25 Family Guy Deleted Scenes That Were Too Much For TV

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • Family Guy is one of the edgiest shows on TV, but these deleted scenes stepped over the line! Subscribe to our channel: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant
    Family Guy is one of those shows that has never been afraid to push some buttons and get a reaction from it’s viewers and critics alike. And that’s why we love it! They will say just about anything about anyone, and make no apologies. But sometimes, certain scenes just prove too much for the network to handle, and there are a ton of jokes that never make it to air. Whether it’s Peter with an offensive tattoo, a super graphic hallucination of Peter’s behind turning into a fly and trying to eat Quagmire, Peter being present at the Roe V Wade Supreme Court case, or Cleveland and Peter doing ten rounds of chemotherapy together for no apparent reason. There was also the scene that had Meg being shot in the head at the dinner table, a joke about an Asian in-law, Peter finding out if Jillian is Jewish, Dr Hartmann eating Lois’ tumour, Peter commenting on the race of Brian’s girlfriend, a Leper colony doing the hokey-pokey, or Quagmire making a very weird comment about when his daughter will turn 21. It doesn’t stop there, as with a scene with Jesus trying to pick up a girl, a political joke about how iPads are made, a cutaway during the already controversial Stroke episode, a scene with a missionary that might have offended some, a bit where Joe runs over a squirrel, and of course, about a million jokes about Mort that were never made it to air. All those and more remind us just why Family Guy is still one of the edgiest shows out there!
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  • BOB
    BOB Hour ago

    Stop talking!!

  • James Vernon
    James Vernon 5 hours ago

    Shame you just talk over all the clips

  • trey whaley
    trey whaley 13 hours ago

    I came here to watch family guy not listen to the 2013 Justin Bieber

  • Your Ego
    Your Ego 17 hours ago

    The chemo scene made me yell. WTF ahah oh my god

  • Your Ego
    Your Ego 17 hours ago

    I hope this doesn’t disappoint. I’m in the mood for something outrageous

  • The Mad Food Scientist
    The Mad Food Scientist 20 hours ago

    OK you suck guy. Please delete this deleted scene thing you should have deleted that needs to be deleted.

  • Pete the feet
    Pete the feet 21 hour ago

    Shut the eff up

  • mallshit trinidad
    mallshit trinidad Day ago +1

    "DelETed ScEnES"
    "JuST waTCH"

  • Andrew Mills
    Andrew Mills Day ago

    Btw netflix includes the clips, since mcgee tells you the episode but refuses to show them...

  • Aaron Besel
    Aaron Besel Day ago

    Some of these scenes are on Netflix tho

  • Graydood
    Graydood Day ago

    Stopped watching it 2 minutes in. Couldn't take the incessant yapping of the OP.

  • Otaku Kiddo
    Otaku Kiddo Day ago

    Non of these are deleted in holland 9 H 9

  • TheRapper10000
    TheRapper10000 2 days ago

    Some of these deleted scenes were in the episodes

  • Jule Flores
    Jule Flores 2 days ago

    Where are the scenes at

  • Shod Baker
    Shod Baker 3 days ago

    Poorly done

  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl 3 days ago

    If they were deleted scenes the how did you get and if you got them then they're technically not deleted 🤣

  • leaning to the right

    20 second ad? No way my dude.

  • David Jonas
    David Jonas 4 days ago

    I know two of this scenes so theire not deleted in germany

  • Larry Wood
    Larry Wood 4 days ago

    Shut up

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 6 days ago

    Maybe these were deleted at one time, but I'd swear I've seen a bunch of these scenes in the show

  • Lawrence Genereux
    Lawrence Genereux 6 days ago

    This would have been really enjoyable if we actually got to see and hear the clips. As this is, it just blows.

  • Aimee Barry
    Aimee Barry 7 days ago

    Most of these are not actually deleted 😂

  • Max Caysey
    Max Caysey 7 days ago

    Since its a cartoon and jokes, none of the mentioned jokes are too much... Its jokes!

  • Mnerd
    Mnerd 8 days ago +1

    Man, this is so boring and annoying.. How did I even get here?

  • Robert Hein
    Robert Hein 8 days ago

    Maybe Seth can now write some scenes that are better than these BOMBS!

  • SMinific
    SMinific 9 days ago

    Most of these aren’t even deleted

  • LongIslandP8ntball
    LongIslandP8ntball 9 days ago

    Last one was shown Einstein

  • LongIslandP8ntball
    LongIslandP8ntball 9 days ago

    When glen was born n put back in n reborn agaim n again. That was shown

  • Lance Uppercut
    Lance Uppercut 9 days ago

    😂 in the world we live in today all this is tame . The peeps want more and worse and they getting it almost everywhere.

  • Jeffrey Anderson
    Jeffrey Anderson 10 days ago +12

    This should be called "me talking about 25 deleted family guy scenes ".

  • monsurepik
    monsurepik 10 days ago

    Just talk over all the clips... 😒

  • B Douse
    B Douse 10 days ago

    A lot of these scenes did air. And they probably censored it later

  • MrAthulkumar
    MrAthulkumar 10 days ago +1

    Stop saying and show the video ass bole

  • G Will
    G Will 10 days ago

    I like 'Family Guy's defiance of PC; but Seth MacFarlane can shove his atheism and "elite"-ism right up his ugly, stinking ass.

  • G Will
    G Will 10 days ago +1

    "Yeah"; 'Family Guy' will NEVER be 'South Park'; "sorry".

    • G Will
      G Will 3 days ago

      @super gamer boy "Bass-ackward". 😆

    • super gamer boy
      super gamer boy 3 days ago

      Family Guy > South Park

  • Dylann O Chan
    Dylann O Chan 10 days ago

    i laughed at every single one of these

  • Nadir Aiche
    Nadir Aiche 11 days ago

    *scenes that were to much for TV* Then why tf would you show it on youtube

  • K Sprizzle
    K Sprizzle 11 days ago +1

    You tricked over 4 million people into watching this? I wish I could stab you in the face.

  • X MAN
    X MAN 12 days ago +1

    Y dont u shut up n let us listen to the scenes?

  • TobyWolfieYT
    TobyWolfieYT 12 days ago

    hopefull squirell is so super dark.

  • Preston Scott
    Preston Scott 12 days ago

    I have literally seen every one of these on TV...

  • TTK_Metrx
    TTK_Metrx 13 days ago

    7:30 that’s actually in the episode

  • clever clogs
    clever clogs 13 days ago +4

    Jeez... Do you ever stop talking? Oh... Screen Rant... Fair enough!!

  • Roland Murray
    Roland Murray 13 days ago

    Can you stop talking. Wasted my time.

  • The Real Machine Gun Kelly

    Is it just me, or does this narrator make you want to gag him quiet with a hardened dry crusty cum sock!

  • cosmicshyper
    cosmicshyper 14 days ago

    the quagmire court ones weren’t cut.

  • Asher Te Knight
    Asher Te Knight 15 days ago

    Uhm... what about that deleted scene where a guy from the army thinks he has wasted his life kills himself?

  • Daily burrito
    Daily burrito 16 days ago


  • khashayar moradpour
    khashayar moradpour 16 days ago +1

    This war realy painful to watch mann

  • T N
    T N 16 days ago +2

    This would be watchable if not for the halfwit narrating.

  • Mason Wheaton
    Mason Wheaton 17 days ago

    Dude family guy is rated tv-ma that’s worse than rated-r

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 17 days ago +1

    Over half of these are not deleted scene

  • Jake Swider
    Jake Swider 17 days ago

    Athiest means LACK of belief. I know it’s a small detail, but this is the internet so I’m obligated to correct people.

  • Thegreatjoker13
    Thegreatjoker13 18 days ago

    im surprised u guys didnt have the louis n chris incest part when peter directed a porn

  • Ispeakthetruth
    Ispeakthetruth 21 day ago

    Everybody's upset that the narrator wouldn't stop talking, even though the channel is literally called "screen rant"

  • The guy Guy
    The guy Guy 21 day ago

    famliy guy is for 14+ so stop pretending it's for kids

  • Blitzey
    Blitzey 22 days ago

    Half of them are actually shown

  • Carl Weed
    Carl Weed 22 days ago +1

    Maybe where you are but I've seen all these clips on TV in the UK.

  • casey
    casey 22 days ago

    Poorly made vid. And u sound like a little bitch saying so many of these go too far

  • casey
    casey 22 days ago

    A lot of these must be deleted in canada

  • saiyan logan
    saiyan logan 22 days ago

    This was a great video keep it up guys your the best!

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 22 days ago +2

    You wasted 12 minutes of my life. I'm lying I didn't even make it to the very end I couldn't stand your voice anymore

  • Jas Pez
    Jas Pez 23 days ago

    Your voice is annoying.

  • Roland Jacobs
    Roland Jacobs 23 days ago

    The leftist mob made Peter bend the knee.

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles 23 days ago

    A lot of these scenes were aired

  • ID H8 2BU
    ID H8 2BU 23 days ago

    I remember all of these on t.v.

  • Advice With A
    Advice With A 23 days ago

    Well that's why it deleted scenes cuz there's too much

  • the rat master 420 2.0

    I wanna know what happens on that scene at number 12

  • Alexia Tr
    Alexia Tr 24 days ago

    Without clips, this is garbage

  • Alexia Tr
    Alexia Tr 24 days ago

    The birthday of Quagmire was, what are you talking about deleted?

  • Jim Weishuhn
    Jim Weishuhn 24 days ago +1

    Your narration is completely unnecessary! Show the clips and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!!

  • VR4OZ
    VR4OZ 24 days ago

    Pleassssssse SHUDDUP and play the damn clips

  • Coley Sheats
    Coley Sheats 24 days ago

    Maybe if you just showed the scenes instead of narrating them we would have been able to understand them better

  • SampleLizard73
    SampleLizard73 25 days ago

    Can someone explain the joke about quagmires baby to me?

  • That One Chris
    That One Chris 25 days ago

    Would have watched more than 1 minute of it of you would have just let the scenes play.