My thoughts on Police.

  • Published on May 11, 2018
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Comments • 227

  • WSKeys1
    WSKeys1 2 months ago +1

    Never forget, That is Scooter's Road Glide. He just let's you ride it!

  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson 5 months ago

    Thank you for honoring us brother!!! Retired injured in the line of duty.

  • No name
    No name 7 months ago

    thank you and god bless, from a leo fan.

  • Scott Pioso
    Scott Pioso 8 months ago

    Hey Adam, wheres Ashley?

  • Sgibby 88
    Sgibby 88 8 months ago

    Really like the wall art behind you. Is that something somebody drew for you or can others acquire it? And is it possible for a close up of it. And what you do is truly amazing considering how people truly just disrespect all forms of emergency personal

  • Len Kleinschmidt
    Len Kleinschmidt 9 months ago

    Thank you both but especially ada m thank you so much for what you do for what you have done and continue to do

  • Michael Bunner
    Michael Bunner 9 months ago


  • crazyjoebob69
    crazyjoebob69 10 months ago

    Adam, I don’t have words for this video. As a current LEO, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. LEO’s these days get a bad reputation while putting their lives on the line to keep the community safe. This really touched my heart.

  • Punishers California LE MC Southland

    One more thank you from the thin blue line community. Keep those inspiring videos coming. You are the change in motion.👊🏼🇺🇸

  • Rolltide530
    Rolltide530 10 months ago

    Very cool, Brent is a great guy. I was standing at Black Hills HD talking to him when I got to meet you and say Hi on Monday after your Ciro gig. Keep up the great work Adam. Be safe.

  • Jonathan Delgado
    Jonathan Delgado 11 months ago

    Who drew your Sturgis drawing again? I remember seeing it in one of your other videos but can’t seem to remember. Ride safe brother!

  • IamGrooT930
    IamGrooT930 11 months ago

    Thank you Adam! #bluelivesmatter

  • william Hayden
    william Hayden Year ago

    When are you coming to canada

  • Derry Bullock
    Derry Bullock Year ago


  • BellsRidesMoto
    BellsRidesMoto Year ago +2

    OMG I saw the title and was holding my breath as you have become one of my favorite channels. I’m married to a LEO so I’m pretty protective of my Blue Family. Thank you for your support and as always. Enjoy the Ride.....

  • tim metcalf
    tim metcalf Year ago +1

    Man that is awesome. There are some bad cops out there but 99% of them are keeping us safe. My wife what hit by a lady texting and driving and still has a back injury due to it. And if it wasn’t for the emt’s and cops she would have got away with it. Good to see you doing what’s right. More people needs to do it everyday

  • Dale Willis
    Dale Willis Year ago +1

    Adam thanks for honoring our police and military, I am a retired firefighter with 24 years and have a son who is in the Air Force with about 13 years. I also have a daughter who is a police officer with 9 years service, she also is a Harley rider. I enjoy your videos and what you do.

  • Drew Viale
    Drew Viale Year ago +2

    Great video! You're a good guy.

  • Kenny Fisher
    Kenny Fisher Year ago

    As a veteran and a police officer, Id like to say thanks for all the support brother!

  • 8lesliedon
    8lesliedon Year ago

    Adam, your such a good man, and those kids felt that connection with you as we do. Thank you, and thank you for supporting our Police. Ride safe, you always put a smile on this 67 year young lady rider. YEE-HAW

  • Hans Krebs
    Hans Krebs Year ago

    When I searched “My thoughts on police” I was expecting people to HATE on them. It is good to see somebody actually has common sense.

  • Kelly White
    Kelly White Year ago

    Way cool video from beginning to end. Much respect for all you do!

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith Year ago

    Thanks Adam, my brother is 23 years Army and retired and I was a Deputy Sheriff for 20 years now retired. That means a lot to both of us!

  • fairkid100
    fairkid100 Year ago

    retired LE - 25 years....thanks for the respect. J

  • AboutMy FathersBusiness

    Yes LEO's are a different animal all together... I got a challenge coin from my dept. waiting for you if you ever get to So Cal...

  • Peter Balint
    Peter Balint Year ago +1

    Police Officers are the unsung hero's of our country. They witness and endure the worst in our society every day and help those that can't help themselves all the time. Many times they are the first to welcome a new born into this world and the last ones to say goodbye to some one leaving for the next adventure. I have the privilege of knowing many and they are the best of the best. True American heroes!

  • Bill Niersbach
    Bill Niersbach Year ago +1

    Hi Adam, I am a brand new subscriber, so I am just now getting all caught up on what your channel is all about (this is literally the third video of yours I have watched). This is the one that touched me. I lve the fact that you go speak to kids and help to motivate them to be successful. I TRULY loved the fact that you honored the first responders, the police especially. I feel that todays environment here inthe US that Police are in even more danger than I was while serving in the USMC. They deserve FAR MORE respect than they receive and are putting thier lives on the line literally every day they put on that uniform and are in danger every single day that they are in public. It is sad to say that our Officers are in more danger here in our own country than some service members are even when they are in hostile foreign lands. Thank you for what you are doing.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago +1

      Hello Bill Niersbach welcome to my channel, I hope you enjoy it!!! Feel free to comment or ask questions on any videos I have uploaded.

  • BaggerBro
    BaggerBro Year ago +1

    Dammit man... i keep getting shit in my eyes watching your videos!!! Your an awsome dude! Stay up brother!!!

  • robert thompson
    robert thompson Year ago +1

    See, this right here, this why I subscribed and continue to truck along with you brother. As LEO it brings me great pride to have the honor to serve my community, city and country and though it’s not required, your respect for my brothers and sisters in blue is truly heart warming. Far to often my brethren are mistreated and forgotten, yet we strive to remain positive and push on to the next call. Thank you for what you do, be safe and god bless you! Next time you’re in South Florida, I’ll be sure to tag up with you and scare up some dust and alligators!

  • HaXaW 5150
    HaXaW 5150 Year ago +1

    My nephew has been a deputy sheriff and is now a judge. I myself have lived on the other side of the law.
    I am very proud of him and all those who keep us safe and protected. My hats off to all of you that do these sometimes thankless jobs. Now that I'm a littleolder I truly understand the sacrifices yall make every day. Thank all of you.

  • harly battiest
    harly battiest Year ago +1

    Thanks for all you do Adam people don’t realize in this day and age or have never been taught how to have humility and kindness. Keep the greasy side down

  • Mark Elgin
    Mark Elgin Year ago +1

    You're a good Man that music..✌✌✌

  • Brian Grimm
    Brian Grimm Year ago +1

    Adam, I just gotta say, you, my friend, are an awesome human being!

  • Laurence Brazil
    Laurence Brazil Year ago +1

    Hi Adam! From Red Bay, Alabama. I hope to run into you some day just to meet you and have a picture made with you. I think I watch more of your blogs than I do any others. Keep up the Great work you do!! You are American Inspiration!

  • Lawrence Broussard
    Lawrence Broussard Year ago +1

    Not all Police are great, but they should always be treated great! They do a dangerous job and the majority would die to save our lives! So report the one bad egg, but treat them all with respect because they deserve it!

  • Kris Hughes
    Kris Hughes Year ago +1

    U should come to lake weir high school in Florida. It would be amazing to see you there

  • S Meek
    S Meek Year ago +2

    The problem with the police department is they have to many insubordinate officers on the force. Of course there are a lot of good cops but there are far to many cops that either didn't have the proper training or just don't give a damn.

  • Dan Butler
    Dan Butler Year ago +1

    what's the status of the camp ground?

  • FatBob Jim
    FatBob Jim Year ago +1

    Thank you to the men & women in blue for all that you do. The Americans....... Ride hard or stay home😎 I walk with a limp to from my accident, I'm told by my fellow bikers that it's a swagger😊 stay safe brother!

  • David Klein
    David Klein Year ago +1

    Adam I am retired Army with 20yrs of service I watch your videos all the time never miss one I am subscribed to your channel. How can I get in touch with you. thxs

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green Year ago +1

    Very cool Adam! My son is in Police Academy as we speak. Very proud of him and I pray for all of our police and first responders daily. This gentleman deserved those boots.

  • JustAdam83
    JustAdam83 Year ago +1

    Great work bro. Saw your Instagram live feed the other day and you said you’d love to come to England (London). Be amazing to have you over here and I’d definitely love to come ride with you if you did. Keep up the good work man. 🤘🏾

  • BattleBornHD
    BattleBornHD Year ago +2

    Adam...... you rock man. Major respect to you for this video and everything you do.

  • 903 Hooligans
    903 Hooligans Year ago +1

    Do you wish you would have logged during your first trip?

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago

      There would have been no way I could I was moving to fast (as in miles and days in a row)

  • Tex Rider
    Tex Rider Year ago +1

    my 1997 evo has 330,000 km plus on it .. rebuilding it now

  • Soldebane
    Soldebane Year ago +1

    Brother! Let me tell you! If I ever meet you in person, I'm hugging your neck! I come from a long line of Police Officers, my brother is a retired police officer from the Atlanta PD and I want you to know I appreciate the HELL out of you doing this. And damn you for making me tear up!

  • Beth Cochran
    Beth Cochran Year ago +1

    Thanks you for speaking on honoring our police and first responders. So glad a deserving officer got a gift from Harley! As a police wife, the struggle is very similar-lots of PTSD in law enforcement and suicide. And those letters from the kids are heart warming and so real! So glad you were able to experience that!

  • bluemoonrider143
    bluemoonrider143 Year ago +1


  • teapotone
    teapotone Year ago +1

    Adam, if you’re ever over in the UK I’d love to meet up and take you around our beautiful country on the bikes.
    I’m a serving officer here in London, and appreciate all you do brother 👍

  • Frank A
    Frank A Year ago +1

    I don't understand why somebody would thumbs down this video 🤔

  • Edolicious
    Edolicious Year ago +1

    Greetings from Denmark. New here and just watched ALL of your videos the past 4 days. Good content and a good cause. I watch you ride and dream if owning a street glide and touring all the European HD dealers and pick up some t-shirts.

    • Edolicious
      Edolicious Year ago +1

      Thanks. And thanks for the acceptance on facebook.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago

      Edolicious welcome to the channel my friend!!

  • Solo 000
    Solo 000 Year ago +1

    We ride for those who can't, we ride for those who gave. Thanks Adam !

  • seventy Sanchez
    seventy Sanchez Year ago +1

    What is that song in the beginning?

  • Karl Brennan
    Karl Brennan Year ago +1

    Thank You for recognizing the Brothers in Blue!

  • chris
    chris Year ago +1


  • ZEUS 406
    ZEUS 406 Year ago +2


  • Scott McLinden
    Scott McLinden Year ago +2

    Love the painting behind you!

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton Year ago +1

    I shed tears watching this video.....soooo touching and feelings abounding.....

  • Ron Scott
    Ron Scott Year ago +1

    That was awesome dude I do the same thing with a hand shake and a thank you and my son is a seargant in the Marine Corp so I get it

  • Tommy DeWalt
    Tommy DeWalt Year ago +1

    You’re the man Adam. Great to see you honoring the boys in blue. Hopefully I run into you in your travels my good sir.

  • Wes Strong
    Wes Strong Year ago +1

    Thank you for KEEPING IT REAL

  • C Trone
    C Trone Year ago +1

    Thankyou for your good work !

  • Jose Vazquez
    Jose Vazquez Year ago +1

    Great video Adam. Thank you Brent for all you do in your community from another brother in blue. God bless you all.

  • bikinijohn
    bikinijohn Year ago +1

    Thanks Adam. There have been way too many incidents recently that have soured peoples attitude towards law enforcement. There will always be a few bad apples. But people should not let those few, spoil the barrel. Working for a county law enforcement agency has been trying at times. Just a few months from retirement. Like you, I never served in the military, and this was my way of contributing. I'll be 66 in August. Time to go.
    On another subject, I spent 4 days at Leesburg Bikefest. While at The Hideaway, I came across a guy that had a unique way of carrying his little dog. I would like to send the pics to you, but where ?
    Keep on Keep'n On.

  • Gail Whittet
    Gail Whittet Year ago +1

    That vlog kicked my heart strings with a few tears Awesome Awesome...

  • Mark P
    Mark P Year ago +1

    I don't have a bike,but Adam your THE Man!!!

  • Larry Grubbs
    Larry Grubbs Year ago +1

    I am a veteran, and a retired LEO. Thanks Adam for what you do brother.

  • Michael Gurgone
    Michael Gurgone Year ago +1

    Adam, I already have designed my own motorcycle luggage and had them manufactured. I can’t get into too much detail publicly. but yes...the design takes a serious amount of thought and time. The more time and innovation you put into it, the less prototype expense you will have invested. Finding the right manufacture is key for profitability and quality. And as you already know marketing is the vehicle to take your product where you want it to be! Most people can’t really appreciate how much time goes into designing, manufacturing, market research, branding and registration of product and name brand patient rights go into a brand and product. As for me, my luggage was only the first product of introduction to my brand name, so it had to be a quality made product and very well thought out to pave the way for other products I have on the drawing board to follow! Anyway, I wish you the best of success in your ventures and hope to meet you on the road someday. BTW, I just bought a original mint condition 1993 Evo Lowrider with only 13k on her! 25 years old but runs perfectly and I won’t hesitate to ride it any distance! If your ever in the Chicago area let me know, Take Care.

  • Larry Graves
    Larry Graves Year ago +1

    First time subscribing to a youtube channel, this man always puts others ahead of himself, the real deal!

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor Year ago +1

    Good message Adam

  • Aaron Thibert
    Aaron Thibert Year ago +1

    Thank you for your support Adam. I love watching your videos, and I love your chosen cause. Police need support now, more than ever before. Keep doing what you do. Swing up to Minnesota some time.

  • Duke K
    Duke K Year ago +1

    I get it Adam, I know and knew a lot of Police officers, local and State, (PA). My wonderful Daughter-In-Law is a police officer and my son is a Firefighter, who served a little more then 10 years in the Army and a 15 month tour in Iraq, he was also stationed overseas most of his career. We all missed him so much. Keep up the great job, be safe, hope you and Ashley heal up and Scooter. May God be with you, prayers.

  • George Smith
    George Smith Year ago +1

    WOW this is touching as while deployed we use to get letters from kids and I would respond. Today I am still in contact with one family who supported me he is a local Deputy in WY and his mom with husband ride now as well. Thank you for honoring the Police it is needed. We are swing by the War Horse bound the 22nd or 23rd Of May for sure as we pass through Paris going home. Thank you Adam

  • Coloradokid
    Coloradokid Year ago +1

    Hey Adam I saw your video yesterday but was not able to respond to it since I am helping my wife with her vending station here at the Myrtle Beach Bike Rally. Just want to say you are really a true human being and being true to yourself. Anyone that I talk to about bikes or rallies, I bring up your name and tell them what you have done and what you are doing for First Responders, military, and kids now. You are awesome. Those letters from the kids were really special. I still have letters from kids that I got when I was over seas. Hold on to them. I hope some day we can cross paths here and just go riding.

  • Steve Worley
    Steve Worley Year ago +2

    Thanks for recognizing the tuff job that law enforcement officers have. I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and have seen lots of tragedy during that time, and this week was no different. Unfortunately, we lost one of our own to the evil that exists in the world. Deputy William Gentry lost his life and will be laid to rest Tuesday, May 15, 2018. I would only request you say a prayer for his family and friends as they all go through this terrible time. He was a hero and a friend. Thank you for all that you do for Vets and the unwavering support you give law enforcement and first responders. God Bless you Adam, and give Scooter a belly rub for me.
    Your friend,
    Deputy Sheriff K9
    Steve Worley

  • Mark Kincaid
    Mark Kincaid Year ago +1

    Awesome Video Adam, Very unexpected. The first responders, Men & Women put their life on the line everyday to do a job, most people would or could not do. I also feel that they contribute to our safety and well being. And are also as crucial as the military for their service......Thanks for doing that for Him...You keep us all inspired, you have a good heart, keep up the good work.

  • EverReady Underhill
    EverReady Underhill Year ago +1

    As a U.S Navy Vet and a retired LEO, thank you and I salute you sir

  • Gary Kussasky
    Gary Kussasky Year ago +1

    Adam if I go to Sturgis this can you tell the most inexpensive way to stay there I’m on a budget I was told during the event renting is $75 a night you have any advice or places to stay that are not outrageous..????

  • Ken Johnson
    Ken Johnson Year ago +1

    Fantastic video! Thank you for supporting Law Enforcement! We all need to Back The Blue!!!

  • Corey Deegenaars
    Corey Deegenaars Year ago +1

    Your a champ👊🏿

  • Mark Winegar
    Mark Winegar Year ago +1

    awesome man!!!! keep up the good work and the vlogs.

  • Jacky P
    Jacky P Year ago +1

    Love it! Thank you Adam!

  • Ohio Trucker
    Ohio Trucker Year ago +1

    Thank you !

  • Ben Malinovitz
    Ben Malinovitz Year ago +1

    Thank you for all you do for the brave men and woman that keep us safe at home and abroad. They are the true everyday heroes!

  • Addison Miller
    Addison Miller Year ago +1

    I knew before your great adventure, Robert and I were there when you pitched your crazy idea, and look where you are now. You sir are the one that needs to be thanked for all you have done for the military and police! I am honored to call you my

  • 12Twelve Family
    12Twelve Family Year ago +1

    You’re a good dude!! I appreciate all the good that you pass on to others!!

  • Wayne zammit
    Wayne zammit Year ago +1

    Your a f****** awesome person respect brother

  • Scottyboy Borden
    Scottyboy Borden Year ago +1

    Letters were great can't wait to here more and hope you can make it to more schools. Great stuff Adem.

  • Terry Godfrey
    Terry Godfrey Year ago +1

    Adam, welcome to my world of performing at schools. I'm a professional magician and I perform educational assemblies at schools. Mostly Elementary schools. It is so much fun to get letters and artwork from the students. Hope to meet you someday. When I do I will perform some magic for you.

  • Darren Lingerfelt
    Darren Lingerfelt Year ago +1

    I could pack everything I own in that big bag

  • Laura Criss
    Laura Criss Year ago +1

    I’m just hoping something since you did this video.... give a mention to Officer Rob Pitts of the Terre Haute, Indiana Police Department who lost his life in the line of duty at the beginning of this month. Not only was he an officer but he rode as well. He was taken away from a very young family and would mean the world if you could send ur thoughts to his family in one of ur videos. Thank you.

  • Sandra Fusco
    Sandra Fusco Year ago +1

    Thank you Adam

  • Christopher Lourens
    Christopher Lourens Year ago +2

    You do some good work over there, to a very underappreciated sector of society. Probably underappreciated worldwide, not just US. The general passion you have for your nation is very cool. I think many people can take a leaf out of your book, regardless of where they are in the world! Thumbs up from South Africa!

  • Rick James
    Rick James Year ago +2

    I’m in my early 40’s now and for a very long time I too have had a very strong sense of patriotism and such deep/strong feelings towards our men and women in uniform, and I’ve struggled with how that came to be. After watching this vlog and listening to you answer Michelle’s question about how you arrived at this point in your life, you answered my question as to why I feel the way I do. Regret... I also regret not being strong enough or being brave enough as a young man to have served my country and I’ve often said if I could do it over I would absolutely do things differently. God bless you sir for everything you do. You might not have served your country in a branch of the military, but you are serving your countrymen who have been through hell halfway around the world thousands of miles from home to protect our freedom. Many of those men/women have returned damaged and in need of help, and you sir are part of that help. You should be proud of who you are and what you are, I assure you WE AMERICANS are proud of you. God bless our military and the brave men and women who give their all for their love of country, and god bless you sir. Be safe and be well brother!

  • Garry Fuller Sr
    Garry Fuller Sr Year ago +1

    Very Nice.

  • shuff1111
    shuff1111 Year ago +1

    I support "constitutional peace officers", but i don't support "revenue collectors"!!!

  • Randy914
    Randy914 Year ago +5

    Thanks Adam for honoring a LEO brother! In 2017 33 soldiers were killed, which is tragic in itself. But in the same year, 129 police officers lost their lives. That's a horrifying number that I don't think a lot of people see. Thanks for all you do Adam! I hope someday I will get the honor to shake your hand!!✌🏼

  • JackRight
    JackRight Year ago +1

    Thanks Adam, as a member of law enforcement who also rides it's kinda tough sometimes. Obviously I can separate my life from the job to a certain extent, but I still face hostility and closed doors because I just want to help the community. Every member of the local COC including the 99%er clubs have blacklisted me from all events. The only brothers I can ride with are fellow leos. It's good to know you see the good in us. All most of us want to do is to help protect the same people who hate us.

  • 4-n
    4-n Year ago +17

    Glad to see you honoring the police officer. Whether you like them or not doesn't change the fact that they risk their lives out there everyday and it's nice to see that recognized.

  • Miles Rains
    Miles Rains Year ago +3

    There is a very small group of misguided and ungrateful people who have disdain for any authority and therefore feel the need to denigrate the police. The rest of us hold law enforcement officers in high regard. Thanks Adam.