Rich Gang ft. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan - Lifestyle (Official Video)

  • Published on Jun 30, 2014
  • Rich Gang feat. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan - Lifestyle
    #RichGang #Lifestyle #Vevo

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  • subscriber 3000
    subscriber 3000 15 hours ago


  • jaydenfrm672
    jaydenfrm672 16 hours ago

    we been living life like a volcano this only the beginninnnnn

  • HolyFire Nz taupo
    HolyFire Nz taupo 18 hours ago

    "Nigga be gilin dis oh beganan"

  • TonyTheBaller 74
    TonyTheBaller 74 20 hours ago

    N*gga livin life like a pecon and this is only the beggining

  • La KN1VES
    La KN1VES 22 hours ago

    👀they still haven’t come out with the English version? Damn😭

  • YeBoi Troy
    YeBoi Troy 22 hours ago

    “N-word I’m living life like a beginner, and this is only beginning.” He did a great job at speaking like a beginner.😂

  • Deandre Anderson
    Deandre Anderson 23 hours ago

    Soulja Boy in the video aka Big Dracko who also made the beat

  • Jon Wilkerson
    Jon Wilkerson 23 hours ago +1

    U know

  • Jon Wilkerson
    Jon Wilkerson 23 hours ago +1

    Love for this life

  • king x vche
    king x vche Day ago

    idun didalotushitjustalidishealistyle

  • Ace Cedeno
    Ace Cedeno Day ago

    Which is easier to understand playboi carter in earfquake or young thug in this song?

  • Ace Cedeno
    Ace Cedeno Day ago

    Little did they know young thing wasn’t rapping he was actually putting a curse on them all.

  • Ace Cedeno
    Ace Cedeno Day ago

    These foreign songs are just the best ! They need an English remix it would be hard af!

  • Violet Mika
    Violet Mika Day ago


  • Cedric Johnson
    Cedric Johnson Day ago

    Don't stay negative, be positive. 👍

  • Uknwn G
    Uknwn G Day ago +1

    Lakijjaloiiawellall... lifestylee
    i dont even understand but sounds so goood 😊😅
    Like if you still listening at 2019|2020

  • •Aguss Gacha life•

    0:33 Jahshdkaonssgeneeet Xd

  • Decimation_FN
    Decimation_FN Day ago +1

    the lyrics came up before the song

  • Kalbumbee
    Kalbumbee Day ago

    Good times

  • Trent N
    Trent N Day ago

    Me: what’s the WiFi password?
    My friend: it’s on the back of the router
    The WiFi password: 0:33

    SP HUMBLE Day ago +1

    69: they've got like 4oz between each other

  • Royale
    Royale Day ago +1

    Stop with all these Meme comments.

    I cannot like them all.

  • Chris Arseniou
    Chris Arseniou Day ago +4

    if you play this in 2019 we homies

  • LizeFX
    LizeFX Day ago


  • Juan Valadez
    Juan Valadez Day ago +1

    Who else thought lil Wayne rapped in this

  • Brandkanne !
    Brandkanne ! Day ago

    That has nothing to do with HipHop ...its just weak

  • Mordy Bro
    Mordy Bro Day ago

    who still here in 2019?

  • PewDie Pie
    PewDie Pie Day ago

    talking about not finishing college yet having Ms

  • lily pritchard
    lily pritchard Day ago


  • Dudemonord
    Dudemonord Day ago

    friend: what's the wifi password?
    me: it's in the back of the router.
    the back of the router: 0:33

  • Sandy C. Savage
    Sandy C. Savage Day ago

    I just noticed big Soulja at 0:24

  • Roasted Toast
    Roasted Toast Day ago

    I feel so old

  • Gerardo Lua
    Gerardo Lua Day ago +1

    My friend: Bro what's the password for the wifi
    Me:check on the bottom of the router
    The bottom of the router: 0:33

  • In Japan
    In Japan Day ago


    young thug: livinliflihuhbuhdisdabeginaaaaa

  • icewallowcome 69
    icewallowcome 69 2 days ago +1

    *He is speaking the language of gods...*

  • Lordis762 Ice562
    Lordis762 Ice562 2 days ago

    I remember the good times when I use to listen to this song😢😢😢

  • CrippledMammal YT
    CrippledMammal YT 2 days ago

    2019 tho?

  • CrippledMammal YT
    CrippledMammal YT 2 days ago

    This song released on my birthday not the year tho

    NIGWARD YODA 2 days ago

    When's is the English version dropping? 🔥🔥🔥

  • marisol Rodriguez
    marisol Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Those good ol days bring back memories❤🔥

  • t r 6 u b l e
    t r 6 u b l e 2 days ago +1


  • Galaxy Ninja
    Galaxy Ninja 2 days ago

    Young Thug sounds high

  • CapitalKickz
    CapitalKickz 2 days ago

    Only good young thug song

    • Kobe
      Kobe 23 hours ago

      CapitalKickz you on crack

  • SpicyShiba
    SpicyShiba 2 days ago


  • yrevli5 Music
    yrevli5 Music 2 days ago

    1:08 - 1:37 If you turn on English captions it'll just say *[Music]*

    KELLEN KIRKMAN 2 days ago +2

    The day when Young Thug said
    “Thdihsidkdifkfnfjf” i felt that 😪

  • T2 Atomic
    T2 Atomic 2 days ago


  • Raymond Marchand
    Raymond Marchand 2 days ago

    The money will never buy Integrity! Arrogance Is for fools! Turn to the Lord for what you really need. The road to hell is wide?

  • Jessica Rogers
    Jessica Rogers 2 days ago

    This shit hurts my head trying to understand what you're saying

  • Jessica Rogers
    Jessica Rogers 2 days ago

    It absolutely sucks how people who can't even rap
    And just because you got a whole bunch of money around your neck doesn't mean you know what you're doing
    400 + million views was probably bc how bad the song sucks 😂

  • ghoss_ Gavin
    ghoss_ Gavin 2 days ago

    I think he had a seizure at 33

  • Emer Horgan
    Emer Horgan 2 days ago

    Guys your song is BANGER

  • Chase Harvey
    Chase Harvey 2 days ago

    “liba gotaa vidia gotaa biginnaaa”-Young thug

  • Elijah Barrack
    Elijah Barrack 2 days ago

    yah need to pay me for making this Juicy J paid me very unprofessional you'll making me wish I never bought yah CD JK

    KAY .BANDZZ 2 days ago +11

    “Living life like a beginner this only the beginning”

    • epic gamer
      epic gamer Day ago +1

      More like lihcehjbfhufg life style

  • Lilbenz
    Lilbenz 2 days ago +1

    Only here for the hook

  • Ahman Ahman on SoundCloud


  • Paloma Ledesma
    Paloma Ledesma 2 days ago

    im looking up the lyrics

  • Swordseller C
    Swordseller C 2 days ago

    Producer how much autism you want
    Young thug surudjwiwufjdjwkrxuejdu my lifestyle

  • Rosa
    Rosa 2 days ago

    5 years later I get a thought about this song and listen to it and brings memories back when rap was on top