More disrespectful dunk on Giannis Antetokounmpo: Mario Hezonja or Jaylen Brown? | Jalen & Jacoby

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • David Jacoby and Jalen Rose unveil their “Completely Made Up, Meaningless, Super Fun Midseason Awards,” including who had the more disrespectful dunk on Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo, New York Knicks’ Mario Hezonja, who stepped over Giannis, or Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown, who flexed on him after the dunk. Rose and Jacoby also look at the award for “Keep Gettin’ Dem Checks”, in which the options are Houston Rockets’ Carmelo Anthony, who is getting paid over $25 million and Cleveland Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith, who is getting $14.7 million, both in which are not currently playing.
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Comments • 171

  • Killa Drew
    Killa Drew 2 months ago

    Hezonja because he's trash

  • Malik Jamal
    Malik Jamal 4 months ago +1

    Jaylen like if you agree cause Mario didn’t even dunk on him cause he was behind him like if you agree

  • Zuccmynut
    Zuccmynut 5 months ago +1

    Jaylen Brown also just dunked on Giannis today

  • Dado -
    Dado - 7 months ago

    Hahahahh, antetocunto got owned, raped, humiliated and STEPPED OVER by white bust.
    Hilarious 😀

  • UniversalConcept
    UniversalConcept 7 months ago +1

    Mario didnt even dunk on him lmao

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid 8 months ago

    Dee Brown Jr.

  • The Classic Manila-style

    Fuckin brad stevens panicked and benched brown in favor of morris and smart, celtics gave up on him i can still see him as first option on a bad team

  • CRH
    CRH 9 months ago

    "Steph's jab step on Jarren"

  • Jay Clout
    Jay Clout 9 months ago

    Dont jack that Hezonja dunk on giannis cuz giannis landed wrong and fell plus hezonja dunk before giannis even got to him

  • Progress Ty
    Progress Ty 9 months ago

    Chandler parsons should’ve won the keep gettin them checks. He been doing it for 4 years

  • Chris Davis II
    Chris Davis II 9 months ago

    First, Hezonja is trash. Second, the Celtics got killed by the Bucks in that game. Rose also voted for Hezonja because of what Giannis did to Tim Hardaway Jr. last year. I sense some hate. Lol

  • Cori McCall
    Cori McCall 9 months ago

    lol if the nigga tried to contest and jumped, then he got dunked on.
    All the niggas that said it wasn't obviously don't ball....

  • Yvette Murillo
    Yvette Murillo 9 months ago

    Lastly WTF constitutes a broken ankle crossover nowadays ? Murray was an over pedaled slip and Currys was an advantage stop spot shot. A true ankle break is off the dribble, 1v1 crossover or jab stop pop.

  • Yvette Murillo
    Yvette Murillo 9 months ago

    Brown on Giannis was way more nasty....he flexed on him. Hezonja was a Chase block too late.

  • Yvette Murillo
    Yvette Murillo 9 months ago

    Hmmm....Josh Collins was the "Winder"

  • DM 25
    DM 25 9 months ago

    lol giannis got dunked on it's not a big deal it happens dont get mad

  • SunSetHours
    SunSetHours 9 months ago

    So This Is Jalen Aka Mr 81 On my head today Ok then....

  • Richard Ronquillo
    Richard Ronquillo 9 months ago

    Wait, this ain't EJ's Neat O Stat of the Night!?

  • Elann Suvat
    Elann Suvat 9 months ago +1

    Klay said my dog, before family and friends. XD

  • Terry Dactyl
    Terry Dactyl 9 months ago

    John Collins nonstop beastmode.

  • Chosen1
    Chosen1 9 months ago

    Jacoby sucks so hard... his dad is probably an espn shareholder

  • C Dot
    C Dot 9 months ago

    One thing I like about the best defenders, they know it’s possible to get dunked on. But you still gotta show up for the team.

  • Alan Frayser
    Alan Frayser 9 months ago

    Who gives a fuck? Giannis is still 200 times better than those bums. ESPN is on some bs nowadays

  • Donnill Norris
    Donnill Norris 9 months ago

    Goal tending failed!!

  • TheGaming Goat
    TheGaming Goat 9 months ago

    I don’t count that as a dunk on Giannis bc he was chasing him down then got to the left side of hezonja trying to block it

  • Bill Papadodemas
    Bill Papadodemas 9 months ago

    LOL both dunks were trash from unknown players :P Trying to flex over Giannis is just silly, he is able to destroy them on a 1v2.

  • Narayan De Jesus Reyes
    Narayan De Jesus Reyes 9 months ago

    Although Brown's was Nastier, it's Hezonja. DISRESPECTFUL He brings his forearm and elbow into Freaks face, throws him and does the stepover too.

  • Yao Song
    Yao Song 9 months ago

    Sorry the stare down and the flex don't win because obviously Giannis didn't even see him do it, man look, and it's like Jalen says, Hezonja checks all those boxes, Giannis fell, felt it and got stepped over while being stared down, and Giannis registered every second of that action, compared to Brown who he barely even looked at after the dunk. Come on man open your eyes before you go nuts over Jalen's decision which is completely validated.

    • Raffi Bel.
      Raffi Bel. 7 months ago

      Except you realize that his “poster” wasn’t even a poster

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran 9 months ago


  • Austin Full
    Austin Full 9 months ago

    Jalen always seems to get Giannis.

  • deathstroke
    deathstroke 9 months ago

    I think that security guard was a girl

  • Fernando Cruz
    Fernando Cruz 9 months ago +3

    Hezonja did dunk on Giannis because Giannis contested. If this happened to someone at a pick up game everyone would go crazy. Don't make excuses because you like a player.

    • John Ritchie
      John Ritchie 7 months ago

      No one is denying the dunk because they like Giannis, everyone agrees brown dunked on him. The disrespect is arguably equal, but Hezonja didn’t dunk “on” Giannis, Giannis wasn’t between the ball and the hoop.

    • K-Real 414
      K-Real 414 9 months ago

      I'm guessin u a knick fan?

  • Dattboi J
    Dattboi J 9 months ago +1

    I’m dead that basketball was the last thing that Klay liked😭

  • MaxPro
    MaxPro 9 months ago

    The Hezonja.
    That sh!t nasty.

  • Goody Guitar Man
    Goody Guitar Man 9 months ago

    Einstein figure it out......

  • Dave Revoir
    Dave Revoir 9 months ago +1

    That white mans a racist and the colerd guy likeum

  • MW20wn4g3
    MW20wn4g3 9 months ago

    he's the "winder" lmfao 1:26

  • The Coldest
    The Coldest 9 months ago

    ESPN truly wants harden to be mvp

  • PRIS
    PRIS 9 months ago +1


  • Khail707
    Khail707 9 months ago

    Brown for the dunk.. but Murray's KNEES hit the floor lmaoooo.. its bad if somebody drop u but if yo thigh or knee touch parallel to the floor you're done haha

  • TheKingJason3
    TheKingJason3 9 months ago

    Jamal Murray shouldn't have bothered contesting

  • WildAthletic
    WildAthletic 9 months ago

    Jezonja didn't dunk on Giannis. Giannis was behind you guys are fucking jokes. Giannis tried to block him but was slightly late

  • DropYewOff
    DropYewOff 9 months ago +2

    Neither of these guys will be even half the player that Giannis is.

    • Carl Padua
      Carl Padua 8 months ago

      doesn't matter Brown bodied his ass and actually got further in the playoffs 🤣
      while eliminating Giannis on the way lmao

  • Jonathan Najarro
    Jonathan Najarro 9 months ago

    4:16 You can tell Jalen Rose really fucking hates this Jacoby dude.

  • Dark Limeking
    Dark Limeking 9 months ago

    Did Jalen just indicate that Jamal Murray is gonna be an allstar this year?????

  • Dark Limeking
    Dark Limeking 9 months ago

    If Jaylen Brown isnt in the dunk contest im suing the NBA

  • Rollin Kocher
    Rollin Kocher 9 months ago

    That's the song they use on Inside the NBA

  • Don't Matter
    Don't Matter 9 months ago

    Shaqtin Remix?

  • James Hardhead
    James Hardhead 9 months ago

    Why is this a thing

  • Howard Davis
    Howard Davis 9 months ago

    Mario didn't dunk on Giannis

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 9 months ago

    hahaha that John Collins faceslap

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw 9 months ago

    It's Jalen rose the man who brain washed Molly to be involved with him she needs to be saved

  • Tre Cruel
    Tre Cruel 9 months ago +20

    Y’all didn’t do all this when Malcolm Brogdon dunked on lebron 😂😂😂

  • Jamais
    Jamais 9 months ago

    Mario is more disrespectful because he didn't even dunk on him. Like, the level of disrespect to try and step over someone and you didn't do anything to them. Come on.

  • Zion Williamson
    Zion Williamson 9 months ago +3

    Mario dunk made Giannis look so bad

  • knottsspitkicker
    knottsspitkicker 9 months ago

    Carmelo Anthony should donate all that Money on a 1v1 blacktop competition. Where participants are Non- Professional and Non- G league. Just Collegiate, undrafted or Streetballers. Should be on Netflix. Hosted by "The Professor" Grayson Boucher. Just Sayin...
    What do you all think..?

  • Molly Qerim Rose
    Molly Qerim Rose 9 months ago

    Go knicks

  • Dimitris Serepas
    Dimitris Serepas 9 months ago

    Bottom line is none of them plays when Giannis is on the floor

  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj 9 months ago

    Mario dunk was disrespectful but I love it only because he is a knick

  • iVandetta 77
    iVandetta 77 9 months ago +12

    The hate on the greek freak is real.

    • K-Real 414
      K-Real 414 9 months ago

      I look at this subject as a compliment to Giannis cuz if he wasn't relevant it wouldn't be a subject