2019 Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon - "Oh, you don't like wagons? "F*** you"

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • The 2019 Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon is the best car I've ever driven. It's a perfect culmination of speed, power, luxury, design, and practicality. This is the best car that's ever been produced. It's everything you could possibly want. The exhaust is barbaric and the interior is plush. It's fast as hell and it's comfortable and luxurious.
    If I could never have another car again, it would be this car. You can keep your Lamborghini Huracans, BMW M5, M4, and M3s, and your Porsche 911. This Mercedes AMG is perfection engineered.
    What are your thoughts on the 2019 Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon?
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Comments • 12

  • Downshift
    Downshift  3 months ago +1

    Special Thank You to my Patrons Dan Mulcahy and Nick Peterson for their support of the channel!! What is your favorite car?!

  • Michael Wise
    Michael Wise 18 days ago +1

    Very very nice.. but $120k+ is just out of my ballpark... Maybe if I sell all my cars and house...😂👍

  • t5jerry
    t5jerry 28 days ago

    you driving with a flat???

    • jasonbrent
      jasonbrent 24 days ago

      @Downshift better answer = "combination of performance tire plus the roads where [you] were driving" -- other roads don't have those horribad seams in them. I honestly wondered if there was a tire issue myself for the first few seconds.

    • Downshift
      Downshift  28 days ago

      @t5jerry they're sticky summer tires. They sound like that

    • t5jerry
      t5jerry 28 days ago

      @Downshift .....put some head phones on and listen from where you first pulled away, clear as a bell..................

    • Downshift
      Downshift  28 days ago


  • shahin
    shahin Month ago

    come on you stupid cryptos go up!! fuk the lambo I'm getting this!!

  • Football Freekan
    Football Freekan 2 months ago

    nice video..nice car

    • Downshift
      Downshift  2 months ago

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it