Cate Blanchett Is AWESOME


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  • Lime
    Lime 11 hours ago

    I'm straight guy, but i'd stay straight for her.

  • Warrior woman
    Warrior woman 3 days ago +1

    Also her laugh when asked what Sandra once told her, soooooooo cute I cant stand it!!!!!!😌💖

  • Warrior woman
    Warrior woman 3 days ago +1

    Cate:" I'll do it"
    Ellen: " I know you will"

  • Freesia Gail Aninipot

    God Im so Inlove with her. Did I mention we share the same bday?

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 4 days ago

    Incredible, talented, elegant, intelligent, beautiful & TERRIFYING!

  • TacShooter
    TacShooter 5 days ago


  • Mr. Frozenwater
    Mr. Frozenwater 9 days ago +1

    I want to see her and Jennifer Lawrence in a film together.

  • mckavitt13
    mckavitt13 9 days ago +1

    Benign in the US? Attacked by people... even your parents... friends of the family... guys in the street.

  • Mike Perry
    Mike Perry 9 days ago

    I love Kate!!!

  • Vickery Kennison
    Vickery Kennison 12 days ago +1

    My favorite actress...and she is awesome live in person

  • ItsPrettyDeep
    ItsPrettyDeep 12 days ago +1

    I haven't seen them actually chug the beer yet but I have a feeling Cate is going to absolutely thrash Kimmel at it

  • ItsPrettyDeep
    ItsPrettyDeep 12 days ago

    Ellen just casually trying to undress Cate is my fucking mood

  • ItsPrettyDeep
    ItsPrettyDeep 12 days ago +1

    _thank you_

  • ItsPrettyDeep
    ItsPrettyDeep 12 days ago +1

    just gonna say I would literally throw myself in front of a bus for her just saying

  • Alejandra Fidalgo
    Alejandra Fidalgo 13 days ago

    She's really crazy and goes for anything that moves

  • SaintsGames92
    SaintsGames92 17 days ago

    She's one of my favorite actresses

  • Girl with love
    Girl with love 19 days ago

    1:12 cute!❤️

  • Rickus Kruger
    Rickus Kruger 19 days ago

    The nob idiot part really cracked me up

  • dazeio
    dazeio 20 days ago

    Flirtation at its finest

  • steve-o l
    steve-o l 24 days ago

    Always loved her since she was Lady Galadriel, and respected everything else she did. But I always thought she would be rather prim and proper. Her sense of humor takes her from unbelievable to truly astonishing.

  • sergio pereira
    sergio pereira 27 days ago

    Cate: I went to Australia
    Ellen: Where did you go ?
    Cate: Australia
    Ellen: it's a large continent
    Me: WTF? Australia became a continent now? No wonder Kelly Pickler though Turkey was a bird.
    American blond girls are at their peak of intelligence.

    • sergio pereira
      sergio pereira 8 days ago

      @Alexandra V. I'm not upset, I was just about to pop the question, will u marry me?

    • Alexandra V.
      Alexandra V. 8 days ago

      @sergio pereira common, don’t get upset 😊

    • sergio pereira
      sergio pereira 8 days ago

      @Alexandra V. Do you laugh at your own jokes?

    • Alexandra V.
      Alexandra V. 8 days ago

      It is okay! Don’t take it personally- it is just a science called “geography”

    • sergio pereira
      sergio pereira 8 days ago

      @Alexandra V. I guess you cannot read, it's never too late to get back to school, gal.

  • Rolf Krayer
    Rolf Krayer 27 days ago


  • Jason Verra
    Jason Verra Month ago +1

    @2:52 .....the reaction from the kid.....priceless.

  • bea kittelscherz
    bea kittelscherz Month ago

    the only one that leaves Ellen Speechless

  • Tas chy
    Tas chy Month ago

    I love cate she's my favourite actress

  • Herikel Paulett
    Herikel Paulett Month ago

    por favor enviar con subtitu
    lo en espaol para poder dusfrutar de su humor

  • Helping Shen
    Helping Shen Month ago

    shes so adorable...

  • Ray Balderas
    Ray Balderas Month ago

    No ya shes a dumb bitch

  • harold danny
    harold danny Month ago +1

    Jenko (22 Jump St.):
    "I thought we had Cate Blanchett for the budget?!"

  • ikhsan 793
    ikhsan 793 Month ago +1

    9:55 is she's talking about ricardo milos?

  • Breinna Lea
    Breinna Lea Month ago +1

    i adore her!!

  • abderrahim ben
    abderrahim ben Month ago

    thor ragnarok.. Hela

  • Lisa Harris
    Lisa Harris Month ago

    She is a real natural beauty for sure and her intelligence is without question. However at the end of the day she is an "actress". The way she behaves on camera and on these talk shows is an "act" to some degree. We all act in life a little bit but we act more when the camera's rolling. With Cate it seems the desire to convey a message of confidence and likeability is strong. She does it very naturally so maybe it's legit? Also, maybe there's an insecure little girl who had a distant relationship with her father or that thinks she's ugly lying just beneath the surface? Maybe something some asshole said to her when she was young made her feel ugly and therefore unlikeable? Kids can be mean you know? She maybe learned to act confident and likeable as a defense mechanism? Let's not forget that Cate actively pursued fame by being an actress and with fame comes the "attention" ( not given by her father ) and "adoration" ( counteracts the low self esteem brought about by the mean kids calling her ugly ) of millions. She thought maybe that the adoration of the masses would give her the "validation" she needed to feel "worthy" after all these years? Maybe she needs the constant "validation" that being famous offers? The fame could certainly put a lot of distance between her and that insecure little girl? Or......maybe...just mayb not!! Maybe she's just a sociopath?? LOL... sociopaths are masters at making you "like them". If you want to spot a sociopath, look for the "kindest", "wittiest", "funniest" person at the party. Lolol...or maybe not??? :((

  • Richard Ikin
    Richard Ikin Month ago +1

    Is there a more attractive and sexy woman on the planet? I don't think so.

  • Usama Sadiq
    Usama Sadiq Month ago

    I hate how Jimmy fallon deliberately loses everything to guests on his show. 😑

  • 殺Gůmmi
    殺Gůmmi 2 months ago

    I don't know how i found out about her but i sure don't regret it.

  • Frank Lyle Bobongie
    Frank Lyle Bobongie 2 months ago

    I find her extremely attractive. Anyways

  • Saadaq Salah
    Saadaq Salah 2 months ago +1

    what if hela is a live and shows up in endgame and helps Thor that would be amazing

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 2 months ago

    I love this woman 😍🤤

  • cool jazz
    cool jazz 2 months ago

    Her husband is the luckiest guy on Earth... She is so kinky and that VOICE... DAMMN!!!

  • Muarif Sumahar
    Muarif Sumahar 2 months ago

    That George Orwell reference room 101 tho'

  • Cher L.
    Cher L. 2 months ago

    She’s a bit nuts and funny. I think you have to be a bit nuts to be a great actress. I like her

  • G S
    G S 2 months ago +3

    She is so fascinating and incredible. Perfect!

  • Stinkend Afval
    Stinkend Afval 2 months ago

    Is she talking about Ricardo Milos or is it just me?

  • Bobby Kimball
    Bobby Kimball 2 months ago +1

    Jimmy Fallon trying to act like a human

  • Антон Китаев

    rasist white shit

  • Christian Arce
    Christian Arce 2 months ago

    She makes me feel like an inferior, unworthy ignorant peasant.

  • intoarut
    intoarut 2 months ago

    What did Sandra Bullock tell her??

  • delivrex
    delivrex 2 months ago

    so technically underwear is the best friend lol

  • delivrex
    delivrex 2 months ago

    6:57 omg that was so fucking sick

  • Mayas Vlog
    Mayas Vlog 2 months ago

    She for sure is funny

  • Denni
    Denni 2 months ago

    did she whisper to ask Ellen xxxk her? lol

    • Jamie Forrest
      Jamie Forrest 2 months ago

      She whispered dick, that means knob in British slang

  • Priyanka Maurya
    Priyanka Maurya 2 months ago

    Her voice can fuck me, leave alone the rest of her hot body I don't deserve

  • Ayushi M
    Ayushi M 2 months ago +7

    "why did you cuss in my ears?!!!"

  • C. A. T.
    C. A. T. 2 months ago

    Cate and Meryl Streep are the best actresses.

  • C. A. T.
    C. A. T. 2 months ago

    Jimmy chugs the beer hilariously!

  • Dani de Janeiro
    Dani de Janeiro 2 months ago

    Is Ellen not just a little in love with Cate....?

  • David Lumbre
    David Lumbre 2 months ago +1

    I love her

  • greencyborgninjadude
    greencyborgninjadude 2 months ago

    i am so gay wow

  • Wth do you want My name for?

    "that is digusting" - *proceeds to put the gum stuck on the table back into her mouth* xDD

  • debbie nichols
    debbie nichols 3 months ago +8

    The beer chugging reminds me of college days

  • Lilyamoon
    Lilyamoon 3 months ago +26

    Cate: OMG Its so Big!
    Me: “Dies of laughters”

  • Justin Pate
    Justin Pate 3 months ago +1

    At first I thought she was super fn hot. Then she played Hela. Now I think she's super fn hot.

  • Akash Ranwa
    Akash Ranwa 3 months ago

    3.30 she did it intentionally 😂

  • Super Oligarch
    Super Oligarch 3 months ago +1

    1:52 true ...

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown 3 months ago +2

    9:09 Thats my favourite answer anyone has ever said

  • Ariel Ombura
    Ariel Ombura 3 months ago

    The 1984 reference

  • Stephen Otoole
    Stephen Otoole 3 months ago +1

    Gorgeous funny mischievous and super bright - cate is class

  • Katarina Rodrigez
    Katarina Rodrigez 3 months ago

    I mean...her style....💔

  • Wahn Yoon
    Wahn Yoon 3 months ago

    "Oh yeah. Oh that's correct."

  • arrineka
    arrineka 3 months ago

    It is really hard to wrap my head around this woman's heterosexuality because how?

    • Violet Raven
      Violet Raven 3 months ago

      What is that supposed to mean? :'D

  • Lilacplane
    Lilacplane 3 months ago

    She looks so serene when her mouth isnt moving but shes a riot.

    • Lilacplane
      Lilacplane 3 months ago +1

      Okay truthfully i was in love with Kate until I saw these videos.

  • comme le vent
    comme le vent 3 months ago

    mostly awkward situations with men
    I wonder why...

  • Jordan Culver
    Jordan Culver 3 months ago

    Ellen, you've got a spot of drool on your chin there . . .

  • arjai figueroa
    arjai figueroa 3 months ago +6

    Still wondering what Ellen whispered to her to illicit a reply of "No, I will not"

    • מרים
      מרים 2 months ago +2

      I kinda heard “fuck me”.. Explains Cate’s answer

  • arjai figueroa
    arjai figueroa 3 months ago +4

    The way she said sorry on the very first part with Ellen really endeared her more to me.

  • Jess P
    Jess P 3 months ago +1

    This is hilarious 😂😂👌🏻👍🏿thank you!

  • veddie knows when
    veddie knows when 3 months ago +2

    The boy with the glasses when he put his hand on his heart! 😢

  • Bad Gumby
    Bad Gumby 3 months ago

    Jeezuz DeGeneres is one ugly man.

  • maria guadalupe de la cruz monarrez

    She is fantastic and have all my focus 😍

  • Dax Xad
    Dax Xad 4 months ago

    Next oceans 8 plot could be that they are helped by characters of michelle pfeiffer, ashley judd and judy dench but are being hunted by vera farmiga, jessica chastain, emily blunt, halle berry, famke janssen, lupita nyong'o, yelena mironova (helen mirren), salma hayek, charlize theron.

  • Cate Blanchett
    Cate Blanchett 4 months ago


  • Rita Bos
    Rita Bos 4 months ago

    I love this woman so muc

  • Freddy02
    Freddy02 4 months ago

    I love hery eyes, but don't like her voice

  • green koko
    green koko 4 months ago

    Was she coming on to Jimmy Fallon?

  • Russelle Kaye
    Russelle Kaye 4 months ago

    1:13 is the best! How do you do it Cate? Please teach me 😂

  • Jonathan Hirsch
    Jonathan Hirsch 4 months ago +3

    Cate: I wanna blindfold you
    Me: Are you going to put something into my mouth?

  • Suchie Vargas
    Suchie Vargas 4 months ago +1

    Womancrush 😄😍

  • FlashakaViolet
    FlashakaViolet 4 months ago


  • Erika Prieto
    Erika Prieto 4 months ago +5

    She's so pretty😍

  • Gypsy soul
    Gypsy soul 4 months ago

    She put that chewing gum, back in the mouth 😂🤣

  • Lisa
    Lisa 4 months ago

    she teaches us if you act a queen then you are a queen

  • Get it here, Thing.
    Get it here, Thing. 4 months ago +2

    My favourite female actor. She’s all class.

  • Niki Devlin
    Niki Devlin 4 months ago +3

    I wish Cate Blanchett was my best friend. There would never be a dull moment with this goddess

  • Magda 13
    Magda 13 4 months ago

    she is so annoying. wow, sorry, she seems like lovely person, don't get me wrong, but she is so overrated and talentless.

  • I'm Oh' Sam
    I'm Oh' Sam 5 months ago +14

    I'm gay but I'd go straight for this woman

  • Eka Widodo
    Eka Widodo 5 months ago +1

    what a Lady she is 💜💜💜💜💜

  • JM DD
    JM DD 5 months ago +2

    8:13 is my kind of mood

  • D Money
    D Money 5 months ago +177

    Her bone structure is beautiful.

    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray 6 days ago +2

      yeah and her skin has a slightly acidic pH which really put her glycoproteins level off the chart.

  • Al Al
    Al Al 5 months ago +1

    Came here after Emma Thompson cut outs, quite tame in comparison.