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Van Jones, Jeffrey Lord clash over Trump and the KKK

  • Published on Feb 29, 2016
  • CNN analysts Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord have a heated exchange over whether or not Donald Trump divides the nation when it comes to matters of race.

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  • gavocruz1
    gavocruz1 5 years ago +3

    I respect these gentlemen for keeping their composure. They certainly got a bit heated and intense, but they remained professional and respectful of each other.

  • Ms3pugz
    Ms3pugz 5 years ago +4

    So a 7 year old has never heard the word "Liar" and doesn't know the definition?!?! Please. What a bunch of BS. Sounds like daddy IS lying. Great job Jeffrey.

  • JB24 Speaks
    JB24 Speaks 8 months ago

    It's so ridiculous you have to ask your self "Is this theatre?" I wish there was a society for full and open debates where issues are debated publicly and frequently. When Lord says "the Klan is the base of the democratic party" you know someone paid him to say that.

  • lovejangie1
    lovejangie1 5 years ago +1

    Good debate. Van Jones and Jeffrey Lords expressed themselves well. It was good to see some substance discussed in detail.

  • xTheOxx
    xTheOxx 5 years ago +22

    By Jeffrey Lord's definition, pointing out someone is racist is an act of racism. Makes no sense.

    If he has no better rebuttal than to point out that the South used to vote democrat (and somehow twist this into the statement that the KKK was progressive!!!) then he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

    • xTheOxx
      xTheOxx Year ago

      @Chosen 1
      And if someone slaps you in the face, saying they slapped you in the face is the same as slapping them in the face.

    • Chosen 1
      Chosen 1 Year ago +1

      xTheOxx actually it makes allot of sense.

  • randy1285
    randy1285 5 years ago

    I found this fascinating as I watched it live...I could imagine the producers, the other people onstage, and the cameramen transfixed by Van's visceral outrage at Jeff trying to defend Trump's decisions....I was amazed that no one jumped in, and that the producers let it go on so long...What made it so real was Van's obvious discomfort with something that should have been so obvious for Trump, and Jeff, to understand how incomprehensible in 2016 that anyone would not immediately disavow and ridicule an endorsement by the KKK, regardless of party affiliation. That Jeff used the fact that the KKK used to support democrats is completely irrelevant to how voters today would take an endorsement like that....While Trump may have been hedging his bets, because we all know that there are a lot of racist voters out there, it was unbelievable when i saw it, and agree with Van 100%...Does it hurt Trump? I don't know, does it hurt Bernie when Russel Simmons says that Bernie is not sympathetic to blacks....

  • thisQUEENwon'tQUIT
    thisQUEENwon'tQUIT 5 years ago

    thank you for standing up for what is right VJ and telling it how it is....it is absurd that this is the leading runner for the republicans

    • Metal Detroit
      Metal Detroit 5 years ago

      Jones is a hypocrite. - he supports Hillary Clinton.
      When will Hillary renounce her friendship with Robert Bryd - a KKK Grand Dragon ?

  • Rock Fortune Records
    Rock Fortune Records 5 years ago +6

    Keep the masses divided, easier to control.

    • Tracy Clark
      Tracy Clark 5 years ago

      damn rock yu got s damn good point there Mr,,,,,,

  • nomoreserfs
    nomoreserfs 5 years ago +3

    I would like to see Van Jones and David Duke have a conversation.

  • Harry Huckleberry
    Harry Huckleberry 5 years ago +8

    "What difference does it make?!" Lol this line is trending slowly but surely on the left for some strange reason

    • Jolene Jones
      Jolene Jones 7 months ago

      @The Valve Donald Trump is not going to disavow any group that would support him, no matter how rotten to the core they are. In fact, the more rotten the better to him. They're his kind of people.

    • Tyler Hingleton
      Tyler Hingleton 9 months ago +1

      @The Valve Cuz his pops, Fred Trump, was part of the Klan himself, and was reportedly arrested back in the year 1927. I'm surprised Van didn't bring that point up to this Trump lackey lmao

    • The Valve
      The Valve Year ago +2

      He’s talking about the party now. This guy keeps bringing up an Old way they were. But vans question is “whether it’s this or that, it’s bad. So why does Trump not disown the “democratic” KKK? Seems like a slam dunk

  • Penaldo Man
    Penaldo Man 7 months ago +1

    Funny how he says he didn't want to see his child watch the Kardashian's & now he's flirting with one.

    Maybe his son was right. Van Jones, you're liar

  • Thomas Hoffer
    Thomas Hoffer 5 years ago +64

    He disavowed like 10 times

    • Thomas Hoffer
      Thomas Hoffer 5 years ago

      @cierrasme not really but he couldn't hear in the interview. He said give me a list and I will tell you. Which he never acknowledged the kkk.

    • cierrasme
      cierrasme 5 years ago

      +tom k he denied several times in that one interview guy and I am a woman

    • Thomas Hoffer
      Thomas Hoffer 5 years ago

      @cierrasme one interview guy.

    • SWANNY
      SWANNY 5 years ago

      Good point. He did act very dismissive of them

    • TheSpokenWizard
      TheSpokenWizard 5 years ago

      +Mike Swan I think his reaction was like that because he doesn't want to even acknowledge the kkk as being legitimate because he is not a racist and doesn't want to be on the defensive all the time. plus, the media has been the one who interjected race.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago +12

    2:54 I actually have to agree with the guy. Dividing by race is what everyone needs to stop doing. Everyone is, bottom line, Americans now. We accept all the groups that divide by race and everyone just needs to accept them? I say treat them all the same when they form up and get rid of them. KKK, BLM...anything related to race and treat everyone equal. Theres groups set up all over this country that revolve around race and to be honest it is sick. We have black fraternities on college campuses, native American college funds...yet everyone is "equal". If a college fund what set up for just caucasians there would be a huge issue. It all just needs to stop.

    • ZeriocTheTank
      ZeriocTheTank 2 years ago

      Did you hear about the uproar that happened when people were upset about a white dating site. People were so up in arms about it. Claiming that they could just simply go to the bar, and meet someone. You have dating websites for damn near everything, but when Becky with the good hair wants to be with someone that's her race apparently it's a bad thing.

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 5 years ago +1

      @***** That reply made no sense at all or had a point

  • Katherine McIntosh
    Katherine McIntosh 5 years ago

    "Dividing people by race," as is repeated over and over by some in the GOP is quite different than openly acknowledging that there is, in fact, a racial divide in our country and discussing it.

  • Phabian !
    Phabian ! 5 years ago +2

    We can't live in a colorblind country until we address what this place has put Black Americans through and how there were never any kind of reparations. Once black people were released from slavery they still lived in a country that openly viewed them as second class citizens up until the 60's. That was barely over fifty years ago.....Just think about all that..There's only been a little over 50 yrs of black people living with the same rights as white people vs the 400+ years of black people living in this country as slaves, second class citizens, and outcasts to white society.

    Don't you think there are going to be side effects?

    Don't you think that's a pretty traumatic state to live in for hundreds of years?

    What has the U.S government done to make up for this?

    Any kind of rights black people obtained were fought for, and millions of black people gave their lives to obtain those rights. There was never any kind of "i'm sorry" shown from the U.S government or any kind of effort to clean up the mess this country made. Until that happens, we will never live in a colorblind country.

  • Sky Captain
    Sky Captain 5 years ago +38

    haha "Dad, you're a liar!" - maybe he DOES know what it means!

    • Eric Melvin
      Eric Melvin 3 months ago

      And so are you

    • Jolene Jones
      Jolene Jones 7 months ago

      @Alpha Bogeyman Baron hopefully can figure it out. Good thing that Donald doesn't parent much.

    • Jolene Jones
      Jolene Jones 7 months ago

      @Turbo Jones Many kids did, and even they saw what an asshole Trump was.

    • Alpha Bogeyman
      Alpha Bogeyman Year ago

      How does he think Baron Trump feels when CNN etc all call Trump a liar,racist etc every night?.

    • chicken noodle soup
      chicken noodle soup 3 years ago


  • mtklaric
    mtklaric 5 years ago +34

    bringing his 7yr old son into the conversation for emotional impact is as low as one can go

    • Jolene Jones
      Jolene Jones 7 months ago

      @Zenjaro Armstrong If someone has something to offer Trump that he can use, it doesn't matter where it comes from, he'll take it.

    • Harrison Shone
      Harrison Shone 4 years ago

      Which 7 year old?

    • mtklaric
      mtklaric 5 years ago +1

      there is no excuse...he uses his son as canon fodder...

    • Zenjaro Armstrong
      Zenjaro Armstrong 5 years ago +5

      +mtklaric Being a psychopath running in the republican party is as low as one can go. Tough on terrorism except when its domestic.

  • thirteendays13
    thirteendays13 5 years ago

    You're dividing people by race by quoting my candidate. Nice deflection there! And fallacy of logic.

  • Corbin
    Corbin 5 years ago

    Classic Van Jones, trying to dig as deep as he can to find an excuse to pull the race card.

  • Cam World
    Cam World 2 years ago +1

    Great debate.. big van jones fan

  • origin unknown
    origin unknown 5 years ago +2

    "Move to Canada" searches on Google hit an all-time high after super Tuesday.

  • PearlyMickey
    PearlyMickey 5 years ago

    I love how Van Jones forgets that Hillary was BFF with the head of the KKK and Trump disavowed the KKK.

  • johnsonapp
    johnsonapp 5 years ago

    Merry Christmas CNN, you got the sound bite you were looking for. Time to give Van Jones a raise.

  • Worst Animator
    Worst Animator 5 years ago

    He makes a good point

  • Andrew Humes
    Andrew Humes 5 years ago +28

    CNN needs to talk Jeffrey Lord and tell him that he won't be coming on anymore. Not because he is a conservative, but because he doesn't understand what the hell he is talking about.

    • Devon Graham
      Devon Graham 2 years ago

      Andrew Humes How dare you!

    • Ryan
      Ryan 5 years ago

      +SlypherSpoons RU-clip needs to talk SlypherSpoons and tell him that he won't be commenting on videos anymore. Not because he doesn't understand what the hell he is talking about, but because he used the term "fucking fuck".

      Like, honestly, how old are you.

    • Steve WS
      Steve WS 5 years ago

      +Andrew Humes - Agreed. On another note - Hawks look pretty good. Used to live very close to Princes Park and my old team had a horrible showing against Essendon the other night. Shocking.

      Drumpf Sucks !!

  • Justin M. De Senso
    Justin M. De Senso 5 years ago

    Lord gives straw man after straw man, and Jones doesn't call him on it. This is a perfect example of how and why Trump is so successful: we live in a time when logical fallacy passes as argument.

  • Mr. Prince
    Mr. Prince 5 years ago +31

    "innocent BLACK kids"- 'no innocent, kids." I actually get what Jeffery is saying. I'm independent and I think the demacrats use racially dividing words way too much. The Republicans mostly call Americans, no matter the race, Americans; well, except illegal immegrants, and I prefer that tone better than the Dems saying Latinos, black, whites, Asians. We're all Americans. I loved round two of their passionate conversation.

    • Randy Trollinger
      Randy Trollinger 3 months ago

      I am in my 50's been all over the South and never run into the Kkk,,load of crap,,very few of them ,,more fake drama

    • lordsonnyxixi
      lordsonnyxixi 3 years ago

      have you ever heard of the song "Despacito" by Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee?

    • John Duh
      John Duh 3 years ago

      @James Washington I think you don't know shit about American history.

    • John Duh
      John Duh 3 years ago +1

      @lordsonnyxixi And blaming "white" people in 2018 for everything isn't helping anyone.

    • Suzanne Sands
      Suzanne Sands 3 years ago +1

      Illegal immigrants are not Americans --- just an FYI.

  • Daniel Placencia
    Daniel Placencia 5 years ago +1

    That's why they keep saying things like we're going to take this country back

  • SlyDessertFox
    SlyDessertFox 5 years ago

    The cognitive dissonance in the comments section is amazing.

  • Dutch
    Dutch 5 years ago +2

    Jeffrey Lord acting like he knows history but doesn't know what "Nixon's Southern Strategy" was

  • FancyPants208
    FancyPants208 5 years ago

    The Democratic party from that time was a completely different party than it is now. There was a major party shift through the years basically flipping the parties over on opposite sides, where the democratic party of back then encompasses more conservative values and can more properly identify with the modern GOP.

  • Big Speed's
    Big Speed's 5 years ago +44

    reading the comment I would of thought this was a clip from Fox news.

    • Big Speed's
      Big Speed's Year ago

      @Charlie is it cold in Russia. This is like 4 years ago. You suppose to trolling the new stuff. I hope you don't lose your job for this. These election has always begin a boom in Russia.

    • Charlie
      Charlie Year ago +1

      umadbro calm down my brova

    • Blue Wolf
      Blue Wolf 2 years ago +1

      Fox fans don't stay in echo chambers.

    • Bryton's Thoughts
      Bryton's Thoughts 5 years ago

      +Brendan Fletcher
      Also, the CBC is about as bad as RT.
      Don't listen to that propaganda bullshit.

    • Bryton's Thoughts
      Bryton's Thoughts 5 years ago

      +Brendan Fletcher
      I was that 12% boy.
      I'm sad we live in this country that a majority are against Trump and for Bernie.
      Are country is mostly leftist and with that, one sided. I will only support Trump again if he reveals more of his plan in-depth when he becomes the nomination.

  • Sam Luciano
    Sam Luciano 5 years ago

    Good Job Jeffery, put Van Jones in his seat

  • jeff snider
    jeff snider Year ago +2

    Liberalism divides by race.

  • glennaui126 10289060
    glennaui126 10289060 4 years ago

    Joining his son and playing the victim card... he lost

  • aakksshhaayy
    aakksshhaayy 5 years ago +2

    This is the stupidest argument I have ever heard

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 5 years ago

    go easy on the guy with the glasses you can tell he hasnt done his homework ,,,lol

  • Mustang Medic
    Mustang Medic 4 years ago +1

    Wow his son knows he's a liar

  • 前人未至之境JTN
    前人未至之境JTN 5 years ago

    Sanders and Cruz won Oklahoma. Awesome!

  • Bendover beautiful
    Bendover beautiful 5 years ago

    you know your big when you got people trying to destroy your image

  • TheRepty818
    TheRepty818 2 years ago +1

    Looking back, the problem about stupid debates like this is that there are people dumb enough to believe the BS that Jeffrey Lord is spewing. Looking at the comments there are a lot of misinformed people out there who quote lies that Lord states so they can repeat them as facts.

  • Nay Web
    Nay Web 5 years ago

    50 years ago, too long to count, 150 years ago, too short to forget, talk about a win win. Democrats make sure they can't lose.

    • Dude Like Seriously
      Dude Like Seriously Year ago

      Slavery can never be forgotten. Same with the holocaust. Dont be ridiculous.

  • RonJohn63
    RonJohn63 5 years ago

    The problem is that both Lord (about the Dems dividing by race and the Klan's history, though Populist instead of Progressive) and Jones (about the Klan NOW) are correct.

  • GoldenBoy
    GoldenBoy 5 years ago +1

    The debate moderator Cooper was wise to let this go on.If it was Don Lemmon, he would have got scared and stopped the debate immediately, as he so does often whenever people go deep into debate

  • Jay Crow
    Jay Crow 5 years ago

    preach brother

  • Decimator Entertainment Studios

    Does anyone take van Jones seriously? Read a history book already

  • StraightUpTruth
    StraightUpTruth Month ago

    Absolute 🔥 years later.

  • dubya85
    dubya85 5 years ago +3

    hes right about democrats deviding by race.

    • Trumpian™
      Trumpian™ 5 years ago

      +bkcpisme Stacked argument. Damn!

    • bkcpisme
      bkcpisme 5 years ago

      @37OH55V Sure, but when has anyone in the Democratic Party since after the Civil Rights Act ever stumped with radically racist policies like Trump has?

    • 37OH55V
      37OH55V 5 years ago +1

      @bkcpisme I'm from out of town, so to speak, my friend, so I am an outsider looking in on it all. For whatever this is worth to you, or not, both of your political parties are comprised of individuals, and neither one of your political parties has a monopoly over the other in terms of racism, or sexism for that matter. Not to be construed as a judgement, friend, just an observation.

    • bkcpisme
      bkcpisme 5 years ago

      @37OH55V So folks who would later be considered Republicans, then, is what you're saying. The Democratic Party to which you refer stopped being that when Strom Thurmond left the party to join the Republicans, around the time the Civil Rights Act was signed.

    • bkcpisme
      bkcpisme 5 years ago

      +dubya85 I'd like an example too, please.

  • lstar rtna
    lstar rtna 5 years ago +2

    I was waiting for the violin moment with the mention of his little children.

    • The Valve
      The Valve Year ago +1

      He mentions his children because it’s true. .... When we were taught to NOT act like someone like Trump all our lives, What are we supposed to say to our children about these double standards?

  • Professor Rocketsauce

    Donald Trump 4.5 years later asked to address white supremacists on prime time TV:

    “Stand back and standby”

  • Piecesrestonthabed
    Piecesrestonthabed 5 years ago

    "repeats what trump says" quit being racist!!!

  • Mr Reign
    Mr Reign 5 years ago

    He want even Face the Facts

  • Brendan
    Brendan 3 years ago +5

    Van Jones is insane!!

    IGSTER 5 years ago

    Bravo Jeffery .

  • Adriana Rizo
    Adriana Rizo 2 years ago +2

    Van got owned!😎👍🏻

  • bab00n15
    bab00n15 5 years ago

    "we have to make sure this country is colorblind" that's how u know someone is a racist. they can't tolerate other colors. I love my brown ass skin. Learn to look at it and love it. The earthing is shrinking every generation.

  • neogigo
    neogigo 5 years ago +1

    Upload the complete clip

  • Mommaroni
    Mommaroni 5 years ago +5

    And vann gets his owned LMFAO

  • Curtis
    Curtis 5 years ago +1

    The greatest thing I've ever seen on tv...

  • Number 4
    Number 4 2 years ago +2

    Jeffery, I’m a fan!

  • brian lupinsky
    brian lupinsky 5 years ago +1

    and man came back and klan came back was the last thing he ever saw.

  • StrawberryShortcake Mitchell

    donald trump said i disavow kkk a hundred times. good grief. they indorse him trump did not indorse them. how many times does he have to say i disavow

  • Y Me
    Y Me 5 years ago +3

    CNN.... o CNN.... let's not be TOO one sided today.

  • rayman 19
    rayman 19 4 years ago

    Van jones owned compilation

  • R D
    R D 5 years ago +2

    Van Jones the divider and one of many.

  • calito2011
    calito2011 5 years ago +1

    So Hilary clinton is perfect?

  • Tyler Stanley
    Tyler Stanley 5 years ago

    This is a time when Democrats and Republicans can unite against a common threat and Lord can't help but talk in terms of leftists and rightists. I can't help but weep for him and his *blind faith* to neo-conservative ideology.

    • Tyler Stanley
      Tyler Stanley 5 years ago

      I am not politically affiliated. I am viewing this whole issue as if I was an outsider. Notice the phrase I emboldened; that is where the issue lies.

    • Metal Detroit
      Metal Detroit 5 years ago

      Aren't you guilty of the exact same thing?

  • Bobby J
    Bobby J 5 years ago +14

    "it is...the democratic party of today divides by race" BOOM!

  • professorjams
    professorjams 5 years ago +1

    Good conversation , trump may be an ass at times, but to label the klan with him is why American politics is in the trouble its in.

    • delirium1326
      delirium1326 5 years ago

      +Nathaniel Wright (N. C. Wright) the Klan is a boogeyman people bring up when trying demonize white people. they haven't been relevant for decades. when was the last time the Klan did anythjng? how many members does it have? now compare that to Islamic terrorists organizations today.

    • Nathaniel Wright
      Nathaniel Wright 5 years ago

      trump was not labeled with the clan, the criticism was that he's passionate about stopping Isis but not homegrown terrorist in our own country

  • Daylan Tiogangco
    Daylan Tiogangco 3 years ago

    Van Jones is so bent left, he's falling off the face of Reality and Truth!

  • Dangis Congrataway
    Dangis Congrataway 5 years ago +1

    They both have truth behind their voice, but their problem is that they try to stand on their point without trying to adapt his words to meet his and see where they contradict, simply put, they are over nothing because they are making a stand

  • Datlef2008
    Datlef2008 3 years ago +1

    that was 50 years ago but he still holds on to the slavery thing smh

  • Adinix
    Adinix 5 years ago +6

    "Low Information" pundits

  • AridoAmerican Nationalist

    What about when Democrats refused to apologize to the police officer who was exonerated of Michael Brown's murder because the kid tried to take his gun???

  • oasis supernova
    oasis supernova 5 years ago

    Yeah the Klan is such a huge problem. give me a break.

  • Daniel Placencia
    Daniel Placencia 5 years ago +4

    That's why they keep saying things like we're going to take this country backtake this country back from what

    • Aaron Chand
      Aaron Chand 2 years ago

      @Robert Johnson code word for rascist

    • WorldBelongsToUs
      WorldBelongsToUs 5 years ago +3

      +Daniel Placencia Take back from what? Our money makers of the country are LEAVING the country. All in favor of cheap labor and manipulated currencies outside. Countries like China and Mexico. Our leaders manage poorly. Look at companies like Smithfield Foods - an American company acquired by a Chinese company. Why didn't we try to monetize their pork? I worked with an Australian company GIPP doing trade into China. The Chinese made exclusive deals with Tariffs and both countries benefit from it. Why aren't we doing that? Because bad deal makers. This is my career. I've also worked with other clients like Firesky bananas. We need to TAKE it BACK. Ask away.

    • Daniel Placencia
      Daniel Placencia 5 years ago

      +Robert Johnson you should tell Lil that to your Republican nominees tell him about their failed policies and why we came into the recession

    • Robert Johnson
      Robert Johnson 5 years ago +1

      +Daniel Placencia When did I blame all our problems on immigration? High taxes that cause companies to leave and take jobs with them is a big problem too. Subsidizing low income jobs with welfare (more taxes) is just another way of perpetuating the problem. We need to lower taxes to bring back companies that provide better paying manufacturing jobs. Not everybody has the ability or aptitude to go to college so how do you expect these people to better themselves without better paying manufacturing jobs? And giving away all our low paying, manual labor jobs to illegal immigrants (they take good jobs too) doesn't help either. We have our own low skilled Americans that need these jobs desperately. Agricultural jobs can be done by immigrants that come here legally with green cards.

    • Daniel Placencia
      Daniel Placencia 5 years ago +2

      +Robert Johnson I find it funny how you blame immigration on all this country's problems instead of your Republican establishment for making all these failed policies for the money to go to the rich and for the poor to get poorer seems to me that you were part of the problem and not the solution

  • Mike Jacobs
    Mike Jacobs 5 years ago

    I agree we should not have any disagreements with any group that threatens a person based on race that is not America. Its a disgrace that this man cant see that!

  • durbeyfield
    durbeyfield 5 years ago +2

    this is baffling

  • Carla Louisa
    Carla Louisa 5 years ago +1

    Color blind doesn't work. Look at the research. We need to embrace and celebrate our differences and draw strength from these differences. I agree with Van Jones. That someone (of ANY party) has the audacity to say such insensitive comments and to engage in this name-calling based on race, sex and religion is appalling. That people are stirred to vote for such an individual is downright scary. Party membership is irrelevant. Where is the voice of reason? Where is the voice of compassion?

  • Terry Gunzales
    Terry Gunzales 5 years ago

    Invite Van Jones on the show to see if there is any credit left on the race card. LMAO

    • Terry Gunzales
      Terry Gunzales 5 years ago

      @Jency Victor
      I guess you have not heard what Donald Trump's response was to the issue? Look it up.

      "Where's my damn race card when I need it, dammit?" Amazing how the assholes conglomerate and stink up the place when they are collectively losing their asses. I know...it's nature.

  • Cornelius Paulson
    Cornelius Paulson 5 years ago +6

    Van jones got his ass handed to him. LOL

    • S T
      S T 8 months ago

      You must have watched a completely different video. Lord is a fool.

    • knightmire
      knightmire 5 years ago

      lol wut

    • Mommaroni
      Mommaroni 5 years ago

      Hell yes he did lol

  • M S
    M S 5 years ago

    trump's a man with a clan, i mean a plan. just kidding- go trump

  • Connie Choe
    Connie Choe 5 years ago

    Being color-blind has never and will never fix the problem. The problem lies with terrorist groups, such as the KKK, and xenophobic folk, such as Donald Trump, who ignore the issues of race, but utilize racial anti-sentiment in order to get elected by the people who are racist and discriminatory to begin with. Took everything I had not to throw something while watching this.

  • AKBuilder762
    AKBuilder762 5 years ago

    What about Hillary Clinton and Sen. Robert KKK Bird?
    Let's see what Van Jones has to say about that.
    She praised Bird knowing he was in the KKK.

  • Meymeygwis
    Meymeygwis 5 years ago +3

    Wow, this Trump supporter is nothing but a baiter…clearly a master at evasion, division, deception and controversy but totally disregarding of the actual issue at hand and authentic dialogue on the topic. This Van Jones is a very patient, classy and gracious fellow.

    • Blue Wolf
      Blue Wolf 2 years ago

      This has to be sarcasm.

  • Daniel Placencia
    Daniel Placencia 5 years ago

    There's just no talking no sense in to these guys for some reason they think it's a Democratic Party to separate and everybody

  • FreedomFighter2112
    FreedomFighter2112 5 years ago

    Hearing Jeffrey Lord call the KKK a bunch of Leftists and Progressives is the funniest thing I've heard in a very long time. That's kind of like calling Code Pink a bunch of Right-Wingers.

    • FreedomFighter2112
      FreedomFighter2112 5 years ago

      +FreedomFighter2112 Then why aren't the KKK and other Supremacist groups endorsing Bernie Sanders? lol And why are they endorsing Republicans and Donald Trump? I dare you to call a KKK member a "Leftist", a "Liberal", or a "Progressive"...LMAO

    • FreedomFighter2112
      FreedomFighter2112 5 years ago

      +Haley Smith This is 2016, not the 1950s.
      ---Prior to the formation of the Conservative coalition, which helped realign the Democratic and Republican party ideologies in the mid-1960s, the Republican party historically advocated Liberalism and Progressivism. Whereas, the Southern Democratic Party advocated Conservatism. In other words, the Southern Democratic Party was the Conservative Party and the Republican Party was the Liberal/Progressive Party during the civil war era all the way up until the 1960s. Lincoln himself was very much a Liberal and Progressive President who was hated by the Southern Conservatives....Especially by the Southern Civil War heroes who saw Lincoln and others from the North as "Liberal Yankees".
      ---The civil rights act in 1964 was the major turning point. This is the period when the Parties basically switched sides…names. The Democratic Party would now become the Liberal Party and the Republican Party would now become the Conservative Party. This is when the majority of Southern states literally turned from Blue to Red overnight as the Republican Party lured and accepted the Racist Dixiecrats into their Party. The Dixiecrats were angry at the Democrats for passing the Civil Rights act and giving Blacks and other minorities various rights and threatening desegregation.
      ---So for those out there saying that Democrats had KKK members in the past, you're exactly right but that's because back then the Southern Democratic Party was the Party of Conservatives. Even MLK was a member of the Republican Party back when the Republican Party was the Party of Liberals and Progressives. However, as I mentioned before, that all changed once the civil rights act took place. Blacks, including MLK, switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party and the Racist Dixiecrats (Democrats from the South) switched to the Republican Party.---Now, the KKK and other White Supremacist groups vote Republican and support people like Donald Trump and other Republican politicians that spew hatred towards minorities. Trying to get a KKK member to vote for a Democrat today would be like trying to get a member from Code Pink or Black Lives Matter to vote for a Republican.

    • FreedomFighter2112
      FreedomFighter2112 5 years ago

      +Knas Knas I'm not talking about 50 years ago, I'm talking about today's era.

    • Knas Knas
      Knas Knas 5 years ago +2

      +FreedomFighter2112 I suggest you make some research on the KKK, you´ll find out that it is infact a movement that was supported by the democratic party, since the republican party in the 1860´s and 1870´s was opposing slavery, KKK was a resistance of the republicans goal of establishing equality for black americans. www.history.com/topics/ku-klux-klan

  • todoroki LaFlame
    todoroki LaFlame Year ago +1

    Why is jones whining

  • Atlee Lang
    Atlee Lang 5 years ago +30

    Geez Van, keep your hands to yourself

    • GrowBetter
      GrowBetter 5 years ago +1

      @Noses Malone There is no defense for grabbing someone you are debating with Noses. The rest of your babble is unintelligible.

    • GrowBetter
      GrowBetter 5 years ago +3

      @Kaladin Stormblessed Don't grab me in a contentious discussion. That's it period. Write a book Kaladin, don't care. Just don't do it.

    • Kaladin Stormblessed
      Kaladin Stormblessed 5 years ago +2

      +GrowBetter "Blatant intimidation and bullying" isn't that a bit of an over statement? The very notion itself is distorted through interpretation creating an obfuscating perspective to other individuals. Therefore, I have to disagree with your sentiment. Believe it or not, that is just how some people communicate even if the tension is high. Intimidation and bullying both have a negative connotation, typically associated with adverse behaviors (e.g. fighting, pushing, slandering, etc.) What transpired here does not in the least come anywhere near your referendum.

    • GrowBetter
      GrowBetter 5 years ago +3

      +Atlee Lang No kidding. I would've slapped that hand off faster then he could blink. Blatant intimidation and bullying.

  • epicdeuce
    epicdeuce 5 years ago +1

    Left is starting to get desperate.

  • Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson 5 years ago +1

    CNN race card BOYCOTT CNN!!!

  • brett hatfield
    brett hatfield 3 years ago

    van jones.. what an embarrassment

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez Year ago

    Van Jones was delusional back then. Hes eased up on Trump and has caught backlash

  • King Trump
    King Trump 5 years ago +17

    I do not see black or white, I see American, something the man with glasses certainly does not see... #AllLivesMater

    Trump 2016

    • SWANNY
      SWANNY 5 years ago

      His reaction to the question was alarmingly non passionate

    • jidf32
      jidf32 5 years ago

      +Lord Donald Trump (Trump Will Dominate The World) saying you dont see black or white is an insult. If you can see height and weight why cant you see race? the trick isnt to not see race but to see it and not care

    • bkcpisme
      bkcpisme 5 years ago +3

      +Lord Donald Trump (Trump Will Dominate The World) Yes, all lives matter, but not all lives are treated the same in this country, particularly when race is involved. Being color blind only serves to ignore the systemic and institutionalized plight of minorities in this country.

    • 7meterScarf
      7meterScarf 5 years ago

      +Lord Donald Trump (Trump Will Dominate The World)
      You forgot to add Sith to the beginning of your name. It would fit better with the picture... just saying.

  • Same Day
    Same Day 5 years ago

    ??? did he just blame the Democrats for racism? lol

  • Rick
    Rick 2 years ago

    “Dad you’re a liar”...it’s pretty bad when your young kids call you out on your bullshit😂😂

    AMIR ABBAS 5 years ago

    Trump 2016!

  • David Martin
    David Martin 5 years ago +2

    Only time I see black and whites divided is when government is involved. My god people let it go. Nobody alive today was part of what happened to slaves. I had the KKK burning crossed up the street where I lived in a field and I had black friends and some great friends. Color never mattered to me ever. I use to ride my bike with a black girl up the street and go fishing with black friends. We played sport together, lifted weights at school and never did whites and blacks have a problem. We never had an issue. the retired black lady running the register at Walmart when I go there is the sweetest person I know. I am white. Once you turn on the damn TV its a problem again.... You really want to help us all lets get a person that will bring jobs back to this country. The democrats have proven to approve things that do not do that.

  • Thespectre82
    Thespectre82 5 years ago +8

    deflect deflect deflect

  • dietlamp
    dietlamp 4 years ago +1

    The KKK officially endorsed Donald Trump. I think it's safe to assume that every racist in America voted for Trump.