A Comedy Musician Reacts | Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud. Epic Rap Battles of History [REACTION]

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • Insane Ian is a comedy musician and comedy music fan! This week he reacts to the newest Epic Rap Battle of History, Mother Teresa VS Sigmund Freud! Like, comment, share, and subscribe!
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  • Amanda Anaya
    Amanda Anaya 11 days ago

    I agree

  • tim spo
    tim spo 15 days ago

    Bullshit reaction lmao

  • Thanh Chau
    Thanh Chau 23 days ago

    Really think you should revisit the lyrics after looking into mother Teresa more. Theres a lot more information about her that'll shed light on why sigmund Freud's lines were a lot more cutting than you think they were. Yes there are "rumors" but theres a lot of hard evidence now that confers shes not what you're told she is.

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  23 days ago

      @Thanh Chau have you not read the other comments here? You're not the first person to point that out. And thanks, but making me kick myself for missing something isn't high on my repeated actions list. I know what I missed, many have pointed it out. I didn't do my due diligence studying the people and thought I knew enough about them going in. Fine. No need to revisit it when it's been already expressed numerous times. Thanks for watching, but berating someone for missing elements in a first impression video isn't really going to help matters.
      Thanks for commenting.

    • Thanh Chau
      Thanh Chau 23 days ago

      @Insane Ian then it's a bit unfair not to touch up on either side before hand. You missed a lot of Freud's line. I wasnt saying redo the video but just to revisit it on your own. Might have a few moments where you kick yourself for not catching it.

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  23 days ago

      Sure...but then it wouldn't be my initial reaction then, would it?

  • DarkCeptor44
    DarkCeptor44 27 days ago +1

    dude the title says comedy musician but you sound like a history teacher lol

  • The Nuclear Reactor

    Well he said she was the fakest sister act because of all the money she stole

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago

      Yeah, I learned that after the battle, heh

  • David Romig
    David Romig Month ago +3

    Mother Theresa got a lot of good jabs in, but I believe Freud’s few blows were much more calculated and harder hitting.

    PIMKAMINA2 Month ago

    About the 'fakest sister act' thing, a lot of the nuns who worked with teresa testified she was horrendous in person, yelled and made a lot of them cry and even punched a few of them, so i dont think thats really an undeserved blow.

    • kerbe3
      kerbe3 18 days ago

      @Insane Ian I've also heard that she didn't really help very many people as she believed that suffering led to better rewards in heaven. They didn't sterilize needles since "they will be dead soon anyway."

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago

      Fair enough!

  • antonio vacalares
    antonio vacalares Month ago +3

    Good the Masturbation line is often missed :(

  • Mikey Serbicki
    Mikey Serbicki Month ago +2

    When u realise this dude looks exactly like vinhietero

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago

      You're not the first person to point out that Vinheteiro and I look alike...but you're the first to say it on my YT, tho. Congrats! 😅

  • Unreal Reality
    Unreal Reality Month ago +2

    Freud had some fun lines, but Mother Teresa was just on fire.

  • Kevin Terry
    Kevin Terry Month ago +1

    If you’re gonna pause the video to talk about the line at least make sure you understand it

  • Darren McEntire
    Darren McEntire Month ago +2

    1 You're clearly unfamiliar with Teresa's myriad of sins
    2 Freud was straight savage. Dude fought her and went over her head and fought her god.

  • Spitfirethedragon
    Spitfirethedragon Month ago +4

    I agree that MT slaughter Freud. All her bars against him were on fire and true facts. The other things about MT that Freud talked about were just rumors and not based on facts. Those lines about the Sister Act, Cal-cutta checks and all that are just rumors just like Catherine the Great supposed have died having sex with her horse.

    • landosalemchainsaw
      landosalemchainsaw Month ago +2

      You can easily tell the truth from the rumors, especially since it would have better evidence than the sex with the horse does, and the bigger difference between between Catherine and Teresa was that Catherine actually made a pun about it, Teresa just brushed it off because you can’t really make a pun about accepting money from dictators, and crooks, or puns about taking money from people who actually want to help the people in her house of the dying, but instead that money went in the Catholic Church account none of it stayed in Calcutta, because seeing people dying was in her mind their own crucifixion because
      “In the slums we see Christ and touch him in the broken bodies, in the abandoned children,” “

    • landosalemchainsaw
      landosalemchainsaw Month ago +1

      A C
      Yeah as Immortal Technique said It’s hard to stomach the truth like a bulimic.

    • A C
      A C Month ago

      Yeah, you say that but obviously haven’t looked into it because she wasn’t as saintly as the RCC portrayed her.

  • Jeff Blue
    Jeff Blue Month ago +10

    You're the first reactor I've seen who caught the masturbation line, so props for that. Everyone else is laughing about the cocaine line and it slips right by them. I agree that Mother Theresa won and that it wasn't really that close. Good job!

  • Advent Of Sloth
    Advent Of Sloth Month ago +6

    Personally I agree the M.T won, Freud I felt only really had like 4-5 points and he just kept hitting them over and over which honestly weakens the Bar and the Verse as a whole imo.

    • Doctor
      Doctor Month ago

      @trollofduty007 this is a prime example as to why frued won. Lots of people fell for MT because simply flow or the surface level sex attention. Aside from that MT did nothing to phase frued if anything proved frued right that she had a lot of things to gloat about as an individual while using faith as a cover up for good PR. You notice in some ERBs they rebuttal points if there is another side to the story or another joke to be said. Like for wolverine vs freddy when wolverine said "you want to talk about burns mac? The pta turned your head into deadpool ballsack wrapped in a wears Waldo sweater" etc most lines sit and simmer if the opposing party doesnt have anything going for them information wise to parry the diss, and all mother Teresa did was take all the hard hooks and haymakers frued had to offer. I dont believe she rebuttals anything

    • trollofduty007
      trollofduty007 Month ago +1

      Every one of his digs worked for me. And for one. MT mentioned the sex thing a LOT. like, over and over. Freud went for her faith, the massive ammount of money that disappeared. (Lots of money was donated to the hospitals ran by MT But the Hospitals scarcely ever improved their equipment and conditions) that alone undermines a lot about MT’s image. The closing line is a clever twist on this being a therapy session to him. The sister act. Well a play on words, and a clever one. Cal-cutta check, another dig at the money thing but moreso to build it up to the haymaker at the beginning of the second verse. His opening bars were gooood. (Underrated I’d say too, seems a few people can gloss over them) the chastity vow line is a solid right hook. The magic water on his forehead line hit harder than people may realise. As accounts from patients at the hospitals mentioned there were a lot of forced baptisms. And with Freud being Atheist, yeah. And the “better care given to Organic vegetables” again that weaves into the conditions there and that they scarcely improved. MT’s flow was amazing though, and she did have solid lines. But I personally felt like Freuds lines connected more and dug deeper into her character and the roots of. Fell, the ehtire image she puts out about herself

  • TheMightyCongueror
    TheMightyCongueror Month ago

    I think Theresa won, but it was close, and I think they both sometimes went after "easy" things in their verses, Like Mother Teresa going after Freud's masturbation obsession "Obsessed with masturbation but you're off the beat.", while Freud went after her religion "Thank imaginary god..." like religion hasn't been made fun of 18 million times for the past thousand years or so. I do, however like how Teresa talked about how Freud was basically a fraud psychologist "Father of psychoanalysis...psych!", and Freud going after the fact that she may not have been as nice as people think "I help people live, you watched people die."

  • shadowywarrior
    shadowywarrior Month ago +4

    hmm i think you caught up too much on a single line rather than actually examining things as a whole. Sigmund freud didn't actually talk that much about himself. He went on the attack for most of his first verse. While Mother Teresa did talk mostly about her accomplishments and perceptions rather than going on the attack. Not only that but Freud never actually claimed to be some sort of saint.

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago

      I'm not arguing that they weren't great people IRL, just going off what I thought on my initial first watch. Sure, I may have missed things...that's what happens in a reaction video. But thanks for commenting regardless! I appreciate the points towards what I may have missed.

  • The Bisexual Centrist
    The Bisexual Centrist Month ago +2

    I disagree with your decision, and my reasoning why is that Freud didn’t take cheap shots like Mother Theresa did. If you rewatch it, take a look at what Freud is doing, he isn’t battling her he’s giving her a free hysteria session. His verses are psychological analysis on Mother Theresa’s actions.

    • Imaran
      Imaran Month ago

      @You du not now de way Actually, all we have is a book from a dude whose only source is himself, who has proven to be a bit of a lieing asshole, unless more info has been revealed after that, which I don't know about, which might be plausible, considering I read the book, heard the dude had no sources and was a questionable source to begin with, so I dismissed it as another Atheist trying to bash religion in general.

    • You du not now de way
      You du not now de way Month ago

      @Imaran I got to disagree with one thing, Freud never lied. There is a scientific study from Montreal which proved the allegations. The study even included texts from MT herself, where she admitted her darker side. So while having a positive effect on people, MT's work was more a well constructed pr-campaign. So in the end i believe that mt had better flow, was more entertaining and had some pretty good bars, but freuds bars hit harder and were more cleverly constructed in my opinion.

    • Imaran
      Imaran Month ago

      @You du not now de way he again, had to rely on lies to make his bars whereas MT used ALL his dumb theories to tear him a new one:
      I got no D-envy
      Since Freud built the ridiculous notion that women all suffer from Penis envy.
      Father of psychoanalysis, PSYCH!
      Considering there were many other psychologists who are still studied to this day and gave more to psychology then Freud did. Like Jung.
      You call that a verse? Your super-ego tripping!
      Using his idea of Super-egos against him, by pointing him out as a self-obsessed moron.
      I gotta say Sigmund, you're Freudian Slipping.
      Look up what a Freudian Slip is, to notice what a jab that one was.
      Obsessed with Masturbation but you're off the beat.
      A triple threat, pointing out that all he could ever do was masturbate, that he is obsessed with masturbation and is completely off the beat. As you said, MT had the better flow, better bars AND better disses.

    • You du not now de way
      You du not now de way Month ago +1

      @Imaran actually all she did was dig at his oedipus-complex theory and hype herself up, except for the super-ego tripping line. Freud on the other hand teared her down, like in a psychoanalysis. He called her ugly in a admittedly clever way, took shots at her inhuman treatment of her coworkers and patients, her taking charity money, and her fanatic belief (the tokens and miracles line) and rounded it all up by saying that this was not a battle but a therapy session with the "you're hysterical" line and the our time is up line, which can be interpreted in 3 different ways. So MT had the better flow and better (obvious) bars but in the end freuds lines were much deeper and hit way harder overall.

    • Imaran
      Imaran Month ago

      @The Bisexual Centrist What has that to do with anything, again, whereas he had to try and make a dig at her religion... multiple times and try to dig at theories to which there is no proof, no evidence whatsoever, just one dude who has been proven to be a asswipe claiming so (but leave it to the Internet to bloat it out of proportions) to try and make a point, whereas all she did was remain where it should be, tearing about HIS faulty ideas and theories

  • Neohaggen Shiro
    Neohaggen Shiro Month ago +3

    MT was really a fake sister act,like we all know she use that disguise to steal a lot of money to build lot of places to train more nuns,etc...the people media told us she cared lived in bad conditions,she barely use any donated money in thems,only the nesesary to keep the thing working and get more profit,behind the habit she was pretty a leader of a mafia,well...what can we said...roman church and cosa nostra relation is pretty close,had this kind of people geting huge loads of money from donations and then keep the money is pretty common arround the world.
    So...isnt hard line cuz is a battle,are pure facts.

    • Lost Traveler
      Lost Traveler Month ago +1

      Alright, if these are true facts prove them

  • MrYungrook13
    MrYungrook13 Month ago +22

    Better flow and comedy - teresa
    Better lines and cuts - sigmund
    In my top 10 erb videos for sure either way.

  • Cristian R.
    Cristian R. Month ago +16

    If we take it line by line, Teresa was talking a lot more about herself than Freud did. The dude just talked about his death in the first part and that was basically in preparation for the jab about the "treatment" she did and religion generally speaking later. It just seems to me that people are either biased because they're Christians or they know almost nothing about mother Teresa, ignoring most of Sigmund Freud's bars in these reactions. But yeah, her flow and delivery is better. The lyrics? Freud killed it. I'd call it a draw.

    • Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques
      Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques 14 days ago

      @Manny Martinez why would i need to talk to today "christians", that claims that they worship yhwh, but didnt even read the fucking bible? If im doing research, im gonna go after a font of knowledge that can satiate my questions, and christians dont do that, the bible does. (I cant believe i said that).

    • Manny Martinez
      Manny Martinez 14 days ago

      @Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thats funny. You clearly dont talk to Christians for research

    • Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques
      Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques Month ago

      @Kristijan Car u mad broh?

    • Kristijan Car
      Kristijan Car Month ago

      @Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques oh yeah, good atheist comeback, well researched, you destroyed me.
      Good on 'ya, bub.
      Now leave me the f alone, I don't have the time to see a notification of you pop up.

    • Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques
      Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques Month ago

      @Kristijan Car sure it does.

  • M L
    M L Month ago +4

    Great reaction!
    Even though I think it was a close battle of two very flawed people with a lot of dirt behind them, I personally think Teresa won overall. Her lines were just filled with so much wordplay its so fun to listen her bars. Not saying Freud fell behind, he had so great disses too, but I'd they were more straightfoward and he dissed on the same thing a bit too much.

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago +1

      This is exactly how I felt watching it. Thanks so much for watching and commenting!

  • PWNalityTV
    PWNalityTV Month ago +7

    I thought sigmund won. Felt like he missed a few references.

    • PWNalityTV
      PWNalityTV Month ago +1

      @Insane Ian as do i

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago +2

      @PWNalityTV wish more RU-clip commenters felt the same way. ^_^

    • PWNalityTV
      PWNalityTV Month ago +1

      @Insane Ian i find rudeness to be a waste of time lol.

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago +2

      @PWNalityTV oh, not at all! In fact, it was refreshing to get a not rude expression of opinion! I very much enjoyed your comment, and meant honestly what I said. Thank you for commenting. ^_^

    • PWNalityTV
      PWNalityTV Month ago +1

      @Insane Ian oh I agree about the opinion thing. Sorry if I sounded rude there.

  • DeRae Fiu
    DeRae Fiu Month ago +28

    Theresa had a better flow but I liked Sigmund's lyrics better

    • Manny Martinez
      Manny Martinez 10 days ago

      @DAN_SIRE 😂😂 That line had me dying the first time I heard it but it was more humor than punch. In my opinion, MT's lines had a better mix of both but you do you👍

    • DAN_SIRE
      DAN_SIRE 10 days ago +1

      @Manny Martinez Counter
      "I can see right through you and you've got no flavour
      Im battling a communion wafer"
      'You do you but just saying'

    • Manny Martinez
      Manny Martinez 14 days ago

      Better than "obsessed with masturbation but you're off the beat"😂😂😂
      Okay, you do you but just saying

  • Geo Gal
    Geo Gal Month ago +2

    learn to laugh pls

  • Untermensch
    Untermensch Month ago +4

    amazing. thank you for stopping every 5 sec and repeating what they said. really enjoyed watching a video like this.

    • Heydoc!
      Heydoc! 15 days ago

      Insane Ian he was expecting those brainless youtubers that just watch the video on camera, i guess. Cheers man

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago +5

      Cool, glad you enjoyed your very first reaction video, and welcome to the internet!

  • LukaBlight69
    LukaBlight69 Month ago +15

    "Mother Teresea won" Pffftt.... Okay. XD (Your opinion is your own, of course.)

    • Manny Martinez
      Manny Martinez 14 days ago

      "Pffftt" when you need to make noises because you have nothingbto say😂😂😂. But then again, to each their own

  • Dolphin Gangster
    Dolphin Gangster Month ago +4

    Got a subscribe, one of the only people who understood most of the context in their reaction

  • Mostofthe Internet
    Mostofthe Internet Month ago +4

    I thought this was one of the more weak erb’s but eh some of the lines were neat

    • Insane Ian
      Insane Ian  Month ago +1

      I agree, but still a decent battle.

  • Nicole Jessica
    Nicole Jessica Month ago +42

    Mother Theresa was an evil woman. She just had good PR.

    • Matthias Dahms
      Matthias Dahms Month ago +5

      MT believed that a painful dead is more pure than painless deaths. the people that turned to her were given a shower and a bed to painfully die in while she was baptising them. it was the opposite of a humanitarian act, but freud is completly right.. she was convinced to be collecting souls for god.
      on the other hand, when she was sick herself she seeked the best possible treatment so .. yes she was not only a monster but a hypocrite.
      and she made a good buck with that.

    • A C
      A C Month ago +3

      It’s not “conspiracy theories” at all. 10 minutes of Google will be enough to see she wasn’t the saint the RCC made her.

    • Spitfirethedragon
      Spitfirethedragon Month ago +1

      @Nicole Jessica Nope. Grew up Methodist as my uncle was a Methodist Preacher.

    • Nicole Jessica
      Nicole Jessica Month ago +2

      @Spitfirethedragon you wouldn't be Catholic, would you? 🙄

    • Spitfirethedragon
      Spitfirethedragon Month ago +3

      I think all these things talking about Mother Teresa are based on rumors and conspiracy theories. None of this could be proven to be true. When she did her charity work, it was at the height of Catholic Priests being accused of molesting children. People viewed Catholics at the time as evil at the time.

  • Marek B
    Marek B Month ago +49

    When he is saying she is talking a lot about herself he is not complaining about the fact itself, but its directly connected to the fact she is hiding her true feelings... While he is not hiding anything, thats the point... I think he was going deeper, to me it sounds like he is basically saying beneath her cristian mascara she is also a woman with nasty desires and stuff... I mean you can't just take a part of his line and react to it without taking into consideration why he finds it funny

    • Manny Martinez
      Manny Martinez 14 days ago

      @Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques which ends up being even funnier when you find out what super ego really means😂😂😂😂
      (Does not mean she is conceded)

    • Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques
      Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques Month ago

      @Dakota Eads wich ends up being even funnier if you consider that catholics should be humble.

    • Dakota Eads
      Dakota Eads Month ago

      @Marek B not to mention the second version when he says she talks a lot about herself also has to do with ego or more importantly the "super-ego" that Theresa had talked about but in the sense that she has a "super" ego meaning she thinks extremely highly of herself.

    • Marek B
      Marek B Month ago +2

      @Neohaggen Shiro but yeah I agree... I can see why he fell for mother theresa double entenders and flow but I prefer to look at hey makers and facts first, but thats just matter of personal preferences

    • Marek B
      Marek B Month ago +3

      @Neohaggen Shiro yeah whats more Freud was doing that whole cancer backstory as a build up to the "springle magic water on the forehead" line, it wasnt just an empty flex

  • tj arway
    tj arway Month ago +100

    In Freud's second verse you missed some of the bars. The line "since you hide your true feelings like they were other people's money" is a reference to the fact that mother Teresa's charity had a lot of money donated that didn't go to her hospitals and is possibly thought to have been pocketed. Also Freud's last line "but our time is up Teresa" makes it seem as though it was all a therapy session for hysteria for mother teresa referencing to the line before where he calls her hysterical

    • Screcy
      Screcy 4 days ago

      @son goku That's weird, why did she want that?

    • Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques
      Marcelo Kaleu Anhaya Marques Month ago +2

      @Spitfirethedragon can we demonize the crusades? The dark age? Burning of witches? Etc?
      Please, only an idiot would not think she was stealing money, specially since on her death bed she could magically afford the best medical treatment for herself so she didnt have to suffer like those under her "care"
      Also obligatory "found the butthurt christian" inserted here.

    • Super DJohannes
      Super DJohannes Month ago

      @Spitfirethedragon After the sexual assaults committed by these priests was unveiled and the reaction of the church thereof, we actually can demonise the whole church.

    • Spitfirethedragon
      Spitfirethedragon Month ago

      @Super DJohannes I did not say that. We can't demonized the whole church.

    • Super DJohannes
      Super DJohannes Month ago

      @Spitfirethedragon Only a few? And wasn't the church being criticised for sheltering these priests from the law?
      You make it sound like the church did nothing wrong...