10 Most Insane Flying Cars That Will Come In 2020

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • 10 Most Insane Flying Cars That Will Come In 2020
    Science fiction has teased the idea of flying cars for decades, but in the real world they’ve been nothing more than a concept. That’s beginning to change, as companies around the world begin to look at making personal air travel feasible.
    So who’s working on making science fiction a reality? Let’s take a look.
    Uber’s VTOL taxis
    Of all the VTOL taxi projects, Uber’s is the biggest so far. The company targets 2023 as the year its services will first become commercially available, but we could see the first Uber Air taxies as soon as next year.


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  • J A L L A R D S
    J A L L A R D S 20 hours ago

    110% dangerous

  • circusboy90210
    circusboy90210 Day ago

    tesla is garbage

  • Elvis Bisanovic
    Elvis Bisanovic 2 days ago +2

    1980: We will have flying cars by 2020

  • j.a vee
    j.a vee 3 days ago

    Say good bye to the roads.. we gona be having air highways..

  • Doug Working
    Doug Working 10 days ago +1

    How the hell are they going to control the air traffic? Down on terra-firma we can stick things like ROAD WAYS and traffic lights, which we can hardly obey, btw. What the hell are they gonna stick up in the sky to control traffic??? Floating traffic lights??
    We are NOT the freakin’ Jetsons!
    And what happens when two of these things collide mid air, and one of us is sitting in a CAR, just down below where are the wreckage falls??
    This is a bad idea.

  • Nikkie Calhoun
    Nikkie Calhoun 11 days ago

    This isn't meant for us unless we become part machine. Mankind isn't meant to be in the air. We cant even drive safely on ground. Cars are designed to kill us. Only way we can fully enjoy this is if we merge with machines or AI.

  • Ronit Cruz
    Ronit Cruz 11 days ago

    We all know it won’t come out in 2020.... maybe 2025 because why would you create it at this time, u should create it when most of the population has modern cars otherwise it will take a decade to get popular

  • Answer5000 Hi
    Answer5000 Hi 13 days ago

    My brain can’t handle this

  • Prince Jared
    Prince Jared 13 days ago +1

    are u sure? that come in 2020?

  • Paul Neve
    Paul Neve 14 days ago +5

    Drones make a lot of noise. Would you like your noisy neighbor coming and going all night at 110 decibels?

  • dac nguyen
    dac nguyen 17 days ago

    I'm looking forward to investment to build up my own place factory company technology my own ideas design project space shuttle Craft aircraft, mortorcraftflying . Thank you

  • Just Gaming
    Just Gaming 23 days ago +5

    Eh who needs private jets when you got a flying car

  • Hawkeye 11871
    Hawkeye 11871 23 days ago +3

    Why reinvent the wheel, we have helicopters, just out fit them with the software and make stations around the city they can takeoff from. Ie. Tops of parking garages. Just make them lighter, size them down and use electric power.

  • Issac Martinez
    Issac Martinez 25 days ago +1

    So when are they gonna look like the hover cars from blade runner 2049

  • dav. io
    dav. io 26 days ago

    Mate Fake how do you know

  • Iron Mechanic7110
    Iron Mechanic7110 27 days ago +2

    the problem of the flying car: the gouvernement.

  • James Stripling
    James Stripling 28 days ago +5

    Most people can't drive on the ground safely, let alone fly. Lets see you reboot the computer flying your car at 200 meters altitude and 100 Kph after a lightning strike or a Windows update. Flying cars will NEVER happen, People and the electronics they build are not competent enough.

  • chase
    chase Month ago +13

    I can already see Jeffree Star buying this

    • S JC
      S JC 12 days ago +1

      I was about to comment this.

  • Caius Postumius Turrinus

    Screw the FAA

  • Ricardo Molina
    Ricardo Molina Month ago

    You delay they should buy things like that for just like regular cars they shouldn't hold it against other people we need to progress the future Get rid of all oil companies and don't let them be a frat threat to your future cars

  • Dennis Sommerfeld
    Dennis Sommerfeld Month ago +1

    Tbh I don't think they'll be for sale in 2020. Maybe for some special individuals but that's about it. You all got to keep in mind, that there has to be created a shit ton of Laws before allowing People to fly those Publicly, otherwise some People would start to do Bullshit with these.

  • as t
    as t Month ago +10

    1960: in the future we will have flying cars
    Not wrong.

    • Kiki Lang
      Kiki Lang 17 days ago

      We had flying car before the sixties. Cool novelty, but bad idea.

  • Kake Popz
    Kake Popz Month ago +1

    This is a bad idea.

  • Rick
    Rick Month ago +9

    All these aircraft look basically like well aircraft. I don't see them ever being used on or near public road ways.

  • Mamta Sagar
    Mamta Sagar Month ago

    Hi I m from India and have a nonpolucting flying car and byke idea. Plz help me to sale my idea to any company. Plz contact me only on my WhatsApp no 8447766915. In India I m getting no help and no scope. Plz help me so u can make my design and get some good money too. Bharat Bhushan Sagar. Plz if u do i.ll b glad.

  • Miracle Jackson
    Miracle Jackson Month ago

    I can't wait till next year

  • Dave Chezem
    Dave Chezem Month ago +1

    Cool ideas but sadly some people think electric vehicles are environmentally friendly... They are not. from manufacturing to death they produce more Co2 than standard autos. They are still coal powered.

  • Joey Cappella
    Joey Cappella Month ago +1

    Not only do we have scary uber drivers now we gonna gave dangerous uber flying bombers just think them rich territorest buying up them flying Uber’s and just rain down on us not a fan

  • César Nobre
    César Nobre Month ago

    So s(car)ry!! 😱😱😱

  • R!OT
    R!OT Month ago +1

    ehhhh if these things count as flying cars isn't a helicopter also one? I mean most can't even drive on wheels

  • Joseph Yeo
    Joseph Yeo Month ago +1

    thats so cool

  • Logan Acevedo
    Logan Acevedo Month ago +3

    Dude you are getting me one because today is my birthday 🎁

  • Lord Of the Potatoes
    Lord Of the Potatoes Month ago +1

    Most of these inventions are forgetting something, like if we need to place our groceries that we buy: where are we suppose to put them?
    We can't just go back n' forth from our home to the groceries. The damn things needs more space. Yeah, I know that some can carry four passengers, but that's still not enough space for all of the groceries to fit in. Take Costco for example, all of their shits are jumbo sized.
    Now I know that some have a manual overwrite to their invention, but they should ALL get one. Not very few X.X

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas Month ago

    Me and my friends when we were kids used to say the year $2000 their will be bases on the moon and flying cars lol

  • Blue Nova
    Blue Nova Month ago +1

    Baby steps are best because you never know what might happen than jumping into it right then and there without consequent and safety concerns issues then what we see on Scifi

  • Game Mastertz3
    Game Mastertz3 Month ago +4

    Why would they want to make flying cars? Wouldn't other people start violating others privacy?

  • GetaGripTV
    GetaGripTV Month ago

    They probably don't want to do it because the death rate will SKY rate. Lmao

  • Lukrula
    Lukrula Month ago

    Some kids thinks this is real

  • Raheem Junior
    Raheem Junior Month ago

    A want one a each

  • Buggles McGee
    Buggles McGee Month ago +2

    All obsolete. Where's the zero point powered antigravity cars? 🛸🛸🛸

  • Johnny Munro
    Johnny Munro Month ago

    Most r aeroplanes or jelly copters

  • the Patriot
    the Patriot Month ago +1

    this is all bullshit !!! it will not be even in 2030 because it's a very complicated and not safe machine !!!

  • Mr Pepperoni Pizza
    Mr Pepperoni Pizza Month ago


  • Shaylok
    Shaylok Month ago

    When a car breaks down, it pulls over to the side of the road. What happens if a car breaks down while it is airborne?

  • black3chan
    black3chan Month ago +2

    This bloke only had 2 cars in this video. Total clickbait.

  • Medi-Drnz PureBros.
    Medi-Drnz PureBros. Month ago +1

    This is crazy

  • Seth Davis
    Seth Davis Month ago +5

    I’m going to stick with a good old Lamborghini.

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson Month ago +1

    It's all wicked queer as @##$

  • Bruno Prokopi
    Bruno Prokopi Month ago +1

    Helicopters whit different fusolage, moving on nothing new here.

  • ray rayandray
    ray rayandray Month ago +2

    i am a pilot, the yellow air taxi cracks me up. the size of a v.w. with lear jet engines,hahahaha, 2000 knots per hour

  • stn bboy
    stn bboy Month ago

    10 most insane flying cars??? i see only two

  • ζς SΡΛCΞ ςζ
    ζς SΡΛCΞ ςζ Month ago +1

    Top 10 flying wut? A plane? A boat? A birb? *WoT iS iT tElL mEh*
    Edit: oh thank god the thumbnail name is fixed -.-

  • Ashvik Kanithi
    Ashvik Kanithi Month ago +1

    they should put a hot tub while driving and why isn't tesla making any ?

    PUBG GAMING YT Month ago

    R u sure about that

  • Military Mind
    Military Mind Month ago

    your channel is growing like a Win Win... congrats

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago +2

    People could barely drive straight with their four-wheel car now they also want them to fly as well? What the point of having a flying car but irresponsible driver/pilot? Someone need to be dead before people realise how dangerous is this idea

  • Linda Mulholland
    Linda Mulholland Month ago

    No way would i even think about buying one of those flying cars i wont even get on a large plane. Just another way for somebody to get rich and cause deaths at the same time so no thank you

  • Hugo
    Hugo Month ago +2

    This is a fucking year from now

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  • swm122758
    swm122758 Month ago

    How will National Security deal with all of the new airborne threats? Bad enough with unmanned drones delivering packages(?) to a target!

  • Ocg Panatur
    Ocg Panatur Month ago +2

    Me good grammar

  • naim caicedo
    naim caicedo Month ago +3

    wow the fourtuer es cool i like it i can wate for fourtuer and i want to make a my you tube chanel about fortnite and call of dudy!and roblox and mincraft

  • Edgardo Carada
    Edgardo Carada Month ago +1

    Okay it's cool but I'm not gonna even try it because it's pretty scary i do love high hights but crashing into water is not my thing

  • GyasaAmano
    GyasaAmano Month ago +1

    having propelors on these things will be extremly loud... cant be fun living around where they are used

  • Adventure Squad
    Adventure Squad Month ago +1


  • Star Dew
    Star Dew Month ago +33

    You know this is getting scary with automatic Pilots drivers and AI

    • Noto
      Noto Month ago

      As Easy As playing MINECRAFT??? Look at pewdiepie he cant even do shit :D

  • across games
    across games Month ago +3

    Looks really cool.

  • Ryan Mansjur
    Ryan Mansjur Month ago +16

    He said in the title 10 most Insane Flying

    He forgot cars

  • Wiśni owy
    Wiśni owy Month ago +5


  • Sharon Bryan
    Sharon Bryan Month ago +7