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  • Published on Mar 13, 2016
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    Fast food is great because by its nature, it is cheap, easy to get, and you can eat it within a matter of minutes. That is, unless you order these gourmet and over-the-top versions of common fast food items. What do you think? Do these look good or are they a complete waste of money? Feel free to share in the comments.
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    10. Macaroni and Cheese
    9. Tacos
    8. Soup
    7. Sandwich
    6. Baked Potato
    5. Burger
    4. Ice Cream
    3. Pizza
    2. Pancakes
    1. Hot Dog
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Comments • 319

  • Kathryn Ashworth
    Kathryn Ashworth 2 months ago

    Those pancakes served in Manchester will include the tax (and that restaurant is closed now)

  • Tom Creed
    Tom Creed 2 months ago +1

    loves to butcher every foreign word. Tacos man? Can't even say tacos right? lol.

  • banana rama
    banana rama 2 months ago

    abalone taco don julio

  • Ingrid Dubbel
    Ingrid Dubbel 3 months ago +2

    Its immoral to use shark fin.
    Shame on the restaurant.

  • Brenda Owens
    Brenda Owens 4 months ago

    They could have it served by Mr. Steven Tyler and I still wouldn’t spend that kind of money.Unless it came out the same way it went in.

  • Ruth Miller
    Ruth Miller 5 months ago

    I want a grilled cheese sandwich, I go to my local dairy. Yummy melty sandwich and an ice cream cone, all made with fresh local milk.

  • OutOfSight OutOfMind
    OutOfSight OutOfMind 5 months ago

    it's mole - pronounced moe-lay

  • Bonnita Claus
    Bonnita Claus 5 months ago

    Not worth the price......... maybe half the price..... ? Gold at any price is not worth it. For one thing it as nothing in the flavor.

  • leon vanaswegen
    leon vanaswegen 5 months ago

    Gold leave is tasteless

  • leon vanaswegen
    leon vanaswegen 5 months ago

    The soup is disgusting!! Shark fin?? Shame on them😔

  • David Hammitt
    David Hammitt 6 months ago

    I love me some tack-o's!

  • killerpeaches7
    killerpeaches7 7 months ago

    TAH-kos. Not Tak-os. Also Moh-lay, not Mohl. Just sayin' man.

  • Vrani2110
    Vrani2110 7 months ago +1

    Sharkfin soup and fu gra...
    Poor sharks and geeze :'c

    • Ingrid Dubbel
      Ingrid Dubbel 3 months ago

      Foid gras,
      And geese.
      Learn to spell or use spell check.

  • Sarah Levine
    Sarah Levine 7 months ago

    The kaluga is highly endangered, so don't eat its caviar.

  • Dianne Hale
    Dianne Hale 7 months ago

    I wonder if Steveston Pizza is still offering that crazy pizza...... can’t see anyone actually ordering it, especially if they live anywhere in the area. 🤨

  • shortyjac 27278
    shortyjac 27278 7 months ago

    A hell of a lot of truffles where harmed in the making of the food on this list lol

  • LWR II
    LWR II 9 months ago

    I'm all for new and interesting food, but let's be realistic! Exotic foods just for the sake of showing how much money you are willing to waste to show your affluence is in poor taste, no pun intended. In my opinion, there's no reason to concoct such over the top foods in the first place, and the people who are willing to pay for such ridiculous cuisine, should do some serious soul searching and see if there is anything constructive they can do with their disposable wealth, other than literally disposing of it. In the end it's their money and they can do with it as they please, however there should be some consultation with one's conscience before you slap humanity in it's collective face to show you crass disdain for your fellow human beings.

  • eavaav
    eavaav 9 months ago

    That baked potato straight up costs 30$ more than my rent.

  • Dillip Fedanko
    Dillip Fedanko 9 months ago

    Stop hating on us pineapple on pizza people, these people are putting fish and crustaceans on pizza and charging an arm and a leg for it!

  • Philthy Tanks
    Philthy Tanks 10 months ago

    LOL @ him pronouncing Don Julio as Jew-Lee-Oh

  • Niko Knight Puppet Production

    You are making me hungry but I am too poor to eat those versions of food. I think I would rather save what little I do have and buy the cheapy versions instead. Great video anyways.

  • Sploomerdang1
    Sploomerdang1 10 months ago

    Yum! Fungus, fish eggs & foil! - Give me a $5 burger any day.

  • Jacob Collins
    Jacob Collins 10 months ago

    Ironic that I saw a KFC ad

  • Spectre
    Spectre Year ago

    ...Do you lot not have toasted sandwich makers? That's how you make a toasted sandwich (grilled cheese sandwich) and it can have other fillings than just mince mix is perfect for one of those.

  • Spectre
    Spectre Year ago

    Subways around the world? Not here mate...our Subway doesn't have any soup...

  • Spectre
    Spectre Year ago

    Make Mac and Cheese from scratch like I do...I can guarantee no-one has tasted mac and cheese like mine...both daughter and hubby insist it's the best version they've ever had...and the recipe is a closely guarded secret :P

  • JoelJames2
    JoelJames2 Year ago +1

    What I learned from this video is that if you want to increase the value of your meal, do one of three things:
    1. Add caviar
    2. Add truffle
    3. Add gold

  • Peter Harrington
    Peter Harrington Year ago

    t A c o

  • Troow
    Troow Year ago

    As a chef I know some of these dishes is worth the money, some are not. Food doesn't get better just because you throw together a lot of expensive ingredients And I can't stand the use of gold and other metals in food. Ridiculous.

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor Year ago

    I want to literally poop gold

  • Renee Bevere
    Renee Bevere Year ago

    Truffles in everything🙄

  • R van Dyk
    R van Dyk Year ago

    You do look better whitout beard and glasses!!! I am not gay but the shape of your face is nice!! Keep it like this!!

  • Ankle Sockson
    Ankle Sockson Year ago

    I remember watching something with sea cucumbers on where other little marine species lived on them because the sea cucumbers were so disgusting to digest by other fish that they would be left alone.... They put this in soup and charge how much

  • David Guerrero
    David Guerrero Year ago

    please never say taco again

  • Melissa Olson
    Melissa Olson Year ago

    You pronounced Mole wrong. The o is long but the le part is not silent but it is pronounced lay.

  • NinaJansen13
    NinaJansen13 Year ago

    I'd totally try the tacos, but the burgers sound and look disgusting.
    Also, caviar is overrated, truffles are difficult to use correctly in a dish, and eating gold is plain ridiculous.

  • Mr.Sneezy Anus
    Mr.Sneezy Anus Year ago

    give me some $100 tacos!

  • Melly
    Melly Year ago

    Surprised you didn’t mention a HK/Chinese restaurant for fotiaoqiang (Buddha jumps over the wall) soup dish. 190 is pretty standard nowadays for most prestigious restaurant. Most double boiled soups cost quite a bit too, let alone something with all those ingredients. Either way, cool to see what other luxurious food exist around the world!

  • Jason boyle
    Jason boyle Year ago

    Why is cheese orange looking in America?. 🤢🤮😂

  • xXOpticBeefXx
    xXOpticBeefXx Year ago

    I hate it when restaurants artificially inflate the price of food by just throwing some gold on it. -_-

  • nat lee
    nat lee Year ago

    Goes to show you:Rich people are very stupid.

  • gymkhanadog
    gymkhanadog Year ago

    omg the number of words he grossly mispronounced in this video is ridiculous.

  • Jennifer DePanicis

    Are these people crazy?

  • Ayakashi Hadate
    Ayakashi Hadate Year ago

    these cheating restaurant. you cannot add an expensive bottle of wine in the item and call it "most expensive *item* in the world"

  • FuzzBomb XX-121
    FuzzBomb XX-121 Year ago

    Haha these idiots are destroying cheap simple fast food. Who's paying for this shite?

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S Year ago

    Add truffles to an old tire, garnish and serve.......for a fortune.

  • Tea Soža
    Tea Soža Year ago +1

    No shark fins... why torture poor creatures?

  • Robert
    Robert Year ago

    Thumbs up.

  • Not Ben
    Not Ben Year ago +6

    Anyone else think that Shark Fin Soup should be illegal because of how many millions of sharks are killed for it?

    • lilmothugs
      lilmothugs 4 months ago

      It should only be illegal because they don't eat the rest of shark besides most of the world it is illigal except asia

  • Dan Thehomelessman

    anyone else feel like puking over the rich food? yuck!! Do rich not have taste buds? grossness covered in gold leaf hahahahahahahahaha

  • Belac84
    Belac84 Year ago

    I cringed every time he said "tacko". Simon you are almost too British.

  • NekoInk13
    NekoInk13 Year ago

    That mac and cheese has nothing on mine!

  • Liam Tahaney
    Liam Tahaney Year ago

    mole-aye not mole. thats an animal

  • August Benedict Flores

    Matthew Santoro ripoff

  • LOVE4everSher
    LOVE4everSher Year ago

    The 'Buddha Jumps Over The Wall' is more of a stew than a soup.

  • LOVE4everSher
    LOVE4everSher Year ago

    @ Buzzfeed

  • Din Kun Lin
    Din Kun Lin Year ago

    Sounds reasonable....but you lost me at the soup part, because that thing is called 佛跳牆(Buddha Jumps Over the Wall) and it's a special soup that would only be consume in special occasion, such as new years eve, birth day of elderly, or wedding ceremony. It's not an expensive versions of your fast food soup.
    But still your video is entertaining and informative at the same time. Please keep making them, thank you.

  • Mike D
    Mike D Year ago

    Mole sauce
    Don Jewlio
    at least learn how to pronounce things before you speak on them.

  • cmdmd
    cmdmd Year ago +2

    Shark fin is simple cartilage and it is a useless addition to any food.A self-respecting person wouldn't consume that crap.

  • Desperadox23
    Desperadox23 Year ago +1

    I love truffle but these prices are still insane.And eating gold (that has no taste at all) is beyond stupid.

  • jim ford
    jim ford Year ago +1

    "Put the cheese in the middle.... that last part is essential." Gotta luv that humor.

  • 1958debs
    1958debs Year ago

    No thanks, I like a little meat with my fat.

  • SFPToyashi
    SFPToyashi Year ago

    Number 0: Scandinavian McDonald's and Burger King
    Price: bankruptcy

  • richard hemingson

    Man at least the hotdog all the profits go to helping feed the less fortunate, but still...

  • jodynh
    jodynh Year ago

    I have a strange hobby of making foods that were favorites of American presidents. I think that many of them would taste better than the dishes in this video and cost MUCH less. George Washington's wife made a crab soup with mashed hard-boiled eggs, cream, Worcestershire sauce, sherry and grated lemon peel. Calvin Coolidge loved chicken that was cooked with mint, ginger and lime juice. Martin van Buren enjoyed a ham that soaked overnight in madeira wine, chopped vegetables and spices. (President van Buren was the first president who was born in the United States, and he's the only president who spoke English as a second language. He grew up speaking Dutch.)

  • jodynh
    jodynh Year ago

    I don't see the point in garnishing food with gold. It doesn't have a taste, does it?

  • Marianne Wade
    Marianne Wade Year ago

    Truffles and gold. Good grief. Sitting here trying to discern which of these absurdities is actually the most expensive food item excluding such additions as truffles and gold. Or $5000 wine. Kobe and Wagu beef sound pricey. The pancakes threw me but again, additions and toppings. And they sound disgusting! Being vegetarian, nothing on this menu lured me. Being poor, nothing on this menu lured me. And finally, being disinclined to spend more than rent on something that won't be enjoyed beyond moments and will still end up transforming into poo, nothing on this menu lured me.

  • Dykemangamer1995 Skjor

    Waste of money

  • kieferonline
    kieferonline Year ago +1

    I need to get into the truffle business

  • Rebecca Gillan
    Rebecca Gillan Year ago +3

    I think I'd rather donate $2k to feed the hungry and grab a regular dog off a food truck run by a normal person who has normal catsup and mustard...

  • Aaron Holm
    Aaron Holm Year ago

    Haha I used to live in Richmond BC, I've definitely eaten at that pizza place before, had no clue they had something like that on the menu.

  • robert semicolondia


  • MidnightKaito
    MidnightKaito Year ago

    BuzzFeed's Worth It should try all of these...just for the shits and giggles.

  • LuLuLand13
    LuLuLand13 Year ago

    I'm surprised as a self-described foodie that most of the stuff does not sound particularly tasty to me. And for what they charge for that big potato they better let me keep the mother of pearl spoon, and it had better do my dishes for me when I get home and mop the floor!

  • Sofía T Garcia
    Sofía T Garcia Year ago

    Gold aside, these are nothing like the fast foods you're comparing them to, though that's a catchy title. Some of them sound delish. peace stg

  • Stevo!
    Stevo! Year ago +2

    I don't care how successful or whatever you are if you pay $460 for a potatoe you need a kick in the stones!

  • Bill c
    Bill c 2 years ago

    if you have to call 5 days ahead, it is not fast food.
    How do you value a grill cheese when the cheese is made with Kate Middleton's breast milk?

  • JJ EST 19XX
    JJ EST 19XX 2 years ago +1

    Ads in the middle of the video kinda suck.

  • Jon Larsen
    Jon Larsen 2 years ago

    "below me now" is that an intended pun?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 years ago

    Beans on toast?

  • David G Draper
    David G Draper 2 years ago

    Rich people????

  • Bexy Evans
    Bexy Evans 2 years ago

    To be honest, they look disgusting!

  • nytmage
    nytmage 2 years ago

    it's TA-co ... not TAC-o ....and Brits say Americans speak poorly

  • Rob Kirby
    Rob Kirby 2 years ago

    Hey now. Taco Bell is alright but this pothead can think of much better things to eat after getting smoked up...

  • mike s
    mike s 2 years ago

    the whole point of Kobe beef is the marbling, you ruin it but grinding it into burger.

  • Flamsterette
    Flamsterette 2 years ago +2

    I used to live near Steveston Pizza! Never had that, though.

  • mcgibs
    mcgibs 2 years ago

    1:48 It's pronounced "mol-ay", not mole like the animal.

  • Jacob Crosby
    Jacob Crosby 2 years ago

    I find it funny/peculiar that Simon is completely lacking in the ability to correctly pronounce *ANY* words from *ANY* language other than English... I don't get it, he says "Don Joolio", "Jowlahpeńos", "Baton Rogue" (not rouge), so on and so forth... It's quite a bizarre thing to observe an Inglash speaker do... FREAKFISH!¡! ¡! ¡! ¡!¡!¡!

  • galanie
    galanie 2 years ago

    The "a" in Taco is pronounced "ah" - It's not a Tacko

  • pjsniper1986
    pjsniper1986 2 years ago +1

    truffles truffles, and even more truffles! is that all posh food is? I've eaten truffles before, and they're disgusting.

  • William Phillips
    William Phillips 2 years ago

    24 karat gold flakes? Isn't that poisonous?

  • David Goen
    David Goen 2 years ago

    Do you intentionally mispronounce words??? I like your videos and it has not gone unnoticed that you butcher words regularly.

    • pjsniper1986
      pjsniper1986 2 years ago

      David Goen it's called accents you idiot. Americans for example say vase, but us in the U.K say varse.

  • Andre Hill
    Andre Hill 2 years ago

    I'm Texan and hearing Simon pronounce Spanish food names is hilarious😂

  • Grateful Dead
    Grateful Dead 2 years ago

    Can you imagine the massive losses that would fall upon Taco Bell and RU-clip if we pot heads quit smoking pot?

  • Zenas Starchild
    Zenas Starchild 2 years ago

    10) WTF!!!
    09) WTF!!!
    08) WTF!!!
    07) WTF!!!
    06) WTF!!! Gold being a heavy metal is mildly toxic. WTF!
    05) WTF!!! satanically expensive
    04) WTF!!! again with the eating gold thing. stupid. WTF!
    03) WTF!!!
    02) WTF!!! Go to just about any American dinner and get a short stack of pancakes the size of your head for $6.
    01) WTF!!! This is wrong for so many reasons. My mind has whiplash!
    This tells us their are people out their who have ether more money then brains or more ego than brains. In any case, their is enough of thees stupid people to keep thees things on the menu. WTF!

  • Rodney Fan
    Rodney Fan 2 years ago

    when he said richmond I was like where is this richmond located then he said bc and in my head was who the hell is buying 700$ pizza like wow I could probably drive there

  • Andrew Ince
    Andrew Ince 2 years ago

    Considering that Simon is English, he seems completely oblivious to the fact that VAT is already part of the price. The pancakes will be $1350, there is no "plus tax".

  • Ayenate' Lawson
    Ayenate' Lawson 2 years ago +2

    Why do rich people want to eat gold...?
    Also a truffle is just a rare piece of fungus right? nah, I'm good.

  • Roberto Espinoza
    Roberto Espinoza 2 years ago

    it is a waste of money.

  • Mystified0wen
    Mystified0wen 2 years ago

    is anything in this video is not covered or has caviar