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Dr. Paul Mason - 'How lectins impact your health - from obesity to autoimmune disease'

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Dr Paul Mason obtained his medical degree with honours from the University of Sydney, and also holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Health. He is a Specialist Sports Medicine and Exercise Physician.

    Dr Mason developed an interest in low carbohydrate diets in 2011. Since then he has spent hundreds of hours reading and analysing the scientific literature.

    For the last three years, Dr. Mason has been applying this knowledge in treating metabolic and arthritis patients who have achieved dramatic and sustained weight loss and reductions in joint pain.
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  • Simple Psychiatry MD
    Simple Psychiatry MD 9 months ago +33

    as a psychiatrist I think these findings have a profoundly life-changing potential on my field. So much research is coming out suggesting intestinal permeability and subsequent inflammation likely plays a causative role in depression, anhedonia, etc.

    • Jackie Watson
      Jackie Watson 3 months ago +1

      You are the sort of mental health professional I would be delighted to work with - I have suffered with anxiety throughout my adult life and I truly believe that diet has so much untapped potential. All the best.

    • Julia Bowman
      Julia Bowman 8 months ago +8

      I went carnivore and got rid of deep depression, panic attacks, and anxiety! This happened in the matter of a couple of weeks of eating carnivore. Not to mention three small pages of other health issues I dealt with for years. Now I know what normal feels like....🥳

  • Htrac
    Htrac Year ago +106

    It's actually insane how all of the health problems I've been suffering from for years disappeared in the space of a few days of eating no plants. I had previously been following all the government/medical advice, eating huge amounts of wholegrains, beans, mostly plants, hardly any red meat. I ate no processed foods but loads and loads of foods that are very high in lectins and oxalates.

    I now realise that I had been damaging my entire body, and in particular, I was destroying my gut lining. L-Glutamine was a miracle cure for me, which led me to research the carnivore diet, and it solved all of my digestive, inflammatory, and auto-immune issues. It even cured my depression.

    It is a shame that the advice from governments and health professions is going in the opposite direction. I was convinced I was doing the right thing before.

    • Peter Piper
      Peter Piper 20 days ago

      @Iss No it's not. They STILL have lectins.

    • Peter Piper
      Peter Piper 20 days ago

      @Ahmed Sa You don't have to convince me. I've known that for several years.

    • marlon A
      marlon A Month ago +1

      @Iss even organic vegetables have lectins, they are an evolutionary trait to the plants defense system

    • Derek Hundik
      Derek Hundik Month ago

      No veggies existed before XVI century. Even now they dont grow in nature. They 100% artificial things.

    • guitargeeknwa
      guitargeeknwa Month ago +1

      Eating lots of plants and processed foods (mostly made from plant products) keeps one weak, sick, obese, docile, and in poor mental health. It's no surprise a plant based diet is encouraged...

  • Italian Goes Keto
    Italian Goes Keto 2 years ago +621

    Thank you for sharing this extremely valuable information to the general public. So much effort goes on to coordinating the conferences, it is nothing short of altruistic to release the hard work at no cost. Free education, an amazing gift.

    • A. SH
      A. SH 11 months ago +5

      @will promise big pharma would lose money with this, because a carnivore diet reduces virtually all diseases

    • AHMED Omar
      AHMED Omar Year ago

      @ΑγαΡy 1a

    • AHMED Omar
      AHMED Omar Year ago +1


    • SteakOverCake
      SteakOverCake Year ago +8

      @will promise LOL and what about the millions of epidemiological studies that benefit non animal product corporations ? I fail to see your point. Must be vegan

    • YeshuaMyKing
      YeshuaMyKing 2 years ago +6

      will promise go troll elsewhere

  • Debby Longenecker
    Debby Longenecker 2 years ago +42

    Thank you for posting this. A much needed informational educational talk, especially for those of us who are just figuring out that plant lecithin have been negatively affecting us for years.

    • Cyberfunk
      Cyberfunk 3 months ago

      How is it that it's negatively affecting us, when people that eat lots of them live the longest?

    • Nan's Global Kitchen
      Nan's Global Kitchen 8 months ago

      Can you please share with us, what is plants lectins, and which plants has it?

    • Akane Cortich
      Akane Cortich 2 years ago +8

      lectin. Lecithin is the good guy.

    • Comrade Fernando Mandrake
      Comrade Fernando Mandrake 2 years ago +10

      Lectins - not lecithin.

  • Monica Broniecki
    Monica Broniecki 2 years ago +98

    I have seen a number of presentations by you and feel that you undertake a significant public service in educating the general population about health matters (you did a great presentation on sleep and the importance of sunlight). I have learned a lot and applied the evidence to my own life. Many many thanks from Adelaide, SA.

    • Over Comer
      Over Comer 2 years ago +5

      I looked for his lecture on sleep and could not find it could you find it and reference it for me please

  • Outlandia /:\ Bryan Burdo
    Outlandia /:\ Bryan Burdo 2 years ago +32

    As always with Dr. Mason and LCDU, an information-packed presentation, clearly described. A true haven of intellectual purity in a very muddied, toxic field.

  • Drake Santiago
    Drake Santiago 2 years ago +32

    This was such a captivating lecture. Thank you Dr. Paul Mason for the valuable information, and I thank the makers of this channel, as always, for making it available to the masses. It really highlights how much of our food supply, even when we jettison the carbs, is still pernicious to our health. The fact that much of these offenders exist among foods which have been traditionally thought to be "health foods", makes this problem particularly difficult to surmount. Just as we are still struggling to disabuse the public of the notion that grains are healthy, we are going to have to invest a lot of time to dispel the notion that many of these vegetables are not necessarily beneficial to ones health either.

  • Charlene Quiram
    Charlene Quiram 2 years ago +29

    Love these lecturers. Wish there was a doctor as knowledgeable about autoimmune disease near me. Amazing.

    • Justine S
      Justine S 10 months ago +1

      Quitting grains helped me so much. Wheat belly 10 day detox was life changing

  • Andreas
    Andreas Year ago +9

    I have autoimmune issues (spondyloarthritis) and I am very pleased to have found this talk because I was not aware of this lectins issue. Many thanks Dr Mason, this knowledge will make me re-think my diet.

  • Dave Ben
    Dave Ben 3 months ago +5

    Brilliant lecture as always from Dr Mason - if only his approach and knowledge were standard within the medical profession. How many doctors give patients advice to eat more fruits and vegetables and 'get your five a day' message still seems to predominate dietary guidelines.

  • Daniel Schweri
    Daniel Schweri 2 years ago +176

    one of the most impressive presentations I've ever seen. actually one of the most important youtube videos in general. thank you.

    • Fresh Swash
      Fresh Swash 3 months ago

      I'm awed

    • GDurango
      GDurango 3 months ago

      @will cook Stephen Gunsry says meat is gonna kill you. So he's a sell out. Dr Paul Mason is in another level, a true doctor.

    • will cook
      will cook Year ago +1

      Google Barbara Lerner Spectre I don’t often comment but, I recall Dr Stephen Gundry who is a renowned heart surgeon, who would profoundly disagree and has quite a bit of data to back him up. So except for that...

  • J F
    J F 2 years ago +8

    So informative. Wish I’d had been aware of this information years ago as it’s likely I would not have had to take so many problematic drugs to treat my Crohn’s disease. Now on Keto and IF and have never felt better. Thank you so much.

  • herald mia
    herald mia Year ago +9

    Thank you for sharing this extremely valuable information to the general public. So much effort goes on to coordinating the conferences, it is nothing short of altruistic to release the hard work at no cost. Free education, an amazing gift.

  • Random Rapper
    Random Rapper Year ago +10

    Oh my goodness! This lecture is a real awakening. It answers so many of my questions. Dr. Mason you are my new hero! From the Northern Territory, Australia 👍🏽

  • Posie75
    Posie75 2 years ago +145

    Recently diagnosed with autoimmune disease and this gives me hope.

    • bibiandjoshua
      bibiandjoshua 9 months ago +2

      My Graves’ disease and rheumatoid arthritis goes into remission when I avoid:
      Sounds horrible but the food is not worth how great I feel.
      I have fallen off and symptoms reappear.
      Nothing is worth the feeling of not being sick
      I also do IM and OMAD

    • leavesofchange
      leavesofchange 11 months ago +1

      Crohn’s disease - give up ALL grains including rice + corn. And also Dairy. Then see how you go.... also give up sugar and alcohol. And start eating bone broth, and fermented vegetables

    • bill johnson
      bill johnson Year ago +2

      Eat beans live longer. Studies show this

    • Carly
      Carly Year ago +1

      @Springfield8 vaccines made me allergic to eggs

    • Eifion Phillips
      Eifion Phillips Year ago +4

      @Simply Living Remove gluten and dairy and watch videos by Dr William Davis on gluten. Make sure you dont have candida and a leaky gut goes with this.

  • Keto Mama
    Keto Mama Year ago +28

    Thank you for these talks. I'm currently carnivore and love it.

  • Jim D
    Jim D 2 years ago +88

    Stunning information. Thanks so much. We humans clearly are not designed to eat a lot of plants and only seasonal fruits.

    • honky tonk
      honky tonk Month ago

      @Eifion Phillips sugar from food is just fructose and it's damaging

    • E B
      E B 9 months ago +1

      If you are type 2 pre diabetic or diabetic than high carb fruit (maybe with the exception of 1/2 cup blue or black berries if you can tolerate them, I cannot) is a problem. If you follow standard dr. protocol then it is a progressive disease with no cure. Type 2 diabetics don't process sugar/carbs well. Fructose is actually the worst type for them because it is processed in the liver and chances are high they already have a fatty liver. High levels of fructose will only make it worse. If you do low carb or keto you might be able to manage it without insulin injections (depending on your circumstance) but in any case you will be better off.

    • Jamyn Cartwright
      Jamyn Cartwright Year ago +3

      @Eifion Phillips the body doesn’t differentiate between sugar in candy and sugar in fruit. That’s why there’s even a limit on fruit intake on low carb.

    • Helena Lovelock
      Helena Lovelock Year ago +9

      @Eifion Phillips fructose is damaging in terms of extreme insulin spikes etc. It’s worse than refined sugar

    • Eifion Phillips
      Eifion Phillips Year ago +2

      Sugar from fruit is not damaging. It's fats and sugars together that's the issues as fat will trap sugar, stopping the body removing it. God grew on Earth what we are meant to eat, fruit, potatoes are not the enemies. Gluten leads to leaky gut and bad health.

  • Rachela Ou
    Rachela Ou 2 years ago +365

    I get so excited every time there's a new video of Dr Mason giving a lecture. This man is a genius.

    • _Dash--
      _Dash-- 4 months ago +1

      @goku you can keep your carbs and let me live in peace with my prot and fat thnx

    • teriw56
      teriw56 9 months ago

      @Jefferdaughter If you know your subject, you should be able to explain it to a six year old.

    • Dobrawa ciekawostki dla ciekawych
      Dobrawa ciekawostki dla ciekawych Year ago

      Makaron gotowany al dente czy tez fasola gotowana w tej sposob zwiekszaja ryzyko udaru i zawalu z powodu obecnosci toksycznych lektyn, ktore dzialaja prozakrzepowo i prozapalnie. Lektynowa teoria miazdzycy nie cieszy sie duza popularnoscia, poniewaz firmy farmaceutyczne nie moga na niej zarobic ani dolara. Nie kwestionuje tradycyjnej teorii powstawania miazdzycy ale uwazam, ze nalezy ja rozszerzyc.

    • Maia Allman
      Maia Allman Year ago +1

      @goku Diabetics don't have a choice

    • Baran Jan
      Baran Jan Year ago

      @Rizzle Riz , the more vegans out there, the more meat for the rest of us. You vegans pls keep eating plants. If everybody went carnivore we would have a problem. So it's not in our interest to convert you guys. Stick to your veganism.

  • DL
    DL 11 months ago +2

    A brilliant lecture as always. Dr Paul Mason is a legend! All your lectures are brilliant.

  • Jenny Weyman
    Jenny Weyman 2 years ago +12

    Had diverticular disease creep up on me. Was adding legumes/peas/beans to everything thinking it was healthy. Now I have minute amounts. Much better. Thanks Dr Mason for this informative talk.

    • Ella Nola
      Ella Nola 3 months ago

      @Sema Aral Do more research. They are many videos on here. All meat must be pasture raised (animals grazing outside & wild fish)

    • Sema Aral
      Sema Aral Year ago

      @jennyweyman hi read your txt, I have diveeticulties repeating last 15 days.Shall I eat this beans/lentils which Dr.Mason says.I was on Keto diet but myß Hearth doctor stopped it and saying I have plaques on my right neck.Said eat meat onces a week rest eat chicken/ fish etc.
      So need help pls confused.Thanks and God Blessed.

  • PGpenny6
    PGpenny6 2 years ago +46

    So many foods contributing to gut permeability! Wow! That can really limit an eating plan. But one must take whatever measures necessary for better health if having such issues. Thank you, Dr. Mason, for your very informative presentation. I appreciate learning, and there is so much information now available online, that each day (I am retired) is a new adventure of discovery.

    • sandy brown
      sandy brown Year ago

      Animal products also contain lectins. They interact differently with different blood groups. See Dr D Adamo, blood type diet

    • YeshuaMyKing
      YeshuaMyKing 2 years ago

      Jefferdaughter its very limited to just be able to eat a leg, whether its deer, cow, goat, bison or turkey. Still just a leg youre eating.

    • Jefferdaughter
      Jefferdaughter 2 years ago +6

      Dr. Mason is great, eh?! But our eating plan may not be as limited as we think. After all, we can eat beef, lamb, pork, goat, duck, geese, deer, rabbit, pastured chicken and eggs (if egg wash solutions have not been allowed to penetrate the shell, AND if vaccines grown in chicken eggs have not caused us to become allergic to eggs) - just to name the meats commonly eaten in Europe and the USA. Or were commonly eaten not long ago.

      American bison are now being farmed (most have crosses to domestic cattle in them, but that's OK). Elk and red deer are, too. Alpaca and llama are both delicious, though often lean. The taste is between beef and venison. Yak, emu, ostrich, various antelopes, reindeer... Such variety!

  • HackYourHealth
    HackYourHealth 2 years ago +26

    I have a history of both IBD and alopecia so this is definitely relevant to my life. I did the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and healed the Crohn's.....it is very similar to the AIP diet, and I never really understood anything about lectins...I thought it was just starving the overpopulations of bacteria...Lots more to learn thank you so much for this and all of your talks! Keed educating us!

    • Ant B
      Ant B 4 months ago +1

      Gut dysbiosis

  • sidfor911truth
    sidfor911truth Year ago +6

    Spectacular presentation. Dr. Mason shares some really valuable information here. what I have cobbled together from several reliable sources on the internet and YT, including lectures like this, has changed my life drastically for the better and kept me far far away from my aleopathic doctor. I intend to keep that distance.

  • GnosticByChoice
    GnosticByChoice Year ago +15

    For months I kept wondering why my appetite was reduced dramatically when I was on lectin free diet. Less lectins=less insulin

    • Cyberfunk
      Cyberfunk 3 months ago +1

      Yep, not how it works at all.

  • Adi C
    Adi C Month ago

    This is an incredible presentation based on real science. Thank you Dr. Mason!

  • Jen Rich
    Jen Rich 2 years ago +17

    Dr Paul Mason some brilliant ideas here. Very enjoyable lecture. Congrats and thank you.

  • john schlesinger
    john schlesinger 2 years ago +3

    Thank you for an excellent dissertation on this crucially important subject.

  • Bernadette Becher
    Bernadette Becher 11 months ago +1

    Have learnt so much in this podcast- top lecture again. Thank you for all this amazing knowledge.

  • Booboo Snafu
    Booboo Snafu 3 months ago +9

    I loved the Indepth 'why' and 'how', all these things interact.
    I've recently discovered Dr. Gundry's philosophies on lectins, and have started experimenting with his 'low lectin' diet.
    And my personal results have been quite immediate and startling. I can eat with NO indigestion now!... And it was not unusual for it to start after my first coffee of the day. It has caused me pain and sometimes fear (because of how bad it can get), nearly every day for over 3 decades. Now I can eat a full meal, feel good and sleep better... No waking up in pain. And I only need to slip up once, eat some toast, eat some fries.... And 'bingo', within 20 minutes.... It's back.
    It's hard to give up milk, I'm trying goats milk at the moment in my tea. Plus I still like a little sugar.
    But improving my diet to be low lectin has been a godsend!
    My energy levels have improved, my mental 'cloud' has gotten clearer!, (it's a weird feeling... It's like... My body is running smoother/better, on the inside - it's hard to explain).
    I wish I had known this decades ago. I have had lupus for years, my brother has asthma, my sister has been discovered to be allergic to glutin... And we have all suffered from reflux nearly all our lives - we were told our oesophageal sphincter didn't close properly, and that it was an inherited biological trait.
    The low lectin diet has proved this wrong.
    I was down to eating like a sparrow, or only eating one meal a day...becuase eating hurt so much, and weight gain has always been a problem.
    But now, I can eat three decent meals a day, no indigestion, and no weight gain, in fact, I've lost a few kilos. And my lupus isn't flaring nearly as much as it used to.... But I've not been on the new eating plan for long - it will be interesting to see if it helps.
    I hope this information, and more research on it spreads.
    So many can be cured of medicated issues, just by improving their diet.
    You are what you eat has never been proved more true. 💜

    • Don Berry
      Don Berry 3 months ago

      I use the Dr. Gundry’s Olive oil, too. Body seems to be under less stress and intestinal inflammation is also diminished, I believe.

  • Nancy Denver
    Nancy Denver 2 years ago +56

    Thank you Paul... as always.. on the razor's edge of the studies

  • Dont Bugme
    Dont Bugme 2 years ago +13

    Great information. I wish more people would not only listen, but also act on the information.

    • TheKstuart
      TheKstuart 2 years ago +1

      The number of people who even hear any of this is 0.000001% roughly.

    K M LAKSHMIPATHY Year ago +2

    Lectin and leptin, great information...lots of link in to obesity ...so amazing, these are the cause for fasting reducing fat storage and reducing the weight ...so much to learn from your presentation...lots of regards from Chennai, India.

  • E B
    E B 9 months ago +2

    This presentation adds so many of the missing pieces of information. Facinating! Why are GMO crops bad (higher in lectins among other things). How do lectins, chemicals, food additives, pollution increase autoimmune response? By weakening intestinal mucous and cell layer and allowing foreign substances into the body which triggers our immune system. Lectins can attach to our cells causing our immune system to treat that cell as an invader (autoimmune). Why can dairy be problematic, including A1 & A2 protein. Thank-you for sharing this important info.

    ATUL PATEL 7 months ago

    Great presentation and solid information on healthy eating. Thank you.

  • Akane Cortich
    Akane Cortich 2 years ago +7

    I mentioned the gluten leaky gut mechanism for autoimmune disease, and the association with Type 1 diabetes to my friend who has a granddaughter with this. She had no idea about this. So if this was or is the ongoing cause of an autoimmune attack on the pancreas she can now at least cease gluten-lectin rich foods.

  • Jack Labonte
    Jack Labonte 2 months ago +8

    I went nose to tail carnivore about 2 years ago, out of desperation. I was eating a shit ton of plants and vegetarian Fare, each year more and more. All I got was more sick and weak. Within 2 weeks of stopping consuming all plant matter, and eating nothing but beef, organs, bones, and connective tissue; I began to feel better and better. Chronic allergy and sinus issues/infections gone, sleep apnea gone, better libido, more stamina, way better dental health, and I also dropped 40 lbs!

  • C Lindsay
    C Lindsay 2 years ago +2

    Extremely helpful and illuminating! Thank you Dr Paul!

  • Maria Henne
    Maria Henne Year ago +1


  • Lorella Paltrinieri
    Lorella Paltrinieri 2 years ago +201

    This doctor is brilliant! I encourage everyone to watch all his videos!

    • SwimSuit
      SwimSuit Year ago


    • Metaorange
      Metaorange Year ago +6

      @Martin Irving It wasn't an experiment; it was a program & plan by the NWO elites to reduce the population! It's all starting to make sense to more & more people I think.

    • Metaorange
      Metaorange Year ago +1

      @Gittl G. This!

    • Martin Irving
      Martin Irving 2 years ago +17

      @Tristan Wibberley ,
      yes and no. Looks like you're creating a disinformation cloud. As far as a significant unjustified intervention...we were all subjects in a world-wide experiment called the low-fat, high carbohydrate diet started about 40 years ago. It didn't go very well. In my mind, it was a failed attempt to make humans fit the industrial food supply.

      Conclusion: it was an unethical experiment that didn't work and created a world-wide diabetes epidemic.

    • will promise
      will promise 2 years ago

      Same with this Dr. ru-clip.com/video/3Gou7eSYHrs/video.html & she is even better.

  • Estela
    Estela 10 months ago

    Thank you Dr. P. Mason. Great lecture!!!!

  • Victoria R
    Victoria R 9 months ago +1

    This Doctor explains it so simply that I can understand. Wow I am a fan. Thank you

  • texfromro
    texfromro 2 years ago +74

    I don't know why RU-clip thought that I should see this...but oh boy...this guy is a genius...best spent 45 minutes of my life

    • Dena Sharpe
      Dena Sharpe 9 months ago +1

      There are no coincidences or accidents....you have been blessed...what you do with the information is your decision...free will

    • Galletti Guitar Tones
      Galletti Guitar Tones Year ago +2

      Yes. This guy is amazing!!

    • jeremifrancisco1
      jeremifrancisco1 Year ago +2

      roscorude Great joke! Hahaha

    • roscorude
      roscorude Year ago +5

      Maybe you asked the holy spirit for guidance?

  • Brightonketo Chihuahuas
    Brightonketo Chihuahuas 2 years ago +6

    Thank you Paul Mason. Brilliant talk.

  • Michelle Beard
    Michelle Beard Year ago +1

    Thank you so much for making this information available!

  • Life Is War God Is All

    I can't stop watching the video, so informative! Thanks to you, Sir

  • leavesofchange
    leavesofchange 11 months ago +5

    Where has this fascinating man been all my life? How has it taken me so long to watch this interesting presentation?

  • Mahmood Shaikh
    Mahmood Shaikh 3 months ago +1

    Certainly an Eye Openings Lecture Highly & highly Informative as well Appreciate the Research behind thank you Dr.Paul.

  • Edel Quinn
    Edel Quinn 5 months ago

    Thank you so much Dr. what a wonderful wonderful lecture

  • Michael Galvin
    Michael Galvin 2 years ago +4

    Thank you for your great work and clear communication

  • Ski Mum
    Ski Mum 2 months ago +1

    Dr Mason, You are an excellent public speaker. Excellent dissemination of valuable information. Thank You.

  • Ruth Moore
    Ruth Moore 2 years ago +4

    Thank you Dr. Mason, this will make my life much easier !!!

  • Dan Sykes
    Dan Sykes 5 months ago +1

    I can watch Dr Paul Mason all day long!!

  • greenbank
    greenbank Year ago +16

    Brilliant and the best case for low carbs I have heard

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 11 months ago +2

    I have been 99% grain and plant free the last two years. Lost 60 pounds and feel much better. Mentally MUCH better! I still a very stubborn extra 15-20 pounds of belly fat to lose.

  • Aida Yabut
    Aida Yabut 8 months ago

    This has been such a help. I've been researching lectins and happened to see this video. I'd like to hear more.

  • Satinder Sandhu
    Satinder Sandhu 3 months ago

    Wonderfully explained. Thanks.

  • Sheena's KetoVore! Life

    Great video thank you I'm trying to get rid of the autoimmune lupus forever appreciate your work ❤ 🇺🇸

  • Sandy Faithbringer
    Sandy Faithbringer 2 years ago +1

    Such an eye opener! Very informative.

  • Nutrition Science Group
    Nutrition Science Group 2 years ago +12

    Well done Paul . Another well researched presentation connecting disparate pieces of information John Stewart

  • Mara Corley
    Mara Corley 2 years ago +8

    Thank you!! Your presentation was excellent!

  • Mike David
    Mike David 11 months ago +1

    Thank you so much low carb down under and of course Dr. Mason. You see I don’t need any convincing. But people I love do! This makes my job a lot easier. 🙏🏻

  • Ge Yoh
    Ge Yoh Year ago

    I have been suffering with IBS for so long. I am on gluten free diet for the last 5 years, I felt better for a while. Even though I am on the diet, I am still experiencing lower abdomen paid and acid reflex. I just happened to watch Dr. Gundry's video and I decided to follow the diet for the last couple of days. If you are suffering like me, I think there is nothing to lose. If it help me just a little bit, I will continue. Thanks

  • AB
    AB Year ago +4

    This guy is a legend!!

  • Thomas Gronek
    Thomas Gronek Year ago +2

    thanks for the video. How would an anti-mucosal (NAC specifically) affect the mucus layer of the gut?

  • Janet H.
    Janet H. 2 years ago +11

    Great information, thank you! Can you please do a video on dairy, there is so much conflicting advice out there.

    • Andliga Rummet Maria
      Andliga Rummet Maria 4 months ago +1

      I only buy yoghurt made in Greece because it's A2 milk. In Sweden they only have A1 milk so I can only buy heavy cream and creme Fraiche in Sweden due to its high fat content the different kasein doesn't matter.

    • Linda Wick
      Linda Wick 10 months ago +1

      Dr. Gundry approves A2 milk and milk products

  • David Boucher
    David Boucher Year ago

    Hi Dr Paul Mason, I watched this presentation 3 times in the last few days, thanks very much for posting it. I have a question, when you was describing how a lectin traveled up the vagus nerve into the brain and contributed to Parkinson disease I could not decide if it was tea or pea????

    • papa winluk
      papa winluk 11 months ago +1

      I believe he said P lectin.

  • SixthyGTi
    SixthyGTi Year ago +61

    Month ago I did a blood test and my LDL was just a little above the limit...
    The doc said "You must limit the fat intake and switch it with vegetable oil... If it doesn't help, you'll need to take statins..."

    ...After some reseach, I found out that...:

    1. Fat is needed for body to function
    2. The "bad" LDL cholesterol has good stuff in it while "good" HDL has bad stuff in it
    3. The standard cholesterol test doesn't make much sense (you must test the LDL and HDL in detail in order to exactly know what's going on)
    4. Lots of vegetable oils totally mess up omega 3-6-9 ratio which is not good
    5. Vegetable diet only is a no no
    6. To much meat is bad but we should eat it
    7. Statin drugs are overrated and questionable for their actual "benefit" (again, those only impact on the total cholesterol and lowering, potentially good stuff in LDL which in the end lower your cholesterol but mess it up itself)

    So... I will continue to eat fat and meat... But eat lots of vegetables and keep it balanced as much as I can...
    No statin drugs for me... Hell no...

    ...Should quit smoking also, but that's another subject... And exercise (more)...

    I don't believe anything or anyone anymore... Qusestion everything...!

    Cheers from Croatia...!

    • Ella Nola
      Ella Nola 3 months ago

      @Marco Capoano Why? You only need two to get some selenium in your body.

    • Ella Nola
      Ella Nola 3 months ago

      Bravo, samo naprid. Sljedeci korak je da nadjete meso od zivotinja koje pasu po livadama i da uzgajate povrce bez ikakvih kemikalija. Pogledajyte videa od Dr Erik Berg, vrlo dobar izvor informacija. Svako dobro.

    • Judy Lloyd
      Judy Lloyd 5 months ago +3

      Cholesterol is not a problem and doesn't cause heart disease.
      The problem arises when LDL cholesterol becomes glycated by sugar, which leads to oxidation. Then the body sends macrophages to destroy the oxidized LDL, which they do by engulfing them. The macrophages then become what is called "foam cells." It is these which block arteries and cause Cardiovascular Disease.
      It seems that most of our health problems are caused by carbs.
      And "vegetable oils" which are high in Omega 6 fats are also a big contributor to chronic inflammation, which also exacerbates metabolic diseases of all kinds.

    • John Milton
      John Milton 9 months ago +4

      My father survived a very mild heart attack in his 70s. They put him on statins, he developed motor neurone disease and died with 2 years. His mind was sharp to the day he died. Statins attack the nerve sheaths that are covered in cholesterol.

    • JoseitoEdlVodao
      JoseitoEdlVodao 9 months ago +1

      Pretty much you've discovered the number one flaw of science. Narrow mindedness. They can only focus, never look to the sides.

  • Stuart Stein
    Stuart Stein 10 months ago +6

    "One reason is that lectins are most potent in their raw state, and foods containing them are not typically eaten raw. Cooking, especially with wet high-heat methods like boiling or stewing, or soaking in water for several hours, can inactivate most lectins"

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  • KimberlyAnn
    KimberlyAnn Year ago +6

    I had reflux every day. My dad had Barrett's esophagus. I quit eating wheat products and sugar, and have had zero reflux. Bonus, the hiatal hernia is no longer bothering me.

    • Phillip Harding
      Phillip Harding 10 months ago

      Kimberly well done 👍! I did the same plus certain vegs avoid and plenty of meat 🥩 and healthy Fats no more Nexium for now 2years !

  • RATM 7406
    RATM 7406 3 months ago

    This guy is very methodical and it puts the facts to the layman very clearly. I would listen to this expert in his field.

  • samjarea
    samjarea 2 years ago +66

    Have we overcomplicated nutrition? My grandparents and their parents never followed a restricted diet and ate what was in season. Processed food was not an option. I've been a full carnivore for 10 months and love it! But I'm starting to realise my body doesn't. Yes, it's all been grass-fed and I eat loads of fat and organs, as I said 'I love it!' However, the more I think about my ancestors and the more I have read and learnt about the gut microbe the more I realise we need to be feeding them as well, they need prebiotics, which unfortunately we don't get from meat. Studies have shown the less diversity in ones diet the less diversity in their gut! Yes, you can argue that diversity is there to deal with the diversity in your diet and if you just ate meat you have no need for the diversity, this is how I use to think. But, our bacteria do so much for us it stands to reason we need to nourish them so they can flourish, the healthier the person the larger the diversity of their gut bacteria. Since going carnivore my Psoriasis is noticeably worse and I now have histamine intolerance both of which are, or can be, contributed to gut dysbiosis. Would love to hear others thoughts on this subject.

    • pearlverdun
      pearlverdun 9 months ago

      @Walter Clarke would you please advise how you ferment grains n beans please...or where to find the info. Thanks

    • ES
      ES Year ago

      @David Skaggs spinach is very high in oxilates

    • La Rayne
      La Rayne Year ago +2

      Thank you for this comment - if you listen to every specialist, you won’t be able to eat anything anymore. There are plenty of studies showing that meat is unhealthy too - I think it’s all about balance and avoiding too many processed foods and refined grains. It’s different, of course, when you become ill and have to figure out what might be causing it.

    • Casa Mexico
      Casa Mexico Year ago +2

      I developed histamine intolerance on carnivore. I had to go very strict beef only for a month to finally rid myself of it. I can eat some salad now with no issue and don't need to be so strict. I would highly recommend a small amount of raw honey for breakfast, a few times a week, this can really help the gut biome.

    • Mags Gil
      Mags Gil Year ago

      jeremifrancisco1 that’s correct as it is high in oxalates

  • Ed Lauren
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  • GravellerGear
    GravellerGear 3 months ago +1

    I have an autoimmune disease. It's called EGPA, aka Churgs Straus Syndrome. Very rare. My body basically attacks itself, my organs, my limbs even my heart. I've had over 5 heart attacks within 1year as a 30 year old. It's crazy. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Kathleen Schweiker
    Kathleen Schweiker 3 months ago +1

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    Now if only the government would stop subsidizing inflammatory foods & if only medical schools & dietician schools would emphasize this.

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    • Ella Nola
      Ella Nola 3 months ago +1

      @Jeffrey Baker Yes! Pasture raised liver, kidneys & heart are nutritious . I also make bone broths with bones.

    • Judy Lloyd
      Judy Lloyd 5 months ago

      @Unlimited -Limitless And fish and eggs.

    • Judy Lloyd
      Judy Lloyd 5 months ago +2

      @Ahmed Sa

      Don't forget to eliminate grains - probably the worst of the lot!

    • Gem B
      Gem B 6 months ago

      Plant paradox by Dr. Gundry has a few lists.

    • Tony Vega
      Tony Vega 8 months ago +4

      @Victoria R Dr. Gundry is a salesman. Don't believe everything that man says.

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    Akane Cortich 2 years ago +2

    Interesting double benefit of lecithin for me. It is a base component for making 'home made' liposmal ascorbic acid. So not only is the Vitamin C doing good, the lecithin also. liposomal Ascorbic acid uptaken through the glucose channel, and lecithin helping the gut lining as well.

    • Mish Macky
      Mish Macky Year ago

      @Glyn Williams no she's not? Did you watch the video?

    • Glyn Williams
      Glyn Williams Year ago

      Are you confusing lectins and lecithin ?

  • Kevin Afton
    Kevin Afton Year ago +3

    Great work and research, thanks for sharing this with us. My question is: How come that the Italians, who eat practically gluten with gluten (pasta, bread, pizza ...) are the at the 5th place in the world for longevity and they dont have any major sickness epidemic that we know about?

    • LNA444
      LNA444 Year ago +1

      He said that first genetics is a precondition, also anyone has mention longevity in which many factors other than diet can intervene

  • Notatheist
    Notatheist 6 months ago

    Oh, no, you didn’t just do that!
    You vile, demented, human. I was an avid consumer of your thoughtful medical information. A fan. You provided me with so many approaches that helped me finally overcome my autoimmune issues.
    But, then... Then, you broke my heart.
    You gave me an excuse to sneer at kidney beans.
    You gave me a reason to throw the disgusting greens across the restaurant because the waiter should have known how evil they are. Obviously.
    Then, you took away my candy. My precious bread. French fries!!?!
    Well, acceptable sacrifices must be made. So be it.
    I still have my medium-rare rib-eye and eggs. And, I have my spectacular, proprietary chocolate-strawberry protein shake that tastes like a blended Neapolitan ice cream shake. With my shake in hand, all can only be well.
    No, You needed more. My heart. Soul.
    How *_DARE_* you take my *_POLYSORBATE 80!_*
    My precious POLYSORBATE 80.
    I am a broken man.
    I am now empty inside.

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    disastrous health impacts. So much incredible information in this lecture that I may have to watch it 50 times to get my head around it. Many thanks 🙂🙏🇦🇺

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    I still don't think ancient, heirloom variety of lectins in low amounts are all that dangerous. A little apoptosis is good. But we were never meant to eat foods the way we are eating them today. Fermentation, especially lactofermentation, was the standard of traditional processing and preservation of plant and even animal foods too! Dr Weston A Price's research proves the foundational benefits of this universal tradition.

    • Rumble
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      @ConstructiveMinds100 Are you mental or what?

    • ConstructiveMinds100
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      I bet that you are not ENGLISH OR AMERICAN.

  • Leopold Bloom
    Leopold Bloom 2 years ago +20

    It's very important to cook plant foods and eat them sparingly to moderately. I feel better with some plants and glucose vs all meat. Blood results reflect this.

    • Eflon
      Eflon 3 months ago

      Theres an adaptation period. Histamines, gallbladder issues, ph levels, mineral deficiency are other things to consider when adapting to an animal based diet. Carnivore probably isn't optimal but for some its the only thing to save their health, heal them, lose weight, and become fertile

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    There is a big difference between active lectins from raw kidney beans as an example and those that are inactive after cooking. Cooked lectins are necessary for the gut microbiome. You want a healthy gut? Eat cooked beans which are loaded with inactive lectins. By the way, there is almost no plant food that doesn't contain lectins.

    • Dawn Elder
      Dawn Elder 3 months ago

      One legume and I bloat and I am in pain for days. Same with gluten, but worse. As long as I avoid them, my health is great.