• Published on May 22, 2019
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  • James k
    James k Day ago

    see how they hold up after a few years.

  • Jere Syrjälä
    Jere Syrjälä 2 days ago

    No hyi helvetti

  • Jampelo racing
    Jampelo racing 2 days ago

    Hyviä keulioita

  • Mike Labonte
    Mike Labonte 3 days ago

    This is the future.

  • Sebastian_ Dogboy
    Sebastian_ Dogboy 4 days ago

    Sounds like a drone

  • Ruaan De beer
    Ruaan De beer 4 days ago

    1:32 wtf that handel baar grip

  • Joshua BARTON
    Joshua BARTON 6 days ago

    How much is sale price on 1 of those?

  • Operaatio : LastenHyväksiKäyttö

    Helvetin jonne :D

  • Kaius Mankinen
    Kaius Mankinen 7 days ago


  • Anton Parkkonen
    Anton Parkkonen 8 days ago

    Asmr supermoto

  • Roope Jyrkinen
    Roope Jyrkinen 9 days ago


  • Onlygamer123
    Onlygamer123 10 days ago

    Just me or does the sound make it look like its light asf

  • simonkirchner1
    simonkirchner1 10 days ago +1

    Whats the rear sprocket?

  • Mr. Auga
    Mr. Auga 14 days ago

    That noise 😱

  • Corey Edgar
    Corey Edgar 17 days ago

    I can’t wait till the battery life is longer and price drops, it will be half the maintenance of a combustion engine just changing chain tires and suspension once in a while!

  • Rudolf Scheiner
    Rudolf Scheiner 19 days ago +1

    how much does it cost?

  • COD ProCamp
    COD ProCamp 19 days ago

    Is he autistic?

  • sid ney
    sid ney 21 day ago

    If it's electronic it's got no soul .....

  • Max Paul
    Max Paul 22 days ago

    I heard when you buy a bike you get the AIDS for free

  • Szop Bonzo Mati Gupiec


  • kawi kawi
    kawi kawi 22 days ago

    Is this street legal I want one so bad

    BADCASEOFLIGMA 23 days ago

    Needs more brapppppp

  • DmaxHd
    DmaxHd 24 days ago

    Its just like electric RC sucked the fun out of nitro RC flying .

  • DmaxHd
    DmaxHd 24 days ago

    No transmission , no clutch no sound ? No thanks .

  • True Irony
    True Irony 26 days ago

    I've ALWAYS been a huge fan of engine horsepower and MOTORSPORTS, but I"m not even a little bit impressed with "Electricsports" that whine, not scream or roar. I saw some electric dragsters that hauled-ass too, but without the traditional sound of an actual engine, it all just sucks ass in my opinion. Ain't keen on the boring electric whine sound and listening to the clunking and clanking sound of the bike itself, although it does go real well with instant toque..LOL!

  • AP-Daddy
    AP-Daddy Month ago

    Where can I buy this bike and how much is it

    SHINOS Month ago

    I wonder how long will the batteries last without air or liquid cooling system. They just liquid cooled the motor 🤦‍♂️

  • lee jay
    lee jay Month ago

    this gonna make possible uphill mountain near town stealth mode. very nice.

  • James
    James Month ago

    I hate the burnouts

  • memlord
    memlord Month ago


  • Sadist Fish
    Sadist Fish Month ago

    This feels weird

  • Cringe vom feinsten

    Elektrik RC Cars belike

  • russian presidentti

    palionko tuo kulukee?

  • Mike barbosa
    Mike barbosa Month ago

    Top speed?

  • mikeMcoa
    mikeMcoa Month ago

    May be the future but those prices for all electric

  • funny stuff
    funny stuff Month ago

    An exhaust sound would be interesting 😎

  • KYRADesert
    KYRADesert Month ago

    Jesus Christ just put playing cards in the wheels, you sound like an rc car

  • Andre smooth
    Andre smooth Month ago

    There is a god 🔥🙏🏾

  • Deadly nos
    Deadly nos Month ago

    Damn is the world really coming to an end that we use electric dirt bikes now. Great now I’ll never get the chance to buy the dirt bike I want and enjoy the gasoline powered versions and enjoy the sweat sound coming from the exhaust....

  • Dylan Prince
    Dylan Prince Month ago

    Less durability cant use it for rides lasting more than a day cant put extra fuel to keep going gotta let it charge

  • Mateo Bruh
    Mateo Bruh Month ago

    who the fuck in their right mind buys an electric dirt bike

  • Pacific Northwest
    Pacific Northwest Month ago

    No thanks

  • Kaziomiesz xd
    Kaziomiesz xd Month ago

    How Many Kw?

  • Child of God
    Child of God Month ago

    they need to find a way to make them sound more enjoyable though. They sound horrible like a toy. The whole point & fun about riding a bike is the sound.

  • Wesley Furnish
    Wesley Furnish Month ago

    I need my 2 stroke to heal my ears

  • slowagonizingdeath
    slowagonizingdeath Month ago


  • N3rdy_ MONSTA
    N3rdy_ MONSTA Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 NO THEY DIDNT!! Lol Too soon!

  • Jason Abbott
    Jason Abbott Month ago

    Just seems like a toy for some reason

  • Jason Reinhardt
    Jason Reinhardt Month ago

    Incredible new technology...still shit ktm kickstand 🤣🤟

  • kx two-smoke
    kx two-smoke Month ago

    That thing looks like a toy you could buy in a department store. Thanks for the video.

  • Weedchampion
    Weedchampion Month ago

    Ohhjeer no power

  • Azure Vox
    Azure Vox Month ago

    Sound is underwhelming

  • I like turtells
    I like turtells Month ago

    sounds like a toy car :D

  • Marcelxd71
    Marcelxd71 Month ago

    how much ccm has it?

  • Jason Hasselbacher
    Jason Hasselbacher Month ago

    Just like how we should have had flying cars by now... It'll be a long time before that will be the future.

  • james RedGun
    james RedGun Month ago

    Sounds like a blender

  • Marcusbecoolin
    Marcusbecoolin Month ago

    sounds so bad

  • Ray Mendoza
    Ray Mendoza Month ago

    After years of riding the squad's sound bothers you !? Vales berga !

  • Coddy t
    Coddy t Month ago

    Loud pipes save lives man idk bout that thing