I SPENT $600 on Super RARE OREOS

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
  • I SPENT $600 on Super RARE OREOS
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! I can't believe how much I just spent on OREO cookies for this challenge. Never get your OREOS shipped to you from another country guys. Either way I am super excited to be living the dream and eat nothing but cookies. Let me know which cookie was your favorite in the comments below.
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  • Christina Ardelean
    Christina Ardelean 4 hours ago

    How can people dislike this video

  • Chris Coad
    Chris Coad 5 hours ago

    Btw has azzy ever had a classic Oreo!
    👇🏻 press this magical button for azzy to have a chance

  • Chris Coad
    Chris Coad 5 hours ago +1

    OMG has anyone tried the new red velvet w cream cheese Oreos!? They are kinda good.....kind bad....
    👇🏻 Make this blue if you have tried them!

  • Mia Castillo Guzman
    Mia Castillo Guzman 7 hours ago


  • Michael Voight
    Michael Voight 18 hours ago

    Orioles word knockoffs of Hydra

  • Bonnie BJ
    Bonnie BJ 20 hours ago

    Azzy your amazing BUT THE WAY YOU YOU EAT YOUR OREOS!!!

    Can i have the top biscuit you take off

  • Erica Begg
    Erica Begg 21 hour ago

    I have red velvet and cream cheese oreos

  • Tiny Hasti
    Tiny Hasti 21 hour ago

    My caption came out as instead of delicious, it came as spacious 😐

  • Anicka Gabrielle Brigoli

    Azzy your oreo 😂

  • fat man
    fat man Day ago

    They taste like pop rocks

  • Skyler Cavanaugh

    The first one she tried had pop candys and the last ones had pop candy. Coincidence🤔

  • Mia Youssef
    Mia Youssef Day ago

    we have the halloween flavored oreos in our walmart......

  • Elle Fille
    Elle Fille Day ago

    The donut and waffle oreo look kinda the same

  • Amber Hull
    Amber Hull Day ago

    I’ve actually tasted spring but all I ate was flowers a flowers and almost to be not my best try of eating spring

  • Gacha Lunar øYt
    Gacha Lunar øYt Day ago +1

    🐇 this is Buddy people want to hunt him. One like for 1 person not killing Buddy.

  • Ayron LP
    Ayron LP Day ago

    I got a Marshmello Oreo and it was just food coloring

  • Gacha Lunar øYt
    Gacha Lunar øYt Day ago +2

    Don't worry Azzy I eat Oreos the same way lol

  • J. ASMR
    J. ASMR Day ago

    U know that you can use the cover of the cokkie as a stamp for the frosting

  • Tiuru Vahtera
    Tiuru Vahtera Day ago

    imagine something smells good but tastes horrible

  • Lavender Chan
    Lavender Chan Day ago

    (5:11-5:14) HOLY CRAP ITS GASTER'S THEME FROM UNDERTALE (dark darker yet darker)

  • DaLooney Tune
    DaLooney Tune 2 days ago

    Your rich girllllllllll

  • Sage Patel
    Sage Patel 2 days ago

    They still sell the Halloween ones

  • Professor Babypork
    Professor Babypork 2 days ago

    Azzy: thins r not as good as the thicccccc 1s

  • Roana Esteban
    Roana Esteban 2 days ago


  • Amazing Slime maker
    Amazing Slime maker 2 days ago +2

    It fireworks Oreo is just new on New Years 2017

  • Miriam G
    Miriam G 2 days ago

    Peanut butter and chocolate oreo isn’t soo rare I found it in my local Safeway and they pretty good

  • Emily Carheart
    Emily Carheart 2 days ago

    Like my coment is want a free pack of ORE

  • Alushka Van Nieuwenhuizen

    I lovee too eat my oreos with milk , mostly vanilla milk😍😍😍

  • Alushka Van Nieuwenhuizen

    While she was busy with this video i paused and went to the shop and bought me some oreos😂😂I got the strawberry and the normal one yumm🤭😍😍

  • The WinterWolfen
    The WinterWolfen 3 days ago +1

    I love how Azzy’s getting so excited, honestly it’s adorable

  • newme 000
    newme 000 3 days ago +1

    I tasted all of these too and... I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  • AshlySchmitt
    AshlySchmitt 4 days ago

    ok im hungery now.

  • Potato Cucumber
    Potato Cucumber 4 days ago


  • Potato Cucumber
    Potato Cucumber 4 days ago +3

    I would make a yt channel if it ment I could sit and play game of eat Oreos YUMMY

  • Diñøsåur ‘
    Diñøsåur ‘ 4 days ago +3

    I’m watching videos I watched a long time ago and you are making me hungry cuz I’m sick I’m not allowed to eat chocolate or unhealthy chocolates food ;-;

  • Meeyah Hill
    Meeyah Hill 5 days ago +2

    I've had the spring ones theyre the same just different color frosting

  • Indiangirls
    Indiangirls 5 days ago +1

    They have Halloween Oreos snack at sams club in America Tallahassee

  • Orrin Forsyth
    Orrin Forsyth 5 days ago +1

    You Say Spicy So Dramatic. Lol The Popping Asmr

    CHEY INFINITY 5 days ago

    Azzie on the Halloween and spring ones it says original flavor on the package At least it did for mime

    CHEY INFINITY 5 days ago

    And the Halloween one and spring ones are regular OreosI’ve tried them

    CHEY INFINITY 5 days ago

    The spring and the Halloween ones are still available they’re just seasonal

  • Johnny Gustafsson
    Johnny Gustafsson 5 days ago

    Omg Azzy 600$ on oreos LOL 😂

  • NonoPandaCorn
    NonoPandaCorn 5 days ago +2

    Well you got 7k dollars from this video.

  • Molly Young
    Molly Young 5 days ago +1

    the oreos like spring and halloween are justregular with food dye

  • Rylee Melton
    Rylee Melton 6 days ago +1

    The Halloween one should taste like apple and pumpkin and spring should taste like fruit.
    In my mind

  • Thea Olsen
    Thea Olsen 6 days ago

    Hæææææææææ er du norsk??!??

  • Brenda Marquez
    Brenda Marquez 6 days ago

    Azzy forgot about the birthday oreo

  • Yasmin Porter
    Yasmin Porter 6 days ago

    The donut Oreos are expired like in lankybox

  • Jennifer Aldieri
    Jennifer Aldieri 6 days ago

    I know this is old, but the spring oreos aren't rare oreos. My supermarket carried the spring oreos some time ago. They're just limited time only, not rare. Other than that, awesome video Azzy! Keep up the great work!

  • Snitch Wolf
    Snitch Wolf 6 days ago

    Azzy why do you take the top of the oreo off?😂😂😂😂love you

  • Master gaming
    Master gaming 6 days ago

    and diabetes

  • Skylyar Playsgamez
    Skylyar Playsgamez 6 days ago

    Azzy eating Oreo me eating oreo

  • Tyler & Mj
    Tyler & Mj 7 days ago

    Spring tastes like grass and I eat grass

  • ꧁alli kitty꧂
    ꧁alli kitty꧂ 7 days ago

    its called pop rocks ...

  • iain walters
    iain walters 7 days ago

    1 like = I pray that azzy doesn't get sick

  • gotchaKIN11 wilks
    gotchaKIN11 wilks 7 days ago


  • Dragòn Flame
    Dragòn Flame 7 days ago

    The Halloween Oreos are just normal but the filling is orange... how do I know? Because every Halloween they are in the store.

  • danzumcity #livin‘n’lovinglife

    Azzyland no no no do you mean Oreoland

  • Doris Tio
    Doris Tio 7 days ago +16

    This is how many times Azzy says "Oreo":