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Mistah Fab Freestyles on Sway in the Morning | Sway's Universe

  • Published on Aug 26, 2013
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  • armajay86
    armajay86 7 years ago +216

    People don't realize how nice u gotta be to freestyle like this

  • Killa Skrilla
    Killa Skrilla 7 years ago +110

    One of the sickest freestyles i ever heard in my life.

  • chris washington
    chris washington 7 years ago +21

    Wow! That shit was crazy! That might have been the best freestyle I've ever seen off the top of the head! Sway was giving him words and he killed it!

  • JaguarX-92
    JaguarX-92 6 years ago +9

    One of the best freestyles i've heard period. Absolutely incredible, i had no idea he was capable of that!

  • Something Nice
    Something Nice 8 years ago +35

    Best M.C to hit Sway's show for real. Much respect to Fab. He's the truth.

  • Eli Armstrong
    Eli Armstrong 8 years ago +84

    He BODIED this..u gotta watch watch this more than once

    • David Samuels
      David Samuels 2 years ago +2

      Got this shit saved in my phone; this and the one that Locksmith did.

  • MRxBLaZziiN
    MRxBLaZziiN 3 years ago +9

    Bay Area in the building! 🔥 Ain’t no one ever going to top a freestyle like this without having to stutter or look at there phone for a written. Respect to FabbyDavis 🙌🏽

  • datwasdope
    datwasdope 5 years ago +28

    Don't confuse talent with A GIFT. He got both.

  • J. P.
    J. P. 7 years ago +10

    I remember the first time that I saw this man... It was late 2003... Mistah Foreva After Bread... I. Was. Not. A. Believer. But then he ran through his set... And then he ended the show with a 20 minute freestyle... All lyrics in the moment. No gimmicks. Just goin'... And from then on? It wasn't a question for me. Sometimes, you just gotta get out the way and let the best be the best.

  • Jason Crowe
    Jason Crowe 7 years ago +28

    OMG....a few months ago I said Childish Gambino had best the freestyle of the year until I heard this............I had to literally take my hat offf and pay respect......He KILLLLLLLLLL THISSSSS OMG!!!!!!!! Mistah Fab Best Freestyle of the year!!!!!! Hands DOWN

    • usemyemailforubereats
      usemyemailforubereats 2 years ago

      Damn you praised Gambino before he released his hit. That’s a very few amount of people. He never had that big of a following

  • Chris L
    Chris L 7 years ago +73

    Most Bay area rappers are literally underrated.

    • matt neeley
      matt neeley 4 years ago +2

      Chris L its also cuz every bay area rapper takes pride in being independent. No big record company keeps alot of them from going national but because they independent they dont have record execs telling them what type of music to make. Bay area artists dont sell out and what u end up with is some sicc sicc sicc MFers that alot of oeople east of the Mississippi dont ever hear. Their loss the Yays gain. Yay Area all day every day. All i fuck wit is bay rap and Houston rappers like UGK, Scarface, Devin the Dude, Zro, Paul Wall, Mike Jones. Bay and Htown are similar cuz they all stay independent. They all major without a major deal

    • strongdelusions
      strongdelusions 5 years ago +4

      +Chris L
      that's cus the Bay don't got no hollywood and Oakland always had political movements like black panther party and to put a real black man in the mainstream world would be the wrong move for the white man.
      They always hated on Oakland because for some reason the african americans of oakland can't be broken like NY or LA.

    • 71MU37-M Channel
      71MU37-M Channel 7 years ago +7

      @Chris L
      Because the Bay Area not only has to compete with the rest of the country/world but with LA as well. When people say 'Westside' they think LA not Oakland, so part of the reason IMO is the struggle to establish it's identity.

    • Chris L
      Chris L 7 years ago

      I hear u man. But what I don't get is that till this day is that The Bay Area always seems like the underdog.

    • 71MU37-M Channel
      71MU37-M Channel 7 years ago +5

      two of the best MCs here on SWAY are from The Bay Area - Mistah FAB & Locksmith, and Sway himself is from Oakland

  • Loris Lolo
    Loris Lolo 2 years ago +3

    This Dude Mistah Fab Is Incredible !
    That Is Crazy !
    Him And Mc Juice Are Really Two Incredible Freestylers ! 👍

  • MCTwitch
    MCTwitch Year ago +2

    He's so good. I love the subtle call to sway to end it cause he was ready with a killer last bar. "Ain't gonna stop till sway say 'be easy'. You fease me?"

  • Diddy Dennis
    Diddy Dennis 4 years ago +6

    This dude is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garry Jenkins
    Garry Jenkins 8 years ago +2

    Probly the best freestyle I've heard on the show. Even with the stumbles, he kept it moving. New respect for MISTER FAB!!!!! BEAST!!!!!!!

  • Double Jay
    Double Jay Year ago +2

    The amount of times ive re watched this is insane. I hope he does well in life

  • Humboldt FPV
    Humboldt FPV 7 years ago +22

    Damn! Mistah Fab going damn hard!

  • Rob MacGregor
    Rob MacGregor 3 years ago +1

    Still bangin and the dude's gift of lyrical flow is amazing

  • Ahmad Iqbal
    Ahmad Iqbal 8 years ago +1

    God damn!! That was an actual freestyle, too! He must of been practicing 24/7 because i don't remember him being that damn raw. One of the best freestyles all time hands down. BAY AREA stand up!

  • thekerneljames
    thekerneljames 8 years ago +1

    That's a quick mind at work right there.. Mad respect. Great to see a true freestyle.. Refreshing

  • Neil
    Neil 7 years ago +1

    Definitely one of the best freestyles ever on the morning show

  • David Scibetta
    David Scibetta 8 years ago +1

    Agreed. This is definitely one of the best freestyles I've heard in a while.

  • crackindenpockets
    crackindenpockets 5 years ago +16

    This deserves so much more views

  • BigSneeze100
    BigSneeze100 7 years ago +7

    Most underrated in the game!!!!.....KILLED it!!!!

  • MarcIsOldies12
    MarcIsOldies12 7 years ago +7

    I love sways reaction while fab is spittin

    • David Samuels
      David Samuels 2 years ago +1

      Yeah, they was GROOVING... and that just made him KEEP SPITTING!

    • claudia Reyes
      claudia Reyes 4 years ago +1


  • chris oz
    chris oz 8 years ago +2

    WOW. BEAST! I wish more would (or could) do the same. I'll buy his album...

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov 7 years ago +5

    Big Respect Mistah Fab😎

  • Anthony David
    Anthony David 8 years ago +1

    Could be the best freestyle I've ever heard. Definitely top 5

  • Forever Arts
    Forever Arts 7 years ago +70

    The Industry hates so hard on Bay Area Rap

    • Ldmaze
      Ldmaze Year ago

      @Mic Tee - Exactly...

    • Mic Tee
      Mic Tee Year ago +1

      Ldmaze or didn’t call it The City.

    • Ldmaze
      Ldmaze Year ago

      @Dark-Star Chemistry, Fabrication and Engineering - You must be a young man because you said San Francisco instead of Frisco, it's all good though...

    • Dark-Star Chemistry, Fabrication and Engineering
      Dark-Star Chemistry, Fabrication and Engineering 2 years ago +1

      Forever Arts Im from San Francisco and Im glad Bay Area rap isn’t TOP 40....The real ones know whats good lol

    • El Yoch
      El Yoch 3 years ago +8

      @Adam Chabaoui no knock to g eazy but theres wayyyy more talented cats then ol boy that ain't getting attention in the bay. We got cats that were killed 10 yrs ago that had more talent than most of the industry today💯

  • Sergio Santana
    Sergio Santana 2 years ago +1

    I love this energy right here real shit💙 yee!

  • thug nasty
    thug nasty 8 years ago +27

    "The freestyle king man and everybody know"

  • James Reese
    James Reese 4 years ago +2

    He kills all of it but he starts GOING IN at 4:00

  • Joel Montgomery
    Joel Montgomery 2 years ago +1

    I have watched this no less than 20 times. Had to show my kids that this is hip hop!!!

  • Youtube University
    Youtube University 7 years ago +3

    Refreshing to hear someone go off the top!!!

  • Neil
    Neil 4 years ago

    Gives me chills over and over

  • djaub1
    djaub1 7 years ago

    Phenomenal! Absolutely incredible

  • Chris Kang
    Chris Kang 8 years ago +2

    damn thats the best freestyle i've seen with sway in a WHILE

  • angelbabylove83
    angelbabylove83 8 years ago +1

    I screamed with them at the end!!! Hella tight! I'm a new fan! I don't know where I've been until now!!!

  • Flynn Swagmire
    Flynn Swagmire 3 years ago +3

    When someone doesn't understand what a real freestyle rapper sounds like, show them this.

  • vnha100
    vnha100 8 years ago +1


  • web2k3
    web2k3 8 years ago +3



  • sam -
    sam - 4 years ago +1

    I've never jammed so hard to a freestyle!!!

  • Kingsley Brown
    Kingsley Brown 2 years ago

    His freestyles never get old

  • Colin Wood
    Colin Wood 7 years ago +49

    you think he's going to stop... and he keeps going

  • Patrick Curns
    Patrick Curns 4 years ago

    that was incredible to say the least. Wow and the fact he had the stamina alone, not even talk'n about the lyrics, which were flawless. How is this cat not talked about nationwide, or maybe he is. That was incredible!

  • Freeman Holley
    Freeman Holley 2 years ago

    This is a real MC, much respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis 8 years ago

    Wow!!...killed it...best i've seen on here in quite some time

  • Cole Hill
    Cole Hill 7 years ago

    Hands down best freestyle I've heard

  • StanginNbangin YouTube Account


    FEAR the REAPER 3 years ago +4

    I wanted to be a rapper but I saw this and I quit... Much respect to mistah Fab holy shit

  • gabriel galvan
    gabriel galvan 6 years ago +9

    Son Of A Pimp, that was a cold flow. From Oakland to New York, Miami, Frisco and Diego. RIP MAC DRE....

  • pandabearmadness
    pandabearmadness 7 months ago +2

    This is still the sickest freestyle ever

  • Jamal Carter
    Jamal Carter 8 years ago

    I'm officially a fan now!!!! He killed it!!!

  • Tyrone Washington
    Tyrone Washington 7 years ago +1

    All I have to say is wow wow one of the best ever love it

  • 27DRAD
    27DRAD 8 years ago +1

    I think this is the best freestyle I've ever heard as well

  • Ruganzu Reggie
    Ruganzu Reggie 8 years ago +71

    He first had sex with this trac then proceded to murder it and then finally performed necrophilia... R.I.P To this beat

  • Austin Laxton
    Austin Laxton 8 years ago +1

    Greatest off the top I think I heard....Never seen Sway leave his seat

  • Clayton
    Clayton 8 years ago

    Freestyle of the year! Mistah Fab still the freestyle king

  • Frak Music
    Frak Music 8 years ago

    one of the best freestyles of all time

  • Funky-Tizzle
    Funky-Tizzle 7 years ago +5


  • TrocitY
    TrocitY Year ago +1

    Years later , but feels like yesterday this dropped. Much respect.

  • Pandabearmadness
    Pandabearmadness 3 years ago

    omg this the easily my favorite freestyle of all time, holy fucking shit I started going crazy towards the end

  • BLAKnoize
    BLAKnoize 8 years ago +1

    I musth ave watched this 20 times... Still gets me crazy hype Goddamn!!!

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz 8 years ago

    This guy is freaking awesome haha

  • Shane Covey
    Shane Covey 8 years ago +17

    Homie!!! 80,000 views that's fuckin it?!!! Hardest freestyle I've ever heard.... hands down...

  • Rattat
    Rattat 7 years ago +2

    the only thing i can call this is ART

    freestyle king man and everybody know!

  • Omar Reyes
    Omar Reyes 8 years ago +1

    dear lord i just teared up!! bow to the mutha fuckin greatest!!!

  • tadm123
    tadm123 7 years ago +2

    Holy shit. This dude is insane, up there with MC Supernatural.

  • Dylan Decker
    Dylan Decker 8 years ago

    this is one of the dopest freestyles of all time

  • Felicia R.
    Felicia R. 7 years ago +2

    Dayummmmm!!!! Best damn free style I heard in a long time.

  • dclarkjeannine
    dclarkjeannine 4 years ago +1

    He fucking killed that 🙌🏽

  • macluvva
    macluvva 8 years ago +1

    My heart rate went up listening to this! Dayum

  • Antonio Boyd
    Antonio Boyd 4 years ago +1

    thats a real beast he was ready on go freestylin with the fast flow

  • Rockit Scientists
    Rockit Scientists 8 years ago

    BAY AREA. #Talent Congrats Mistah Fab.....you deserve all the success bro!

  • carl green
    carl green 8 years ago


  • Jacob J
    Jacob J 7 years ago +16

    How this not have hella views. fuckin killed that shit

  • 18th Productions
    18th Productions 8 years ago

    Scorched the mic! Oakland's finest!!

  • Wes Morton
    Wes Morton 10 months ago +1

    Greatest freestyler of all time, show me another

  • Noah L
    Noah L 7 years ago

    That's called rapping. Thankx Mistah Fab new fan respect.

  • kemo
    kemo 8 years ago +1

    THAT WAS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Castro
    Rick Castro 8 years ago

    mistah fab!!!
    keeping it real! brudah's a beast!

  • kwame Rennie
    kwame Rennie 8 years ago +1

    That was the best freestyle on sway n the morning when you see HB lose her mind then you know a Mc is in the room

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who 6 months ago +2

    Most underrated freestyle of all time. Still Sitting at only 450k views in 2021.. I check this to see if it blew up yet every year. Still hasn’t :/

    • MisterUrbanWorld
      MisterUrbanWorld 6 months ago

      Im just now tuning in. I usually watch Mc Juice, and Mc SuperNatural freestyles, but now im adding him to the list.

  • Jt Vercetti
    Jt Vercetti 7 years ago +2

    Sway's face has me dying! haha.

  • Andrew Blake
    Andrew Blake 4 years ago +1

    I’ve been saying F.A.B is under rated!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 F.A.B be gassing on em!!! One of the Greatest and One of my Favorite Yao Ming!!!

  • Drua Gaming
    Drua Gaming 8 years ago


  • DJ DHoLa
    DJ DHoLa 8 years ago +1

    I love how at the end Mistah Fab says Ooooo Shit, like he surprised himself!! Haha YAYYY ARRREEEAAAAA, Mistah Fab just murked it!

  • Tyler Pajuelo
    Tyler Pajuelo 8 years ago


  • xXzatiCx
    xXzatiCx 6 years ago +12

    best freestyle on sway

  • Tadeo Mar
    Tadeo Mar 8 years ago

    I agree man, this is raw talent and hunger we just witnessed.

  • Ray Parrott
    Ray Parrott 7 years ago +2

    He killed that .... F****** amazing

  • Andre L
    Andre L 7 years ago

    Lord have mercy , killed it

  • codemanh1
    codemanh1 8 years ago

    The best freestyle I've ever seen is by far the one with Eyedea and Slug going back and forth.

  • tipbossyb200
    tipbossyb200 8 years ago

    Dammmm!! He snapped on that freestyle! Hot

  • TheDabEnthusiast
    TheDabEnthusiast 8 years ago +4

    You know its a good freestyle when people have to fix their mics 6:00

  • Jared
    Jared 5 years ago +1

    Man still to this day hahaha this shit is straight fire. I member being 15 mins late to work cause I had to listen to this shit BAHAHAHAH

  • wubbie4
    wubbie4 7 years ago +1

    god damn best improvised freestyle on this show since Eyedea

  • Fire
    Fire 7 years ago

    Crazy freestyle of the top. And it's also impressive he only cursed one time I believe using fuck near the end. To spit a freestyle like nice and still be aware you can't curse is mad skills.

  • Shayday Wooten
    Shayday Wooten 8 years ago +7


  • Simon Torres
    Simon Torres 8 years ago

    Finally someone came with REAL freestyle. FAB