Courtney Hadwin: Teen Rock Star Slays "Pretty Little Thing" - America's Got Talent: The Champions


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  • Becca
    Becca 5 минут назад

    Mannn, that was great ♡♡♡!!!!

  • Vlog Lobster
    Vlog Lobster Час назад

    Who won champions?

  • clebson oliveira
    clebson oliveira 2 часа назад

    E eu aqui em Belém do Pará já tou enjoado de tanto ouvir tocar brega melody, não muda nunca.

    NESTO DRUGO 2 часа назад +2


  • paul milan
    paul milan 3 часа назад +4

    Love this young girl.. future rock star.. giveted amazing voice n' talent..have you sign-up for album.. waiting for your cd.. God bless..

  • SSJgrayfox
    SSJgrayfox 3 часа назад +2

    @5:02 Simon rocking out

  • Peter Gilberd
    Peter Gilberd 3 часа назад +4

    this Girl gives me shivers when she sings she is amazing

  • carina lubben
    carina lubben 5 часов назад +6

    She is just soooo amazing... and a rolmodel for those kids who doesnt have confidence. If she wil give a concert in the netherlands i will d definitely go there!!! Even if i must pay my last money

  • alfred wood
    alfred wood 5 часов назад +5

    Courtney, you are a very special Person,so full of promise, so rich in Talent, Warmth, Kindness, and Love for all People.

  • jaypeebee77
    jaypeebee77 5 часов назад +5

    Muah. The end. Sold it.

  • Rafa PopCorn
    Rafa PopCorn 7 часов назад +6

    She’s from another world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩❤️

  • HorrorM Girl
    HorrorM Girl 7 часов назад +6

    How does she not completely run out of breath????

  • Ingri kathrin Bua
    Ingri kathrin Bua 9 часов назад +6


  • Szymon Szewczyk
    Szymon Szewczyk 14 часов назад +6

    Coutney Hadwin im waiting for your RU-clip official channel! I will subscribe you! Love you so much!

  • Szymon Szewczyk
    Szymon Szewczyk 14 часов назад +10

    I never before was listening same song for so many times in a row! Shes goddes of music! Thank you Courtney Hadwin!

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson 16 часов назад +8

    She's wayyyyy too talented isn't she? Omg such an amazing growth and performance. Absolutely love her.

  • チャーシューラーメン
    チャーシューラーメン 16 часов назад +3

    What's song name?

  • karlos mandagi
    karlos mandagi 19 часов назад +6

    why me cry watch this vidio?

  • Sandi Anwar
    Sandi Anwar 20 часов назад +7

    original song and original performance ..Amazing .very talanted

  • Ana Briseyda
    Ana Briseyda 20 часов назад +7

    I like this song

  • vince limpin
    vince limpin 20 часов назад +6

    Wheres the golden buzzer? :'(

  • Tatum Tot
    Tatum Tot 21 час назад +2

    She kinda reminds me of Violet from the Incredibles for some reason 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • janrhyz Arnolfo
    janrhyz Arnolfo 21 час назад +6

    The cleanest rock voice I've heard so far!!
    Immaculate Rock!!!

  • Ti Le
    Ti Le 22 часа назад +6

    7.2 m views, Courtney
    4.3 m views, Darci

  • Raven Diana
    Raven Diana 23 часа назад +8

    I love her 😘❤

  • Gabriel Delgado
    Gabriel Delgado 23 часа назад +5

    Courtney Hadwin es increíble !!!!! Saludos desde Montevideo Uruguay !!!!

  • William Moore
    William Moore 23 часа назад +9

    Saying she had unfair advantage cuz of prior experience is b.s. take 20min. To look up every season 13 semi finalist. Almost all had equal or more experience than her in their respective category ( singers and non singers alike). Most do agt just for the exposure and boost to their career.

  • Carlos Semedo
    Carlos Semedo День назад +5

    hi Courtney , I love watching you. believe you ate very very very good. you are a super star. follow your path.

  • Nijova Cisoen
    Nijova Cisoen День назад +6

    Why the hell are they not signing her cmon she is incredibly good

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm День назад +4

      She is signed already since december - Syco/Arista

  • tescoeverydayvalue bleach
    tescoeverydayvalue bleach День назад +4

    im going to take a shower and when I come back ill re watch this

  • El Niño
    El Niño День назад +4

    Absolutely disgusting that she didn’t get a golden buzzer or the votes to go through. Ridiculous

  • Manith Sin
    Manith Sin День назад +4

    Hello everyone! I like

  • Paul Kasper
    Paul Kasper День назад +6

    Damn, I love this girl but howie and the hi five phobia 🙄

  • isabel cuevas casillas
    isabel cuevas casillas День назад +5

    excellent I like it...

  • Harold Kell
    Harold Kell День назад +6

    Kourtney I wish you well for you you are a rock goddess truly and I've loved every thing you sang and that's coming from an ex trance DJ
    Just so refreshing 🤘🤘

  • Negative One
    Negative One День назад +8

    Addicting! I can't stop watching!

  • Jonas Damasceno
    Jonas Damasceno День назад +6

    é como se ela tivesse um botão de "start" que quando inicia a musica ela girasse esse botão e se transforma em uma super star

  • Aalo ka ladka
    Aalo ka ladka День назад +5


  • Argin ARGIN
    Argin ARGIN День назад +5

    I've talked to Matthew Mcconaughey. He approves the song.

  • Radhakrishnan K.A.
    Radhakrishnan K.A. День назад +11

    Amazing performance Courtney. Just loved it . Wishing you a bright future.

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez День назад +13

    I can't stop watching this video, I love it so much, it makes me cry from the beginning to the end, I'm so glad she's back, everybody stood up when she walked on the stage, it was a general ovation, everybody loves her, they received her as she is: the princess of AGT, there's no doubt about it.

    • William J Bartman 2
      William J Bartman 2 5 часов назад

      I too feel emotion watching this beyond phenomenal, brilliant young show woman extraordinaire. And while I'm hardly a fan of the largely amateur reaction videos I couldn't help notice Swede Petra Vikland crying with joy. She said "Pretty Little Thing" was at such "another level" that "I can't breathe this was so good." The ultimate Hadwin praise? Both touching and inspiring, it's at "Petra Reacts." The review begins at 2:28.

  • Ian Wooller
    Ian Wooller День назад +8

    One of the best acts around. She has everything and as long as she remains in control and not be dictated to by others will reach the top. Write originals and stick with the Struts and you will fill the major venue's with ease.

  • Leah Higgz
    Leah Higgz День назад +6

    Go girl!!

  • Szymon Szewczyk
    Szymon Szewczyk День назад +16

    Shes only 14 yo and shes already shadowing so many stars!

  • p morris
    p morris День назад +9

    Mick jagger ness in this girl .... amazing .

  • Kenny8559
    Kenny8559 День назад +8

    Omg I love this song

  • Douglas Silva
    Douglas Silva День назад +4


  • Joshua Gladden
    Joshua Gladden День назад +5

    She’s really good for 14 , definitely a star in the making.

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm День назад +5

      She’s really good -for 14-

  • Joyo Snooze
    Joyo Snooze День назад +7

    Her future is blindingly bright

  • ApDonutGamer
    ApDonutGamer День назад +13

    That “Mwah” at the end thoooOo ICONICC

  • Pearl of a Girl Nursery
    Pearl of a Girl Nursery День назад +13

    How is her voice and her physicality and her dancing all so goddamn unique and weird and perfect! She’s got that long hair and those long legs that she just swings and throws around, like this controlled rock rag doll! It just works for her and I’ve never seen anything like it!

    • albert masino
      albert masino День назад +2

      Anytime I see a comment for Courtney who I think is from today's generation I usually check out their channel to confirm it if possible. Just to see if a lot or younger people can appreciate her too. Without being weird here, I noticed you've got quite a talent too. I was amazed at your art work. I thought they were all real at first glance. I don't know if your making a living off this or not. But damn, you should be working in Hollywood or somewhere big to be appreciated if your not already. Very nice work. And great to see that you can get into Courtney too. lol.

  • busa metan
    busa metan День назад +6

    nice moving

  • John Culley
    John Culley День назад

    Courtney Hadwin the composer might enjoy watching how fellow 14 year old composer Alma Deutscher composes original music on the RU-clip video entitled "Alma Deutscher 60 minutes overime". Alma is the most prolific young female composer on the web with a violin concerto, a piano concerto and a four act opera under her belt.

  • Lorraine Penkert
    Lorraine Penkert День назад +6

    GO GO GO Courtney your amazingly special already and now your doing an original WOW your a STAR

  • yehmiyah
    yehmiyah День назад +6

    Super :) ...

  • Yad C
    Yad C День назад +5

    Wow she is so talented. Go Courtney!!

  • Chaz Lon
    Chaz Lon День назад

    she doesn't sing she just screams loudly

    • albert masino
      albert masino День назад +1

      Chaz Lon
      Open your mind to something other than what your used to. It's a style that was around for close to 50 yrs or more. Your born in another era. It's just another way of voicing. An effect sort of. Kinda link a distortion pedal for electric guitar. Oh wait, you might not like guitar playing either. Forget it.

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm День назад +4

      Your ignorance is screaming ....

  • John Kim
    John Kim День назад +7

    She taking over the world bro

    • albert masino
      albert masino День назад +1

      Lets hope so. lol I want this style of music back in force and on mainstream again. Tired of all the perfect pitch singing that bores the hell out of me. New music in general has lost it's affect to me. Need that excitement back again.

  • James Janice
    James Janice 2 дня назад +7

    She will always be a winner in her fans hearts.

  • Alayne Hunt
    Alayne Hunt 2 дня назад +11

    I can't watch this without getting the goosebumps!!! OMG!

  • Irman Irman
    Irman Irman 2 дня назад +7


  • Dave Mather
    Dave Mather 2 дня назад +6

    She is unreal

    PS4 DREYELANDER 2 дня назад +8

    Wow... she's a shy angel when she speaks but when the music starts... rules the stage and the whole world. Incredible talent.
    I'm eager to hear her first album :-)

  • Chuchu Fachuchay
    Chuchu Fachuchay 2 дня назад +6

    Woooow... she is the real champion.

  • Manko Kennewick
    Manko Kennewick 2 дня назад

    I don't get it ..she sucks.

    • albert masino
      albert masino День назад

      +Tora Scotia Thx for that link.

    • Olivia Balafika
      Olivia Balafika День назад +1

      Manko Kennewick oh cause you’re so stupid to get Courtney

    • Tora Scotia
      Tora Scotia 2 дня назад +3

      +Deanna Dimery Deanna here's a link to the official RU-clip stats for this video.

    • Deanna Dimery
      Deanna Dimery 2 дня назад +5

      snide 2 Her views keep climbing to Fifty thousand or more like crazy everyday. That is just for this channel. There are other channels with this performance that have hundreds of thousands of views and likes also!!! Haters just need to take their hate elsewhere!!!

    • albert masino
      albert masino 2 дня назад +8


      An intelligent reason would be appropriate. So many have expressed how much they love her and why. So maybe you have a good reason to think otherwise. But I seriously doubt it. At least not a good reason. Or maybe you have a music background and know something of why you say such a thing.

  • Callen Way
    Callen Way 2 дня назад +18

    I literally tear up every time I watch her because she is living her best self. Incredible girl!

  • Jordan 101
    Jordan 101 2 дня назад +19

    How did she not win? HOW

    • Carlos Hernandez
      Carlos Hernandez День назад +3

      How and why, those are the golden questions, she's the best of AGT.

  • Kel Tav
    Kel Tav 2 дня назад +5

    F Helll. That’s insane.

  • Sonia S
    Sonia S 2 дня назад +16

    why did not they give the golden buzzer to her ????

    • William J Bartman 2
      William J Bartman 2 5 часов назад +1

      There's a smart discussion about the Golden Buzzer fail Sonia S and Carlos Hernandez over at Garth's RU-clip channel titled as his last review of Courtney Hadwin. A commenter says he knows who wins "Champions" and that once the winner is revealed it will be obvious the result was pre-planned.

    • Carlos Hernandez
      Carlos Hernandez День назад +1

      That's the golden question. Why not?

  • Renatl Filho
    Renatl Filho 2 дня назад +4

    Uau lindo

  • John H Montgomery Jr
    John H Montgomery Jr 2 дня назад +25

    Jackson was shy until he got on stage to. Never get tired of this song

  • Cande Sanchez
    Cande Sanchez 2 дня назад +6

    Amo a esta chica 💙

  • Tugus Mantera
    Tugus Mantera 2 дня назад +3

    Auto Rock !

  • Cosmic Soul
    Cosmic Soul 2 дня назад +5

    7.1m rn ncsuuu

  • Fadoz 77
    Fadoz 77 2 дня назад +7

    *I Love her* 💕

  • Brian Riley
    Brian Riley 2 дня назад +16

    Now I've got that song stuck in my head :P

  • Twyla Brown
    Twyla Brown 2 дня назад +29

    She’s my most favourite!!! I still get chills when I watch her!! She’s the best!!

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 2 дня назад +16

    We see so many contestants on these types of shows who can sing well but they fizzle out after sometime. But this girl has something different about her that makes her stand out from the crowd. She is the next superstar.

  • Olivia Balafika
    Olivia Balafika 2 дня назад +13

    Losing Courtney in the show was America’s Got Talent : The Champions ‘ biggest loss 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • alfred wood
    alfred wood 2 дня назад +7

    Courtney, you are the Poem, I wanted to write.

  • Oscar Anthony Daños
    Oscar Anthony Daños 2 дня назад +11

    She should sing some Pink songs or have duet together

  • ann gleeson
    ann gleeson 2 дня назад +8

    Im sure now Americans are nuts she owned this shouldve been in final

    • albert masino
      albert masino День назад

      We are nuts. lol. But in this case the people didn't really vote. AGT supposedly picked 50 people who have been watching their show forever. One from each state. That's were the votes come from. A lousy 50 unknown people who we don't really know if it's true or not. Only that that's what they told a reporter who then regurgitated it in an article he wrote.

  • peacock 23
    peacock 23 2 дня назад +6


  • Fazlul Wahab
    Fazlul Wahab 2 дня назад +7

    February 16 2019

  • Tawnee Stone
    Tawnee Stone 2 дня назад

    Is it the same song she sang when she first auditioned in AGT?

    • Tawnee Stone
      Tawnee Stone 2 дня назад +1

      +Jürgen Böhm Yeah i looked it up. Thank you.

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm 2 дня назад +6

      Tawnee Stone, those are different songs. Just those 3 words are the same, everything else is different. Audition song is "Hard to Handle" by Otis Redding. Guess Courtney's use of these 3 words was some kind of intentional reference.

    • Jim Biemm
      Jim Biemm 2 дня назад +4

      +Tawnee Stone I know a lot. Jury at The Voice KIDs Germany. From the end of March in youtube.
      Believe me. No one thought that Courtney Worldwide until today (real in Facebook - RU-clip China - VK - Asia) would get more than 2 billion clicks.
      And that is a statement that no one at #AGT could predict.
      And yes, the editors and sponsors, here LasVegas) want show sizes like Celine Deion or magicians or people who only survive 2-3 years maximum.
      But Courtney has a whole life ahead of him. 40-50 years.
      And that's what AGT did not want.
      Because every year, it has to be a new winner. Otherwise this show will be boring.

    • Tawnee Stone
      Tawnee Stone 2 дня назад

      +Jim Biemm Yes, but I think it's the same as the one she used in the first audition. Pretty Little Things.

    • Jim Biemm
      Jim Biemm 2 дня назад +4

      No. It is an " original - Song " by Courtney herself.

  • Ceilin Ongra
    Ceilin Ongra 2 дня назад +25

    I had to watch it again after she said it was an original... I agree with Simon, it WAS "bloody fantastic".

  • Kathi S
    Kathi S 2 дня назад +26

    Apparently, she's extremely shy normally & then becomes this powerhouse alternate personality when she sings. Such awesome talent in one so young. Hmmmm. Wonder who she was in a previous life . . .

  • Bo Hogh Jensen
    Bo Hogh Jensen 2 дня назад +16

    I can se this video again and again, she is just the best female rock singer in dekades!

  • Jagadi Tailoring
    Jagadi Tailoring 2 дня назад +11

    This is a winner true talent and original song!

  • Tilaining Akodong
    Tilaining Akodong 2 дня назад +42

    She's only 14yrs old? OMG, she's gonna be a big star one day because she's very good & unique ... provided her supports are brilliant too.

  • Marisol Segui
    Marisol Segui 2 дня назад +9

    Yo antes oía country music, pero desde que Oí a Courtney solo la oigo a ella, I hear country music, but the first time I hear Courtney, I hear only her, she is my medicine

  • Eimas
    Eimas 2 дня назад +8

    replay button is on fire

  • jird15
    jird15 2 дня назад +2

    she is a good showman but I don't think her voice is spectacular. She should do really good in live concerts. She would definitely sell out.

    • Jim Biemm
      Jim Biemm 2 дня назад +1

      +albert masino I agree 100%

    • albert masino
      albert masino 2 дня назад +5

      +Jim Biemm Yes, and happy we will be. Looking forward to it. She has what others are lacking. The ability to express herself without holding anything back. Her body language and facial expressions are second to none. No one I've seen these days expressing themselves like she does. They do what they feel, but not like her. For someone who has a difficult time talking in front of large audiences, she can somehow block them out and transform herself into this other being and perform how she does is what does it for me. That alone to me is why she is so much better than most other performers. Hell, she out shined the Lead singer from The Struts. And I thought he was very good at entertaining the crowd. She becomes a method actor for the song in a way, and makes you believe she's been a star for awhile.

    • Jim Biemm
      Jim Biemm 2 дня назад +1

      +albert masino She is the "super talent." There will be some in the next few years who will try to become Courtney.
      But .......... Courtney can sing everything. Rock, PoP, Soul, Ballads, Musikal and more.
      She will also get songs on the CD that will show her true class.
      Uptempo also quiet songs. We will be happy.
      Swedes are the best songwriters and producers here.

    • albert masino
      albert masino 2 дня назад +4

      It's her style right now. She has done ballads when she was younger. If she used the voice she sang ballads with now it would sound terrible for this type of music. And she knows that. (Christina Ramos proved that. with her opera voice. She may do well singing Opera, but it doesn't transition well to do Rock songs.) I'm betting Courtney will sing ballads again when she tours with a voice better suited for what you're suggesting. She's done them very well before. I think she knows best. Concerts make the money nowadays. Albums aren't the money makers they once were. Just need them to introduce your music for the live shows. Her 1st appearance on tour is Monday with THE STRUTS. Then she records right after in Sweden. Can't wait.

  • me
    me 3 дня назад +6 killed it Record deal sign here....

  • MsDaniMarie02
    MsDaniMarie02 3 дня назад +25

    She is a star. She doesn’t need to win this show. Someone better sign her.

    • albert masino
      albert masino 3 дня назад +6

      Absolutely right, and she is signed. check here for info.

  • Cal 99ers
    Cal 99ers 3 дня назад +4

    If she was five years older and had thighs then you'd know who she's likeвидео.html

    • Jim Biemm
      Jim Biemm 2 дня назад

      +862057 As a producer said. I can not see your range .. Only the baars ....
      Range - Hightpoint .... Baars dark - Point

    • 862057
      862057 2 дня назад +1

      Compare the two versions of River Deep and you can see Courtney takes it up a notch (or two or three)

    • albert masino
      albert masino 2 дня назад +5видео.html
      If you haven't seen it yet. Or anyone else might want to watch.

  • Assim's World
    Assim's World 3 дня назад +6

    Damn it
    She deserves more!

  • aglasiss
    aglasiss 3 дня назад +6

    Michael Jackson is resurrected😲

  • Philip
    Philip 3 дня назад +35

    Courtney should have been in the Finals on AGT Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been cheated and left out due to people saying she has competed on other shows. So have several other artists, but they didn't become a star like Courtney. She is a great singer, original writer.

  • Gwynneth Smith
    Gwynneth Smith 3 дня назад +4

    She belongs in the 70s