This cooler VOIDS your warranty! - Worth the risk??

  • Published on Apr 11, 2018
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Comments • 5 564

  • Scorned Ghost
    Scorned Ghost 2 hours ago

    That fast and loose method isnt the way to do weird pc stuff ... lesson learned

  • Dick Tater
    Dick Tater 14 hours ago're actually killing me dude. I just had a full body cringe!

  • Will Wilson
    Will Wilson 16 hours ago

    As somebody who works in electronics and builds my own PC's I can say you are enough to give a person a heart attack.

  • disadadi
    disadadi 3 days ago

    Might just delid my 7700k. Thermals are shit. 75-87 degrees depending on load at 4,5GHz over all cores.

  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud 3 days ago

    The prick cleaned it on his shirt, ffs.

  • Rave Rave
    Rave Rave 4 days ago

    LoL and people manage to use better themal management on amd to make em look bad in the past.

  • Napo
    Napo 4 days ago

    got naked for the Video like linus said. I feel Gay

  • Muftah Elmehdawi
    Muftah Elmehdawi 4 days ago

    4:23 😂😂😂😂😂

  • LeeMc007
    LeeMc007 5 days ago

    "Oops , my bad"
    Proper laugh out loud moment even though I could see what was coming. ;D

  • bobhumplick
    bobhumplick 5 days ago

    you raise the board upside down over the loop. not just cap the tubes over it

  • Suge212
    Suge212 5 days ago

    Why doesn't Intel just start working with cpu cooling manufactures to integrate their chips into these blocks as an option? Obviously people want the best cooling solution. Most people wouldn't attempt this method on their own given the deliding process. Mind you, given how sloppy Linus pulled it off, gives a little reassurance for others to try it lol.

  • Basty 2k15
    Basty 2k15 6 days ago

    Linus have you played too much Wolfenstein? You're german is awesome. Another example "Schmetterling!" :)

  • Pandoran Bias
    Pandoran Bias 7 days ago

    Linus: "This won't fit." "No zip-ties."

  • Viktor Björkman
    Viktor Björkman 9 days ago


  • Jamie Halford
    Jamie Halford 10 days ago

    Linus - Dont waste time draining loops... proceeds to pour water all over the mobo... thus wasting even more time. I guess Linus is lucky that he runs his own company because he would be unemployable anywhere else.

  • Luis Jalabert
    Luis Jalabert 11 days ago

    omg your german is so bad XD

  • GRAYgoose124
    GRAYgoose124 11 days ago

    You could have closed off one end put it on and it should have been relatively could you forget about the siphoning effect lol

  • RustRabbit
    RustRabbit 11 days ago

    its funny watched this channel grow from being careful with expensive stuff to idgaf watch this boys lol

  • Ben Martin
    Ben Martin 12 days ago

    Linus has hairy like

  • KevGamesUltimate
    KevGamesUltimate 12 days ago +1

    4:20 i watched it 20 times and laughed so much every time. Greetings from germany, JAWOHL!

  • Jannik Heidemann
    Jannik Heidemann 15 days ago

    4:22 Aluminium is basicly stolen from Latin in English and German. It's the same.
    Why can't he pronounce it right?

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson 16 days ago

    ROFL!! I remember when CPUs didn't have any sort of IHS. It was all die to cooler contact!

  • dijasom
    dijasom 18 days ago

    If linus didn't have these Quarks, nearly ruining the board, etc... the video's wouldn't be fun to watch. :3

  • Dandin
    Dandin 18 days ago

    Alex is addicted to his phone

  • Dandin
    Dandin 18 days ago

    Alex SMUGFACE engineer vs. Linus the actual computer geek

  • 007Goomsta
    007Goomsta 19 days ago

    Linus Technical Difficulty Tips

  • Clayton Reed
    Clayton Reed 21 day ago

    Only Linus would splash the motherboard with water lol

    • 40two
      40two 2 days ago

      Hey! The motherboard was thirsty. >:(

  • Λ Ξ R O W Λ T T S T U D I O S

    pfft, i cool my pc with the sink.

  • bbpetrov
    bbpetrov 21 day ago

    watching this for 3rd time and again fall from chair laughing at Linus spilling water through the waterblock

  • delta command
    delta command 21 day ago +1

    It’s actually 51.475 degrees average. Gosh. Lmfao. I find it funny

  • Jan Reisner
    Jan Reisner 22 days ago

    The funny thing about german is, when english guys trying to talk it xD

  • Gustje04
    Gustje04 22 days ago +1

    This is net lustig

  • Jeffrey Williams
    Jeffrey Williams 22 days ago

    Don't have time to do it right, but have time to do it twice.

  • MrAntiKnowledge
    MrAntiKnowledge 23 days ago

    6:26 :')

  • Pertamax7
    Pertamax7 23 days ago

    Ok sir

  • meowmix808
    meowmix808 23 days ago

    Anybody know which ekwb sets this will be compatible with? The new ones are all aluminum right? Also will this work with 3900x? Sorry if I missed the answers in the video I'm watching with earbuds in a noisy ass airport.
    EDIT: ignore me :D got my answers

  • Pinoy Gaming
    Pinoy Gaming 24 days ago

    3:07 "can you please give me the cpu I have things to do" Said by the guy on the left lol.

  • Adriano Gentile
    Adriano Gentile 27 days ago +2

    This video makes me nostalgic about that golden age of pc building... when all cores were exposed... like my athlon xp for example when Amd was above Intel for a while... oh... the tears... can't finish this post... so many memories... sigh...

  • matthew ozga
    matthew ozga 27 days ago +1

    my overclocked rig is on a small riser on the floor above the air conditioning duct...
    cold dry air blowing through the rig 24/7... a very low-tech solution to a high tech challenge...

  • Rickard V
    Rickard V 27 days ago

    It's funny that privateinternetaccess is sponsoring this video, since nudecnc's website mines on your computer. lol.

  • Twitch tbm69
    Twitch tbm69 Month ago +2

    As a austrian i love the way linus pronounces Kühlkörper

  • Malakie Usn
    Malakie Usn Month ago


  • The CBD Jester
    The CBD Jester Month ago

    The blonde beta nervous wreck millenial soyboy shitweazel looks so uninterested and incompatible. Hopefully he was fired. 9:44 you can tell Linus wants to tell this beta boy to get off his phone.


    suggestions for a 4 year old touch screen laptop from the lowbspec section

  • BOTN1
    BOTN1 Month ago

    hi i need help . i have i7 9700k and mobo asus z390 H and ram ave broblem wen i use ram b1 and b2 no problem and wen i use a1 a2 dont work ond yellow led have mobo help me

  • luckyson13
    luckyson13 Month ago

    this channel is what happens when you have way to much money and can risk destroying your shit

  • luckyson13
    luckyson13 Month ago

    ok at this point rename the channel trying real real hard to figure out what to fucking do to a pc that nobody else ever will

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH Month ago

    Direct die cooling isn't that insane. I see people discuss it in liquid metal conversations.

  • GameingBaumstam
    GameingBaumstam Month ago

    4:22 It's only funny if someone can't pronounce it right. But if you are a German or can pronounce it, it's the same as English. Only an other language.
    Trust me. I'm German

  • Tyler Frankel
    Tyler Frankel Month ago

    why can't windows boot @ 5.4GHz

  • Günther Mahlzahn
    Günther Mahlzahn Month ago +4

    4:23 I actually speak german as my native language and the way you read it is so cringy lol

  • Cameron Collins
    Cameron Collins Month ago

    Yeah but. It was so easy to get the block on. And they had it off already the second time. Why didn't they just connect the loop to the block first?

    • scylk
      scylk Month ago

      I guess that if a pipe disconnects and spills water while you're putting the block on the bare die cpu, then you're even more in trouble...

  • Kierran Kivinen
    Kierran Kivinen Month ago +2

    *"It's about to get stinky in here"*

  • Mobilexpert
    Mobilexpert Month ago +1

    What if you replaced the water with liquid nitrogen? Or with super cooled water?

    • voltration
      voltration Month ago +1

      nah what if we just put an ice machine on the processor

  • KSMI - Kerbal Saved My Insanity

    Why's Linus the boss when he's a complete liability!!?? 😂🤣


    ich bin halt Deutsch DAS IST HALT ZU GEIL

  • Halorx
    Halorx Month ago

    Can it be made compatible with heatwell 4790k

  • Chunkkrink
    Chunkkrink Month ago

    How has the guys not quit with this much bad puns😂

  • Donovan Whysong
    Donovan Whysong Month ago

    i have a heart attack every time i watch linus

  • TheTokuin
    TheTokuin Month ago

    why didn't you just connect the water tubes before mounting the cooling block to the cpu?

  • Philipp
    Philipp Month ago +7

    "This cooler VOIDS your warranty! - Worth the risk??"
    Linus: spills water all over the socket

  • Turksat46
    Turksat46 Month ago

    I like your Watch? What is it for a watch? Can you tell me the brand name of your watch?

  • Raven1024
    Raven1024 Month ago

    This doesn't even wierd me out... it's just all my PC builds from elementary and middle school

  • Ignas0000
    Ignas0000 Month ago

    That crazy painting in the background gave me a headache.

  • web1bastler
    web1bastler Month ago

    Next level would be microfluidic chip scale liquid cooling.

  • ttakahashi1210
    ttakahashi1210 Month ago

    Best episode of ltt

  • Jan Käferböck
    Jan Käferböck Month ago

    The die should die

  • SkorpyoTFC
    SkorpyoTFC Month ago +24

    "This is madness!"

    Shit, I remember when ALL CPU's were bare-die contact. Those were fun.

  • cesar jc
    cesar jc Month ago +1

    it allows you to browse anonymous (babbling) this guy kills me

  • Di Ablo
    Di Ablo Month ago

    Hahaha this guy kills me ! You guys have an awsome job, keep up the good work. Recently subbed and going through your videos and its made me want to get back into modding. Time to upgrade my AMD Phenom II x4 BE lol

  • Rafi 529
    Rafi 529 Month ago

    You could have used air blaster for getting rid of water

  • Luca von Peschke
    Luca von Peschke Month ago

    I almost died laughing when Linus spoke german. Im from germany and can totally agree with that...most of the time german instructions don`t get to the point quick enought. xD

  • Kie
    Kie Month ago

    Linus single handily proving how durable modern tech hardware is. Computex should invite him to showcase how sturdy their new tech is.

  • MarcasswellbMD
    MarcasswellbMD Month ago

    Figures its for Intel, and I understand AMD is soldered but still..

  • Jim Mulholland
    Jim Mulholland Month ago

    It makes me sad when i see linus laughing and trashing hardware that makes my computer look like a pocket calculator