Become A Millionaire QUICK & EASY - GTA 5 Online Master Control Terminal Money Making Guide! (GTA 5)

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Become A Millionaire QUICK & EASY - GTA 5 Online Master Control Terminal Money Making Guide! (GTA 5)
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    In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video - I'll be showing you the BEST way to make FAST & EASY money with the Master Control Terminal added in The Diamond Casino Heist DLC Update to GTA 5 Online...!
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    Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻
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Comments • 421

  • THE OMNI 411
    THE OMNI 411 Day ago

    I get $7500 each gta day and I have less arcade games then MrBoss

  • Xavier Garcia
    Xavier Garcia 4 days ago

    Coll video Mr boos FTW

  • Naivedo
    Naivedo 4 days ago

    Bad advice if your a solo player, we can just buy supplies when we sell stock. I might end up buying it when I have nothing left to buy, not worth it before then.

  • Will Sher
    Will Sher 8 days ago

    Thats not better then the nightclub

  • Alex Maurice
    Alex Maurice 10 days ago

    Anyone know if its possible 2 like sell houses? Lol like 4 years ago i was younger and didnt think and I did get rid of old house(the eclipse tower) but i currently own like 3 houses and 2 garages which i dont need, at all and it costs me roughly 10 grand every day

  • Alex Maurice
    Alex Maurice 10 days ago

    This is the same as the terabyte thing right?

    • Cipher
      Cipher 2 days ago

      The terabyte alows you only to steal for your businesses which is only useful for the vehicle and cargo since you have to steal those regardless this lets you steal, buy and sell all from one place but really is only useful for buying stock for all your business and managing you nightclub technicians from a different place, only recommend this if you own all the business cause it saves time from going to all of them to buy supllies

  • Tyler TheToker
    Tyler TheToker 12 days ago


  • Anthony yolien
    Anthony yolien 13 days ago +1

    But you can do that to at the terrorbyte so why ❓

    • Cipher
      Cipher 2 days ago

      You can't buy supplies from the terabyte

  • david mascada
    david mascada 15 days ago

    You Can also become a millionaire doing glitches

  • Andres Rodriguez Polanco

    Bruh this man is make money off every one watching these vids he does teach shit he just stating the obvious

  • Maverick Gamers
    Maverick Gamers 20 days ago

    Moral of the story is. The Arcade business aint the best way to make a mil quick and easy its the Diamond Casino Heist with 2 players xD

  • John Schade
    John Schade 21 day ago

    Also the terroebye does the same thing pretty much

  • John Schade
    John Schade 21 day ago

    5,000 a day it would take a year to break even on all you games not worth it at all

  • GhosteRifty
    GhosteRifty 21 day ago +4

    1.25 speed for normal talking
    Ur welcome

    • GhosteRifty
      GhosteRifty 10 days ago +1

      João Pedro XD

    • João Pedro
      João Pedro 10 days ago +1

      I still think he had something to drink earlier XD

    • Big Homie Gav
      Big Homie Gav 20 days ago +1

      GhosteRifty hahaha that’s crazy

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 21 day ago

    Ross you wonder why people unsubscribe & reason you release so much trash serious think before you post as it may not be relevant

  • Dustin Shields
    Dustin Shields 21 day ago +1

    "Master control termina" xD

  • BeraAbi
    BeraAbi 24 days ago +1

    You know that the global signal starts when you get in the car

  • Aurel-Cristian Semcov
    Aurel-Cristian Semcov 25 days ago +4

    You can use the master control terminal in a „privat“ session, just go into your network setting and put the dns port on 80 and then join gta online, if you have no clue what I’m talking about search for some RU-clip tutorials

  • 13adam
    13adam 25 days ago +1

    Get a friend and spam Bogdan Problem heist glitch with each other... there I just covered the main topic of this video this dude never spoke on

  • xxBardiAxxHD
    xxBardiAxxHD 26 days ago

    The only benefit of the MCT is that you get to see the stock level of your businesses without actually being there. Otherwise the Terrorbyte is a better investment!

    LIT BASS BOOSTER 26 days ago

    Nice 13 Minute Video 👿👎

  • DatBoi Dylan
    DatBoi Dylan 26 days ago

    Why is you name MrBossFTW and not MrBossFTWH

  • Leif VI
    Leif VI 26 days ago +1

    “My 1 complaint is 2 things “...

  • Files Uploaded
    Files Uploaded 26 days ago

    can you purchase supplies for an mc business from this?

  • TtotheP
    TtotheP 29 days ago

    Wish they added a boat house with boat/submarine moc and new boats with pirating missions a water dlc and a place to store our boats and customize them ahhh a man can dream.....

  • wolfpackleaderalpha
    wolfpackleaderalpha Month ago +2

    Here's the big question: does the master control terminal absolutely HAVE to be in the arcade? Why can't we have it our office, safe house, yacht, etc.?

  • Ahmed Royal
    Ahmed Royal Month ago

    Ljt is Lester

  • BlackRyder Ryder
    BlackRyder Ryder Month ago

    Jyeah that would of been cool if u could do that go from CEO to mc

  • Erki 194
    Erki 194 Month ago

    So its like a more expensive terrobyte

  • V X
    V X Month ago

    This guy is a acting like Theprofessional

  • MackinawAnthony
    MackinawAnthony Month ago +1

    Laziest shit I’ve heard all day “have to get out of the chair and change to mc or to ceo”

  • simon moore
    simon moore Month ago +1

    I've been building up my night club stock to sell as whole to get a arcade.. I have been watching these videos to get some insight on the arcade profit situation. And it aint worth it. Make better use of my time with the passive night club and running some missions now an then.. So i'm OUT!

  • ca5ualm3dia
    ca5ualm3dia Month ago

    the MCT is mostly pointless , if you have a sophisticated crew , and you all do transitional money grinds with coordination , you can all buy the same arcade and buy supplies at the same time and roll out to do more activities , that is the only way it will be worth buying , if you are solo stick with terror byte !

  • Tajmar Dyer
    Tajmar Dyer Month ago

    Bro you’re not for the poor...

  • Ryan Portelli
    Ryan Portelli Month ago

    Is the Master Controls Terminal very different from the Terrobyte ?

  • CobraStangSVT
    CobraStangSVT Month ago

    I cant stand this dude's videos. Go to the professional for better gta 5 vids

  • nancy victory
    nancy victory Month ago

    I think it already takes to be a millionaire to buy the arcade

  • Jacob mcg2004
    Jacob mcg2004 Month ago

    So you’ll have to spend a few millions to get all the games, it’s a oof

  • InnerFire Gaming
    InnerFire Gaming Month ago

    This sounds like a waste of time, and money, real world, and in-game money depending of if you buy in-game currency.

  • Evan Hodnett
    Evan Hodnett Month ago

    can someone please drop me money?

  • Yasen Georgiev
    Yasen Georgiev Month ago

    The control centre is useless

    HENRY THE HOOVER OP Month ago +3

    Omg this helped so much, i now don't have a life

  • Marco Hof
    Marco Hof Month ago +1

    Lol you have to be active for 400 hours to get 2m and even out the initial buy

  • Lixd _Y
    Lixd _Y Month ago

    Can't I just do this in my terrabite

  • King OmarLokz
    King OmarLokz Month ago

    I get more on my nightclub lmao 😂

  • RynkkeZ
    RynkkeZ Month ago

    If i go to the terminal do i get kicked?

  • Luca Kanegis
    Luca Kanegis Month ago

    SO whats the point of the terrabyte now?

  • Charlie Bolland
    Charlie Bolland Month ago

    Puts 3 vid a day about the same thing

  • Charlie Bolland
    Charlie Bolland Month ago

    Bruh ur such a clickbaiter

  • Dennis Kouakou
    Dennis Kouakou Month ago

    Waiting on how this Is gonna make me millions

  • Flunz -
    Flunz - Month ago

    Global signal doesn’t appear until u get in the vehicle

  • DESM8U
    DESM8U Month ago

    Look the real way to make money in GTA online right now is 2 man casino heists

  • TheRealBum
    TheRealBum Month ago +1

    And this makes a difference how?

  • Luke Butcher
    Luke Butcher Month ago

    It doesn't expose you to sell from the arcade nobody can see your vehicle until your inside it you have 20 seconds from then so everyone theres no risk in selling from the arcade

  • Doyle
    Doyle Month ago

    Lester is JT change my mind.

  • Kenny Harris
    Kenny Harris Month ago

    You said Millionaire?!?!

  • James Carter
    James Carter Month ago

    First i want to say you can sit down without starting either organization and when you select an mc biz you will be given a square option to log in to mc, same as CEO. Second. If your selling with a crew you can have them wait where your biz is located whilst you sell from the arcade. That is all.

  • Clayton Bigsby
    Clayton Bigsby Month ago

    You told us nothing that will make us a millionaire fast. Im not spending over 4 million on games and only make that back in 2 years of real life 😂😂. Best way to make money is to get that act 2 glitch going

  • Micheal Ward
    Micheal Ward Month ago


  • swag saunders
    swag saunders Month ago

    dude, the terrobyte does this but better