Top 15 Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos That Will Haunt Your Nightmares!

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Top 15 Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos That Will Haunt Your Nightmares!
    Happy Easter everyone! Easter has officially arrived and today we are going to be discussing Top 15 Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos That Will Haunt Your Nightmares! It’s that time of the year where we all have our kids take photos with the Easter Bunny. These days they are all pretty cute. In the past though, Easter Bunny photos weren’t exactly what they are today! From home made Easter Bunnies to extra creepy costumers, these Easter Bunnies will definitely haunt your nightmares! Don’t be afraid though because these are just photos! Trust me when I say that these are some creepy Easter bunny photos! This is the Top 15 Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos That Will Haunt Your Nightmares!
    Top 15 Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos That Will Haunt Your Nightmares
    Easter Is Here and can be a lot of fun, but what happens when it turns frightening?
    These are the Top 15 Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos That Will Haunt You Nightmares
    What’s going down Mouse Nation and welcome back!
    Happy Easter everyone! This is a day to celebrate and spend with family. Kids hunt easter eggs and eat a ton of candy, but there is something else that seems to be a tradition.
    Taking photos with the Easter Bunny! And normally this is a very cute ands fun thing to do with your kids, but other times it can get down right creepy.
    So let’s take a look at some of the Creepiest Easter bunny photos that will haunt your nightmares!

    Let’s get started!
    Number 15 Evil Eyed Jack
    I told you we’d start off tame, but take look at this guy. Those eyes say it all.
    Sure the little girl is smiling, but this bunny’s eyes are saying
    After this photo, I am going to eat your child
    Number 14 Fancy McCreepy Pants
    This East Bunny looks really fancy. Nice suit, Bowtie, and that amazing handlebar. Judging by the kids face, he’s probably not that friendly. The shape of this bunny’s head is really unsettling, especially those human eyes from behind the mask!
    Number 13 Crazy Eyes
    Do me a favor, PLEASE do not look this guy in the eyes. Pictures say a thousand words and this one tells me that this Easter bunny has seen some stuff in his life.
    Number 12 The Purge
    Yeah, the new Purge movie is making its way, The Purge, Easter Sunday.
    Number 11 Soul Eater
    The good news is that this Creepy Easter Bunny actually resembles one you’d see in your favorite mall today. The bad news is that he looks like he’s about to suck the soul out of this poor child.
    Number 10 Cone Head
    Overall, this picture is adorable and the child looks like she’s genuinely having a really good time. Have you ever seen a bunny with a head shaped this way. Because I haven’t. It leaves a really unsettling feeling.
    Number 9 Peter Hauntingtail
    Straight out of an Easter Themed Horror Story, this Easter Bunny isn’t just hiding eggs. He’s also hiding your children.
    Number 8 Rugs Bunny
    It looks like this costume was going for the more realistic Easter Bunny look. A Matter of fact, it’s sort of cute in a way. It’s that animal human hybrid look that makes him creepy though.
    Number 7 Grumplestiltskin
    This Creepy Easter bunny looks mad. 5 o’clock shadow and all. This Easter Bunny needed the money, so he decided to do a job he absolutely loathes.

    Number 6 Is This Real Life?
    What even is this? A demonic creature pounding into our nightmares? Imagine this Easter Bunny watching you sleep at 3AM.
    Alright guys so we have made our way to the top 5! I hope we don’t ruin Easter for you.
    Number 5 Scraggle McEggsworth
    *sighs* What am I even doing? Why did I do this? Can someone please give this Easter bunny a bath.
    Number 4 Easter - The Haunting
    Wearing a hood and an extremely haunted looking mask, this Easter Bunny is definitely part of some evil cult of Holiday Mascots getting ready to perform a dark ritual in order to regain power in our world.
    Do us a favor Easter Bunny, please don’t take off the mask!
    Number 3 The Yeti
    Almost Ape like, this Easter Bunny is taking no prisoners. This guy has to be the muscle of the whole Easter bunny bunch because he is a mountain of a rabbit.
    Number 2 Twice the Terror
    What makes this next photo super creepy is that there are two monstrous Easter Bunnies seemingly constricting the young boy to the point that he is highly uncomfortable.
    Number 1
    And finally we get to the creepiest of the bunch. Hallow eyes, sowed up mouth. Clinching the young man’s arm extremely tight. This has to be the creepy King of the Easter Bunnies.
    What are your plans for Easter?

    As always I’m your host Morty Mouse, I’ll see you later, or I’ll see you on the other side!
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