Why Can't They Fix This?

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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    We take some of the most common apps of 2018 and load them on to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and a Google Pixel 2 XL to see why my Samsung phone always seems to overheat and run out of battery.
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Comments • 21 905

  • Peter Trifonov
    Peter Trifonov 5 hours ago

    I have the same problem with samsung s10 (900euro phone). 25% Battery - 2 hours only stand by - without 3g 4g BT WIFI GPS. With Iphone 10 % - 5 hours minimum !

  • Manuel
    Manuel Day ago

    Works on a tech place and can't have his phone charging always, or have wireless charging pads everywhere

  • BBz KilleR
    BBz KilleR Day ago

    I have the same stupid problem on my note9 right now and i did have it on my s8 and u were the only one who even mentioned the thing

  • Andrei RObert
    Andrei RObert 2 days ago

    here's something really weird
    so, i have a Samsung Galaxy J5 from 2016 and when i switched to custom ROMs (doesn't matter which) the phone started to use less battery and stay on for longer, and also it started to charge from 15% to 60-70% in half an hour (which really is something for a 3 year old phone with no fast charge)

  • sami serell
    sami serell 3 days ago

    I did have j5 2016 and same power problem. My friends have 3 j5 2016 buyed same time and no problems. Now i have j6 2018 and no problems.

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 4 days ago +2

    energizer power max p18k pop

    never be stuck with a dead phone again

  • Nic P
    Nic P 4 days ago

    First of all my issue is not a battery issue but at that issue. Second of all I'm and Apple user not a Android user. With saying that every time u upgrade my phone my data uses increases. The last time I went from an iPhone 7 plus to a 10xs max and in one month without any change in the way I used my phone I increased by 23 gigs. Verizon and Apple both blamed me and they way I used the phone. However the only factor that changed was the device that was being used. At least they manufacturer pretended to care for you, however for everyday people like me I just have to accept that the companies say and fork out more money just to use a device the say way I have always used for years.

  • Leonid Saykin
    Leonid Saykin 4 days ago

    Maybe you just have a crap shot battery?

  • Ryan M Cook
    Ryan M Cook 5 days ago

    Linus it sounds like you might have BAD LUCK with that Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ !

  • Brendan T
    Brendan T 7 days ago

    FINALLY a reviewer who acknowledges this. I could not take my S7s godawful battery life after a year, it was absolutely horrific. The phone was also slow before downloading PDP (rip that app) , and it was just absolutely pathetic for such an expensive phone. I think Samsung finally addressed this in oneUI, but as your test shows, well have to wait to see how bad battery deterioration is.

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis 7 days ago

    Switch to Emergency Mode. You'll notice that the phone turns off Biometrics. The fingerprint sensor checking massively drains the battery.
    Also you can connect your device to a mac and run Terminal command "adb shell top -m 10" and you can see what is hogging all the cpu and memory. It's when I noticed the Bixby button remapper I was using was a terrible cpu hog.

  • dandre2251 Doniell R. Ramo

    I experience the same thing.

  • iamdalibor
    iamdalibor 8 days ago

    I would delete and disable almost all apps and see if that helps. Then just basically install a couple apps at a time and see if the battery drain persists. But it might just be a faulty battery. Should change it out and see if that solves the issue. I just bought a xperia xa2 and first thing I did was delete and disable a lot of apps that I don't use. Now that battery on this thing lasts a long time especially on standby and that's even without turning on battery stamina mode. Also some of the features on the phone make sure you turn them off as well. That's what I would do or just replace the battery. To bad smartphones now a days don't have external batteries which...... is an awesome feature to have.

  • Virtual Entertainer
    Virtual Entertainer 9 days ago

    You have the money so I think you should just buy a new phone. Maybe ur daily driver is faulty.

  • Danielle Bunny
    Danielle Bunny 12 days ago

    I've been using my S7 Edge for along time. And find out that my phone actually consume a lot of battery usage because I use often for gaming and also the phone doesn't seems to slow down. Plus the Geekbench shows that my phone scores above average than before or even from usual. Now I kinda know why it drain a lot of battery. It is because it keeps the performance smooth as possible. If I put power saving mode but on turn on speed limiter and background network usage but leaves all other setting off such as always on display, screen brightness and screen resolution. It doesn't seems to consume a lot of battery. Plus if I use normally without power saving mode, but use it to watch videos nonstop, it can last for like 3 hours. Which is normal for this old phone. If I turn on power saving mode, it may last a bit longer.

  • CyrusBlack
    CyrusBlack 13 days ago

    I'm still on S8+ ... and since the One Ui.... and Android 9 ... after 2 years of usage... my battery went from 1 day dropping to 30% ... to 2 days... so... anyway... my personal opinion... change the battery since the difference is so big .... between the new phone and your phone ...

  • Agent 51
    Agent 51 13 days ago

    Linus, it could be your specific one could be defected, but I dunno.

  • simeon LPS
    simeon LPS 13 days ago

    Why dont you try out developer settings and look at your RAM usage??? Or use a package manager and look for stuft you did not installiert?

  • Laurentiu B
    Laurentiu B 14 days ago

    Is just Samsung :))

  • William Waugh
    William Waugh 15 days ago

    I've had note 8 and s10+ .... direct TV app has something TERRIBLY wrong...

  • William Waugh
    William Waugh 15 days ago

    Direct TV app is a fire starter !!!! Try it out for 10-15 min you'll feel the heat

  • William Waugh
    William Waugh 15 days ago


  • William Waugh
    William Waugh 15 days ago

    Direct TV make my phone CRAZY HOT

  • Md Wasil Shams
    Md Wasil Shams 15 days ago

    I had this problem in my s6 and would hate this to happen to my s10.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 16 days ago

    Simple it's Samsungs bloatware running in the background. Install a custom ROM and the battery issues will go away

  • Waluden 01
    Waluden 01 16 days ago

    turn off your mobile data. bam 50% or better battery life increase.

  • jiří jemelka
    jiří jemelka 16 days ago

    You have two Galaxy S9 now can you swap the batteries?

  • Dark Kero
    Dark Kero 16 days ago

    Or maybe because the phone running android..

  • Dark Kero
    Dark Kero 16 days ago +1

    Maybe the 🔋 it self have a problem..

  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif 16 days ago

    Must be an app you use.

  • Abhyas Mandapati
    Abhyas Mandapati 16 days ago +13

    *points at watch
    "It's been 6 months since then"

    • Kalyser .G
      Kalyser .G 2 days ago

      U surprised a watch is able to tell the date?

  • Michael McKinlay
    Michael McKinlay 16 days ago

    Linus Go the Ulefone Power 5! I'm getting 4 days battery life at medium to heavy use!

  • Christian von Ohlen
    Christian von Ohlen 17 days ago

    Hey Linus. I have the same Problem with my Note 8!
    I wipe my cache and it helped a little bit

  • Cris Xtroll
    Cris Xtroll 17 days ago

    I have an s9+ and I have the same problem, I have to charge my phone two times a day because it drains too damn fast, I'm from Mexico

  • GimpyGGaming
    GimpyGGaming 17 days ago +1

    You obviously have radioactive balls that drain battery life. You’re welcome.

  • Semme Games
    Semme Games 17 days ago +1

    You think Samsung is bad? Try LG

  • Sylkis89
    Sylkis89 17 days ago

    Every single person I know who has ever had a Scheissung always has the same problem: it''s good when it's new, but after a few months it's sluggish and the battery life is really an unfunny joke. Somehow it applies to everyone I know IRL somehow people on the internet always seem to claim the opposite. And it's not normies vs powerusers, it's irrelevant what kind of people I spoke to IRL or online. Which is the main reason why I always avoid Scheissungs like fire. I never buy them and I always very strongly recommend against them to whoever asks me about my opinion. Lately I was considering reconsidering my opinions, as on the tests online new models didn't seem to have these issues at least in the high end models... but now seeing your video I'm like, nope, still the same after all. Nope nope nope

  • Enrique T
    Enrique T 17 days ago

    You're grounded cause you're a drain

  • Samarth Kikkeri
    Samarth Kikkeri 18 days ago

    Google software is the reason why this is happening.i hope Samsung releases it's own software

  • hakan5524
    hakan5524 19 days ago

    Battery drain on Samsung devices are so anayoying all the was Google

  • Macarthur Driver Training and Assessment Services

    Get an iphone.... sorry mate

  • Romkyns WoT
    Romkyns WoT 20 days ago

    It's hot out of pocket, therefore it's wake locks. Android has really shitty diagnostic tools for this. Best you can get is to confirm that it's wake locks, but most of the time it'll just be wake locks by "system", meaning you are no better off knowing where the fault lies. It can be difficult to reproduce this problem on demand, which is why the other phone was fine.

  • Me
    Me 20 days ago

    To see very detailed battery usage (including off-screen specifically) I'd recommend AccuBattery.

  • M0rn1n6St4r
    M0rn1n6St4r 20 days ago +2

    Linus never even noticed... he's got a "Samchung" S9+. JK... it's a REAL "Sansumg". :-)

  • Robert Hart
    Robert Hart 22 days ago

    The issue is that it is constantly searching for a cell and / or wifi network. I had the same issue with my Galaxy so I have to set it to switch to wifi when I am in the house (as I have little cell service at home) and make sure I switch off wifi and Bluetooth when I am out of the house to stop it searching for networks it won't find.
    Battery life is only an average at current usage levels. Searching for networks it can't find uses tons more power. If you drive through a bad cell service area, it can shoot down from 30% to 2%.
    Also, turn down screen brightness. The stupid button placement on these phones means that the screen is constantly being turned on and off in your pocket where there is no ventilation (which is why it get hot).

  • ryan
    ryan 22 days ago

    Did u scroll to the bottom of the battery life manager and look at the unmonitored apps for battery life?

  • Nathaniel Noble
    Nathaniel Noble 22 days ago

    This is realy nice experiment. i hope you can do the same with the new S10+

  • Affendog
    Affendog 22 days ago

    I bet its your work wifi. I have the exact same problems you speak of on my note 9. I only have the battery drain issues when im connect to my work wifi. I work at a school and we have 40 access points and i am walking all over campus all day switching from one to another. It absolutely kills my battery.

  • GT 350R
    GT 350R 23 days ago

    My biggest gripe with Samsung phones is that their batteries drain so much while you're on LTE even when you don't use it but when you change it to regular 4G Antennas they don't use nearly as much.
    Last night I went to sleep with 95% and woke up with 95% but I had LTE Data off and no Wifi connection on either and optimized it with it's own maintenance feature under device maintenance seems to make the battery not drain as much that way.

  • Devyn Humbert
    Devyn Humbert 24 days ago

    my iPhone 5 does the same. REPLACE THE BATTERY!

  • Little Lillian
    Little Lillian 24 days ago

    You guys videos are awesome. Seriously - awesome!

  • BigBadBoogie
    BigBadBoogie 24 days ago

    Solution is simple, buy a pure google experience android one device Like Nokia or Pixel :-) No bloat, just your own shit is installed hence you have full control.
    My s9+ also goes down in usage time from when new (after 6months now) but only gets hot when installing ROM updates andd getting hot is a GOOD THING as that means heat is transferred AWAY from the CPU durimg high load (opposed to some reviewers that complain about the phone feels warm in my hand...would you rather cook/boil the cpu or battery?).
    Installed apps, background data and processes and partially battery wear are likely the reason.
    My iPhone 6 and iPhone7+ were worse though. As battery reaches around 50% iPhone 6 simply died instant. 7+ was great at standby (in a drawer, with allmost zero apps installed since its a job phone) but when using it drained quickly. If out in the cold even worse. Apple still suffers from the "cold bug"

  • dean's place
    dean's place 24 days ago

    Go die Samsung is the best phone maker in the world

  • Colayna Sakuragi
    Colayna Sakuragi 25 days ago

    A hacker?

  • Vinamra Parashar
    Vinamra Parashar 25 days ago

    S10+ ftw

  • Carlos Furtado
    Carlos Furtado 25 days ago

    Check your background processes in developer mode and try battery diagnostic aplications for battery status, as well as battery health.

  • Khairin Arif
    Khairin Arif 26 days ago

    Buy a new one dude

  • Ishrak Rahman Shourav

    s7 same issue

  • John Owen
    John Owen Month ago

    1. Check your screen Res....the Samsungs come out the box toggled down but u have noticed that the battery performs better at higher Res.
    2. What optimisation are you using.
    3. Have you used "device care to clear your cashe data and waste storage data

  • Rachmat Zulfiqar
    Rachmat Zulfiqar Month ago

    its the russian guy hacking your phone and use it as a mining minion , lmao

  • Seiltgen Fabian
    Seiltgen Fabian Month ago

    The batterys of Samsung Phones are always crapy even the Note 2 back in its days was a perfectly legit portable heating system. I even had to change the battery of my Note Edge because of the same issue and was even worse since it even got the percentages wrong most of the time. Going from 100% to 25% in two minutes of medium use is just wrong.

  • Austin Mohr
    Austin Mohr Month ago

    I had a similar problem with my Google Pixel 1. Towards the end of my 2 year contract, about 4 months, my battery degraded to the point that around 2 hours of no use my phone would die. The battery sensor was also broken as I could restart my phone and it would say something like 4% when in reality with just restarting it another time would come up at like 70%. The overall battery issues on Android could be caused by the open nature of Android.

  • Peterius Prowler
    Peterius Prowler Month ago

    This happens to me too!!!With all phones and all things with batteries im frustrated from things getting defective i care about my hardware and stuff i even wore gaming gloves but somehow mouse lasers and batteries in phones or other devices keep getting fucked up only in a few months of use

  • Stantanuim Gaming
    Stantanuim Gaming Month ago

    I have this problem, it's really frustrating and in having to survive off power banks

  • Steve Punter
    Steve Punter Month ago +2

    I've owned a Galaxy S7 for about 2 years now, and shortly after I got it, I occasionally noticed that it was running very hot in my pocket. I could clear this up by rebooting the phone, but it seemed like a fairly messy way to deal with it. To get a handle on what was wrong, I turned to an app called SystemPanel, which allowed me to see the usage of each PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE processes, as well each core of the CPU in graphic format.

    My S7 is the Canadian edition with the octa-core Exynos SOC with 4 low-power cores and 4 high-power cores. When the phone was running hot for no reason, I discovered that one of the high-power cores was pushed to 100% at full clock speed. If left running like this with the screen on, the phone would get so hot I couldn't really touch the back of it. Not surprisingly, battery consumption was conspicuous.

    According to SystemPanel, none of the processes it was able to show me were responsible for the high CPU usage. The culprit was likely a protected O/S process, which after Android 6.0 could not be examined by apps such as SystemPanel, and so I had no way to know which one it was.

    After a bit of experimentation, I found that this undesirable state occurred most often when my phone automatically switched away from WiFi after I left the house. Because it seemed to be related to connectivity, I discovered that putting the phone into Airplane Mode for a second or two would stop the runaway process. I also determined that turning off WiFi before I left the house would ensure the condition wouldn't return.

    I'd always thought this was my fault, because I'd rooted the phone and I used a custom kernel in order to set SELinux mode to permissive (so that I could run Viper4Android). Based on what you presented in this video, it might be an issue with the Samsung fork of Android.

    This isn't to say that this very problem is the one you are seeing. Try manually shutting down WiFi before you move out of range of WiFi to see if that mysteriously clears up the hot-phone issue for you. If the phone does start to run hot, try Airplane Mode for a second or two. Also, get an app like SystemPanel to see if the heat issue is a core running at max constantly.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    My ex Xiaome Redmi Note 4 would go for 4 days and still have 40% in battery. My Galaxy S9+ has that at the end of one day. But I don't use that much, more for work. If they didn't have different sizes for SIM chips and those drawers for chips weren't so annoying, I would probably go to work with my Xiaome and use the Galaxy on weekends when I needed pictures. People don't give much attention to battery, but it can be a big issue if your phone is more of your working horse than you multimedia center. Although I have to say that I love pictures and for this alone the Galaxy was worth it more than anything else.

  • Julian Gryffin
    Julian Gryffin Month ago

    Could possibly unused radios in your phone... Like bluetooth or NFC, Or possibly a defect in a onboard component I have had phones in the past with bad Wifi/bluetooth radios where they would become hot and drain power cause they were malfunctioning electrically.

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy Month ago

    Lol, my note nine is fine and had it since release. I have about 72 gigs worth of apps too. I can get get a full days use with heavy video playback approx 5 gig of video, messaging and calls. Usually my friend's all to use my phone when it's in the evening cause there phones are flat.

  • jsongeredu
    jsongeredu Month ago

    Got a similar problem but I am upgrading to the s10+. My phone will say that i have 58 percent left. I turn it off then back on 10 mins later and it switches off saying i have 1 percent. I wait half an hour then turn it on and I have 38 percent. Was a real issue the other day when i tried to get a uber after a movie. Had to wait half an hour before i could use it. Anyone else get this issue? Oh it is a s5 that i have but i figured that the phone is just getting too old.

    • Chad Suggs
      Chad Suggs Month ago

      I've experienced it on two different s3s and several s5 batteries

    • Chad Suggs
      Chad Suggs Month ago

      That sounds very much like a bad battery. I've experienced that several times. All on various models of Galaxies actually. When a restart seems to completely drain the battery by over 50 percent and then a long charge is the only way to get it back up enough to use.

  • Lazy Assassin
    Lazy Assassin Month ago

    Download an app called AccuBattery it gives you a proper app by app breakdown of usage

  • Tyler Eisel
    Tyler Eisel Month ago


  • CryptoMiner 49er
    CryptoMiner 49er Month ago +1

    I'm having the same issue with my galaxy 10+

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel Month ago

    I've never had a problem with my Samsung. Of course I'm only syncing 2 Outlook accounts and 2 Gmail accounts. I don't use Twitter or Facebook and my note will last all day easily that's with casting music at work and watching RU-clip at lunch and making calls on the way to and from work. I would look into what app you have that's constantly syncing and slow it's sync rate

  • Cat Guy
    Cat Guy Month ago

    Probably a bit coin minning virus that works while idle

  • PartyStories
    PartyStories Month ago +1

    Change location settings to battery saving. By default it's set to high accuracy. It has solved many of my friends battery consumption issues

    • BigBadBoogie
      BigBadBoogie 24 days ago

      Indeed, GPS positioning is STILL the biggest consumer on a phone today when active. Try playing gps position based games like walking dead and phone dies after maybe 3-4hours ;-) graphic intensive (gpu) + gps = quick drain

  • Tezflower Xell
    Tezflower Xell Month ago +1

    Try a different S9

  • Alaric Fernandes
    Alaric Fernandes Month ago

    You should stop overclocking your phones Linus..

  • 「Admiral 5K」
    「Admiral 5K」 Month ago

    I never buy a Samsung

  • Leandro Rondeli
    Leandro Rondeli Month ago +1

    Had same problem either my s7 edge and my note 8, both got hotter than Satan's armpit draining every hope of a good use

  • Jaws2817
    Jaws2817 Month ago

    Previous S7 and current S9 owner here, I have no idea why you are having these problems. Both of my phone's always had (have) excellent battery life on idle and when I'm using it

  • Marcio Roberto Fernandes

    Any change or news since? Because I'm also have this probleman, but not only with Samsung, but with LG ones also. :-(

  • Leonel Hernandez
    Leonel Hernandez Month ago

    Is the phone waking up while it is in your pocket? Try having the daily driver on a belt clip to see if the battery life improves.

  • Adrianthedeaf
    Adrianthedeaf Month ago

    My S5, and S8 both have a strange habit of getting hot at idle, in pocket or on a table. Battery life is exactly as you say, strangely inconsistent, either drains super fast or works as it should. My friends with an S6, S7 over the years experienced the same thing.

  • qwerty keyboard
    qwerty keyboard Month ago

    why are you using es file explorer?

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali Month ago

    Don't upgrade to Android Pie. My s8+ had 1d 1h and now its 18h. Where the hell are 7 hours gone!

  • Đức Hiếu Lương

    Same issue here. My S8 just discharge 40% over a night in last month but now it just stopped. I dont know why

  • Alisha Thompson Steel

    I charge my phone twice a day Samsung j4 is the best

  • Bulwark AC
    Bulwark AC Month ago

    Take the new S9+ and use it for a day.

  • TBB
    TBB Month ago

    My battery will randomly drain down to 0% and I'm on a Hauwei phone

  • Wolfgang 847
    Wolfgang 847 Month ago

    For a time I had both an Iphone 5 and 6 at the same time. The Iphone 6 gave me both a charging post and batery problem and working with it was nuts. During this time, I moved back to the Iphone 5 and the 6 spent the whole day charging and off while I watched youtube for like 6 hours straight on my Iphone 5. Eventually the batery was changed and the issues were minimized, but it began to get very hot when it was being used. And the charging post situation got worse. Meanwhile, the Iphone 5 ran never gave any issues exept for an old bluethooth situation (that sincerely din't bother me since I din't have any blueetooth devices at the time).

  • Amber Lynn Martin
    Amber Lynn Martin Month ago

    My phone with a 3000mAh battery (LG K30) dies quick too. Not as quick as I think is super problematic but, it's 1:26 PM currently with a little bit of RU-clip and games this morning while doing breakfast but not much use otherwise and the screen is off. I have 54% after a quick charge at the college's charge station

  • Robert Robertson
    Robert Robertson Month ago

    My mom had that problem 2

  • 老鬼
    老鬼 Month ago

    Energizer phone don't suffer from this issue , so buy that God damn brick

  • Michael Mickey
    Michael Mickey Month ago

    Still no word from Samsung? I know mine is an old phone now, but I've basically kept my Galaxy S7 in Mid power save all the time, because of this exact issue.

  • Haeseung Jeon
    Haeseung Jeon Month ago

    You've been watching too much porn

  • sam jam ham mammogram

    My s8 will drain extremely fast on certain apps. It will get really hot too. Ifunny will heat up my phone and drain 25 percent over an hour. Other than that after two years I can make it through the day on a single charge

  • Idelly Welly
    Idelly Welly Month ago

    damaged battery cells possibly from using it in a situation where your daily method of charge cycles differ from different connectors like a car charger (trickle effect

  • Hanyue Li
    Hanyue Li Month ago

    Just hand me a new s9+ and I’ll tell you what happens.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Month ago +1

    You might have malware on your phone that runs in the background. Run some antivirus software

  • Yang Liu
    Yang Liu Month ago

    Samsung is the worst