Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode!
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Comments • 17 892

  • Dinesh Soibam
    Dinesh Soibam 3 minutes ago

    9:15 wow ryan is God

  • ET
    ET 5 hours ago

    Idc if he lied about building for three days...
    One day doing that is hard enough
    Props to Ryan

  • Dayna Alexandra
    Dayna Alexandra 8 hours ago

    You should check out the snow castle in Yellowknife, Canada!!! It’s the ultimate snow fort! Made differently every year on a lake of ice and is open in the month of March. Come check it out sometime, Yellowknife is a beautiful small city!

  • IcyNarwhal VlogsAndMore

    9:28 HOLY SHIT RYAN, i dont think your skin should be that pale ;-;

  • FxYD
    FxYD 20 hours ago


  • Blue Haired Otaku

    this is perfect

  • Anupam Samanta
    Anupam Samanta Day ago

    Wow! That was really impressive

  • Gamingwith Ethan

    My Question.... Where did they get the rope?

  • Gamingwith Ethan

    This takes School Recesses in the Winter to a whole new level

  • Jahed Miah
    Jahed Miah Day ago

    Even the sound on point! 🤣🤣🤣

  • SteelCawCaw
    SteelCawCaw 2 days ago

    I felt cold just watching this video.

  • The Exotic
    The Exotic 2 days ago +1

    do another one!!!!!

  • Bolly Richardson
    Bolly Richardson 2 days ago

    Ryan and Gregory:Hell yeah🤷‍♂️💪
    Primitive builders:Hold my stick

  • Brianna Kim
    Brianna Kim 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice that Ryan and Greg switched places going into day 3

  • Cosmic Fire
    Cosmic Fire 2 days ago

    Hope Greg got payed a lot

  • LamChops
    LamChops 2 days ago

    Not half bad Ryan and Greg, not half bad.

  • zack Haan
    zack Haan 2 days ago

    Dear Ryan,
    Make a metaphor for your life...
    Like Forest Gump.

  • Zictro 407
    Zictro 407 2 days ago

    All the sounds remind me minecraft

  • Posertid 34
    Posertid 34 2 days ago

    Omg you must be so cold..

  • Irven Chang - Rowntree PS (1493)

    Ryan didn’t even do anything to make that fire

  • Tuputoa Iese
    Tuputoa Iese 3 days ago

    The Aftermath

  • E&P Productions
    E&P Productions 3 days ago

    9:39 literally a fucking game menu screen LMFO

  • William Xu
    William Xu 3 days ago

    Do they eat at all?

  • The Pudgley
    The Pudgley 3 days ago +2

    It's been about 4 months since this was uploaded
    I wonder if they left it up and how much us still there?

  • TTV bomber
    TTV bomber 3 days ago

    How did he cut the end of the branches so nicely with no tools

  • Ronnie Martinez
    Ronnie Martinez 4 days ago +1

    “I thought you said we were going on a snowboarding trip..”
    Greg looks so defeated! 😂😂

  • soham bait
    soham bait 4 days ago

    More stress relieving than slime or asmr

  • Fearing_ Fears
    Fearing_ Fears 4 days ago

    Greg & Ryan builds a fort seriously,

    A few moments later.

    Greg fell and rolled

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 4 days ago +1

    Where'd you get da rope from? Do u know a guy?

  • Itzz Sarah
    Itzz Sarah 4 days ago

    idk why but they look adorable nd funny

  • Soheila Amelie Ansaldo Cruz

    When Greg was carrying the tree I started saying "WHERE DID THEY GET THAT TREE FROM?!😂"

  • Ibreakstuff
    Ibreakstuff 4 days ago

    Are they using Minecraft sounds

    ARK_ CHIKENQUAK 4 days ago

    I cringed to the whole video

  • Jevin Truong
    Jevin Truong 4 days ago +1

    Ryan looks like hes on the verge of death lol

  • Philippine Ball
    Philippine Ball 4 days ago

    9:21 Best Edit ever

  • Manasi PURPLE ARMY
    Manasi PURPLE ARMY 5 days ago

    Ryan *TRIES*

  • Manasi PURPLE ARMY
    Manasi PURPLE ARMY 5 days ago +1

    Love you Ryan. You work so hard. I appreciate every second of it. Thank you 💜

  • JediFeesh
    JediFeesh 5 days ago +1

    This could be a tv show

  • Cayden Smith
    Cayden Smith 5 days ago +4

    When Greg fell I cracked up laughing

  • Dung Lý Thị Mỹ
    Dung Lý Thị Mỹ 6 days ago


  • pearl Piy
    pearl Piy 6 days ago

    Again !!

  • Sozan Elsaid
    Sozan Elsaid 6 days ago

    I love ur videos RYAN, they never fail to make me laugh! XD

  • CringyMilk
    CringyMilk 6 days ago

    love the asmr as the sound :) :)

  • Badger Games
    Badger Games 6 days ago


  • RC-1138
    RC-1138 6 days ago +1

    Ryan said "Joining me is my very long time friend." And I was thinking "Please be Sean coming back for a video. PLEASE BE SEAN!"

    And then he said "Gregory."

  • Yukinne Kobayashi
    Yukinne Kobayashi 7 days ago +1

    "No tools" *makes and uses tools*

  • Zapcure Gaming
    Zapcure Gaming 7 days ago +1

    I saw elsa wtf

  • Szabi Szántó
    Szabi Szántó 7 days ago +1

    It's like two kids playing in the snow

  • TheGamingBrothersDK
    TheGamingBrothersDK 7 days ago

    fun fact Nigahiga is actually racist.

  • William Morison
    William Morison 7 days ago

    its acturely cool

  • Johnny Soto
    Johnny Soto 7 days ago


    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani 2 days ago

      you're the dumb one, have you ever see a single comment thinking this is real?~
      if you're new in RU-clip then let me introduce you to the channel called "NigaHiga" he do videos with his friends mainly for entertainment purposes~
      he usually uses satire and sarcasm jokes like that fire place~

  • Oreorez Live
    Oreorez Live 7 days ago

    2 drunk guys?

  • Ipercrayy
    Ipercrayy 7 days ago

    Charlie Chaplin: popularises the penguin walk in movies
    Primitive Technology: popularises the "wilderness" genre
    Ryan and Greg: *m i x*

  • blox boi
    blox boi 7 days ago +1

    2:44 how i get out of bed on a monday

  • Thomasiolino
    Thomasiolino 7 days ago

    Dear Ryan... can you make a video in the quality of 2006 ?

  • SkippyGh0st24
    SkippyGh0st24 8 days ago +1

    Feel like you missed a great opportunity to invite your friends to have a snowball fight and then bring them there.

  • Joaquin Adormeo
    Joaquin Adormeo 8 days ago

    Man vs wild

  • Adam Hyatt
    Adam Hyatt 8 days ago

    9:20 that edit

  • Kaylee Ruiz
    Kaylee Ruiz 8 days ago

    Good, relaxing content to fall asleep to. 10/10 would recommend.

  • emelbird
    emelbird 8 days ago

    imagine hiking a mountain and coming across this

  • Rhyle Tirol
    Rhyle Tirol 8 days ago +2

    I wish we could do that but we don't have snow here. why world! I hope there will be a huge climate change
    Edit: I think it may be kinda bad for other country's

  • Praying Kitty
    Praying Kitty 8 days ago +6

    Ryan tries: a good series
    Ending: doesn’t do a second episode

  • Jones/Peterson Family

    I wish I could do that but it doesn’t snow ❄️ in Australia

  • Prateek Balaji Ojha
    Prateek Balaji Ojha 9 days ago

    I would love to say once more! But that would be just pure cruel.

  • Gideon Thawng
    Gideon Thawng 9 days ago

    1:55 who else thought Ryan was building the beginning of the fort?

  • Keh Keh
    Keh Keh 10 days ago

    He never ate anything lol.

  • Reese Oz
    Reese Oz 10 days ago

    I want the BTS!

  • MarkToast
    MarkToast 10 days ago

    Did they actually sleep the night there??? The snow is completely undisturbed between night and morning which makes me think they actually didn't get up at all

  • Awesome Coolfun
    Awesome Coolfun 10 days ago

    the slide, walkway, and fire part & toilet had me dead

  • Mattias Shao
    Mattias Shao 10 days ago

    U said u dropped out of college put I think u learned a lot about architecture

  • Mattias Shao
    Mattias Shao 10 days ago

    1:51 sounds somewhat like 24 hours to hell and back’s intro before they actually get to it

  • Shift
    Shift 10 days ago

    That thumping sound though. XD

  • Rivo Raikhan Maulana
    Rivo Raikhan Maulana 11 days ago

    Is this Minecraft live action ?

  • Uploading.
    Uploading. 11 days ago


  • Apoapsis Periapsis
    Apoapsis Periapsis 11 days ago

    me in the toilet, my brother : are you fapping there?, me : no

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 11 days ago

    If this was actually true then wow. I feel that it is quite unrealistic and impossible to be true but at the same time, I hope and will believe this actually happened. (despite them being able to sleep in just their jackets overnight, in the snow, and there being not a single animal in the surroundings. Also isn't using rope considered a tool?

  • Chaos
    Chaos 11 days ago

    I have so many fucking questions. But most importantly. Ryan. Can we get some bloopers /behind the scenes.? Awesome video I laughed my guts off and got amazed on the same time.

  • Littlepeeteir
    Littlepeeteir 12 days ago

    and this is what soldiers do in battle, they build snow forts that take 1 mortar shot to take down

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 12 days ago

    in the end it would've been much cooler if they had the squad actually using the fort

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 12 days ago +13

    *100 years later*
    holy shi-
    who made that epic snow fort?

  • Total Boss
    Total Boss 13 days ago

    that fire tho xD no tools lol. Im not hatin it was just funny...

  • LucidMutant
    LucidMutant 13 days ago

    their face the whole time

  • Nibras Arir
    Nibras Arir 13 days ago

    Wowowo amazing dude

  • Dis Kid Lando
    Dis Kid Lando 13 days ago


  • XiX Tencity
    XiX Tencity 13 days ago

    In Hawaii I cant do this with sand

  • OshiPower
    OshiPower 13 days ago

    I Love it. You need more videos like this

  • DiSoPoInTmEnT
    DiSoPoInTmEnT 13 days ago +1

    no expression at all my dudes

  • BlasT_Rookie
    BlasT_Rookie 13 days ago

    I really like how you do the timelapse of you guys sleeping so we know what day it is

  • Paper Boy
    Paper Boy 13 days ago

    Low key impressive

  • Austinh Mercer
    Austinh Mercer 13 days ago

    My phone just broke
    1 like=1 prayer for my phone😭😭😭

  • Larissa Westover
    Larissa Westover 13 days ago

    Why was I actually somewhat impressed with this ?

  • Raul Cordero
    Raul Cordero 13 days ago

    Walls should be higher

  • Dudesquadgaming
    Dudesquadgaming 13 days ago

    You said no sound why do I heal

  • Jimmy Lee
    Jimmy Lee 13 days ago

    Why is your name nigahiga

  • Victoria A
    Victoria A 13 days ago

    This is real life minecraft yall

  • Wahyu Dinata
    Wahyu Dinata 13 days ago


  • Cancerous Videos
    Cancerous Videos 14 days ago +1

    LMAO. The 2x speed the stick that picks up the snow and no talking. ON SPOT🔥🔥😂😂

  • Catsu Surname u
    Catsu Surname u 14 days ago

    Where's the BTS of this vid

  • Brendon Castle
    Brendon Castle 14 days ago

    Bro this video doubles as some mad asmr

  • john Munez
    john Munez 14 days ago

    9:13 that's how you make FIRE XD