Selena Gomez Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on Jun 21, 2016
  • James calls on Selena Gomez to help him carpool to work, but not without a stop at an amusement park and a drive-thru first.
    Song list:
    "Same Old Love" - Selena Gomez
    "Come & Get It" - Selena Gomez
    "Hands to Myself" - Selena Gomez
    "Kill Em with Kindness" - Selena Gomez
    "Love You like a Love Song" - Selena Gomez & the Scene
    "Shake It Off" - Taylor Swift
    Promotional consideration furnished by The Coca-Cola Company’s North America Division and McDonald’s USA, LLC.
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Comments • 103 574

  • Luciano Deleon
    Luciano Deleon Hour ago

  • Erin Vinson
    Erin Vinson 6 hours ago

    Best line ever - James " I can't we have to do a hour a day you know! It's the Big Time its 12:37!"

  • Joako Torres
    Joako Torres 7 hours ago

    I need another carpool with selena

  • Mado Trlt
    Mado Trlt 8 hours ago +1

    Selena sings too well and it would have been cool if James had let her sing because he doesn't sing very well.

  • Mado Trlt
    Mado Trlt 8 hours ago +1

    I like the clothes she's wearing too much!!!

  • Frank Bisanen
    Frank Bisanen 12 hours ago

    just be late then celebs gon help u

  • II-Liliana Berry-II
    II-Liliana Berry-II 13 hours ago +1

    3:08 BWAHAHHAHAHAH very funny I kept laughing btw in a good way not in a mean way UwU

  • Vishal 1102
    Vishal 1102 16 hours ago


  • NaghaviSystem
    NaghaviSystem 21 hour ago

    Beiber dumped her because it's rumored that she farts a lot in her sleep

  • Milagros Torres
    Milagros Torres 22 hours ago

    Can Some one get shakira on Carpool karaoke😁😁 pleeeeeeassssseeeeee

  • Angelica Camil
    Angelica Camil Day ago +2

    Who else waiting for carpool karaoke vol.2 ?
    Rare 🥰

  • Sravya Mahathi Bayana

    The people in the back just screaming while trying to listen to Selena Gomez and James Corden sing!

  • H Hy
    H Hy Day ago +1

    How sad that she can't sing on the track and then cant even keep up with the weak ass vocals irl. If it wasn't for nostalgia and her being pretty, she wouldn't be where she is. Just saying

  • Tejas vlv
    Tejas vlv Day ago

    Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare
    Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare
    Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare
    Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare
    Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare
    Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare
    Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare
    Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare

  • Zoe Ruffle
    Zoe Ruffle Day ago

    omg shes perfect

  • Edis Marin
    Edis Marin Day ago

    Selena´s my Girlfriend.Tell everyone.Go. I always sing her songs in my car. Selena is my one and only.

  • Eiffel Tower Paris
    Eiffel Tower Paris Day ago +2

    How did they get that tow truck into the drive thru of McDonald’s??

    • rco rdh
      rco rdh 8 hours ago

      actually this time james actually driving you could hear the engine roar and steering feedback, constant speed and james focus still 70% on the road but in newer billie ellish carpool karaoke you could see it is towed. the steering move unnaturally, too slow, no engine sound and james less focused on road.

  • Mohammed Aldbeky
    Mohammed Aldbeky 2 days ago


  • .
    . 2 days ago

    Soooo cute 😻😻 from Japan🇯🇵

  • Justin grande
    Justin grande 2 days ago

    This carpool karaoke is really fun💘

  • John Alberto Alcantara
    John Alberto Alcantara 2 days ago +1

    No lo puedo creer estoy viendo un concierto de Selena Gómez si pagar no lo puedo creer

  • John Alberto Alcantara

    No lo puedo creer estoy viendo un concierto de Selena Gómez si pagar no lo puedo creer

  • John Alberto Alcantara

    No lo puedo creer estoy viendo un concierto de Selena Gómez si pagar no lo puedo creer

  • Adrian Chudziak
    Adrian Chudziak 3 days ago

    So cut😍😍 Only the best 😍 I love if you laugh 😍😍

  • Lillian Dowell
    Lillian Dowell 3 days ago

    You should do this again with selena

  • Zien Arafeh
    Zien Arafeh 3 days ago

    nobody notice the SAME car in the back?

  • TISHA Khandelwal
    TISHA Khandelwal 3 days ago

    Am i d only only one wrrying....that dear god...they not hit somethin...😂

  • TISHA Khandelwal
    TISHA Khandelwal 3 days ago

    I hope...that she be the bestest..happiest..sassiest...healthiest..chirpiest......persn ...she is...soon..

  • Jaime Chaves
    Jaime Chaves 3 days ago

    Selena lm love may may may you

  • 우연
    우연 3 days ago

    I love her fingers, nails and hands. they are pretty!

  • A Funes
    A Funes 3 days ago +1


  • Kayla Strong
    Kayla Strong 4 days ago

    It’s a trailer that pulls the actual car

  • Pranaykumar Anugurti

    Here after MKBHD tweet 😅

  • María Guadalupe Nava


  • Sur4f1 Yac0b
    Sur4f1 Yac0b 4 days ago +6

    i just found out that James is not driving the car

  • Jessica Vulganová
    Jessica Vulganová 4 days ago

    3:07 🙈
    7:26 😂
    3:57 her laugh is everything ❤️❤️🥰

  • Marine Deletrez
    Marine Deletrez 4 days ago

    8:34 she said look at you now

  • Lala Adriana
    Lala Adriana 4 days ago

    Selena my queen

  • Keirstan Fuller
    Keirstan Fuller 4 days ago

    she’s so soft and wholesome🥺

  • Peppa Shep
    Peppa Shep 4 days ago +1

    How has james not crashed that car once during these carpool karaoke
    He did one with godamn migos

    • Jasmine Remnant
      Jasmine Remnant 4 days ago

      Peppa Shep he doesn’t actually drive the car, someone toss them or something when they record it

    B.L. NANDAGOPAL 4 days ago

    Are you really driving the car or being pulled by a truck in this video

  • Bebe Rexha Universe
    Bebe Rexha Universe 4 days ago

    Who's here after RARE?!

  • Aryana PN
    Aryana PN 4 days ago

    8.36 look at you now... Great day !

  • Michael Annese
    Michael Annese 4 days ago +1

    How can anyone hate this show!

    TANMAY BHAYANI 4 days ago +1

    Selena can’t sing for 💩

  • たいき。
    たいき。 4 days ago


  • Vanessa Delone
    Vanessa Delone 5 days ago

    Guess what! I'm still watching it this week. Who else doing it? Team 2020! Weyyyy

  • Keskin_81
    Keskin_81 5 days ago

    1:20 | best part 😂

  • Siri Villanueva
    Siri Villanueva 5 days ago

  • Aslı Yeniay
    Aslı Yeniay 5 days ago


  • Theteu
    Theteu 6 days ago

    too much fun with this 2 lol

  • Luna
    Luna 6 days ago +24

    Who's up for another carpool karaoke with Selena? I think we need a 2020 version of it with her new album 💖

  • Luna
    Luna 6 days ago

    soooo many references to the songs on Rare haha love it

  • Joaz Broekman
    Joaz Broekman 6 days ago

    Big Smoke's still better.

  • Beyzanur Gür
    Beyzanur Gür 6 days ago

    03:07 selena is so cute

  • Chandhi Liyanearachi


  • erika joy
    erika joy 7 days ago

    she's perfect

  • deborah BRENYAH
    deborah BRENYAH 7 days ago +1

    James: so you are part of the Taylor Swift squad now .Who takes the minutes
    Selena :🙂
    Me: 😅😂😂😂😕

  • fatima zara
    fatima zara 7 days ago +3

    She’s stunning but in all honesty she can’t really sing lmao

    • fatima zara
      fatima zara 4 days ago

      Pia Maalouf yeAHHHH cause ur definitely not still responding at all

    • Pia Maalouf
      Pia Maalouf 4 days ago

      fatima zara that isn’t a paragraph and you still responding just proves how childish you are.

    • fatima zara
      fatima zara 4 days ago

      Pia Maalouf yh shush it’s really not that deep to be writing paragraphs on g 🤣

    • Pia Maalouf
      Pia Maalouf 4 days ago

      fatima zara i dont have time to fight with you. You sound like you’re 12. You have an opinion and if you don’t like Selena that’s ok. But in this specific video she wasn’t trying to sing, she was just eating McDonald’s and having fun. Have a nice day ig

    • fatima zara
      fatima zara 4 days ago

      Pia Maalouf if it helps u sleep at night love🤣

  • Leli Dawi
    Leli Dawi 7 days ago +3

    I love how she is silent during the high notes but James nails them. She - can't - sing.