Acting more rational - changing our automatic behavior | Ashley Zahabian | TEDxStanleyPark

  • Published on Apr 3, 2017
  • Our feelings naturally determine our behavior, but learning to become aware and change our behavior for a better outcome takes emotional intelligence. How can we learn and increase emotional intellect? Ashley Zahabian teaches us two practical ways we can all biologically and actively change the way we behave for better outcomes, and how we can think more clearly and rationally towards life success.
    Ashley Zahabian is a well sought-out presenter on leadership and emotional intelligence in business and life. Visit Ashley at, or email her at
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Solitario
    Solitario 12 days ago

    Lets be honest fellas.. this chick has real bad energies I bet that most of you were disgusted by her same as me

  • visualelement 7design
    visualelement 7design 13 days ago

    To know thyself

  • Latoya Henry
    Latoya Henry 16 days ago

    LIGHT BULB momet. Thank you little one...

  • Frank Mash
    Frank Mash 27 days ago

    Great talk.. Sending her love and light for making this video..

  • Shelley E
    Shelley E 4 months ago +2

    When you write something down, the very act of writing it down, takes it from your emotional side of the brain, to the logical side of the brain and there, you have just recorded that event: past or present, in your LOGIC side of your brain and now you will feel less emotional about that event/subject.

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  • The Trojan Prince
    The Trojan Prince 6 months ago

    Our feelings can be controlled 👀 👂🏾

  • 2 Corez
    2 Corez 6 months ago

    same!! same!! same story

  • Bob Owen
    Bob Owen 7 months ago +1

    Behavior is closely related to diet, as are metabolic diseases.

  • Susana Plant Based Adopt a Cat

    este discurso ya no puede superarse.

  • killerhuf 12
    killerhuf 12 9 months ago +1

    This is an incredibly insightful and meaningful talk, thank you so much! I hope it reaches more people that need it, it is amazingly helpful!

    • Ashley Zahabian
      Ashley Zahabian 8 months ago

      Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your kind words and I am happy you found the talk insightful!

  • Mudasir Abrar
    Mudasir Abrar 9 months ago


  • Coexist & Let Live
    Coexist & Let Live 9 months ago +1

    She sounds like Meg from Family Guy.

  • Juan Mejia Daza
    Juan Mejia Daza 10 months ago +2

    7:44 she helped me see the light , in between her groins.

  • Pia Love
    Pia Love 10 months ago

    Awesome, necessary, something we all could learn.

  • XffTheGrid411
    XffTheGrid411 10 months ago +1

    This was easily one of the most insightful and most powerful Ted talks I've ever witnessed. This info is life changing. Thank you so much.

    • Ashley Zahabian
      Ashley Zahabian 8 months ago

      Thank you, and I am really happy to hear that. My pleasure!

  • Topinka Hatt
    Topinka Hatt Year ago

    It's crazy because this is the ACTUAL BEST AND MOST MEANINGFUL TED Talk ever but it has lesser views. Proves the intelligence of the masses 🤷

  • Rahul C
    Rahul C Year ago


  • Stephen Njuguna
    Stephen Njuguna Year ago +1

    Wow!..thanks Ashley

  • Ozan Erdoğan
    Ozan Erdoğan Year ago +5

    am i the only one who did not lkle this video. i mean it felt so cheap, all she was doing give a morale boost which goes away very easily.

    • Light House 61
      Light House 61 9 months ago +1

      I'm thinking its common among young women. Except most young adults know you can't go jumping up on a horse !

  • Sheri Sabey
    Sheri Sabey Year ago

    I absolutely LOVE that you're teaching this powerful practice! These things you've taught are all outlined in detail in the evidence-based practice of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and I recommend to anyone that loves your presentation to take a course in DBT to protocol. It is life-changing and good for anyone who wants to truly advance Emotional Intelligence! Thank you Ashly for sharing your amazing story and journey and being an inspiration!

    • Ashley Zahabian
      Ashley Zahabian 8 months ago

      Thank you so much for sharing, and it is my pleasure! :-)

  • Rose Mar
    Rose Mar Year ago +14

    I absolutely love this! I think this is so insightful and useful and I stumbled upon this exactly when I needed to!

  • peraruor
    peraruor Year ago

    Congratulation and thank you. That was worth watching, every secund of it. Is the best talk about EI ever heard. I'm a highly emotional person and now I think I've got the tools I need to harness my own emotions. It's gonna take time and a lot of efort, but now I know what to do. Thank you very much. I sure your talk is gonna change my live.

    • Ashley Zahabian
      Ashley Zahabian 8 months ago

      This made me smile - thank you. Glad I can help :-)

  • Paul Beck
    Paul Beck Year ago


  • Vanshika Kalra
    Vanshika Kalra Year ago

    It is definitely one of the best ted talks i have ever watched...I can relate with this so much ..thank you😊

    • Ashley Zahabian
      Ashley Zahabian 8 months ago

      My pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to share that with me.

  • Plugaru C. Sebastian

    haha, nice girl, i love u already, marry pls ^^ hehe .. smartie ^^

  • 이은빈
    이은빈 Year ago +4

    You helped me alot with my situation. Thank you so much.

  • la casona restaurante

    Great story, Great talk, great girl, great advice. Loved it!

  • Arolf Eatler
    Arolf Eatler Year ago +3


  • Nida M Arif
    Nida M Arif Year ago +2

    Very strong.

  • Tassreena Jahan Jany


  • jamal willabus
    jamal willabus Year ago

    Yes ashley ! Im so proud of you!!!! Omg this is crazyyyyyy!!!!! Im puting this in my favorites ! To think that I had class with you and we conversated about so many things, and now you have eveolved into an amazing woman (which you already were)

  • lemon uwu
    lemon uwu Year ago +1

    At school, we have to choose a declamation to say in front of everyone.... So I chose this one. Every one else is choosing a famous person (Queen of England, famous sport players, etc) but this one of Ashley's speeches(a speech? A declamation?) stood out to me the most. I think it might be able to help the kids, and maybe even the teachers too! I was going to choose the one about like don't give up, and rebuilding self-esteem, etc. But the teacher who assigned this said no because I don't know where she said it... Then while looking later, it was made for a certain 'group' of people online. I looked everywhere and it wasn't said. So I chose this one...

  • jack kumar
    jack kumar 2 years ago


  • jack kumar
    jack kumar 2 years ago +7

    Why have you removed earlier videos, from your youtube channel..??...I'am a big fan of yours, from INDIA...I've learnt so much from your earlier videos on emotional intelligence..please put those videos back..!!....

    • Ashley Zahabian
      Ashley Zahabian 2 years ago +3

      I will do my best to keep uploading! Thank you for supporting me. Sending my gratitude! Xoxo

  • sharanya yapa
    sharanya yapa 2 years ago +1 are amazing..

  • Sharookh Daroowala
    Sharookh Daroowala 2 years ago +11

    Deep, rich and thought provoking!
    Ashley, you're living proof of someone with an abundance of emotional intelligence!

  • Luis J. Albizu
    Luis J. Albizu 2 years ago +3

    Good Job, Ashley!

  • Melissa Haynes
    Melissa Haynes 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for sharing your message Ashley!

  • Magnus 188523
    Magnus 188523 2 years ago +5

    Ashley, thank you. I am going through hard times now which requires EI. Thank you

    • Ashley Zahabian
      Ashley Zahabian 2 years ago

      Philippe 795322 email me at

    • Magnus 188523
      Magnus 188523 2 years ago

      Ashley Zahabian Ashley, Is there a way I can talk with you, (skype, viber..) It would change my world..

    • Ashley Zahabian
      Ashley Zahabian 2 years ago +1

      you tubb always a pleasure!

  • CA Mayank Jain
    CA Mayank Jain 2 years ago +4

    Thanks for sharing your views on eq😊

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    i thought she was latina but afterwards when i puzzled at her mental fragility i guessed she was probably arabic/N African/Orient ethnicity because i have lots of them in town and there are a lot of nervous and edge of nerve stability ones. they are cooky as fkkkkkkkkkkkk lol. i wonder what it would be like being one of them observing our mental faculties. what tendencies do cookie whites have? psyched out?

  • Assaf Al Ajlan
    Assaf Al Ajlan 2 years ago +27

    One of the best speeches that I have ever watched... Thanks, Ashley!

  • Emilia Ashurova
    Emilia Ashurova 2 years ago +1

    my apologies, only for english