HARD DRIVE Mining? This is getting ridiculous...

  • Published on Mar 27, 2018
  • Hard drive mining... could this be the solution to the GPU crisis?...
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Comments • 6 057

  • FritzHugo3
    FritzHugo3 2 days ago

    This shows only that electricity are very to cheep. Totaly waste of electricity.

  • Pandoran Bias
    Pandoran Bias 2 days ago

    45 Drives: *DO NOT DROP*
    Linus: You think that’s for us?

  • Pest789
    Pest789 2 days ago

    Maybe say what burstcoin is

  • b0neme
    b0neme 3 days ago

    "Vomit frosting on a moldy cupcake!" WAAHHAAAHAAA I'm going to have to use that at work! :D

  • M.A. Zaki
    M.A. Zaki 4 days ago

    2:24 Please if those are no longer in use ship it to me. Wanna stores medias....hoho

  • im coder
    im coder 5 days ago

    Can you again make a video on blockchain to provide cloud storage services

  • im coder
    im coder 5 days ago +1

    Is it something like storj

  • choirul abidin
    choirul abidin 7 days ago

    You don't want the Drive become a waste. Send me a bunch of them and i Will be glad to use then as my classic game storage.

  • Micke J
    Micke J 11 days ago

    Hard thinking here with the risk of being bogged down with inquiries.
    Have a source for 7 Netapp storage units holding some 120+ 600GB 15k RPM SAS/SATA disks.
    Anyone interested in wasting some power and cash?

  • Tommy Newhouse
    Tommy Newhouse 12 days ago

    Captions 6:26

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen 25 days ago

    I bet the electricity bill is more than $100 per month.

  • Film Cast
    Film Cast 28 days ago

    Awesome tutorial. I Will like to have your T-shirt 😂😂

  • King Pangolin
    King Pangolin Month ago

    What would happend if instead of using HHD you used 512GB mirco SD using the 9xmicroSD SATA adapter?

  • Christoph Englert
    Christoph Englert Month ago

    I would take some drives. Even if they are from seagate😂

  • yongmei lin
    yongmei lin Month ago

    pt 4: mining away

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy Month ago

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  • TheNegronomicon
    TheNegronomicon Month ago +1

    *Mining with... hard drives!*

  • Darius Beaumont
    Darius Beaumont Month ago

    your thumbnails are ridiculous

  • Ken Wood
    Ken Wood Month ago

    Stuff the planet. Stuff future generations. Let's mine burst coin directly with carbon emissions!

  • Isky
    Isky Month ago

    You still browse Craig's List for bargains? That's awesome!

  • Roy Evans
    Roy Evans Month ago

    Been watching this up to about halfway and I still don't know what the hell you are doing lol.

  • bilbo slaughter
    bilbo slaughter Month ago

    I don't mean to be that guy but every human using cryptocurrency is just getting used by a quantum computer that's using your computer as a connection to it's brain and learning and giving you in its head a cookie (currency) to blind you . On said fact what did the English do to the natives ... Gave them things they think they needed them to learn and inline itself with you life ,then nothing good. Don't forget there is a biological being at the center of the computer so do think it won't do some shit like that humans started as one cell just as that computer did . It's just more logical

    • bilbo slaughter
      bilbo slaughter Month ago

      Well thoughts I should say

    • bilbo slaughter
      bilbo slaughter Month ago

      Get back to me with your realistic answer if possible please. Thank you

  • benn zhong
    benn zhong Month ago

    people tend to forget crypto currencies are the same as traditional stocks. they go up and down..what goes up must come down and vice versa... but then again.... a mining rig can be costly, cost too much electricity and payout way too little to cover the initial costs... not worth it....

  • benn zhong
    benn zhong Month ago

    so now we can actually see the teleprompter device now......... LOLS and not just inside his pocket... lmao

  • benn zhong
    benn zhong Month ago

    why is this even a subject at all???????? SMH

  • benn zhong
    benn zhong Month ago

    just another altcoin in the ico trends bcos everyone wants a piece of the crypto trends

    TONY BURTILA Month ago

    I'll connect Bells first ever telephone to my GT83VR for better results then that thing :))))) or my old 2 way cup string hmmm

  • je2854
    je2854 Month ago

    What's in his pocket he always touches in just about every video?

    KALUS DJ Month ago

    Your a man!
    It may be needed!
    Everything has a use eventually.
    Like your wife throwing them at you for loving your pc more than her! 🤣
    Spoke too soon
    he has a rack in the bath!
    He ain’t married to a woman 🤣
    I know where he inserts his hard drive🤡

  • TE5LA
    TE5LA Month ago

    Hey, Linus, they have these new things nowadays called "box cutters".

  • XorgAdmin231 Happy2Support


    B = BurstCoin

  • DeltaCommand
    DeltaCommand Month ago +1

    Is this thing still running????

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool Month ago

    Next up: Mining Coins with laptop battery

  • Ben in Seattle
    Ben in Seattle Month ago

    Stage ①: Collect Hard Drives
    Stage ②: ❓
    Stage ③: Profit!

    Will the _Underpants_ _Gnomes_ never learn? ru-clip.com/video/tO5sxLapAts/video.html

  • Robb Cochran
    Robb Cochran 2 months ago

    Yepp, its gettin PerdyDerpDerp
    Just Mine with Solar and a RaspPi3? heck why not lol...Or, just Buy crypto when its low, and wait for it to grow. If i knew BTC was going up to $8,500 from the $200 mark where it was when I started... I would have just Bought Two whole BTC back then, instead of spending $600 and Countless Hours on Mining Equipment lol. (PS, I have and Fix - the Hardware and Software Controllers for Various ASIC Mining Rigs... My Specialty ... BitMain and Spondoolies... who just released another machine funny enough just recently... however its SUPER Expensive, and I'd Rather B Fishing...) @TeamRespon - i'm pretty sure it'll happen at somepoint... OR hashing on old AT Audio Cards God Only Knows lol... BTC was a good idea, and ALTcoins are (occasionally) Lucritive... but Holy-SHiRT HOW MANY FORKS do ya need?

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 2 months ago

    Still have no idea WTF mining is, but this is interesting! lol.

  • Joanna Kostavo
    Joanna Kostavo 2 months ago

    LOL ugh man sorry that is funny as hell though you gotta admit. also I think (personal opinion) anything that isn't SSD isn't worth the little square of space it takes up in a box. Also-if one of the drives FAIL, I'd hope the data would be worth more than the drives. What kind of harddrives are you buying that are hundreds and hundreds of dollars?

  • Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

    £100 a month, but how much does the power cost?

  • schlafanzyk
    schlafanzyk 2 months ago +1

    I like that you also resort to the key-boxcutter technique for opening boxes. I thought I was the only one.

  • Chess music Theory
    Chess music Theory 2 months ago

    someone needs to rig an exercise bike where the rider powers the electricity to mine and invite all athletes to theyr gym for free lol

  • dwftube
    dwftube 2 months ago

    09:46 - wtf! He must have manufacturers lining up to place their products in his videos, a ton of spare drives lying around and he still looks on Craigslist for great deals on hard drives. This guy is certifiable. ;)

  • Terminator T-800
    Terminator T-800 2 months ago

    bloody hell your balls still not dropped yet son.

  • mr nobody
    mr nobody 2 months ago

    YOU,you rich boy!!!

    • mr nobody
      mr nobody 2 months ago

      why you sooooooooo rich?tell me...hah

  • SaulMalone8
    SaulMalone8 2 months ago +2

    8:59 - Linus performs some quick cable management ;)

  • Daddy cool
    Daddy cool 2 months ago

    how do i mining the file coins through windows?

  • The Viking Woodsmith
    The Viking Woodsmith 2 months ago

    Coming soon: Pickaxe Mining :D

  • andchimeras
    andchimeras 2 months ago

    Why why why don't they install a freight lift (lift=/=elevator). Or ramps? My entire body hurts watching the large-scale build videos.

  • Jerin Fons
    Jerin Fons 2 months ago

    I think this was one of my first linus tech tips videos, and it's kinda nostalgic

  • Waybe Suricata
    Waybe Suricata 2 months ago

    Hello dear,
    Former Co-Founder and CTO of TRON and Lambda core team built Volume Network together. Volume Network is a hard disk mining currency. Do you know about this project? Maybe you can do a review.

  • Richard Gowney
    Richard Gowney 2 months ago

    just take that thing out of your pocket......

  • AdamDaBoss 7809
    AdamDaBoss 7809 2 months ago

    Nice "Holy balls!" shirt

  • Frank Christian
    Frank Christian 2 months ago

    $100 a month to 220 for the next electricity Bill ? :)

  • voskigolf
    voskigolf 2 months ago

    Hey Linus,

    I really enjoy your content. Not sure if you mentioned this before so forgive me for not doing research.

    What is that device in your right pocket? I notice you touch it at certain times. Is it some time of time stamping device to help with video editing after filming?

  • S H
    S H 2 months ago

    You mean BITCOIN? WTF is burst coin?

  • Sylvain Leduc
    Sylvain Leduc 2 months ago

    sell solar energy would be more profitable

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 2 months ago

    I'm starting to think mining is just a converted form of seti..... And all you're doing is getting paid to let them piggyback off of you.

  • Sia Mean
    Sia Mean 3 months ago

    Whya next, cloud mining?

  • Mark O
    Mark O 3 months ago +20

    Mid-May 2019.
    Burst coin value: approximately $0.003 USD.

    • Ahanix
      Ahanix 3 days ago

      That was the most disappointing thing about this video. No info on how much monopoly money he could theoretically make off it, even with high-end stuff.

  • ABM Productions
    ABM Productions 3 months ago

    Would you sell 3 drives?

  • Fawkyooo
    Fawkyooo 3 months ago

    Anyone else think this is a way to up charge for hard drives now? I remember GPUs being pricey and now over priced...

  • Fool's Requiem
    Fool's Requiem 3 months ago

    All that work for nothing.

  • DJ Hirotaki
    DJ Hirotaki 3 months ago

    Next: Mining with thermal paste

  • mikimomo97
    mikimomo97 3 months ago +18

    >has an old dell server from work that I don't use (data centers are fun)
    >8 drive array
    >>insert thinking

  • ValOroS
    ValOroS 3 months ago +103

    Congratulations, the value has gone up by 50000% you are now the proud owner of 17$ worth of burst coin

  • Makaveli -
    Makaveli - 3 months ago +1

    I mine CheeseCoin with all my 1500 mouses hooked up to one PC

  • ebrahim Ali
    ebrahim Ali 3 months ago

    Can I use SSDs

  • Ron Wilson
    Ron Wilson 3 months ago

    Can i have the old one??? :)

  • moharexx
    moharexx 3 months ago

    does it work with ssd?

  • Aaron Ennis
    Aaron Ennis 4 months ago +1

    It's beautiful. Me and my 100 TBs approve.

  • Werberjerbins
    Werberjerbins 4 months ago

    no dumb segwat? shame on you

  • Smerbo The Fleeb
    Smerbo The Fleeb 4 months ago +2

    Power supply mining

  • Axk The Manokit
    Axk The Manokit 4 months ago +1

    Do NOT drop

  • navanski
    navanski 4 months ago

    Might be OK if you could run all the hardware via a solar panel or a wind turbine but I suspect if you're paying for electricity in the conventional way then your losing money hand over fist.

  • Roderick
    Roderick 4 months ago

    Can it run minecraft? 😅

  • 7 Я
    7 Я 4 months ago +1

    i Russia делай видео с русскими субтитрами пожалуйста :-D :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(