Awful Game Ads On Instagram 2

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
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    Guys these are some bad ads. These are some bad awful ads.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 23 083

  • TheMythicalPanda
    TheMythicalPanda 5 hours ago

    Captions make this like 4 times funnier

  • Allison Baker
    Allison Baker 6 hours ago

    Its a constant struggle for me Danny, i just never know whether to slap his face, or kiss him!

  • Steven.
    Steven. 7 hours ago

    5:23 ok so... from what i see,everyone's classmates is a redhaired japanese woman whos always backwards, everyones girlfriend is pregnant and has smol tids and looks very yo u ng ,and everyone's wives are... skinny big tiddy anime g0rls who still wear a schol outfit

  • TheTrueBakedPotato
    TheTrueBakedPotato 8 hours ago

    Honey, im pregnant

    -oh my god, im gonna be a dad! (150 diamonds)
    -start a thermonuclear war

  • ExcitedZachS8 Gaming
    ExcitedZachS8 Gaming 8 hours ago

    You are trying to decide what video game to play
    Minecraft (FREE)
    Fortnite (999T diamonds)
    Also... Bears spanking eachother.

  • dee
    dee 11 hours ago

    *Calls friend*
    "Hey man do you know any good divorce lawyers?"
    "What? Why? What happened?"
    "My wife's totally zonked out on the toilet"

  • dee
    dee 11 hours ago

    I'm thinking maybe it took a team of 1,844 kids to develop the game, and it's just so bizzare that only the 1,844 kids involved in the making of the game can actually understand how to play it

  • Luka Tikveshanski
    Luka Tikveshanski 13 hours ago

    If this comment gets 1844 it means you are one of this kids who understand this game

  • Carrot Carrotson
    Carrot Carrotson 21 hour ago

    the morse code is 'harder then you think"

  • Kiki Wolfy Playz

    The morscode its a song but in morscode but i forgot what its called

  • Werid sprinkle Gacha

    Only 1844 kids will get this!
    Me:1844? Maybe 1944 I can teach my grandma how to play it

  • Courtney Lynne
    Courtney Lynne Day ago

    Want to know why people are found dead on the toilet so often.. or less often the pants around ankles or off? Because when you are having a heart attack people often feel the need to evacuate they bowels and often will use the toilet. Or will pull off on the side of the road while driving to the hospital to try and go to the bathroom.

  • The Abortion
    The Abortion Day ago

    I USED TO HAVE HELIX WALTZ it’s not like that the app is a dress up game you don’t hit dudes or anything

  • Speedy Painter
    Speedy Painter Day ago

    Its ooey and its gooey,its saucy and its chewy,whats in my mouth?
    Its gotta be *badads*

  • #Ducksareawesome1 1

    Your Wife Says She Hates Greg And Danny Gonzalez
    Option 1 : D I V O R C E
    Option 2 : M u r d e r H e r

  • Storm Tail
    Storm Tail Day ago +1

    Wife falls down the stairs:

    Ask if shes okay: 35 diamonds
    Divorce her: 0 diamonds.

  • FunnyVideos2.0
    FunnyVideos2.0 Day ago

    Wow if that bear got handprints quick than that's a sensitive bear

  • San Diego Vanilla

    It appears as if your wife isn't straight! Do you:
    A.Slap his face
    B.Kiss him

  • Emotional Dreamer

    7:33 i was drinking as I watched this and apple juice came out of my nose 😂😭😂😭

  • your dad
    your dad Day ago

    *mwahhh* EXQUISITE

  • boing
    boing Day ago

    lol Gemma collins

  • PinkFlares
    PinkFlares Day ago +1

    "But this one is just-"

  • rosy
    rosy Day ago

    did the captions just call gemma collins ‘scottish lady’....WHAT

  • Linda Noussair ('26)

    dat aint morse code

  • Squarebobby Bobby
    Squarebobby Bobby 2 days ago

    My great grand ma or grandma died on a toilet

  • Tristan Chaplin
    Tristan Chaplin 2 days ago

    Im from the 1840s and I am 175 years old

  • Space boy
    Space boy 2 days ago +1

    *that scares me..*

  • TreezAreGreen
    TreezAreGreen 2 days ago +1

    I think she painted herself.. Woop woop

  • pack the pack
    pack the pack 2 days ago

    "well over 60 years" I mean you're not wrong.... but it makes you look really bad at math lol

  • Blake Nicholls
    Blake Nicholls 2 days ago +2

    Wife comes home
    1.welcome her home

  • Kate Meinhardt
    Kate Meinhardt 2 days ago

    If you pee in your spouse's mouth, you'll probably get a divorce...

  • occasional memes
    occasional memes 3 days ago +3

    You're at an animal shelter.
    - Adopt a pet - (30 diamonds)
    - Drown in the sink -

  • Flagpole artz
    Flagpole artz 3 days ago

    Ur wife got a promotion. Do you...:
    A:congratulate her
    B: eat Chinese
    C: divorce
    D: paInT uR pHoNE rAiNBoW

  • Gavin Schuler
    Gavin Schuler 3 days ago

    Morse code

  • Gavin Schuler
    Gavin Schuler 3 days ago

    .... .. / .. - ... / - -. .-. . - - .

  • The Drewen
    The Drewen 3 days ago +2

    I was on the toilet and I died

    Slap him
    Kiss him

  • Shadow The Cat
    Shadow The Cat 3 days ago +1

    "Will you marry me?"
    -say yes (50 diamonds)

  • ZackPlays-Roblox And More

    The morce code is a aa aa aaaa aaaaa aa aa a aa aaa l-,elp

  • Sock Cucka
    Sock Cucka 3 days ago

    1. Your face is very hard to look at. 2. Your dry humor is repetitive and not funny. 3. Your zooming in and editing is really annoying. 4. Your voice isn't pleasant to listen to.

  • Lane Sepehri
    Lane Sepehri 4 days ago

    This RU-clipr Will Haunt Your Nightmares

  • Kat does art
    Kat does art 4 days ago +1

    Ok so I know Morse code and it says “ harder than you think”

  • Erica Litts
    Erica Litts 4 days ago +1

    Teacher: For homework you 'ok have...
    option 1: math (30)gems
    option 2: master the art of kung fu and and join Kobra Kai.
    option 3: learn to control all the elements and become the true avatar you are destined to be.

  • Mother Mushroom
    Mother Mushroom 4 days ago +1

    “Well over 60 years” in regards to 1844

  • Maila Aries
    Maila Aries 4 days ago +2

    " you don't understand this you were born in the 90s"
    that, everybody, is danny pretending his audience aren't mostly just 14 year old girls🙃
    which isn't bad in any way btw

  • Macey G.
    Macey G. 5 days ago

    I'm sorry, I don't understand the morse code. I was born in 1845

  • Almond Milk
    Almond Milk 5 days ago

    Lucky I’m In Australia. :D

  • indiegames byloa
    indiegames byloa 5 days ago

    The most relaxing game ever is minecraft

  • Kitzcatallison 19
    Kitzcatallison 19 6 days ago +3

    Your daughter is on the couch
    1) slap her
    2) put up for adoption

    *V O T E N O W*

  • Darklord11
    Darklord11 6 days ago +2

    And to think my mom loves Machington Mansion

  • Cayla Harris
    Cayla Harris 6 days ago +1

    I get it. Morse code was developed in the 1840s. Hence the phrase, "Only kids from 1844 will get this."

  • Commander Brown
    Commander Brown 7 days ago +1

    My uncles name is Greg

    • Kitzcatallison 19
      Kitzcatallison 19 6 days ago +1

      Commander Brown what a coincidence. I hope he subscribed

  • Cole Donoway
    Cole Donoway 7 days ago +2

    She asked me out!

    Yes! (300,000 gems)
    Curb stomp her puppy!
    Jab out her eye and run!

  • Mochii
    Mochii 7 days ago +4

    *Sultan is in a sticky situation! Do you:*

    >Pee in her mouth


  • MyWeirdBrother
    MyWeirdBrother 8 days ago +4

    You should play episode for a series

  • Darth Grond
    Darth Grond 8 days ago

    8:19 Diavolo to his enemies

  • Parsa7205
    Parsa7205 9 days ago +1

    1. Literally pee in her mouth
    2. Randomly divorce her for not letting you pee in her mouth

  • Ebs 101
    Ebs 101 9 days ago +3

    **Looking for the Morse code answer**

    • Lava
      Lava 8 days ago

      It says "harder than YT"

  • DaisyBryar
    DaisyBryar 9 days ago

    wtf was that gemma Collins in the "did you just attack my village" game ad???

  • lenny the dank isopod
    lenny the dank isopod 10 days ago

    Doesn't it remind you of Ethan from crankgameplays

  • seb B
    seb B 10 days ago +1

    This was a morse code from 1844 saying “dont download this app”