might quit

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
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  • Redstone Begginer
    Redstone Begginer 58 minutes ago +1

    Dont worry bill wurtz isnt gone
    Now let me ask again
    Guess who's not gon-


  • Mohammad Alsaad
    Mohammad Alsaad Hour ago +1

    bill is probably working on history of history

    CHASCA DEE BUTT FUK 2 hours ago +1

    Bill wurtz V.S jack stauber...

  • Aaren Johnson
    Aaren Johnson 3 hours ago

    miss you

  • Creeper Grey
    Creeper Grey 7 hours ago +1

    Rip bill wurtz channel had a beutiful voice and made some great music and videos

  • Mr. Italy Man
    Mr. Italy Man 7 hours ago

    damn you youtube

  • ドント クリック オン ム

    come backk ;-;

  • hi
    hi 8 hours ago +1

    Omg it's been 6 months

  • Its just me
    Its just me 8 hours ago

    this was uploaded on my frickity fricken birthday and im sad af ☹️

  • Levi Games
    Levi Games 8 hours ago

    Don’t quit like so he wont

  • Cherry_KC
    Cherry_KC 8 hours ago +1

    This Is Florida if it had a song.

  • Franco Occhipinti
    Franco Occhipinti 9 hours ago


  • savv kid
    savv kid 9 hours ago

    might cry

  • Totally Nonsense
    Totally Nonsense 10 hours ago +1

    I miss u Bill
    ME and my older sis used to watch your history of the world vid
    PLZ come back, or show a sign, plzzzzzz

  • stloj
    stloj 11 hours ago +2

    bill: uploads video
    everyone: haha
    bill: doesn't post for 6 months
    everyone: 2:24

  • Peter
    Peter 12 hours ago +1

    Guys it's OK he's probably just taking a year long break......
    .. Yeah...... That's it......

  • mehmet selcuk akin
    mehmet selcuk akin 12 hours ago +2

    Me: *sees title*
    Also me: nah...
    _6 months later_
    Me: *oh dear god*

  • Noah Heath
    Noah Heath 12 hours ago +2

    99% of comments this month:

    He really did quit....
    U agree

  • Kurran1998
    Kurran1998 12 hours ago +4

    This is how many people (including me) want bill to upload a new video.


  • Juan Antonio
    Juan Antonio 12 hours ago +1


      THELENNY1 7 hours ago


    • Peter
      Peter 12 hours ago


  • Cranks
    Cranks 13 hours ago +1


  • Latonya Butler
    Latonya Butler 13 hours ago

    Me when it report card day
    Well i might Quit

  • Dr1xt
    Dr1xt 14 hours ago +1

    Me: havent seen anything from wurtz maybe my notifications ate off.
    Me in tears: please comeback.

  • SimonSays 127
    SimonSays 127 15 hours ago


  • Ele Os has a gun
    Ele Os has a gun 16 hours ago

    Wait you might quit!!!!!!

  • Xanther Xavier
    Xanther Xavier 17 hours ago +1

    Bill come back. We miss you :,(

  • KnightWalker49
    KnightWalker49 18 hours ago +1

    When the joke went too far:

  • Cυτιε ΡιΣ
    Cυτιε ΡιΣ 19 hours ago

    *Its the first day of school
    And I think I might quit.”
    By far the best song of 2019

  • mastergamer9827
    mastergamer9827 20 hours ago +1

    Title: might quit
    Me: Bill wont give up on his youtube channel! That would just be stupid!!!
    Me six months later: *OH NO*

  • King Bask
    King Bask 21 hour ago +1

    *I'm legitimately scared.*

  • Fajita meat with seasoning

    I with the strength & values with the money I found in the bottom of a sauce pan will or cannot accomplish what the Why do cats rain from the sky when dogs should fly can’t government.

  • misery city
    misery city Day ago

    something bill wrote on 1.5.14:
    "thing is, I wish you could just say to do 1 thing per x amount of time,
    but the problem is, the size is the projects are too variable."
    i feel u bill

  • Somebody616
    Somebody616 Day ago

    bill wurtz is the tame impala of RU-clip

  • Rudiger Schneider

    I think bill quit RU-clip.

  • Potato Child
    Potato Child Day ago +1

    Title: might quit
    Everyone: ahaha clickbait
    *6 months later*
    Everyone: where r u *while screaming confusion and concern*

  • Galaxy fox
    Galaxy fox Day ago


  • Sliced Grapes
    Sliced Grapes Day ago

    0lease come back bill, I need you

  • thetruemilofiles gaming


    • Levi draws
      Levi draws 23 hours ago

      If you were an actual Bill fan, you would know what he meant

  • Yan Chen
    Yan Chen Day ago

    Don't tell me this is your 100th time watching this.

  • Levi Games
    Levi Games Day ago +1

    Ples don’t wuit

  • Mike Legacy
    Mike Legacy Day ago

    My friend liked this video so much that he's dancing on the floor!

  • TheElitGamer
    TheElitGamer Day ago +1

    Everybody: he’s not leaving right?
    6 months later: rapidly sweating

  • zpuddy
    zpuddy Day ago +1

    Oh no he wasn't joking oh nononono

  • Don't forget About me

    2:24 everyone in the comments talking about him quitting RU-clip.

  • Đỗ Hữu Toàn

    this make me feel wholesome

  • Adama
    Adama Day ago

    *what I learned from Bill Wurtz*
    1 = ah
    2 = aah
    3 = aaah
    4 = aaaah
    5 = aaaaah
    6 = aaaaaah
    7 = aaaaaaah

  • Virginia Mullins

    Bill wurtz: **Hasnt uploaded for 6 months**
    Everyone: *_Complete Crying_*

  • Tom Nadstawny
    Tom Nadstawny Day ago

    This is sad

  • Nils
    Nils Day ago

    So he can't make RU-clip videos now because he started going to school?

  • Ivana Milinkovic

    Hi Bill how are you?Please upload something so we know you're ok

  • angrey _
    angrey _ Day ago


  • •
     Day ago +1

    miss u bill

  • jjgasp 3
    jjgasp 3 Day ago

    we need a charles cornell x bill wurts crossover

  • Cidney Savoie
    Cidney Savoie Day ago

    You... You didn't quit us, did you?

    • Levi draws
      Levi draws 17 hours ago

      @Cidney Savoie .... nevermind

    • Cidney Savoie
      Cidney Savoie 20 hours ago

      @Levi draws I am a roleplayer, that much is true, but the reason why I write like this is that I am so used to people hearing my stutters in real life, that I cannot proceed that they cannot read it online.
      Also, most of my roleplay characters are from Belgian comics. ^^

    • Levi draws
      Levi draws 23 hours ago

      @Cidney Savoie what the hell did you just say >_< ? "N-No" stop doing that. That makes you look like one of those anime role-playing dwebs

    • Cidney Savoie
      Cidney Savoie Day ago

      @Euro Piano N-no! It can't be! This must be some sort of sick joke, he'll come back at any time now!

    • Euro Piano
      Euro Piano Day ago +1

      Yes 6 months ago

  • Minhandre Tran
    Minhandre Tran Day ago

    Don't quit!
    Don't quit please!
    Please don't quit!

  • Son son the goddess of confusion

    Plz come back when school is over

  • Dakota_ Myst
    Dakota_ Myst 2 days ago

    Make more lol u came so far

  • Grassy Bear
    Grassy Bear 2 days ago +1

    Title: "might quit"
    Me: "Wait what?!"
    *Watches video*
    Me: "Oh, it's just the title of one of his songs"
    *Sees that it was made 6 months ago*
    Me: *Sobbing*

  • C Leon
    C Leon 2 days ago

    Come back to us please I miss watching your videos

  • 27basics
    27basics 2 days ago +1

    kinda ironic how this is called 'i quit' when he hasn't posted in 6 months...