Top 15 Scary School Teacher Encounter Videos

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • Narrated by Chills:
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    In this top 15 list, we look at the most scary encounters with school teachers that were caught on video. These events show that teacher's aren't always on their best behaviour. Enjoy our analysis of these videos.
    Written by: jessicaholom
    Edited by: The Benson Brothers
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  • Top15s
    Top15s  Year ago +645

    *This video was narrated by Chills.*

    • Dan Sorbie
      Dan Sorbie Month ago

      We had a teacher who would throw chalkboard erasers at your head, then make you pick it up

    • cool fun things
      cool fun things 3 months ago

      oh top15 on my bus as a kid a kid who cant talk right he attacked ppl on the bus and we had to call the cops i was crying as a kid but a kid cumvert me it was scary :( his name was frank

    • Gail Boyd
      Gail Boyd 3 months ago

      I hope classrooms are being monitored for behavior/actions of both teachers & students as well as what teachers are actually teaching students in USA !!!

  • The 9ine God
    The 9ine God Day ago +1

    Kids are entitled douchebags disrespectful af no wonder why these teachers snap. The second one number 14. That's a chill ass teacher she taught me and my class. She was so fun and cool. I cannot believe that happened to her.

  • Erica Smith
    Erica Smith 2 days ago +1

    That #1 spot tho... If a teacher ever put her hands on my kindergartener like that she would be eating from a straw..

  • Elsa Innamorato
    Elsa Innamorato 2 days ago

    #6 he's too violent. It's hard for me to accept this behavior

  • Rac9 kingx666
    Rac9 kingx666 3 days ago

    U made the pomegranates seem likes its scary but it is actually a funny ass meme

  • Allie H
    Allie H 3 days ago

    I love his videos but I can’t listen to them cuz his voice makes me nauseous

  • Runwayboy
    Runwayboy 3 days ago +1

    10:21 I was about to say that was an April fool's day joke.

  • Lord Hentai
    Lord Hentai 3 days ago

    I love number 14 teacher😍😍😍

  • The Galaxy Moon crystal

    16. me

  • Dullbox
    Dullbox 5 days ago +1

    I go to the school that was on number 15

  • Vaz123
    Vaz123 5 days ago +1

    I need Great Big Story or just any person to make a video about how he got his voice

    • gas1304
      gas1304 12 hours ago

      I've read somewhere that he has punctured a lung. I hardly notice his voice anymore. I like his contest so much!

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 5 days ago

    #8 Was terrifying. Imagine if that was you. Phew i would low-key have a panick Attack lmao. Idk what happened but that one gave me a panick Attack 😅🙃

  • Kortney Barton
    Kortney Barton 5 days ago

    Good thing number 6 is not a real person

  • Desert Rats
    Desert Rats 5 days ago

    A first grader does not like to walk lol

  • Diego Przygoda
    Diego Przygoda 6 days ago

    Why didn’t you show us all the videos for all of the entries

  • Boston Crawford
    Boston Crawford 6 days ago

    I saw memes about #5 and thought the teacher was a man

  • Jalen Yellow Wolf
    Jalen Yellow Wolf 6 days ago

    For all of u out there, if u guys think this is a prank, funny, or good, u should learn about what's right and what's wrong 🤷🤦

  • Jon Maher
    Jon Maher 6 days ago

    Yo Chills number 5 you know it too.. just say it. It was an April fool's joke bro..

  • Jon Maher
    Jon Maher 6 days ago

    No different than the Victorian days, if you expect or force others to teach your children they should be allowed some things. If your child is crap to you just imagine how many more children some of those teachers have had to deal with. Punish your children before they mess with the teachers life/work... just imagine how some parents act/talk towards their children. and parents still have the nerve to want to punish the teachers.. really?

  • TheGamerBoys
    TheGamerBoys 6 days ago

    This vid isn't scary the only reason why it even could be scary is the music in the backround and the way he talks.

  • the fire mincart aka purple guy afton

    this charles is great cotent its funny how crazzy they are

  • the fire mincart aka purple guy afton

    its possible i have got away with recording on a bus so its possible

  • Randxm Sxph
    Randxm Sxph 7 days ago +1

    The last one had me mad bc it I saw my little sis teacher doing something like that to her for no reason I would beat the crap outta that rat teachers have no right to throw some kid against a wall for no reason..that just breaks my heart..

  • Meme Regular
    Meme Regular 7 days ago

    Number 8:
    Rasisct Part of the Video

  • Ben Jammin
    Ben Jammin 7 days ago +1

    I really feel like half of these are taken out of context. Or altered to make it seem horrible. Kids anymore push to get a rise and they know they will not get into any trouble as they record it. The world is turning into a horrible place. Kids do as they please and teachers are to walk on tip toes.

  • Scarlett Ford
    Scarlett Ford 8 days ago

    But... This is a bit much.

  • Scarlett Ford
    Scarlett Ford 8 days ago

    You would never understand if you have never taught...

  • Cq Thatdude
    Cq Thatdude 8 days ago +1

    #13. You're right, she should have just taken the phone away

  • Locket loves you
    Locket loves you 8 days ago

    Top15s: number 15

  • xWoomyx
    xWoomyx 8 days ago

    I remember when the dragging incident happened

  • joebaby1975
    joebaby1975 9 days ago +1

    Some kids are assholes. They disrupt and disrespect teachers and make it hard for students who want to learn.

  • Gino Fidone
    Gino Fidone 9 days ago

    Bro #7 is a prank video

  • 904lifestyle
    904lifestyle 10 days ago

    #14 kid was doped up obviously, he deserved the embarrassment his parents didn't care probably be cause they knew he'd go to juvy or be expelled if she wanted to get him in trouble... She handled it perfect

  • Irene Cvietkovich
    Irene Cvietkovich 11 days ago

    The teacher at number 1 should have been fired not suspended she attacked the kid wtf is wrong with the schools system?

  • Whatever JustGoAway
    Whatever JustGoAway 11 days ago +1

    I'm sorry but it's NEVER ok to to put your hands on a student the way the teacher in #1 did. I am in 100% agreement with that child's parents.

  • Abdur Rahman
    Abdur Rahman 11 days ago

    You sound like the yt chills who dose the same topic as u interesting

  • Nikhil king GAMER
    Nikhil king GAMER 12 days ago

    One thing I want to say that I call these teacher's $#&@++@ CRAZY 😅😅😅😅

  • RedLips Menroe
    RedLips Menroe 12 days ago

    Number 5 is actually, a teacher who showed their students a way NOT to act like. Shes not actually insane, shes acting like that, to show the students to not act like that.

  • Justyna Jakacki
    Justyna Jakacki 12 days ago

    Our principal dragged my friend by his leg down the hall...... (in 6th grade)

  • Marlene Sutherin
    Marlene Sutherin 12 days ago +1

    Have them sleep at home! Why bother going to school at all?! It’s ridiculous that a student is allowed to sit there and sleep and stead of paying attention? And what do you or anyone eles want to do ??is what condemn the teacher? Bull crap! One minute and 44 seconds into the video and this is what you want to say that the teachers wrong b..crap do you want to sleep go at home.

    • cringeynotpopularkid
      cringeynotpopularkid 10 days ago


  • blanca pacheco
    blanca pacheco 13 days ago

    Hey you do realize that the music one is a prank

  • Jennifer Riedemann
    Jennifer Riedemann 14 days ago

    I thought my grade 6 teacher was a freak...he konked some kid on the head with a math textbook...& if you weren’t paying attention, he’d throw a dirty chalkboard brush at you! I was petrified of him...he’d get redder & redder & then just lose it. But he was actually a really good teacher, & I did well in his class...
    I think being a teacher nowadays would be an extremely tough job..

  • Metalbear 81
    Metalbear 81 17 days ago

    10-not disruptive, disrespectful lil fucks, but still the teacher loses when they explode cuz it shows the kids they got to you.

  • Metalbear 81
    Metalbear 81 17 days ago

    12- those punks need to be taught a lesson, a physical lesson

  • Metalbear 81
    Metalbear 81 17 days ago

    13-you take the phone for the day, she went a lil overboard

  • Sassicaprice Mulivrana

    Whoever is reading this and is going through a hard time just know that it gets better it may not seem like it but this too shall pass. Always remember that there are people who love you and care about you. Keep your head up.

  • Brooke Roberts
    Brooke Roberts 17 days ago +1

    Damn these videos look like they were recorded in a 3ds💀😭😂

  • Ewan Urquhart
    Ewan Urquhart 17 days ago

    Video 12 was an absolutely hilarious prank 🙄

  • BekaTayz
    BekaTayz 17 days ago

    Mr Frado sounds like a fun teacher

  • Mr. Randum Guy?¿
    Mr. Randum Guy?¿ 18 days ago +1

    I heard Mr R- my brain was like (they found me)

  • Chips Animations
    Chips Animations 18 days ago

    Wow RIP desk im sad for it

  • Saucy Dud
    Saucy Dud 18 days ago +1

    3:31 I must be nobody then

  • Alex
    Alex 21 day ago

    Did anyone else notice chill said chuesday instead of of tuesday

  • April Thomas
    April Thomas 21 day ago

    I would whoop her ass .. #1

  • April Thomas
    April Thomas 21 day ago

    #4.. on coke

  • Wyatt Koepp
    Wyatt Koepp 22 days ago

    #15 was a deleted scene from The Shining. Jack was a teacher you know...

  • Afshan Khatoon
    Afshan Khatoon 24 days ago

    Loved all my teacher's learnt me how to read and write do plays music sports and a little telling of or screem,in at u when u upset them never hurt no 1

  • Afshan Khatoon
    Afshan Khatoon 24 days ago

    When I was in school in the 90's we had a Tech tha gript me by the scruff of my neck and clout us with a foldead news paper from time to time never made a big deal now a day school are gone to moiest and soft

  • Dirtdobber 08
    Dirtdobber 08 24 days ago +1

    The boy in number 11 the reason why he has behavioral issues is because he needs to be disciplined

  • Aspen_cosアスペン
    Aspen_cosアスペン 25 days ago

    #14, my teacher allows us to sleep in class as long as if we’re not disrupting the class. If the class is misbehaving she keeps her cool but once people leave the class, she cries. She’s one of my favorite teachers and she just had a baby a few months ago.