• Published on Jan 20, 2012
    Ian finds a REAL Death Note, will he use his newfound powers for good or evil?
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  • Blooded Paradox
    Blooded Paradox 29 minutes ago +1

    One of my favourite death note film adaptions

  • Максим - Игровой Канал По Soul Knight

    I’m Maxim Tomaev... and what gonna happe Khuh khuh!!!!!! *dies*

  • John
    John 2 hours ago

    Wait can Ian write “Ian”

  • Dewayne gang gang
    Dewayne gang gang 3 hours ago

    You is Stoopid 😂

  • Suspended Gaming
    Suspended Gaming 8 hours ago

    Whoever saw voldemort in that death note....

  • pinky Mr pinky
    pinky Mr pinky 9 hours ago +1

    In 5 sec you will heard shut up

  • Jake xxx
    Jake xxx 12 hours ago

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  • Jovyson Nathaniel
    Jovyson Nathaniel 13 hours ago

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  • Nancy Vong
    Nancy Vong 13 hours ago

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  • tony vang
    tony vang 19 hours ago

    Mr poopy pants

  • Tillie Wate
    Tillie Wate 19 hours ago

    fluck butter

  • YoU oN mY tUbE
    YoU oN mY tUbE 21 hour ago

    guy who has life note i didnt recognize him from todays smoshs anyone tell him name?

  • Jayce Olejniczak
    Jayce Olejniczak 21 hour ago


  • Creeper? aww man
    Creeper? aww man 21 hour ago

    He just used the uno reverse card!

  • Yesenia Rivera
    Yesenia Rivera 21 hour ago

    Lela stains

  • Jackson Salinas
    Jackson Salinas 23 hours ago

    3:09 I guess Ian unlocked the sharingan

  • Zyeir Brown
    Zyeir Brown Day ago

    This is how many people miss Anthony😭👇

  • Tripp Trex
    Tripp Trex Day ago

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  • glitch tv.
    glitch tv. Day ago

    Hansel thepedo looool

  • Adriel McConnell

    Bruh without books there wouldn’t BE video games stupid.

  • Bus Bench Productions

    Still a better live action death note than the Netflix one

  • Shawna Alvarez
    Shawna Alvarez Day ago

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  • Abdihakim Bulhan

    If I had that death note I killed every teacher and everyone in the world and I’ll be the only one left

  • Some dipshit On YouTube

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  • Nadine Baki
    Nadine Baki Day ago

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  • Eli Marie Foldnes

    It's so stupid that it's funny

    JUST AMIR Day ago


  • No No
    No No Day ago

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  • Triccia Lanzaderas
    Triccia Lanzaderas 2 days ago

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  • jimmy pockets
    jimmy pockets 2 days ago

    This was one of Smosh’s best videos

  • Alleasha Zoey
    Alleasha Zoey 2 days ago

    This is really good, I love the anime hated the Netflix adaptation

  • Al AI
    Al AI 2 days ago

    What the heck did I just watch

  • Gamerplayz Xixia
    Gamerplayz Xixia 2 days ago

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    dark play ff 2 days ago

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  • Donut Gaming
    Donut Gaming 2 days ago

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  • Alejandro Arceo
    Alejandro Arceo 2 days ago

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  • vape hotbox
    vape hotbox 2 days ago

    Anyone still watching this in 2019

  • pewdz for life
    pewdz for life 2 days ago +1

    L's theme
    Smosh: shut up

  • Mikael Häikiö
    Mikael Häikiö 2 days ago

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  • Çınar GachaTR
    Çınar GachaTR 2 days ago +2

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  • Awan Properties
    Awan Properties 2 days ago

    Lol he had a death book and it was a life book and Antony has death book

  • Peozilla Possorngodzilla

    Why do he give her his name

  • Aimer Reboot
    Aimer Reboot 3 days ago

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  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 days ago

    what I will tell to my techer, books are dangerous.

  • iiAvalanche666x Gaming

    Anthony or Ian please respond but I have a question
    Why do we go outside to the edges when truly the further dimension is within our own souls

  • Milo Wentworth
    Milo Wentworth 3 days ago +2

    why did you not take a potato chip AND EAT IT

  • Glaxel
    Glaxel 3 days ago +1

    Just realized the joke in Hansel Thepedo...

  • BlxckFaIcon
    BlxckFaIcon 3 days ago

    Love Anthony's zekrom shirt