Are Random Strangers SMARTER Than a 5th Grader? **WIN $1,000**

  • Published on Aug 25, 2019
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    I went up to random strangers at the mall and asked them 5th grade trivia questions. If they get it right, they win $100!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +5696

    Would you guys win the $100 if I came up to you?

  • Monika Rajput
    Monika Rajput 17 minutes ago

    Dude come to India the questions you asked are too easy for Indians

  • Miliani San Millan
    Miliani San Millan 35 minutes ago

    The number of dots on a dice is 21 because it is 1 to 6 so if you count one all the way to six it is 21

  • Ayesha Khan
    Ayesha Khan 3 hours ago

    FaZe Rug: which planets is close to the sun
    Radom guy: thinking😓
    Me: MERCURY😎
    FaZe Rug:😱😱😱😱😱

  • The Vision Alpha Legend
    The Vision Alpha Legend 4 hours ago +1

    the closest planet from the sun is mercury but venus is hotter

  • The Vision Alpha Legend
    The Vision Alpha Legend 4 hours ago +1

    what if he is Master Chief but not from Master Chef

  • The Vision Alpha Legend
    The Vision Alpha Legend 4 hours ago +1

    7:28 Pythagoras Theorem

    no guess, no google, its one of the easiest and the simplest math formula

  • Crackshot OMG
    Crackshot OMG 5 hours ago

    Just give me a pen and paper and then I will answer anything at school I did 540000 times by 548

  • Sock Foot
    Sock Foot 8 hours ago

    For the country that started wuth u, I screamed Uganda

  • Bryan Pineda pinon
    Bryan Pineda pinon 8 hours ago

    Or 3

  • Bryan Pineda pinon
    Bryan Pineda pinon 8 hours ago

    I'm in third grade and I got like one or two

  • Bryn Chadra
    Bryn Chadra 9 hours ago

    Watch @theminorities video it’s funnier🤧

  • Camari Davis
    Camari Davis 10 hours ago

    Wait i know that ladie did not just say Uranus was closest to the sun

  • Camari Davis
    Camari Davis 10 hours ago

    I got all the quetions right 😒

  • Camari Davis
    Camari Davis 10 hours ago

    I new it was jackson i get him every week

  • Confused R3ap3R
    Confused R3ap3R 11 hours ago

    I'm in 5 grade

  • Addison Muncherjee
    Addison Muncherjee 12 hours ago

    So does that mean u would ignor fans

  • Nikki Canesse
    Nikki Canesse 12 hours ago

    I live in Alaska

  • Nikki Canesse
    Nikki Canesse 12 hours ago

    I am in 4th grade

  • Nazumaki
    Nazumaki 12 hours ago

    Everyone said Ukraine but no one said Uganda

  • Naveed Ladha
    Naveed Ladha 13 hours ago

    Okay the planet thing i knew it when i was like 8yrs old and i live in africa

  • Farida Radwan
    Farida Radwan 13 hours ago


  • Lisa320
    Lisa320 14 hours ago

    Based on RU-clip videos alone I know Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill... and I’m Canadian

  • Gaming Roblox
    Gaming Roblox 15 hours ago


  • Sunday Sunlight
    Sunday Sunlight 15 hours ago

    I don’t want to fuck the like button

  • Sunday Sunlight
    Sunday Sunlight 15 hours ago

    Wait I thought this was sponsored by are you smarter then a 5th grader

  • Sunday Sunlight
    Sunday Sunlight 15 hours ago

    Race fug yasssss

  • Moon Eggplant
    Moon Eggplant 16 hours ago

    these questionS were so EASY

  • Lisa _to lit
    Lisa _to lit 16 hours ago

    I bet you that half these 5th
    graders don’t even know these questions LMAOOO 😂🤣💀

  • fahad ahmad
    fahad ahmad 17 hours ago

    Buy a mic... Boi

  • cathy 01
    cathy 01 Day ago


  • Youtube Shitz
    Youtube Shitz Day ago

    “Win $1000” in the title... gives $100 to everyone bruh

  • Sanjana Dutta
    Sanjana Dutta Day ago

    Are Americans that dumb? Like who doesn't know what the closest planet to sun is called?!? We learn it here in like 3rd Grade.
    If you did that in India, everyone would have won this game.

  • Adel Tan
    Adel Tan Day ago

    16:07 I thought he was levitating on grass

  • Enger 02
    Enger 02 Day ago +1

    Marina Look so pretty🙏🏻♥️💯

  • IceyyPop
    IceyyPop Day ago

    😑 Wow it saids on the title win 1000*

  • ella&kimi&jack
    ella&kimi&jack Day ago

    Ummmm. U ask the guy that "what cauntry is start with letter u" me i know its a united state america and im a 11 year old girl hahahha

  • TengrainYT - Roblox, FE2

    Faze rug: mercury isn't a basic planet (not exact words. just inferred)

    me: ITS BASIC!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    I knew every answer. Where is my money?
    Edit: except the cookie question, but my guess was no because that’s obviously a trick question

  • Bridget Lauren
    Bridget Lauren Day ago +1

    I am a 5th grader and I got all the questions right. :-)

  • Zakerah Alekozai

    You’re ugly your eyebrows are

  • Jayla Lebron
    Jayla Lebron Day ago

    can I have a Rose gold 11 Pro I subscribed all and I like your video

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Day ago

    13:35 savage lvl infinity

  • Swatin Gurung
    Swatin Gurung Day ago +4

    Everyone : Ukraine
    Me : Uganda

    • iTsY
      iTsY 11 hours ago +2

      Same 😂

  • lps lullaby 234
    lps lullaby 234 Day ago

    Dis is like do it for the money from noc

  • Zakir Hussain
    Zakir Hussain Day ago

    Hello bro how are you good job god bless you bro my help you my name is Zakir Hussain 52 years old I am handicapped my one leg my mobile number 9829 2367 86 from India Jodhpur bro please help me

  • Thrilles Unbelievable

    Has anyone ever heard of united states of america

  • Elena Kovačević
    Elena Kovačević 2 days ago

    7:42 we all from balkan

  • tyri sanders
    tyri sanders 2 days ago

    The nigga said 52 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Jeliam Zoe Jimenez
    Jeliam Zoe Jimenez 2 days ago

    I am a 5th grader rug :D

  • Alan Lopez
    Alan Lopez 2 days ago

    The title says 1000 but in the vid he says 100

  • Fariza Gacha
    Fariza Gacha 2 days ago

    I am a 6th grader

  • Gino Mendez
    Gino Mendez 2 days ago

    14:49 the kid reminds me of Dustin from stranger things

  • Dalax iox
    Dalax iox 2 days ago

    13:34 and I oop

  • Hugo Henriquez
    Hugo Henriquez 2 days ago

    Where’s the credit to @The Minorities

  • Pedro Villalpando
    Pedro Villalpando 3 days ago

    I learned about continents in 2nd grade last year lol

  • Shaboo Munir
    Shaboo Munir 3 days ago

    Network I adamant have stamen o

  • angie lopez
    angie lopez 3 days ago

    Marina and faze rug i shippp

  • Clara Agerton
    Clara Agerton 3 days ago

    Dude I am a 5th grader and I learned this in 2nd grade