Top 10 Worst Shark Tank Pitches

  • Published on Nov 5, 2016
  • Top 10 Worst Shark Tank Pitches
    Any aspiring entrepreneurs out there? Here are a few pointers on what not to do. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10worst “Shark Tank” pitches. For this list, we’re looking at the absolute worst products or services pitched on the U.S. version of “Shark Tank,” but we’re also taking into consideration the quality of the pitches themselves.
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    01:01 #10. Sticky Note Holder
    02:13 #9. No Fly Cone
    03:15 #8. Squirrel Boss
    04:31 #7. Throx
    05:24 #6. Track Days
    06:33 #5. The Sullivan Generator
    07:51 #4. Cougar Limited
    09:01 #3, #2 and #1 ????
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Comments • 3 981

  • Ty _Glizzy
    Ty _Glizzy 10 hours ago

    For the "Throx" product, if you buy two of them you get 3 pairs of socks.

  • Official Coleslaw

    9:07 I love you watchmojo, you make the comment section so much easier.

  • Techkid04
    Techkid04 2 days ago

    I remember Throx

  • Crosseye McGee
    Crosseye McGee 2 days ago

    I hear the waken bacon guy went home and started his machine. That morning he woke up, forgetting the waken bacon was on his floor and got 3rd degree burns.

  • Ice Corleto
    Ice Corleto 3 days ago

    Seth Macfarlane? Really?

  • suraj pie
    suraj pie 4 days ago

    @13:25 Lol

  • Jeremy Lakenes
    Jeremy Lakenes 5 days ago

    I searched for LS1 swaps and ended up here 6 videos later.

    PSMTCHEF 6 days ago

    You forgot the "glove inverter".... a wooden dowel on a piece of 2x4...

  • OAT351
    OAT351 6 days ago

    What kind of idiot dumps another garbage energy drink on the already saturated market? Oh yeah, Alex Jones of Infowars.

  • hotshotbt2005
    hotshotbt2005 7 days ago +1

    Dude invented a generator that had a waste product of gold and didn’t even make a scale model of it

  • Monet Quintana
    Monet Quintana 7 days ago

    We all know the worst shark tank pitch was the guy who tried to pitch a pyramid scheme to the sharks, and didn't realize it was even a pyramid scheme until halfway through his pitch

  • Just sub to me for no Reason

    How in the FUCK did he get Seth McFarland to endorse this

  • Matthew Cordle
    Matthew Cordle 7 days ago

    What about the Umbrella rental?

  • Rhet Cotter
    Rhet Cotter 8 days ago

    The first one says 100k not half a million

  • Brooily Vargas
    Brooily Vargas 8 days ago

    Michael Scott would like bacon alarm

  • Deontae Patton
    Deontae Patton 8 days ago

    #2 is probably pissed about webMD

  • Laura Dixon
    Laura Dixon 9 days ago

    Throx guy: So when you lose still have a pair.
    Me: And when you lose the second one?

  • Thomas Scharnott
    Thomas Scharnott 9 days ago

    Why does number 10 look like bobbi Lee dressed as connie chung?

  • mariya
    mariya 9 days ago

    " *Gold* "
    " *GO-ELD* "

  • Dessienewshoes
    Dessienewshoes 10 days ago

    One of the sharks on the Irish version of this show ended up broke. These people aren't as smart and powerful as you might think

  • D. E.
    D. E. 10 days ago

    Homie said "Rise and swine" 😂😂😂😂

  • J Sull
    J Sull 10 days ago

    Animal cruelty? Thumbs down for letting milquetoast ideology creep into a video it had no business in🤮

  • Sub2KingKevin
    Sub2KingKevin 10 days ago

    The sticky note one was okay.

  • Jason Mhm
    Jason Mhm 11 days ago

    A cougar is 35+ years and the person she is with is typically more than 8 years her junior. Because 30 years old for example with a 21 year old isnt a cougar. In my opinion anyone old enough to have given birth to me typically 15 years older then me is a cougar. So a 23 year old male dating and a 37 year old woman. She is a cougar in my opinion

  • Jason Mhm
    Jason Mhm 11 days ago

    The sticky note lady one had $100k at the bottom but the narrator said $500k

  • Bullkid520
    Bullkid520 11 days ago +2

    What's wrong with the body board one they had in the mentions?? Honestly it looks pretty cool I'd buy it tbh

  • paper-towel-king13
    paper-towel-king13 11 days ago

    the body board thing actually looked pretty cool.

  • Gekyume
    Gekyume 11 days ago

    Hahahahaha Michael DeSanti :))

  • Fact: Beagles Are Best

    Omg we want to see the actual list, not listen to the obnoxious commentary you throw in over it. Shut the fuck up!!! Take a mass communications course, this content would be decent without your crap commentary.

  • Fraay
    Fraay 12 days ago

    Why talk over this? JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    JAY PEREZ 12 days ago

    They need to update this, cuz now you have Marks flying kick, from Haven

  • Whatever77054
    Whatever77054 12 days ago

    OK, is the post it woman just Bobby Lee in drag?

  • Spark Zuckerbum
    Spark Zuckerbum 12 days ago

    Ionic ear is H Jon Benjamin playing a character

  • George Shaw
    George Shaw 12 days ago

    1:36 It says $100,000 for 20%, not half a million

  • Michael Paul
    Michael Paul 12 days ago

    The Bluetooth ear guy is the worst one hands down!

  • Can I get 500 subs with zero content

    Yeah you don't shock the woodland blow their fucking heads off and throw them in a god damn stew

  • CesareVlogger
    CesareVlogger 13 days ago

    They say the ionic ear was crazy, that no one would implant something in their ear, and now in 2019 there is people tattooing their eyes and implanting microchips in their hands (these chips have your “data” and you can also pay on eftpos with them, so pretty much paying your hand) isn’t that weird?

  • Andrew Wymore
    Andrew Wymore 13 days ago +2

    Laugh all you want at the ionic ear guy, but even Elon Musk brought that kind of technology up in the podcast he did with Joe Rogan. That guy was ahead of his time in all honesty

    • Andrew Wymore
      Andrew Wymore 11 days ago

      Prasad Kadam Tru

    • Prasad Kadam
      Prasad Kadam 11 days ago +1

      Charging part wasn't the best idea tho.
      Type-C could have been better.

  • kang kim
    kang kim 13 days ago

    Looks like Bobby Lee on mad tv

  • Team Shift
    Team Shift 13 days ago

    I made my own wake n bacon DIY 🤣

  • Niggabanana
    Niggabanana 13 days ago +1

    The ionic ear guy sounded like bob from bob’s burgers

  • [Nathan]
    [Nathan] 13 days ago +4

    1:34 Screen clearly says “Seeking 100k for a 20% stake” 😂 I don’t think that’s half a million dollars

    • Nikhil Ratna Shakya
      Nikhil Ratna Shakya 7 days ago +1

      @[Nathan] So do I.

    • [Nathan]
      [Nathan] 7 days ago

      Nikhil Ratna Shakya 😱 no way? Does it really? I would have never figured that out on my own. I wish I was as smart as you 🙄

    • Nikhil Ratna Shakya
      Nikhil Ratna Shakya 12 days ago

      100K for 20% means 500K in total

  • Lsls
    Lsls 13 days ago

    4:24 only humans were hurt while making this episode

  • haggismuncher
    haggismuncher 14 days ago

    Only in America lol

  • 57 twins Moto
    57 twins Moto 14 days ago

    Save wit is there need to be saving humani6is why is need yo be saved

  • Julian Gomez
    Julian Gomez 14 days ago

    She said MotoGP is not well known in the USA

  • Kylie Benson
    Kylie Benson 14 days ago +1

    I’m on board with throx. I actually really like it lol 😂

  • Eugene DK
    Eugene DK 14 days ago

    As a huge MotoGP fan, im sad :(

  • Aleks
    Aleks 15 days ago

    Gender specific* tRRiGeReD

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 15 days ago

    I thought the first one was genius.

  • 5,000 Subscribers Without A video Challenge

    1:35 Says half a million dollars but on the screen says 100k

  • António Paixão
    António Paixão 15 days ago +3

    I actually used the idea of the nunber 2 to my project and it worked. 👌
    Thank you for creating a good idea for me to use 😂

  • Alex Dee
    Alex Dee 15 days ago

    The first one is not ridiculous like the others if Barbara thought it was ok

  • Josh Cundiff
    Josh Cundiff 15 days ago

    I come here from 2964 the sullivan generator has infact been built and works perfectly

  • Josh Cundiff
    Josh Cundiff 15 days ago

    Guy wants to make a movie about Moto GP cant even bring a replica GP bike with him for the pitch

  • Wraith
    Wraith 16 days ago

    Half a million? It shows 100k

  • John C
    John C 16 days ago

    Imagine you have a bluetooth device inside your ear canal and there’s some sort of malfunction, so you are subject to extremely loud sounds that you can’t control. Also imagine sticking a needle into your ear every damn night. Horrid idea

  • aa534ro n
    aa534ro n 16 days ago

    Clearly bluetooth radiation wasnt a thing when shark tank started

  • M Q
    M Q 17 days ago

    I need a youtuber to test these not the squirrel torturing device though that’s just terrible.

  • Angelo Fanella
    Angelo Fanella 18 days ago

    I mean the sticky note attachment is actually a good idea.

  • JigSaw Chain
    JigSaw Chain 18 days ago

    1:33 100k isn't half a million dollars

  • josh tru
    josh tru 18 days ago

    #Michael Scott

  • Ryan Day
    Ryan Day 18 days ago

    I actually like Bobby Lee's Post-It note holder.

  • Crab Rave
    Crab Rave 19 days ago

    Throx could be good for the lonely males. We get a normal pair and a crunchy sock

  • milkmandan77
    milkmandan77 20 days ago

    No $3000 Amber phone charger that costs $2000 to make?! That's one of the worst of all time!

  • Austin Lohr
    Austin Lohr 21 day ago

    The post it note one isn’t actually that bad but the money is too much

  • mistadude
    mistadude 21 day ago +2

    There was this one pitch with a golf club that you pee in.

  • Yorp Slorg
    Yorp Slorg 23 days ago

    Oh fuck I clicked on a watch mojo video again, time to delete this account

  • mad_titan THANOS
    mad_titan THANOS 26 days ago

    8:19 Lmfao Kevin slowly opening the bottle and trying to smell the drink

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 26 days ago

    A surgically implanted Bluetooth device ?!?!?!?!
    Hell no

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 26 days ago


  • Just Happy
    Just Happy 26 days ago

    That float baby exercise were the baby is floated by its neck

  • Jaythe90skyd
    Jaythe90skyd 27 days ago

    When it comes to my socks I feel like that realm where lost things go in Halloweentown 2 is real as f@$k. That's not really a bad idea.

  • Rhielle Everet
    Rhielle Everet 27 days ago +1

    I wanna see Tom Haverford on this show

  • Sydney King
    Sydney King 29 days ago

    The ionic ear sounds like an episode of black mirror

  • Josh Rafter
    Josh Rafter 29 days ago

    You talk way too much just let me watch the video without your fucking opinion

  • Lukáš Znojemský
    Lukáš Znojemský 29 days ago

    Wtf, youtube recomanded me watch mojo... ew

  • Alexander Jakel
    Alexander Jakel Month ago

    Cut to silicon valley season 2:
    "So let me get this straight. You want to heat.. people."

  • trash
    trash Month ago

    I’m out, and for that reason, I’m Barbara.

  • H H
    H H Month ago

    1 billion in sales

  • PringlesKing William

    Electrocuting squirrels is a better alternative than what I do to squirrels eating my plants. I kill and eat them.

  • Austin Ray
    Austin Ray Month ago

    oh my god just shut up and show the pitch

  • Shahaan Singh
    Shahaan Singh Month ago +1


  • DodoSandwich
    DodoSandwich Month ago

    The last one is straight out of Black Mirror

  • omnise
    omnise Month ago

    there's trillions of metric tonnes of gold in ocean water but it'd cost more than the gold is worth to filter it out. there's lots of rare metals in ocean water. how the fuck do people think that shit ends up in sea salt? still, the guy sounds like a con artist.

  • funky Nvsk
    funky Nvsk Month ago

    My worst pitch from shark tank is the one with fake phones.. Two people came and asked to invest in phone like plastic boxes and they do nothing not even a small music's too..

  • Speculative Dude Reviews

    Sure a 35 year old can be a cougar, I constantly see 25 year olds listed as MILFs online, so why not?

    • cloudtx
      cloudtx Month ago

      Yeah, I mean, I'd consider a 35 year old woman dating a 18-19 year old guy a cougar. Same with the MILFs, if they're moms, they're most definitely milfs.

  • Jean Brannum
    Jean Brannum Month ago

    The last product seems like a great way to get cancer

  • d t
    d t Month ago

    Number 1 sound like bob burger

  • That1 Asian
    That1 Asian Month ago

    What planet did you come from? 😂😂

  • Lucifer J Morningstar


  • Broken Shadow
    Broken Shadow Month ago

    Would it be bad to say that my grandfather would electrocute squirrels so they wouldn't eat the bird food... He made it himself and stopped changing it when it only fried their tails off. For a while after his death, there were still tail less squirrels in Florida, but time pass and the trees were taken down along with the electric fences. The guy was a bird lover through and through...

    • Q Q
      Q Q 29 days ago

      What a sick piece of shit. Glad he died and I hope he suffered when he passed.

  • Haldos Prime
    Haldos Prime Month ago

    The ionic ear sounds like something you’d pitch in like 120-200 years if cybernetic augmentation is a thing, not in 2009.

  • Rita Kelly
    Rita Kelly Month ago

    At 3:46 is Lori signing? It looks like she's finger spelling something but I can't tell

  • Jossymary Mena
    Jossymary Mena Month ago +4

    "you don't even have a script yet?"

  • Makenna Hylleberg
    Makenna Hylleberg Month ago +2

    Watchmojo: the woman was asking for half a million dollars!!
    The graphic: seeking 100k
    this channel seriously needs to get it together.....

  • Holden Schmitt
    Holden Schmitt Month ago

    On the first one said she was seeking half of 1,000,000$(500,000$) when the thing at the bottom said she was seeking 100,000$. Bad product but sounds like they where exaggerating it a bit.

  • Victoria Romero
    Victoria Romero Month ago

    throx reminded me of the thneed from the lorax

  • Slushdog 101
    Slushdog 101 Month ago

    Marc sullivan had it goin ooooonnn!!!

  • Lianna Fusco
    Lianna Fusco Month ago +13

    He literally stole it straight from Michael Scott 😭