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  • Mumena Begum
    Mumena Begum Year ago +10210

    The cutest part is when the dad is the only one that tries to catch the son that says he's the most handsome in the family😂

    • lil.mikey23
      lil.mikey23 2 months ago

      omg im dead

    • Fizaay
      Fizaay 3 months ago

      🤣🤣🤣daddy has to fall

    • Andrew Kakuse
      Andrew Kakuse 4 months ago

      Yes. That was the cutest part. Dad knows he babies the youngest also besides Linda and the grand babies.

    • Muhammad Siddiqui
      Muhammad Siddiqui 4 months ago

      I'm pretty sure his name is Kies

    • itb Julia
      itb Julia Year ago

      It was so cute

  • Jude Granflor
    Jude Granflor 10 months ago +1888

    “I am the most funny in the family”
    Everyone: soles
    Him: *grabs belts*

    • Woly
      Woly 3 months ago +1

      He said "I make the most money in the family" ( I'm not trying to be rude btw)

    • Islander Lover
      Islander Lover 4 months ago

      You need a trust fall for your ears😆

    • hello
      hello 4 months ago

      @omarie he did

    • Stuff
      Stuff 5 months ago

      Ha ha ha chats true

    • Malak Hadda
      Malak Hadda 5 months ago

      Thanks for the

  • rodneyclooney1
    rodneyclooney1 9 months ago +40

    Saw Furrha laughing for the very first time. So much fun to watch her happy.

  • Kalia Jacoby
    Kalia Jacoby 11 months ago +101

    I love how the dad was ready to catch all of them, that's love there💙💙

  • ItsMsRogers
    ItsMsRogers 8 months ago +13

    I love this family! They are HILARIOUS! 😂😂

  • ToastiDemon_
    ToastiDemon_ Year ago +6933

    “I am the most handsome in the family”
    Everyone: nope
    Father: *yes sir*

    • zanimljivo111
      zanimljivo111 10 months ago

      " I am the funiest in family"
      "Belt Goes Out"

    • DeeDee
      DeeDee 10 months ago

      He is

    • Quinton Waddell
      Quinton Waddell 11 months ago

      @Snake and Fishing channel you having a seizure

    • Bully Maguire
      Bully Maguire 11 months ago

      Secret relations

    • G1MM1CK T1ME
      G1MM1CK T1ME 11 months ago

      I hear wierd musical instruments... help!

  • viewer and commenter
    viewer and commenter 9 months ago

    Dad always makes me laugh 😂.

  • vossler25
    vossler25 11 months ago +7

    This is the one channel that I can even watch with scripts cause they’re so wholesome as a family

  • Cheryl Ratliff
    Cheryl Ratliff 5 months ago

    I love watching this family ,they're very funny .😂😂😂😂💓💓💓

  • Banana Man shorts
    Banana Man shorts 4 months ago +43

    The reaction of the dad when no one caught him was hilarious

  • Nagwa Mohamed
    Nagwa Mohamed Year ago +3919

    Dad was saving everyone no one saved him🤦🏾‍♀️ I always feel sorry for him😏😁

    • Laughinator
      Laughinator Year ago

      Everyone says the dad put his arms out for everyone but the mom, did nobody notice him always pulling them back for two of them though? Just a simple question

    • Christiana Wang
      Christiana Wang Year ago +1

      Me too lol

    • Luis Mayorga
      Luis Mayorga Year ago

      Don’t be sorry for dad cause he gonna give the belt .

    • ⋆ Childe Simp ⋆
      ⋆ Childe Simp ⋆ Year ago

      @kiru tv ok I don’t wanna be that girl but why did you say “are” twice...?

    • delia1 Diaz
      delia1 Diaz Year ago

      now he got TA BELT or dooooooom

  • Laurena Ukaj
    Laurena Ukaj 10 months ago +2

    I love how the dad was ready to catch all of them such a good dad❤❤

  • JP
    JP 10 months ago +1

    Can't stop laughing 😂

  • Millie Moo Moo
    Millie Moo Moo 5 months ago +3

    I love the fact that the dad put his hands out for everyone of them except for the mom.🤣

  • Danielle Salaices
    Danielle Salaices 5 months ago

    The belt..🤣🤣 I'm dead!!😂🤣🥰 Freaking LOVE THIS FAM!!

  • Venious -
    Venious - Year ago +6712

    “You won’t survive a day without me”
    All son: Right!
    Dad: Sikes

    • Dave Maestro Caballero
      Dave Maestro Caballero 9 months ago

      lol I wish they film a video without mom

    • Sam sT
      Sam sT 9 months ago

      Sam xxxx ♥️♥️😘😘😘♥️ xx

    • Sam sT
      Sam sT 9 months ago

      samxioxx XX 💖💓

    • Sabine Miguel
      Sabine Miguel 10 months ago

      Hi Malia

    • IK eat vis
      IK eat vis 10 months ago

      @whatyoulooking@🧍‍♀️ they prob could do it

  • Sam Wellaxe
    Sam Wellaxe 11 months ago +49

    When he was trying to take his belt off:
    *the struggle* 🤣🤣🤣

    • Elena Ruiz
      Elena Ruiz 4 months ago +1

      I lost it there 🤣🤣

  • weebobo
    weebobo 10 months ago +9

    i love how he just started pulling his belt after they started running

  • Eunice Diaz-Segovia
    Eunice Diaz-Segovia 9 months ago

    They're so hillariously funny. Hahaha

  • That_Sky_Kid
    That_Sky_Kid 11 months ago +12

    I love how he starts to take off his belt after they don’t catch him XD
    Run from the belt good sir’s

  • Obamaspuebes
    Obamaspuebes Year ago +1657

    I like how dads are barely able to run when they are getting old but they are still able to stand up from their back with no hands while grabbing the belt

    • Ravager plop
      Ravager plop 10 months ago

      Like Mark once said, its never too late to whoop someones ass.

    • Gucci•gang.
      Gucci•gang. 11 months ago +1

      He used one hand to get up. Unlike me.... 🧐 I can get up with no hands 🤓 it’s possible

    • Flame_wolf12
      Flame_wolf12 11 months ago +3


    • whatyoulooking@🧍‍♀️
    • AsianEmperor
      AsianEmperor Year ago +28

      Its the serect hidden art only for fathers even if you get hold of this serect art you can't learn it unles-

  • •WildMuffin•
    •WildMuffin• 10 months ago +17

    “You won’t survive a day without me”
    He wouldn’t survive his whole life without you😂

  • Dandy Mr. Fox
    Dandy Mr. Fox 10 months ago

    This man went into dad mode every time and tried to catch them but then he remembered "oh right this is a game" thats the mark of a real dad

  • Tango_Tamer
    Tango_Tamer 11 months ago

    They always make me laugh 😁😁😁😁😁

  • RowenaSanchez
    RowenaSanchez 11 months ago

    Can we all respect the dad when he falls and reaches for the belt

  • Ritika Singh Rajput
    Ritika Singh Rajput Year ago +4207

    Who else is stuck in an endless loop of watching RU-clip Shorts for no reason?

  • Leila Pahulu
    Leila Pahulu 5 months ago

    That seagull laugh at the end 😂🦅

  • Gauri Tyagi
    Gauri Tyagi 8 months ago

    Whenever he grabs his belt.. I ALWAYS LAUGHS OUT LOUD .. OML😆😂🤣

  • ⬅️my childhood show
    ⬅️my childhood show 10 months ago +62

    Dad: "I'm the most funny in the family"
    Family: "nope"
    Dad: "summon the belt"

    • Prxnce_LJ
      Prxnce_LJ 4 months ago

      He said, “I make the most money in the family.”

    • Jamie Kruppa
      Jamie Kruppa 10 months ago +1

      It's make the most money

  • India Browne
    India Browne 2 months ago

    Man they played the dad 😂😂😂 I love this !

  • Michael Casley
    Michael Casley 11 months ago +26

    Dad: "grabs belt"
    All the kids: aw shit here we go again

  • Super Butter
    Super Butter 11 months ago +55

    Father: “I’m the most funny..”
    Father: *Aight letme ask the belt*

    • Taring Sumsum
      Taring Sumsum 10 months ago

      @Kusuo Saiki oh ty

    • Kusuo Saiki
      Kusuo Saiki 10 months ago +1

      @Taring Sumsum i think he said i spend the most money in the family or i have the most money in the family.

    • Taring Sumsum
      Taring Sumsum 10 months ago +2

      Did he said money or funny???

    • dangella4
      dangella4 10 months ago +1

      Underatted comment

  • Aishat Smith
    Aishat Smith 10 months ago +27

    Father stuck his arm out for everyone even though he drew it back, twice.

  • Lillian Caro
    Lillian Caro 11 months ago

    You guys are hillarious, 🥰🤗

  • Tricky the clown
    Tricky the clown  9 months ago +2

    Everyone's laughing until Dad gets the belt out

  • Findlay Dillon
    Findlay Dillon 10 months ago

    I like how the dad pulls his belt out of his trousers 😂

    ZZONES 10 months ago

    Love the part where he takes out the belt ame everyone runs

  • Capybara Lover101

    I love how he takes off his belt as he runs🤣

  • DEBERIS4us
    DEBERIS4us Year ago +956

    When the dad said he makes more money everybody just left and then he takes off his belt😂😂😂😂

  • mat 2
    mat 2 9 months ago

    I love how the dad instantly grabbed his belt

  • Rayleigh Romeo De Jesus
    Rayleigh Romeo De Jesus 11 months ago

    The dad is actually the funniest 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nihoa Lee
    Nihoa Lee 10 months ago

    The ending had me laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Haylie Sanchez
    Haylie Sanchez 27 days ago

    When the dad falls everyone starts laughing but when they see him reaching for that belt, they run

  • Reen
    Reen Year ago +6

    This family is so cute !!!♥️❤ God Bless them, for bringing laughter in this disheartening world of today.🛐

  • emeralds peridot
    emeralds peridot 10 months ago +5

    🤣 When Dad started taking off his belt🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!! 🗣 "Go get'em Dad ruuuunnn, hurry goooo!!!"🤣🤣🤣

  • Brenda ??
    Brenda ?? 7 months ago

    I’m in love with this family 🥰🥰😊

  • Nayan Kumar
    Nayan Kumar 3 months ago

    Watch again dad's fall 🤣😂🤣..is hilarious 😆😆😆

  • Freedom & Forgiveness
    Freedom & Forgiveness 11 months ago

    Too funny I love the videos keep them coming they make my day everyday

  • Sir Yeetus
    Sir Yeetus Year ago +2976

    0:19 Mom to dad: "We will speak about this later." 😂

  • Anna Aschenbeck
    Anna Aschenbeck 10 months ago

    I love how he takes out the belt after lol

  • Ruby Wdww
    Ruby Wdww 11 months ago +1

    When you guys run cracks me up🤣

    COOKIE DOUGH 4 months ago

    That scream at the end was so funny I can't stop watching this 😂😂😂😂

  • screwafridge1
    screwafridge1 3 months ago

    Dads belt reaction the best 😂

  • Maria Mail
    Maria Mail 10 months ago

    Oh man havent seen them in a while. I still love them . good boys for not letting mom fall no matter lie or truth. !!!

  • Alex
    Alex 10 months ago +1

    I saw him getting his belt ready 🤣🤣

  • NOOB 007
    NOOB 007 Year ago +1

    Father is trying to save his all kids❤️❤️
    Acpect his wife 😂😂😂

  • Agnes Lindsey
    Agnes Lindsey 11 months ago

    He never stops with his belt♥️😂

  • Edana Tomow
    Edana Tomow 3 months ago

    I luv it when dad takes off his belt 🤷❤🤣😂😂

  • Gotcha.
    Gotcha. 10 months ago

    The way the dad took his belt out when nobody catched him 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sappy The Fox
    Sappy The Fox 10 months ago

    Dad is getting the belt ready 🤣

  • Tomalio The Tomato
    Tomalio The Tomato 10 months ago

    I love how he started taking off the belt.

  • Bama Phoenix
    Bama Phoenix Year ago +480

    Dad probably still wears belt with stretchy sweat pants. 😎

    • T G
      T G Year ago

      How else are you supposed to wear drawstring pants? 😂

    • tajsia nelson
      tajsia nelson Year ago

      @A J pAsib

    • Ashlie McMaster
      Ashlie McMaster Year ago +3

      Dad trys his best doesn't he

    • A J
      A J Year ago +6

      You have to carry you weapon around

  • _Xx_Evan_Khalil _xX
    _Xx_Evan_Khalil _xX 11 months ago

    The belt makes it 10x better like always 😂

  • Betty Black
    Betty Black 9 months ago


  • Satty's channel
    Satty's channel 4 months ago

    The dad is trying to control his laugh😂

  • Tyler Szepvolgyi
    Tyler Szepvolgyi 4 months ago


  • Mayonnaise
    Mayonnaise Year ago +86

    I love how the dad instantly gets his belt ready.

    MARILYNRE 11 months ago

    I like how he trying to pull out his belt 😂😂😂😂

  • Shay
    Shay 10 months ago

    I love how all the fam knew to run bc he start to take his belt off😂😂😬

  • Cain Adams
    Cain Adams 9 months ago

    If you look at the end you can see the dad getting ready with that belt hahaha

  • pablo999
    pablo999 11 months ago +39

    Father falls
    His children and wife laughing
    Father spawning his belt

  • Bye.
    Bye. Year ago +565

    “I’m the biggest mistake in the family”
    *the whole family catches me*

    • Taiwo Idowu
      Taiwo Idowu Year ago

      No you're not a mistake.❤

    • lukas schepers
      lukas schepers Year ago

      Even your dad came back to catch you

    • Look! it's a weeb!
      Look! it's a weeb! Year ago +2

      Dad* comes back with the milk jug*"WHO SUMMONED ME?!?"

    • Nancy Hafez
      Nancy Hafez Year ago

      You are not , you came to these life for a reason , and deserve to be loved

    • Ricardo Pesenti
      Ricardo Pesenti Year ago +1

      I can relate to that...
      Youngedt child... Probably not wanted.. Divorced parents and mom had a new bf who hated me and made me leave and get an own apartment directly when i got my first job.... Thanks to this i've had tons of problems and was financially, physically and especially psychologically f***ed... But i kept working for a better future for me. And now i'm the only one in the family in a management position! In a middle sized company growing and expanding non stop, even know.

  • Christine Fernandez
    Christine Fernandez 9 months ago

    You made my day for all videos & sprcially the belt of your pops😂😂😂😂

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 9 months ago

    They all love their Mom more than their Dad 🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • iAmBendita
    iAmBendita 4 months ago

    Love these shorts and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE 💓💓❣

  • Perception
    Perception 8 months ago

    I luv hw he be reaching for the belt 🤣

  • maladia a
    maladia a Year ago +26

    Dad is my favorite person of this beautiful family. 😁❤

  • immaculate 1997
    immaculate 1997 8 months ago

    For sure u mk my days bright ❤️❤️

  • Grange Stable
    Grange Stable 4 months ago +1

    me laughing *
    while them schreeching like a bird 🦅

  • Shivan_B
    Shivan_B 5 months ago

    Dad was ready for violence at the end there 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sebastain Johansen
    Sebastain Johansen 11 months ago +1

    He really got the belt 😭😂

  • Poser_Boy_21
    Poser_Boy_21 Year ago +774

    Always bring out the belt lol nice vid

    • AᴍᴀʀᴇSZNシ
      AᴍᴀʀᴇSZNシ Year ago +1

      @Louie4079 mate I just stated a fact, get outta here with ur crappy mobile game quality videos

    • Louie4079
      Louie4079 Year ago

      @AᴍᴀʀᴇSZNシ get outta here wit yo fortnite pfp 🤣

    • Louie4079
      Louie4079 Year ago

      @AᴍᴀʀᴇSZNシ ❄️

    • AᴍᴀʀᴇSZNシ
      AᴍᴀʀᴇSZNシ Year ago +1

      @Louie4079 she’s not a Karen or a snowflake, I’m pretty sure that one counts as child abuse sooooo
      Edit: he/she

    • Vilda Chaya
      Vilda Chaya Year ago +2

      @Shelly it’s love. Either learn about the belt while young and impressionable or when you’re too old to change

  • Veronica Caperon
    Veronica Caperon 10 months ago

    Dad you are so funny. Lovett thank you

  • SuperSamppa
    SuperSamppa 11 months ago +1

    So we are just going to ignore the fact that father pulled out his belt at the end

  • Rayan Lounis
    Rayan Lounis 11 months ago

    The way the dad gets out his belt in the end literally symbolises my dad in one second

    KOKICHI OMA 4 months ago

    Kirumi hit me with the belt once and I couldn’t walk for a month 🥲

  • RyRy
    RyRy Year ago +380

    The dad confidently: “I have the most money in the family”
    Family: proceeds to let him fall

    • Meister
      Meister 4 months ago

      He says “i MAKE the most money in the family”

    • Prxnce_LJ
      Prxnce_LJ 4 months ago +1

      @Roger Meadows Taylor 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Hailey
      Hailey 8 months ago

      @Roger Meadows Taylor tehe

    • Roger Meadows Taylor
      Roger Meadows Taylor 8 months ago

      @Hailey 🤦‍♂️

    • Hailey
      Hailey 10 months ago +1

      I thought he said funny

  • UAG Official
    UAG Official 9 months ago

    I love you guys you all make me smile. Good bless you

  • oluwakemi ogunjobi
    oluwakemi ogunjobi 4 months ago +1

    It so funny I almost died lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 so funny I would still laugh 😂 😂

  • Hayat Osman
    Hayat Osman 11 months ago +1

    May be samy is goofiest but he is sweetest,loving of all 😇

  • Claire-Sophia Olszewski
    Claire-Sophia Olszewski 11 months ago

    You can see that at the very end the dad is pulling his belt out. 😂🤣

  • Aim Reacts
    Aim Reacts 10 months ago

    He seems like he going to take off his belt and beat them lol 😂

  • VK Pedia
    VK Pedia 5 months ago +1

    That belt is more famous than the man who wears it.😂😂

  • Random
    Random 4 months ago

    Made me laugh 😆

  • weeb hub
    weeb hub 11 months ago

    I love the dad face when he scared to fall

  • Røbby
    Røbby Year ago +34

    It's cute that the dad tries to catch literally everyone but then remembers they're playing a game then stops XD

  • KERI
    KERI 7 months ago

    I love this family!

  • Majd Sinjar
    Majd Sinjar 10 months ago

    He took out his belt so fast 😂

  • LxvxlyAshx_Yt
    LxvxlyAshx_Yt 10 months ago

    Damn he grabbed his belt as soon as he went backwards 😂

  • Melody A. Smith
    Melody A. Smith 11 months ago

    Lol the father trying to bring out the belt at the end😂