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  • Published on Apr 26, 2017
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    Naked Science investigates the truth behind the legend.
    The legend of the Loch Ness monster dates back 1500 years. Since then, 1000 eye witnesses, countless photographs, sonar records and films have testified to the existence of a Loch Ness monster. Yet despite extensive exploration, observation and scientific analysis, still no real evidence has been discovered.
    This documentary starts off charting the early history of the legend. From the first sighting by St Columba in 565AD, to the ‘Spicer’ sighting that kicked off the modern legend in 1933 and the world famous ‘Surgeon’s Photo’ from 1934 that captured what appeared to be a head and neck emerging from Loch Ness. From the ‘Surgeon’s Photo’, the press, frenzied public and scientific observers soon concluded that the creature living in the loch was a long-extinct dinosaur called a plesiosaur. A preposterous suggestion it would seem. However Naked Science profiles the coelacanth. A fish thought to be extinct 80 million years ago but discovered in 1938, to much surprise, living off the coast of Madagascar.
    But even if it was a dinosaur from the Triassic period, how on earth did it get into the loch? Loch Ness was gouged into today’s U shape valley by a series of glaciers that last melted 11,000 years ago, long after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Naked Science profiles the geology of the loch and examines whether the sea has ever intruded into the loch perhaps carrying an unknown creature in with it.
    After decades of intense observation of the surface of the loch by volunteer monster-hunters from around the world, in the late 60s Adrian Shine, skeptic, naturalist and leader of the Loch Ness Project arrived on the scene. He took a different tactic. Rather than search for a big monster, he looked for creatures just 100th of an inch in diameter, zooplankton. A monster brood hiding out in the loch would need plenty of zooplankton, to support plenty of fish, who in turn could support large creatures. Naked Science examines this ecology for clues. We also discover there are internal waves called seiches, mirages, local wildlife, large fish such as sturgeon, floating logs, boat wakes and strong winds that could all have their place in provoking monster sightings.
    But what of all the photographic evidence? The most famous moving image of the Loch Ness monster is the so-called Dinsdale film of 1960. At the time Britain’s foremost photographic analysis experts concluded it was an animate creature. Using high spec imagery analysis we show how the famous Dinsdale film was most probably a helmsman in a boat. Likewise we demonstrate that the McNab photo of 1955 could also be a boat wake. Naked Science reveals that the notorious ‘Surgeon’s Photo’ was actually a hoax. We show how in 1933 big game-hunter Marmaduke Wetherell planted some footprints on the loch side and passed them off as the monster. Humiliated when his first hoax was discovered, Wetherell’s revenge was the ‘Surgeon’s Photo’. In a reconstruction, we show how easy it was for him to fabricate a monster from a toy submarine and reveal how the hoax remained a secret for 50 years. Finally we look at the most unique theory by Italian geologist Dr Piccardi, that earth tremors along the Great Glen fault provoke water disturbance that are mistaken for monsters thrashing around in the water.
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  • Del
    Del 7 hours ago +1

    The one from 1934 with what appears to be a neck of Nessie has been debunked endlessly. That week a circus was in town and the carnies that handle the elephants would let them swim in the loch to cool down and give them much needed play time. Someone snapped a pic of one of them played and submitted it to the papers with no context.

    Also, many of the humps we see in pics are simply the wake left by passing boats that the photographers conveniently did not get into the shot. Then there is another one that is actually a log that had been on the bottom exploding to the surface due to trapped gas, and so on.

    Much of the sightings are of otters and other small to medium sized marine mammals/birds swimming in formation. They could also be large eels, or lake sturgeon which grow to be massive in size.

    Don't get me wrong, I want to believe there is something there, but I doubt there is. The Loch Ness itself is a barren wasteland devoid of the amount of fish and animals that could sustain a large aquatic beast, an animal that has to be constantly feeding.

    Now you may say it comes to the loch via some passageways from the ocean. That is highly unlikely also. Why would it leave a body of water that was abundant in food just to hang out in a dead body of water? And move to a body of water that has the polar opposite saline/alkaline profile? It makes no sense and it would have no motivation to do so.

    Many of the sightings are simply motorized boats as well, and many are just plain brilliant hoaxes.

  • Ticked Off
    Ticked Off Day ago

    I don't think Nessie is a plesiosaur! I believe it's my ex-mother in law! Oddly, her name is Nessie to! Hairy back, exploding pustules on her ass & all!

  • asura famu
    asura famu 3 days ago

    That was fake

  • loftyskies123
    loftyskies123 3 days ago

    just have to wait for Google Earth to find Nessie !

  • xLucii
    xLucii 5 days ago +1

    I wasted 50 minutes of my time

  • JessicaTG2008
    JessicaTG2008 6 days ago

    I always thought the Loc Ness monster was the one making all the crop circles.

  • fr3@kb!+¢h
    fr3@kb!+¢h 7 days ago

    lol.. the "stick" test is a total failure.. not a single person claims to see a "monster" or "faces in the fire" or "ink blot creatures", but every last one of them says they saw a stick.. even the kid who says he believes there IS a creature, says he saw something from far away, came down to get a closer look, and then could clearly see it was just a stick. now granted, his sketch was different, but again, he was far away, so we have no idea what optical refraction might have been caused by shadows, waves, etc, from his original vantage point.. so of course the lady takes that complete and total failure and draws the conclusion that it somehow proves that people who claim to see something are deluding themselves into seeing what they want.. in short, she's doing exactly what she's accusing witnesses of.

  • Marcus Lex
    Marcus Lex 8 days ago

    Nice video if you want to fall asleep. I tried it and it worked.

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 9 days ago

    28:58 “nessie’s hump” lol

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 9 days ago

    Good lord, the phlegmy way this dude says “loch” gets annoying as hell right away.

  • Doubting Thomas
    Doubting Thomas 9 days ago

    Jesus christ, why is this still even an issue??? Scientists know the lake was formed by a glacier only thousands of years ago, therefore it CANT BE A FUCKING DINOSAUR

  • Tyrrell young
    Tyrrell young 9 days ago

    I seen it on my Tripp to Scotland that nigga owe me 3.50$

  • Exotic.branch
    Exotic.branch 11 days ago

    Obviously it's agenda to disprove the monster but Plesiosaurs still a life since God created tham

  • Jun Delco
    Jun Delco 13 days ago

    o saw it tooo

  • Thurein Tun
    Thurein Tun 13 days ago

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  • Thurein Tun
    Thurein Tun 13 days ago


  • Scioman
    Scioman 14 days ago

    4:14 An amazing discovery... OUR MOTHERS!

  • Scioman
    Scioman 14 days ago

    Nessie is a hack to get you insta likes, or on TV one of those 2, and why are all “sea monsters” always in deep water.

    • no ty
      no ty 12 days ago

      because they’d be easy to find and debunk. wouldn’t be much of a monster if they can’t be huge in shallow water

  • Askandar Iqbal
    Askandar Iqbal 15 days ago

    Lochness monster if exists is closing to its end anyway. Climate change is here.

    • John Simon
      John Simon 12 days ago

      Climate Change is a Complete Hoax!

  • Roy Tonkin
    Roy Tonkin 16 days ago

    Lock Ness monster is real. Have you not seen the photos? What more proof do you need?

  • Mr. PotatoSloth
    Mr. PotatoSloth 17 days ago

    Should have a plan to blow it up, make sure to save your eye and original set of adoptive parents

  • Amberlin McHugh
    Amberlin McHugh 17 days ago

    My great gran lived in Glasgow a d she swears she saw Nessie.i want to believe her

  • MrLaughingcorpse
    MrLaughingcorpse 18 days ago

    The reason they keep finding supposedly extinct creatures unchanged is because it hasn't been millions of years. Their supposed millions of years is a fantasy at best.

  • Polkarou Gaming
    Polkarou Gaming 18 days ago

    but if the loch ness monster is real then how did the aliens find the flat earth and how did the loch ness monster plan the 9/11 attacks and fake the moon landing?

  • Lanibal Hecter
    Lanibal Hecter 18 days ago


  • Subtotal Aljar
    Subtotal Aljar 19 days ago +2

    Me: No, No it could not and does not.

  • Anonymous_yo_mama672
    Anonymous_yo_mama672 19 days ago +1

    They need to plac a bunch of gopros in the loch ness lake, live cameras and stuff

  • JP Duffy
    JP Duffy 20 days ago

    It a crooked Greenland Shark fin.

  • JP Duffy
    JP Duffy 20 days ago +2

    The Greenland Shark is likely responsible for the Loch Ness Monster legend. They are massive, about 21ft and do live in Loch Ness. They rarely surface as they live 100s of feet deep but they do come up at times. They can also live for over 300-500 years, insane I know but there you go. Nessy is related to Jaws.

  • Emil Olsson
    Emil Olsson 20 days ago

    but just put cameras overe the
    whole sea

  • My Dolls Stop Motion
    My Dolls Stop Motion 20 days ago +1

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  • Ron Welch
    Ron Welch 20 days ago


  • fx02zbn
    fx02zbn 20 days ago

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  • Agent DarknessCraft073X
    Agent DarknessCraft073X 22 days ago +2

    Hi everywone cmon download hungry shark evolution 6.7.0 now loch ness has realeased

  • Ally Herring
    Ally Herring 22 days ago

    Nessie is probably just a dinosaur that didn’t die (this is a joke I’m not dumb)

  • Pernell Adams
    Pernell Adams 22 days ago

    If seals can swim in the Loch put cameras and tracking chips on them then maybe you’ll find her just an idea

  • Dog House
    Dog House 22 days ago

    When it was fun to create a hoax, everyone has a camera, and no more Nessie, Bigfoot, Aliens, just fat people in Walmart.

  • Colby Pierro
    Colby Pierro 23 days ago

    Also what about the frill shark that thing is a shark from the dinosaur eras

  • Colby Pierro
    Colby Pierro 23 days ago

    Next time on naked scientists we look at champ nessies American cousin

  • Ross Irving
    Ross Irving 23 days ago

    i dont take any sides but if it was real im sure Loch Ness would soon become American and they would try to buy it. Its a sad world.

  • CemtecUk
    CemtecUk 24 days ago

    Please don't put 'science' and the Loche ness bollocks in the same sentence.

  • Lime Time
    Lime Time 24 days ago

    It's a shame really. Every single picture of the beasty has been proven to be fake.....ITS SO ANNOYING!!! Let us have Nessy :3

  • Tyler Haeger
    Tyler Haeger 24 days ago

    Put a mini sub in that bitch and go look

  • AnythingGoes
    AnythingGoes 24 days ago

    There are three creatures.. 2 parents and an offspring.

  • Gonzo Novelist
    Gonzo Novelist 24 days ago

    Only a quarter way in. They've debunked the dinosaur hypothesis (my favorite theory as a kid but it's ludicrous looking at it now). They haven't talked about the best theory as to Nessie's identity postulated yet. Probably because a thriller novelist cracked the case: Steve Alten of the MEG series fame. The novel was called The Loch and the monster is a gigantic Anguilla eel. No wonder sonar surveys never find anything; they're ringing the loch like a bell and that freaks the eel out so it goes down into the muck at the bottom and hides...

  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 24 days ago

    How about you take a net and run it from one end to the other then everything will be found

  • Here's the Pork
    Here's the Pork 24 days ago

    Wait maybe it hasent revealed it's lf cause of that old Christian who screamed at it, it must think we all are crazy christians

  • Here's the Pork
    Here's the Pork 24 days ago

    Me when they said pleasiosaur was a huge aquatic dinosaur: Fuken normies, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Alex Frame
    Alex Frame 25 days ago +1

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  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 25 days ago +1

    Easy salutation: drink the water till its gone 👌

  • Cole Carver
    Cole Carver 25 days ago +1


  • georgia o'keeffe
    georgia o'keeffe 25 days ago

    upper Wi omg!

  • ironsightsemo ironsightsemo

    Leave Nessie alone.
    And all his/her mates.

  • Prideace93
    Prideace93 25 days ago

    34:05 anyone noticed something odd?

  • the thinker
    the thinker 25 days ago

    Someone has been having too much single malt if you ask me, visit the Loch today and it’s a let’s fleece the tourist trap

  • Photos By Pfeifer
    Photos By Pfeifer 25 days ago

    One question: How do they know so much about plesiosaurs yet have NEVER seen one? From fossilized bones?

    • Photos By Pfeifer
      Photos By Pfeifer 25 days ago

      So at 25:44 they admit that the Loch Ness Project is a group of debunkers!! They don't want the truth, just to dismiss it!!!!

  • Nicholas Meyers
    Nicholas Meyers 25 days ago

    The reality is most likely that it's a land-locked Greenland shark.

  • DnA TV Austin and Dean

    Fuck this I’m breaking the silence I’m so tired of this my name is Austin spicher and my grandfather caught the lochness monster years ago. She was a 37 foot serpent who hid in water using a pouch on the sides of her that camouflaged the water around her. She was shot and killed and body was rid of. Humans will question these animals for years when there right in front of you and there’s thousands

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 26 days ago

    Hello from Hamilton Ontario Canada great video I'm not really sure on if its true that this creature actually exist or not? I've seen stuff on both tv and dvd mostly from the history Channel and they all say that its hoax, that its a newspaper story. But anyways

  • Djms&capo DeMorais
    Djms&capo DeMorais 26 days ago

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  • Anonymouscommenter
    Anonymouscommenter 26 days ago

    Surely the water would be to cold to support aquatic reptile life.

  • Ulla Martian2016
    Ulla Martian2016 26 days ago

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  • Lew
    Lew 27 days ago


  • s sevikeroutdoors
    s sevikeroutdoors 27 days ago

    Created such thing for money and fame

  • hui yin yap
    hui yin yap 27 days ago

    i thought we have confirmed it is fake ?

  • 3 StarsAndTheSun
    3 StarsAndTheSun 27 days ago

    A pokemon!!!

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young 27 days ago

    of first if this thing is real what the hell is it eating and plus there are no fish so the mother fucker should starve and die

    • Ross Irving
      Ross Irving 23 days ago

      there are fish just outside loch ness on the Firth , maybe Loch Ness is its base.

  • Beenthere Donethat
    Beenthere Donethat 27 days ago

    I thought the loch ness monster in the 1934 photo was proven to be faked by 2 men? And also I read the loch ness monster sittings were down.

  • Hack Er
    Hack Er 27 days ago

    Why not just get a thermal camara

  • It's all Good
    It's all Good 27 days ago

    It doesn't exist.

  • Gabriel Gernhardt
    Gabriel Gernhardt 27 days ago

    Plesiosaur wasn’t a dinosaur it was an aquatic reptile

  • Ryan Tay
    Ryan Tay 27 days ago

    Just drain the fking lake

  • Ethan Higgins 54
    Ethan Higgins 54 27 days ago +1

    Maybe the small population of fish is from something eating it...

  • Andrea Windell
    Andrea Windell 27 days ago

    Evidence that the flood happened which would explain how an animal got into a lake like that

  • Layla
    Layla 28 days ago

    I think the Loch hosts unusually large eels. The same one can't be alive for 1500 years so it's just a lot of them breeding. Some parts of the world host species that are unusually large or unusual in some way. I think it's very large eels or water snakes.

    • Spongecake Squareshoes
      Spongecake Squareshoes 26 days ago

      I'm Scottish and we don't have water snakes. We do have eels though.
      Unfortunately Nessie is a myth.

  • Rose Warrior
    Rose Warrior 28 days ago

    I want a dinosaur in there

  • Walt Jisney Channel
    Walt Jisney Channel 28 days ago +1

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  • Dean Mark
    Dean Mark 28 days ago

    Aleister Crowley

  • NVee
    NVee 28 days ago

    Its just a duck 😂

  • Mihai Boata
    Mihai Boata 28 days ago

    Nessie is like yeti... just imagination , but a huge source of makin money :(

  • ニガー
    ニガー 28 days ago

    Long neck crocodile. Plesiosaur isn’t rough, it looks more smooth.

  • matthew thorpe
    matthew thorpe 28 days ago

    Methinks the world needs one of these so called " legends" to be true. We need some fantasy and mystery to be proven real in the world now

  • Thomas Beeksma
    Thomas Beeksma 28 days ago

    this one time i saw a stick in the water where are the reporters

  • Robert Terepka
    Robert Terepka 28 days ago

    If people don't want to believe in the loch ness monster fine then don't! Don't bash people who want to believe! I can't stand criticizing debunkers people that all they want to do is try and disprove things. And shame on those that have seen or taken video or pictures and now are trying to analyze and disprove ever photo and video out there!!

  • Grizzly Outdoors
    Grizzly Outdoors 29 days ago

    Drain the thing

  • Arlind Shllaku
    Arlind Shllaku 29 days ago

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    Arlind Shllaku 29 days ago

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    Arlind Shllaku 29 days ago

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    Senor Senor 29 days ago


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    Nizzle 29 days ago

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  • Sir Cumference
    Sir Cumference 29 days ago

    The people that saw it triggered the cutscene to see it but didn’t finish the quest

  • Jeremy Tausch
    Jeremy Tausch 29 days ago

    Not Your Average Nature Show!

  • Rufus Martin
    Rufus Martin 29 days ago

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    Fucked Gplus 29 days ago

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  • Kario
    Kario 29 days ago

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  • Josh Wilcox
    Josh Wilcox 29 days ago

    People dedicate their lives to find it yet it’s been 80 year and no solid proof

  • pong pang
    pong pang Month ago

    the immortal lock ness is 600million years old, leave it alone please

  • stranger
    stranger Month ago

    What I don’t understand is how can people say creatures aren’t real when we Only Discovered not even 10% of the ocean weird isn’t it

  • Hong Ee Ng
    Hong Ee Ng Month ago

    Wat a joke? Zoo planktons can life without any algae or sunlight that is how some deep sea whales feed on zoo planktons! If light cannot pass through very deep means no animals, then why there is so msny creatures so deep in the sea like mariana trench

  • Jeans 2.0
    Jeans 2.0 Month ago

    Why does the missionary guy look like bill bilicheck