• Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Today we'll be prepping gable noodles, seaweed rolls, and spicy rice cake! can't forget dessert! we'll be trying strawberry marshmallow :D
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    Veronica Wang
    Toronto, ON
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  • Veronica Wang
    Veronica Wang  3 months ago +779

    (I still haven't figured out my new lens or my new mics ... XD bare with me people lmaooo) p.s. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR FOOD SUGGESTIONS IN THIS THREAD 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

    • Official _1it
      Official _1it 11 days ago

      Can i suggest to smile always and ignore the hater?

    • rose :3.-.
      rose :3.-. 25 days ago


    • Kim Palenzuela
      Kim Palenzuela Month ago

      Ohh Veronica I love your vids,please try authentic filipino foods too😍from🇵🇭🇵🇭
      Sinangag (fried rice)
      Bicol express
      Pancit palabok
      Crispy Pata
      Pleasee I hope you'll find time this foods are so delicious,Promise😊😊
      Im excited to see this food enjoyed by you😉

    • Justin A
      Justin A Month ago

      You looks amazing with bangs, and your black hair !

    • sheloo lata
      sheloo lata Month ago +1

      Korean pizza! It's gorgeous😇

  • Khan Laiba
    Khan Laiba 20 hours ago

    i love you girl 💗

  • Ella Ruzzene
    Ella Ruzzene 2 days ago +1

    Your so cute😍😍

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 2 days ago

    Y'all be like why she eat so much at least she don't be like other asmr people and try to eat all pretty and stuff

  • tinyman1990
    tinyman1990 3 days ago

    17:30 " super super cute of me," float your own boat much ? your not special.

  • Julia
    Julia 3 days ago +1

    she kinda looks like halsey 😩❤

  • oliviaathya
    oliviaathya 6 days ago

    suddenly your not doing the big bites. hopefully you feel better from all that drama. i just wish you are happy like the old veronica💓

  • Destiny Nunez
    Destiny Nunez 7 days ago

    Wat brand are the seaweed rolls

  • Steffany Resendez
    Steffany Resendez 7 days ago

    She looks like a mix of Ashley Benson and Daniella Monet! 👌🏼💕

  • pearly joy amihan
    pearly joy amihan 8 days ago

    If some people said get out OF the store say to them IM strongg

  • Official _1it
    Official _1it 11 days ago +1

    I Think I Know Why People Hates Her. Maybe because she ate much and still look beautiful and didn't get fat like all the hater out there did. Lets support veronica

  • ElsyMSP
    ElsyMSP 11 days ago +1

    Ok y’all gotta tell me her secret. There’s no way in hell this girl eats these sorts of meals so regularly and still has a banging body. TELL ME UR SECRET GRRRR

  • Ocean Cleaner
    Ocean Cleaner 12 days ago

    OMGee! Your bangs are so perfect and adorable and sexy! Makes me want to cut mine again ASAP. And with your incredible freckles in the perfect places, sigh! Beautiful! Maybe having half your hair up is just the perfect recipie💖💖💖

  • Cutie Kitty
    Cutie Kitty 16 days ago +1

    Shes got bangs
    Thats why she is called

  • Samah. R
    Samah. R 18 days ago +1

    i honestly think that Veronica needs to just take a long break, because if she just continues to make more videos, people are going to carry on making their own videos comparing her to other youtubers and kind of making fun of her and her mental state is only going to get worse. she has feelings and you can tell that all of this hate has gotten to her. nobody should feel pressured to make content and entertain other people when they mentally can’t take it. we love you veronica. xx

  • Liv S
    Liv S 21 day ago +1

    You kind of look like Halsey

  • mutants at table 9
    mutants at table 9 22 days ago

    She looks like Lana del ray

  • Karla Irungaray
    Karla Irungaray 22 days ago +1


  • Carolini Crumbini
    Carolini Crumbini 24 days ago

    Also what are those cheese stick looking things?!?!

  • Carolini Crumbini
    Carolini Crumbini 24 days ago

    🙋🏼‍♀️Hay gurrl!! New follower here!! Just wanted to say I love the content so far and have NEVER heard your name before [good or bad] and I won't go looking for it either, so keep doing you boo!😘

  • crystal trueheart
    crystal trueheart 25 days ago

    some people are so jealous.. just like other star's anti.. don't let them make you feel bad... they hate you cuz you're loved by so many people they can't get in whole life

  • Little black Wolf
    Little black Wolf Month ago

    You look so different with those bangs :O

  • A Cat
    A Cat Month ago

    You’re beautiful 😍

  • Tee L.
    Tee L. Month ago +1

    I just can't watch your videos without immediately getting angry about the sounds. Misophonia ✌

  • Purple Love
    Purple Love Month ago

    Holly shit you became gorgeous

  • Baddie Toga
    Baddie Toga Month ago

    I mean i kind of hated her for the drama video but still everyone is human and she has feelings i think all this hate needs to stop like she looks upset and i really hope she is doing better now all the best to her. Like i think she is starting to talk less after all the videos about her and she looks more upset

  • Love TubeU
    Love TubeU Month ago

    Where do you get your rice cakes??

  • Elissa Sandoval
    Elissa Sandoval Month ago

    she eats so much how is she such good shape wow

  • 너나 알어
    너나 알어 Month ago


  • Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar Month ago

    Hi where can I get that color ring? Please

  • Lizeth Ortiz
    Lizeth Ortiz Month ago

    What's inside those seaweed rolls?

  • 박서현
    박서현 Month ago

    delicious korea food

  • Cris ann Samputon
    Cris ann Samputon Month ago

    I don't understand why do many people hate you😟 like duh you're on of the best mukbanger i have ever seen💜🙈

  • Joy Nam
    Joy Nam Month ago

    언니 솔직히 말 해봐요. 한국에서 살고 있죠???!!

  • Rating Ashark
    Rating Ashark Month ago

    Beautiful Veronica 😻💖💝💞

  • Blah
    Blah Month ago

    My girl loves to eat😂

  • saleum vilainam
    saleum vilainam Month ago +1

    You eat like you don’t appreciate your food!!
    You are a stupid brat!

  • Allison Park
    Allison Park Month ago

    17:10 something I forgot to do

  • Barbara Collier
    Barbara Collier Month ago +1

    Controlling excitement is something that comes with age. Don't worry, you will!

  • TheSaint7770
    TheSaint7770 Month ago

    May I ask what is your ethnic make-up?

  • cherry chen
    cherry chen Month ago

    omg love ur bangs!

  • Radio Tounsi
    Radio Tounsi Month ago


  • Rosy kumar
    Rosy kumar Month ago +2

    Sending you virtual hugs , love your content. Ps: you’re sucha cutie xx ❤️🦋

  • kim hye soo johnson

    She has to be high.

  • Melody Bryce
    Melody Bryce Month ago

    Even her eating is kinda off... wheres all that energy and excitement she had whenever she ate something she really liked?

  • niah.
    niah. Month ago

    L O V E Y O U 💖💕⚘

  • imsofebulous
    imsofebulous Month ago


  • Hehe
    Hehe Month ago

    You know how to eat, girl!!!! Rooting you from Korea!!

  • Britney Le
    Britney Le Month ago

    iiii love your videos, thank you for your reviewsss xxxx

  • chickenforjauregui
    chickenforjauregui Month ago +1

    She looks so beautiful 😩😩😩
    (Also am I trippin or does she really look like halsey 😂😂)

  • Forestzia
    Forestzia Month ago

    let’s be honest, i don’t like veronica BUT her food looks so good wtf. YOU HAVE TO ADMIT IT. i don’t like her but part of me is still tryna steal her food.. maybe that why she eats like her food is going to be taken. (just kidding) but fr

  • chanel xoxo
    chanel xoxo Month ago

    this isn’t hate btw but i’m still a little upset on her reaction to all the “drama” and i really hope she learned from her mistakes and gets her mental health back together too.

  • S4icidal Sh33p
    S4icidal Sh33p Month ago

    I’ve seen ur old vids were u shaved food inside ur mouth but now ur videos r quit satisfying to watch
    It’s good that u changed :P

  • Crystal-ann  De Buys

    Guys they fuckin broke her! You haters with all your hurtfullness broke her.. I hope you're happy haters coz you hurt a beautiful and awesome and majestic human being and judged her for the way that she eats! Veronica Wang I know you'll never see this but I love you and I miss your old bubbly happy and dorky self who enjoyed food and making people smile. ❤️🍲 I miss you bro

  • Kukuchanxia cuteee
    Kukuchanxia cuteee Month ago +6

    I srsly can read her face through the video something is wrong with her she isn't the Veronica I know I hope she is well and fine like guys stop this don't hate on her

  • Royal FOXXY
    Royal FOXXY Month ago

    Aaahhh yes no bloody cheese

  • AmyCrisJ -
    AmyCrisJ - Month ago

    Her facial features are identical to Rachel McAdams! Very pretty.

  • Clyde Micole Felipe

    You have a hollywood star look alike

  • Clyde Micole Felipe

    Try to blog eating something food with seaweed sheets I love seaweed sheets😍

  • Nethmini Francis
    Nethmini Francis Month ago

    Wow you look so pretty