Personal Crypto update


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  • Fostering
    Fostering Год назад

    Great stuff! Thanks for the info and update. Keep kill'n it.

  • CHeEEEeeeEEe
    CHeEEEeeeEEe Год назад

    OG right here

  • Loud Chanel
    Loud Chanel Год назад

    Emb just a scam.i have 150 million of this shit

    • NTKcrypto.News
      NTKcrypto.News  Год назад

      Loud Chanel I know community’s takeover is not a scam. Moving in right direction. Feel free to send me your Emb, but really 9 month target for real turn around is my hope.

  • Rick Pederson
    Rick Pederson Год назад

    really good staking updates (and mining). Don't see too many like this. no hype, no bs. "just the facts ma'am". Be patient.

  • Coldie in 3D
    Coldie in 3D Год назад

    Mining like a boss!
    Looks great!

  • MrHarrilasagna
    MrHarrilasagna Год назад

    Looking good brother.