

    Still junk

  • Malcolm Vladisclav
    Malcolm Vladisclav Month ago +9

    Pencil support is crap unless you can place the pencil inside your phone like the notes.

  • Happyface
    Happyface Month ago +13

    Respect for calling them rumors in the title and not "TOP 10 CONFIRMED IPHONE 11 LEAKS !!"