• Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • So… I made a BTS mashup, featuring 28 songs from the Love Yourself series, to celebrate the end of 2018 and the end of an era.
    00:00 - SKIT: Billboard Music Awards Speech
    00:24 - Anpanman
    00:49 - MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)
    01:27 - I’m Fine
    01:45 - Pied Piper
    02:28 - Singularity
    02:36 - Her
    02:54 - Trivia 轉: Seesaw
    02:55 - 134340
    03:11 - Euphoria
    03:13 - Love Myself
    03:49 - 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold)
    04:24 - Tear
    04:36 - Fake Love
    05:03 - 바다 (Sea)
    05:27 - Epiphany
    06:29 - Serendipity
    06:57 - Trivia 承: Love
    07:24 - Love Maze
    07:51 - 보조개 (dimple)
    08:19 - Magic Shop
    08:46 - Paradise
    09:14 - Trivia 承: Just Dance
    09:28 - Airplane Pt.2
    09:41 - DNA
    09:55 - So What
    10:09 - 고민보다 Go (Go Go)
    10:36 - Best of Me
    10:51 - Idol
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  • jyeoms
    jyeoms  6 months ago +11022

    00:00 - SKIT: Billboard Music Awards Speech
    00:24 - Anpanman
    00:49 - MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)
    01:27 - I’m Fine
    01:45 - Pied Piper
    02:28 - Singularity
    02:36 - Her
    02:54 - Trivia 轉: Seesaw
    02:55 - 134340
    03:11 - Euphoria
    03:13 - Love Myself
    03:49 - 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold)
    04:24 - Tear
    04:36 - Fake Love
    05:03 - 바다 (Sea)
    05:27 - Epiphany
    06:29 - Serendipity
    06:57 - Trivia 承: Love
    07:24 - Love Maze
    07:51 - 보조개 (dimple)
    08:19 - Magic Shop
    08:46 - Paradise
    09:14 - Trivia 承: Just Dance
    09:28 - Airplane Pt.2
    09:41 - DNA
    09:55 - So What
    10:09 - 고민보다 Go (Go Go)
    10:36 - Best of Me
    10:51 - Idol

  • Olivia Rosales
    Olivia Rosales 2 hours ago +1

    Parents :what are you listening to

  • Amrutha Ammu
    Amrutha Ammu 3 hours ago +1

    OSM mash-up!!hats off for ur hadrwork n tq for giving us wonderful mashup..

  • Veruna Padayachee
    Veruna Padayachee 7 hours ago

    Uhm woah!!! Why am I only seeing this's genius

  • AmBer P
    AmBer P 12 hours ago +1

    Bro I swear. This I actually try best thing ever. I love this. All of the songs put together? Yes please. This is actually so amazing. Your work is amazing and I love it so much. I bet this takes forever but it’s so worth it.
    The whole thing went from upbeat to deep to like love. It’s what made this video even better. You put all the videos in a certain order and stuff and I love that. It’s amazing how you can do. Even if I had the time I still wouldn’t have the same talent to be able to do this. This is genuinely amazing. I love this so much. I can’t express how much I love this.
    It’s amazing. Thank you for taking the time to make this for amazing army. This actually kinda made me cry because the love yourself era is over but I always come back to this video because it’s amazing and it brings back memories.
    Thank you. I hope you see this. I really love this. This is SO impressive.

    TAEHYUNG OPPA 13 hours ago +1


    No one at all:

    Literally no one:

    Jyeoms: a love yourself mashup (28 songs in 13 minutes

  • maite rocha
    maite rocha 15 hours ago


  • JaniceThe Squid
    JaniceThe Squid 15 hours ago

    The transitions are just fantastic! This was like the best walk down memory lane ever!!

  • Azucena Valenz
    Azucena Valenz 18 hours ago

    I sneezed during this video. I told myself I was allergic to amazingness

  • BTS ARMY Suga Stan
    BTS ARMY Suga Stan 20 hours ago


  • Tehzeeb qamar
    Tehzeeb qamar Day ago

    Jyeoms I do love your channel after bts....#ARMY4EVER

    LOVE YOURSELF Day ago +1

    Whoa!! The mashup is awesome💖 Our boys killed it💓 I just realized how much their songs go along with each other... Just like our 7 angels their songs too get along well with each 😋 Really very awesome to hear this mashup💓

  • Camille chebi
    Camille chebi Day ago

    I love this !

  • єxρlσsivє rαiทвσωs

    I'm Fine x Anpanman

  • Tabitha
    Tabitha Day ago

    My heart got all warm and gooey by watching this and listening to their beautiful voices...💜😭😭🙂

  • Elma Vantae
    Elma Vantae Day ago

    Parrah, pertama kali denger aku kaya ternganga, video nya juga keren, apalagi mashup nya, ampun dah
    Army emang goldenhand nya bangtan

  • seokjin luv
    seokjin luv Day ago

    Inspired channel 😭❤.

  • seokjin luv
    seokjin luv Day ago


  • Hey StOb it
    Hey StOb it Day ago +2

    this era was EVERYTHING...

  • Shazema Ali
    Shazema Ali Day ago

    Thanks for this song I 💖 it 😉

  • Cami B
    Cami B 2 days ago

    Fake Love+Tear, So What+GoGo, and DNA+The Best of Me should be made full songs. They are way too good

  • chichi Ofor
    chichi Ofor 2 days ago


  • Kiran Verma
    Kiran Verma 2 days ago

    Plzz add this on spotify

  • amber tanfelix
    amber tanfelix 2 days ago

    help!!!!!!!!!! my heart is ooh boom boom!!

  • Gunay xanim
    Gunay xanim 2 days ago +1

    wow amazing♥-♥

  • Swagless Jamless
    Swagless Jamless 2 days ago +1

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    Teacher: Alright just one song i give you full permission but one song
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    Teacher: Are you kidding me-

  • Jung Hoseok UuU
    Jung Hoseok UuU 2 days ago

    Me encantooo, al principio dudé que fuera posible.. but nou i like this ;V

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  • Shellie Buscus
    Shellie Buscus 3 days ago

    Could you done just of the Airplane Pt2/Idol? Was so good.. also like the rest, very well done😍😍

    TAE MY BXTCH 3 days ago


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    Anjani _army 3 days ago

    Lanjutkan lebih tinggi

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  • Dragon_Mochichi
    Dragon_Mochichi 3 days ago

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  • Zuni with jams
    Zuni with jams 3 days ago

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  • Mousumi Ghara
    Mousumi Ghara 4 days ago

    Best ever mashup l have ever heard 💕💕💕💕

  • Bangtan Ddaeng
    Bangtan Ddaeng 4 days ago

    Answer: Love Myself + Euphoria = me internally screaming

    GOOD XVXBES 4 days ago +1

    I’m just no seeing this July 2019 and this came out in 2018 😭😭

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    Kim taehyung.💖💖💖💖
    Jeon jungkook.💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤
    thankyou for changing my life. 😍😍

  • Peachy Gacha
    Peachy Gacha 5 days ago

    Me :It's 12:10 AM what am I doing.... Me after the whole thing : I HAVE A REASON TO LIVE AND DANG THAT WAS WORTH IT!!!!

  • VZ WTF
    VZ WTF 5 days ago

    En la mitad de la cancion me queria suicidar y en la otra midat me decia "No porque sino nunca los vas a ver pelotuda" asi que mejor sigo viviendo :"""v

    IIIXVIIIXV 5 days ago

    this feels like ..... heaven

  • Taewith2sugas
    Taewith2sugas 5 days ago

    Epiphany with fake love and tear is daMN PERFECTION! Like I need a full
    Song of that! They all just work so well together

  • goo gle
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    This is actually so good!!! This legit hot me HYPED!!😂😄

  • Simply. Meggie
    Simply. Meggie 6 days ago

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  • Alix_ Alix
    Alix_ Alix 6 days ago +1

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    ads : um, I think not.

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  • MYG 2904
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    BTS8Wolfy 8 days ago

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