⚠ Porton Down - 'TOP SECRET' - I visit!! - Skripals -

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
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  • Grozaaïmid
    Grozaaïmid Month ago

    What’s the deal with the flag in his car of the illegitimate Russian-sponsored terrorists in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region?

  • John Snow Kumar
    John Snow Kumar 2 months ago

    Two village salesmen from Russia awarded "best salesman of treadmills etc", and "best salesman of gym vitamins", were awarded a trip to London, as an award. In the buses in England, they approached English women and young women and tourists in buses, claiming that they are sport entrepreneurs from Russia and owners of gyms. This shows that they are not hard core spies. They traveled everywhere together, as they are village rustics, and were afraid they will be lost in a foreign country or hostile country. They claim they never knew the former Soviet spy Sergei Scripal, or his daughter. They claim if they met his daughter, they would have told her they are sports entrepreneurs and business owners. They claim they never knew that there was a Russian family there. According to all spy agencies: An actual spy never travels with another spy on public transportation: it is easier to recognise them if together: if anyone was told to follow them, and was given a pair of photos. A white guy under surveillance, if alone, may look different enough for a local spy to call local intelligence head office in any given country, "I see one salesman, and I am not sure it's him, as he looks different".
    That chemical is manufactured and sold by a Czech company, some to private British citizens.: since the Scripal case fiasco, the duplicate Novichok -company in Czech Republic stopped selling that chemical

  • Shane Jackson
    Shane Jackson 3 months ago

    This incident has always disturbed me. The nerve agent used is supposed to be one of the most toxic known to man, yet both Mr. Skripal and his daughter survived. We have only heard from the daughter once and she looked surprisingly healthy. We have never heard or seen Mr. Skripal or her since. Then supposedly a few months later a man picks up a vial out of a bin thinking it is perfume and he gives it to his girlfriend and she dies. Why was the vial still in the bin when the so called perpetrators were already back in Russia? Why was the bin not emptied or any garbage collectors infected? How come the man who picked it out of the bin survived? What happened to the Police Officer who was supposedly infected when going to the Skripal's incident to investigate? It is claimed he survived but we have never heard from him. I read a report from the people who invented the nerve agent that one of them got a minuscule amount on him and he was ill for years and it damaged his internal organs. And I did some research and found several other countries have the same nerve agent, and you can get the ingredients of how to make it off the internet. Lots of questions that Govts do not want to answer.

  • a ahir
    a ahir 3 months ago

    if you think they will call you hero or award after death or missing forget neither Russian federation nor any country care neither people you will get nothing

  • a ahir
    a ahir 3 months ago

    do you also want to disappear take my words don't risk your life no one care for no one just they all want money and they will hide all truth why waste your life in this war

  • Karelius
    Karelius 3 months ago

    Its similar to the nefarious activities of the CIA, such as MK Ultra etc. They experiment on people who have disappeared from their communities and the prison system, according to HRW. A shocking psychopathic nightmare amid a supposedly civilized society. ru-clip.com/video/UAKgPdkkiCg/video.html

  • Max Schneller
    Max Schneller 3 months ago +1

    Good job, mate! It's indeed a very creepy place, but I guess there's nothing unusual. This is a secret military facility. You can find such places in other countries like Russia, for example. There are deffo required by the army. Anyway, you are right, what is going on behind that fence is always going to be a mystery for all of us, unless one of us manages to get hired somehow)))

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 3 months ago +4

    Pretty sure that's the facility where they fabricate evidence and make illegal weapons such as gas, who they sell to terrorists to set more people up.

  • Olga Ilic
    Olga Ilic 3 months ago +2

    I do appreciate your journalism Graham.
    Recently I saw Joseph L. Mankiewicz's film 'Carol for another Christmas" !

  • detroit ghetto
    detroit ghetto 3 months ago


    • Max Alekson
      Max Alekson 3 months ago

      The only country doing wars around the world - usa since 1945 to make some additional money and resources. Making direct invasion or supporting terrorists or cartels. Proved their dark deeds and mass murder by words about democracy and liberty.

  • Alex Fit
    Alex Fit 3 months ago +1

    Спасибо Грэм!

  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 months ago +4

    Britains politicians and their sycophant forces never lie do they! Take care & be safe!

  • A-P R
    A-P R 3 months ago +15

    just imagine:
    two russian secret intelligence service agents apply for british visa,
    buy tickets - direct flight Moscow to London, fly together.
    In UK they are walking everywhere both, came to the town, poisoned the man and his daughter,
    and they *go back to London and fly to Moscow together as well*

    additionally they should have put on T-Shirts "KGB"

  • Piotr Ładan
    Piotr Ładan 3 months ago +4

    It always amazes me how UK Police make their own laws. Literally all the time.

    • Lance Salter
      Lance Salter 3 months ago +1

      The UK police these days are noting but a bunch of bullying thugs who instead of doing their job and taking down the serious criminals, especially the ones in their own senior ranks, do nothing but intimidate the public and arrest them over the least little thing. Welcome to police state Britain 2019.

  • Julia Brungardt
    Julia Brungardt 3 months ago +2

    Гриша, бойся Новичка 😂😂. Они же хотели снести чуть ли не весь город 😂.
    Спасибо, Гриша. Удачи!

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago

      А вам спасибо дорогая Юля!!!! Ты умница!!!!

  • Greetings Друзья!
    Greetings Друзья! 3 months ago +4

    The ole Novichok theory is falling apart.

    • Lance Salter
      Lance Salter 3 months ago +1

      That theory fell apart one day one. . The way the MSM were pushing it for all its worth screamed fake from the beginning

  • UVB76 -4625KHZ
    UVB76 -4625KHZ 3 months ago +1

    The other secret site is Aldermaston . Aldermaston is not on any maps. I had a letter asking me to attend to Aldermaston for a job interview back in the 80's. Never went. Freaky.

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago

      Gosh, now that is interesting, let me have a look into that!!

  • Max Tasker
    Max Tasker 3 months ago +3

    'What's going on there?' Stuff that would horrify us if we ever found out.

  • Leuan Legoev
    Leuan Legoev 3 months ago +4

    Graham, I think You need to make other kind of journalism for some time. It's not that You are not good, actually You are too good in some points and that points are close to the edge...
    I mean You could use some healthy journalism) We all wish You wellness, but we can't protect You, and what You are doing, seams more and more dangerous...
    Keep Yourself safe, we need people like You.
    From Russia with love.

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago

      That is an excellent proposal my friend, let me have a look and see what we can do about that!!

    • Leuan Legoev
      Leuan Legoev 3 months ago

      @Graham Phillips there is a good topic. People from Crimea can go to other countries with Ukrainian international passport. Because of sanctions. And they don't have a choice but to travel to Ukraine to get one.

    • Leuan Legoev
      Leuan Legoev 3 months ago +1

      @Graham Phillips for sure))) Fine season to get sun baths + D vitamin...

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago +1

      That means a lot to me my friend, thank you so much for that!!!! Time for Crimea maybe? ;)

  • Leuan Legoev
    Leuan Legoev 3 months ago

    For google maps...
    Is that it?

  • Leonardo Flores
    Leonardo Flores 3 months ago +1

    I beleive its a weapons test facility or secret plant that produce military new weapons

  • D J
    D J 3 months ago +3

    Nope...nothing to see there...excellent investigation and topic Graham ;-) The Satanic Illuminati are everywhere...

  • Champion N3C
    Champion N3C 3 months ago +1


  • Rizwan Ahmed
    Rizwan Ahmed 3 months ago +4

    Is this where the poison we sell to our puppets (the headchopping, fake Muslim, Wahhabi scum) Saud dictatorship that we support in “Saudi” Arabia comes from?
    Perhaps we should visit the HQ of BAE systems or the board of that murderous company and ask why they are helping to kill babies in Yemen? Perhaps the board members of BAE systems would like to send their own children to die in the upcoming illegal war in Iran?
    Feel free to ask these people why they are arming the Saud dictatorship.

  • vgrdesign
    vgrdesign 3 months ago +17

    Поживи для нас, Грэм... они тебя не стоят...

  • todor kadic
    todor kadic 3 months ago +5

    you better be careful you`re playing with fire MI-6

    • Lance Salter
      Lance Salter 3 months ago

      @UVB76 -4625KHZ And are ALL controlled and subservient to the good old CIA.....MI6 had fucking yanks running it for God's sake!!!!

    • UVB76 -4625KHZ
      UVB76 -4625KHZ 3 months ago

      MI5 is domestic inside UK .MI6 plays games outside UK. MI6 are known a SIS = Secret Intelligence Service. CSIS = Canadian Secret Intelligence Service. ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. They all report to the Khazarian Jew Rothschild City of London Bankers.

  • Rizwan Ahmed
    Rizwan Ahmed 3 months ago +3

    Where are the Skripal scammers? Where is their handler Pablo Miller? Liars.

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago

      A very good question!!

    • Mia Cat
      Mia Cat 3 months ago

      Rizwan Ahmed: Where are the Scripals even ???

  • ⸻⸻⸻
    ⸻⸻⸻ 3 months ago +7

    надо было дрон запустить. интересно, они его могли бы сбить?

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago +5

      Правда надо было братан!! )))

  • Mia Cat
    Mia Cat 3 months ago +14

    Surprise, surprise the police come marching out, what have they got to hide, glad they didn't cart u off Graham, u really are one of the greats, no boundaries, no leaf unturned, keep it coming, but take care.

  • Evgeniy Vidineev
    Evgeniy Vidineev 3 months ago +25

    Спасибо Грэм! флажок ДНР это 5 баллов... Ты человек совести...

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago +10

      Спасибо большое Женя братан!!!

  • Michelle Maher
    Michelle Maher 3 months ago +19

    This is where the Headchoppers in Syria get their Chemical Weapons.

  • Сергей Клещев
    Сергей Клещев 3 months ago +2


  • шалом славяне
    шалом славяне 3 months ago +16

    настоящий репортёр!

  • Chila Ruch
    Chila Ruch 3 months ago +6

    очень интересно

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago +3

      Рад что вам понравилось дружище!!!

    EBY XOXLOV 3 months ago +13

    хорошая работа

  • RovexHD
    RovexHD 3 months ago +1

    Was that the staff entrance ?

  • арука насипкалиев

    Они там,что-то очень опасное вырабатывают,похоже,что похлеще новичка ищут

  • андрей владимирович

    good luck with your work!!!!!

    • андрей владимирович
      андрей владимирович 3 months ago

      @Graham Phillips СОЦСЕТИ Грэм это матрица!)))Я отошол от этого дерьма!!!

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  3 months ago +4

      Спасибо большое братан!! А все у меня на русском на ВК ))

  • Annunaki581
    Annunaki581 3 months ago +5


    • Vierotchka
      Vierotchka 3 months ago

      Credible links to back your allegation, please.

    • Mia Cat
      Mia Cat 3 months ago +1

      @Sanja A. U are an enlightened person, it comes at a high price to sanity & emotions, I hope N Korea don't agree to give up their neuclear power, US will reneige on any deal & NK will loose out. I hope Iran stay strong & Venezuela & others, I believe Putin is a peace maker a strong balanced leader, but even Russia can be pushed to the brink. Just got to pray US becomes powerless, their economy collapses, the dollar devalues & their debt does not recover, sorry for the people but until US is brought down it will never end or end in all out neuclear war, and our troubled hearts will stop. They say those who know are meant to know ' thank u for sharing ur knowledge, keep well.

    • Sanja A.
      Sanja A. 3 months ago +1

      @Mia Cat Yes, those informations can be found on internet. I've always been wondering how was possible for their leader to control North Korean nation so closed, it is not possible if all people don't allow it by force, they must've gone through some serious trauma. Some say that even 9 million died in that war, and in WW2 6 million jews and about them nobody talks. Yes, we should be careful, if we all just close our eyes to it all they think that they can do everything and now whole population just thinks about fashion blogs, videos, Netflix, nobody cares. I agree, who knows what is happening with Syrians. It is very dangerous that everybody just sleeps and we do not have real Journalism nowadays coming to a lot of people like before.

    • Mia Cat
      Mia Cat 3 months ago +2

      @Sanja A. I didn't know that, u learn something every day, i believe every word, apparently the latest US unreported genocide is burning the wheat fields in Syria to starve the people. Like u say, US are never bought to justice for their war crimes, the global devistation goes on, they attack the nicest, innocent Countries for their greed & power. Trump is a loose cannon, God help us all. X

    • Ryan Alt
      Ryan Alt 3 months ago +1

      Russia would easily and quickly destroy both with massed nuclear strikes.

  • Igor Bujanović
    Igor Bujanović 3 months ago +21

    Thank you Graham ;-)