Out-of body experiences, consciousness, and cognitive neuroprosthetics: Olaf Blanke at TEDxCHUV

  • Published on Jun 23, 2012
  • What is a conscious self ? What exactly makes an experience a subjective phenomenon ?
    Starting with the neurology of out-of-body experiences and the breakdown of bodily mechanisms of self-consciousness, this talk presents novel neuroscience data on selfconsciousness and subjectivity in healthy subjects using techniques from cognitive neuroscience and engineering-based technologies such as virtual reality and robotics. It translates these research findings to the bedside and show how control over the brain mechanisms of our daily "inside--body experience" can join forces with neuro-engineering and thus impact treatments for patients with amputation and spinal cord injury.
    Olaf Blanke is director of the Center for Neuroprosthetics at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), holds the Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Cognitive Neuroprosthetics, and is consultant neurologist at the Department of Neurology (Geneva University Hospital). He received his MD and PhD in neurophysiology from the Free University of Berlin. Blanke's research targets the brain mechanisms of body perception, corporeal awareness and selfconsciousness, applying paradigms from cognitive science, neuroscience, neuroimaging, robotics, and virtual reality in healthy subjects and neurological patients. His two main goals are to understand and control neural own body representations to develop a neurobiological model of self-consciousness and to apply these findings in the emerging field of cognitive and systems neuroprosthetics. His work has received wide press coverage; he is recipient of numerous awards.
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  • Daniel Simmons
    Daniel Simmons 6 days ago

    David R. Hawkins Your welcome

  • DamnMyNickIsTaken
    DamnMyNickIsTaken 11 days ago

    If you don't have a rubber hand, you can use your tongue. Twist your tongue around, so that the front is upside down. Then stroke one side, right or left, with your finger. If you stroke the right side, you'll feel it on the right, even though your tongue is twisted around.

  • chewyjello1
    chewyjello1 27 days ago

    I wonder if recreating the artificial body experiment using another person instead of a rubber dummy would increase empathy?

  • The Seagull88
    The Seagull88 Month ago

    This is one of the best and complete degrades of consciousness I have ever seen. The brain is not
    the mind. The mind is not the spirit. And i am not talking religion. He dismisses the last 2000 years of
    real data. He;s not even close. Maybe one day he will read this comment and realize it does not take brain
    cells to understand what I'm saying. It takes AWARENESS. He's doing a great job trying to convince you
    that you are just a piece of meat.

  • Harles Balanta
    Harles Balanta 2 months ago

    Primates have language, you just don't understand it.

  • Sidious 68
    Sidious 68 4 months ago

    People interested in the stuff on here ought to check out the RU-clip channel Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics. It's good stuff too 😎😎

  • Anunaki Atlantis
    Anunaki Atlantis 5 months ago +1

    OBE not just about brain. you dont knbow at all .

    • sofiane alloui
      sofiane alloui 3 months ago

      @Loke did u try it ??

    • Loke
      Loke 4 months ago +1

      Yes hes plain wrong

  • Han Bulban
    Han Bulban 7 months ago +1

    We are in a simulation

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      That seems a real possibility. How strange is that? Maybe the Gnostics were really on to something. Could be why the Catholics burned them all.

  • Dustin Vasko
    Dustin Vasko 7 months ago

    ?? Was he actually proposing that they can produce, at will, the out-of-body experience through electrically stimulating a specific area of the brain?? THIS IS HUGE. Puzzled on why this was barley covered though??

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 7 months ago +2

    Being able to "trick" or confuse the mind/brain does not negate the reality of an OOB experience or the possibility that there is an aspect of ourselves that exist outside of our physical body.
    This research, though, will enable us, (as a Species), to "possess" an artificial body/robot and extend our physical capabilities far beyond what is possible in our Biological form. Imaging being able to walk at the bottom of the Ocean, or on the Moon or Mars and experience it as if we were doing this "in person".
    I wonder though if Scientists would be willing to try an experiment where a person in an artificial body would lose all connections with it if their Biological Body were to lose consciousness or momentarily die?
    Great concepts for Sci Fi writers to start a new novel!

    • Loke
      Loke 4 months ago


    PEPE DESTROYER 7 months ago +2

    What a materialist, reductionist, atheist scumbag. If he is a meat touring machine, how can I be sure if their mental process are not completely controlled by the non rational laws of physics? Maybe he is just reacting to external stimuli, like robots do!

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      What kind of scumbag are you PeePee?

  • Awesome Mix
    Awesome Mix 9 months ago

    Brilliant- this will be an end to mindless shamanism after all?

  • Kevin Kealy
    Kevin Kealy 10 months ago

    Entity is your phyce. Idea's come when we're totally alone and in silent thought explain this please. ???? Dayjavu forseen the future event of your life explain dreams of the shamanic direction explain. We can not that why it a mysteriously beyond our concert on we can not explain reality because wenonly precieve a fraction to what is really happening awareness self awarnesss can be missguiding totally so his conversation is absolutely theories on a misguided confused level of human conception. PHYCE PHYCE PHYCE.

  • Kevin Kealy
    Kevin Kealy 10 months ago

    Monkeys do no have language is totally wrong the communication is outstanding into teaching thinking hunting gathering mting protection nurturing. He meant to say the have no vocal cords and mental ability to read write and Speak the WORDS. But they do have a language of there very own so very confused by that statement. Animals are selfonecious give them a mirror and elephants mourning the dead self awareness. So thre gibber jabber about. It's the phyce we can not explain. CARL JUNG ON THE PHYCE BE A WISE INTERACTION FOR YOU NOT THIS BOLLOX. PHYCE YOU CONFUSED MAN.:-):-):-):-)

  • Edwin Brink
    Edwin Brink 10 months ago

    I knew they were gonna play the fake hand + fork clip

  • Antti Kantola
    Antti Kantola 11 months ago

    for those coming because the old mind control implants, go google scott crow, he calculated how it is even he dont even have that shjtty wireless 'satellite phone' implant. James Harken read my other comment, or you'll talk this shjt next 10 years before you find out. Oh well, i can copypaste it ', Other humans are connected to you, and increasing your use of your own attention ability. Then you look at the persons, and sense extra attention, mostly only when you look at other people,' then you think you're being stalked. relax, even they would know where you go because gps tracking possibility in your wireless implant, they dont want to hurt these persons who they use in their brain study program. Its old tape that effects to the bullshjt that voice to skull is saying. Their senses are connected to 20 other persons, and their attention is shared with these about 20 persons. Other humans are connected to you, and increasing your use of your own attention ability. Then you look at the persons, and sense extra attention, mostly only when you look at other people; then you think you're being stalked. relax, even they would know where you go because gps tracking possibility in your wireless implant, they dont want to hurt these persons who they use in their brain study program. Its old tape that effects to the bullshjt that voice to skull is saying. Their senses are connected to 20 other persons, and their attention is shared with these about 20 persons. There goes a story with audio that tells bad things, and they start looking into people with 20 persons attention sense stacked, and they believe someone is staring at them. theres never a proof of any crime. only that they have illegal nuclear battery implant put in them when they were young. its like a satellite phone, but it transmits your and other peoples senses back and forth. the “microwave harrasment” is disinformation, while the microwave really transmits your senses via satellite to another persons, like a phone. But its an analogic low quality system, hidden in your mid body, not in brain. There goes enough senseconductors to connect the implant to. What they really do ? they study how another person can learn what another person does, and they later compare the brains. Thats why they need real healthy persons, who are still immobile in their carehome, and people think those have sicness that they cant sense their surroundings, or dont sense their senses (because the senses are connected to another man) . google kyle ogden, “onetelemetryman” , and find that this is over 18 years old tech that worked same way 18 ago, so it couldnt be any shjtty old computer connection, its human to human connection, and the connected persons have worse situation than you. If you look at the clear blue sky, and see artifacts and tingling meaning your senses are effected by an implant. I kept the text short because im lazy. its only sad real persons 'reading your thoughts' or feeling your senses, who are connected to you, and they dont feel their own bodies. Then they study if those persons learn what the impanted guy learns. They see what you see, but even they cant see with their own eyes. its their imagination that flashes in peoples heads. These people dont know they are individual persons, and their memory doesn't work right. if NSA knew about people being mistreated, they would help you instead. Use Dewalt x-ray scanner, and keep it up boyss a story with audio that tells bad things, and they start looking into people with 20 persons attention sense stacked, and they believe someone is staring at them. theres never a proof of any crime. only that they have illegal nuclear battery implant put in them when they were young. its like a satellite phone, but it transmits your and other peoples senses back and forth. the “microwave harrasment” is disinformation, while the microwave really transmits your senses via satellite to another persons, like a phone. But its an analogic low quality system, hidden in your mid body, not in brain. There goes enough senseconductors to connect the implant to. What they really do ? they study how another person can learn what another person does, and they later compare the brains. Thats why they need real healthy persons, who are still immobile in their carehome, and people think those have sicness that they cant sense their surroundings, or dont sense their senses (because the senses are connected to another man) . google kyle ogden, “onetelemetryman” . If you look at the clear blue sky, and see artifacts and tingling meaning your senses are effected by an implant. I kept the text short because im lazy. its only sad real persons 'reading your thoughts' or feeling your senses, who are connected to you, and they dont feel their own bodies. Then they study if those persons learn what the impanted guy learns. They see what you see, but even they cant see with their own eyes. its their imagination that flashes in peoples heads. These people dont know they are individual persons, and their memory doesn't work right. if NSA knew about people being mistreated, they would help you instead. Use Dewalt x-ray materialscanner or rather portable xray machine, and keep it up boys

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      ever hear of paragraphs? I'll bet almost no one reads this wall of text.

  • saber mouad
    saber mouad 11 months ago

    the out of body experience has nothing to do with a brain connectivity or regions of the brain it may appear as the subject looking from above down to their body that's because you have activated an area of the brains that is casting confusion on where they are or say you just hacked into their inter G P S if you like ,but that's far it goes as far your experiment ,out of body experience they travel to different rooms or locations and see things they have not seen during there normal awake state ,then they go back to those locations to validate what they saw that they where having a true out body experience not a dream or wishful thinking

  • gamertaboo
    gamertaboo Year ago

    I don't think that's the same kind of "out of body" experience people have in NDEs, sorry.

  • W Serba
    W Serba Year ago

    Reminds me of the concept of "the flow" in sports: The state in which the delay between the logical known requirements for a task, and the bodies ability to reproduce them approaches zero.

  • CurbsideUnderwood

    Intetesting Ted talk...I like the idea of the medical treatment ideas, the gaming idea is quite unique, but.... but...a lot of assumptions here that are packaged nicely as fact... For example, What if that part of the brain is linked at a quantum level? According to quantum mechanics this is possible. After all at the quantum level particles can literally tunnel through a wall, for physical objects are nothing to them. Therefore if that part of your brain is linked at Quantum level to what you observe, technically you could project yourself somewhere else in space-time, it could be argued from the quantum level that your Consciousness really does leave your brain and you really are looking back at yourself. So scientifically this is possible... Thank you Niels Bohr!!
    Quantum mechanics is not really conducive to traditional logic and observation, particles have been observed to exist in more than one place at the same time. Photosynthesis, how a star generates nuclear fuel, how a bird navigates the poles, a tadpole turning into a frog, and your perception of smell when it comes to hazelnuts vs cyanide, all these things are the result of quantum mechanics, particles tunneling from one point in space-time to another as waves in space-time, to an extent, it is though they are already there, and perhaps always have been, or perhaps particles are much larger than our primitive bodies are able to perceive.
    After all remember humans can only see in 4 spectrums of light, there are at least 16 that we know of(the mantis shrimp can see in 16). You can't see gamma rays, or infrared, or ultraviolet, or x-rays, or Wi-Fi signals, or radio waves, or microwaves, or electromagnetic radiation, or even simple sound waves, and especially not the effect that motion has on time displacement. The cognitive perspective of man is incredibly limited.
    To base a scientific Proclamation on the razor's edge of Truth, is wishful thinking at best, and dangerous at worst. The grand fallacy of man is to believe that they can explain everything and have all the answers, such hubris is why we build monuments of grandeur to ourselves all over the planet. It quite bothers me when I see that kind of Pious attitude present within the academic field of scientific research. They would go a lot further with a healthy bit of humility. Yes keep it multidisciplinary, but don't get so cocky With your confidence. Other studies have show we still know so little about the brain, heck he never even mentioned how the Flora in your gut has a huge influence on your brains decision making process. I found the Title to be quite misleading.

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner Year ago +1


  • Brian Meeker
    Brian Meeker Year ago +4

    This guy should analyze his rubber brain as to how it it moves his rubber mouth. Consciousness is not material. It is spiritual. All his conclusions are derived from conjecture and justified with a would a, could a, should a proof. This is nothing more than Babel.
    He is making extrapolated statements based on assumptions
    I know what "an out of body experience is". His description isn't even close.
    He's a very good example of artificial intelligence without a brain. He discredits the fact it is his spirit (consciousness) he is trying to analyze. His two dimension thinking is hampered by a three dimension manifold which he doesn't recognize. He's inside the bottle he is trying to describe. This guy is chasing a rabbit down an endless hole.

    • Anarchy421
      Anarchy421 8 months ago +2

      Philosophy of mind is often judged based on its helpfulness in solving problems and moving science forward. This guy's research is helping us learn how the mind places our selves inside our bodies and how we can manipulate our minds to place our selves inside artificial limbs (great for amputees) and novel avatars (great for VR and video games). So, this work is increasing our knowledge of how the brain performs one of the most mysterious phenomena (self-consciousness) and allowing us to do some really awesome things with that knowledge. Based on how much this research is pushing us forward, it is pretty safe to say that this is good work that should be continued and expanded upon rather than ridiculed. Spirituality alone won't allow us to create cognitive neuroprosthetics.

  • David Steele
    David Steele Year ago

    Brilliant talk thanks

  • Nadrndani Travojed

    I'm sorry, I'm obviously not following properly - how does everything that was mentioned relate to OBE experience? In each of these experiments, there was a corresponding equipment that would allow us to achieve the impression similar to that of OBE. Ok, I get that part.
    But what happens when we have real life OBE? We don't have any instruments attached, so what is the thing that allows us to watch ourselves from an out of the body perspective? Am I the only one who doesn't quite get the correlation?

    NEWKNOWLEDGE Year ago +3

    I have had an "Out Of Money" experience, and also a "Near Life" experience.

  • Anigaone A
    Anigaone A Year ago

    just say: ''we don't know about this subject''. no shame

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones Year ago

    All this and more is and already been in the bible... When you are conscious reading it. Study it again

  • Jackyblue67 Same
    Jackyblue67 Same Year ago

    My grandfather got his fingers cut off in a hay baler years ago but b4 he passed on he used to talk about how he could still feel them .In the winter time he's always talk about them being so cold I always thought they probably buried them that's why he could feel the tempetures on them .

  • Cordie Powell
    Cordie Powell Year ago +1

    Monks and yogis knew this thousands of years ago.
    "Man with the Iron fists" makes a reference to this as well.

  • Mitch Mabee
    Mitch Mabee Year ago

    The brain processes around 600 billion separate pieces of information per second. It trusts the conscious mind with about 600, 000 pieces of information a second. We are always trying to give rational explanations to our hardwired behavior. The brain makes all these exciting cocktails using various amounts of sympathiomemetics dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, nor-epinephrine etc These cocktails give us every emotion the sun including love and religious fervor. The brain has one goal: to populate using our genetic code. Our tiny bit of conscious mind cant help but misinterpret the origin of all these feelings. Some of these cocktails are very addicting see female astronauts driving cross country wearing a diaper to save time at the gas pumps to get to her married lover's house (also NASA astronaut) for further examples.

  • Miguel Valdez
    Miguel Valdez Year ago

    I have a ridiculously large third leg between both legs that can rate sensation very highly depending on touch cue....very subjective finding.....

  • georgemarsone
    georgemarsone Year ago +1


    • Jacob Lancostellard
      Jacob Lancostellard 4 months ago +1

      evolution my balls!!!!. There is no point in bringing evolution in a topic is not fully understood by modern science.

  • georgemarsone
    georgemarsone Year ago


    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      A real possibility and quite likely is my guess.

  • Redblade
    Redblade Year ago

    This video has nothing to do with out-of body experiences and all he is really talking about are ridiculous party experiments.

  • Beena Plumber
    Beena Plumber Year ago

    I'm disappointed. I guess TEDx talks are hit or miss. These observations are easily explained by our outstanding sense of sight and the slowness and relative crudeness of the senses of pressure, pain, and proprioception (muscle/joint positioning in space). We react to being stabbed in the fake arm because we see it before we'd expect to feel it, and long before we cognitively sort out whether that actually is our arm. We react first out of a sense of self-preservation. Shoot a gun near a sleeping dog and it will react, even though it wasn't actually shot. We have known for decades that after we do things that we can't truthfully explain, we give explanations that we truly believe, which neuroscientists call confabulation. Sure, we can be tricked with conflicting sensory input. We've known that since the first case of seasickness. But that says nothing about our true self-awareness. It says we've been tricked by activating self-preservation behaviors and by conflicting sensory input. Not newsworthy, though it is an important perspective for those who design adaptive technologies.

  • Elane Horhi
    Elane Horhi Year ago

    Why most of the chairs are empty?

  • Bliss Bliss
    Bliss Bliss Year ago

    Um. Not so much..

  • Yogendra Gupta
    Yogendra Gupta Year ago +1

    Consciousness is Singular and Fundamental. It means one Consciousness is observing the entire universe as it's substance.

  • Dok No See
    Dok No See Year ago

    or this can be use to bad people, the rapists, drug pushers, killers...make them feel how it's like....'cause obviously the system isn't working, and oy add also those greedy bankers, manipulators... feel free to add to the list certain bad people you know of...

  • Blank Space
    Blank Space Year ago

    Does this mean that voodoo dolls aren't such a crazy idea after all?

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    I LOVE this kind of EXPERIMENTAL & THEORETICAL combined neuroscience & mathematics research! Please hire me!
    Thank you. :)

  • Curtis Smoak
    Curtis Smoak Year ago

    This happens with video games.

  • neonpop80
    neonpop80 Year ago

    We've achieved this already. A VR game called Farpoint will transport you into another world, its pretty incredible.

  • Scrubbzzy
    Scrubbzzy Year ago

    I don't understand the point he is trying to make

  • Builder
    Builder Year ago

    Part 2: what you are proposing, I'm sure is in the spirit of helping people or letting them have fun. But you're apparently not thinking of the incredible potential for abuse. And the abusers are ready at hand - Aldous Huxley's book was not - as people presumed - a novel of speculative fiction. It was an announcement. There is great interest among the richest American Oligarchs and banksters in Eugenics and active research in all its hideous aspects.
    Your research will directly enable ever more invasive forms of interrogation and has the potential to further advance brainwashing all the way to complete mind control by parties inclined to such things.
    Maybe YOU are ready to do this responsibly, Humanity is not - from the lowest street bully to the highest corporate robber baron, they are N.O.T. R.E.A.D.Y.

  • Builder
    Builder Year ago

    Dear Mr. Olaf Blanke - thoughts categorically are NOT mine - thanks. Thoughts are patterns moving freely in space. In simple terms, they are a little bit like fish roaming.
    Wrongly assuming ownership of thoughts leads directly to many of the problems the earth is suffering from.
    Yes, I can, by force of will and focus, create a specific thought, like in the process of solving a problem or designing something. but once created, nothing will hold it from roaming elsewhere. Is it mine? No. Is it even original or unique to me? No. "Intellectual Property" is a hilarious idea. Just like tiny, short-lived critters like us "owning" bits of the surface of the earth. The equivalent of a fly claiming to own the section of your kitchen counter it randomly landed on.

  • vKarl71
    vKarl71 2 years ago

    A very poorly organized talk by someone who undoubtedly knows a lot.

  • Atom Nous
    Atom Nous 2 years ago +1

    Without your consciousness, nothing exists. Consciousness is always fundamental. Isn't this obvious if you really think about it? Tell me how I'm wrong.

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      Tell me how you're right? Are you saying when we die we take the "real" world with us? Where do the rest of us live then? Please don't die.

  • Atom Nous
    Atom Nous 2 years ago

    Why does scientific community tend to (more than) assume that the mind is inside the brain and it's the only thing possible? I think the reverse is possible too.

  • Muck2014
    Muck2014 2 years ago +1

    The type of "OBE" they describe has nothing to do with OBEs.

    • Loke
      Loke 4 months ago

      Yes That Is Correct

  • Frank S
    Frank S 2 years ago

    now we need to create a rubber dick

  • Sabreen Syeed
    Sabreen Syeed 2 years ago +37

    So basically our consciousness isn't contained in our body rather our body is contained in our consciousness for a time being ! Welcome back spirituality, some of us have missed you!

    • Kæla Brown
      Kæla Brown 7 days ago

      I'm lay-studying ancient mystic philosophers, and you're right. Literally, ancient schools of spiritual thought from the East and the West have been preaching that the consciousness is not contained in the body ("spirit") and that our consciousness creates the universe around us. Scientists laughed at this idea and called it superstition for a good 50 years, then quantum mechanics burst on the scene with that famous light beam test, that found out observing an object affects its behavior, ergo consciousness affects reality.

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago +1

      I don't think that's the only conclusion you could draw from this but whatever helps ya sleep, I'm all for it.

  • Luis De La Peña
    Luis De La Peña 2 years ago

    I've seen that "fake hand" experiment before but it was badly performed here, the third guy came running so violently and hit the table so hard that the neutral observer can get the impression that the asian dude probably got scared of the roughness of the third guy rather than the brain mirroring thing. The actual way it is done is that the hammering can be actually performed by the second guy, the same one that's stroking with the brushes so you won't blame the surprise the third guy caused, it helps even more hammering before and after the stroking for control so we can be sure of the effect.

  • MrFuzzKat
    MrFuzzKat 2 years ago

    So.... what you're saying is .... the mind and the body are two separate entities that just happen to occupy the same "space" .... by force of habit? Interesting.
    On the upside it means that oneday the paralyzed will walk again; on the downside it means that one day "bodythieves" will eject other people from their bodies to steal them for their own use.

  • Caio Gracco
    Caio Gracco 2 years ago

    Please! A sip of water!

  • Hamish Cameron
    Hamish Cameron 2 years ago


  • terry
    terry 2 years ago


  • Awakened Soul
    Awakened Soul 2 years ago +97

    Brain does not create consciousness. What's the most fundamental? Not atoms, not subatomic particles , not even invisible energy --it's concuosuness. If everything is invisible..then what is the brain? Matter is dissapeared..what's left? Concuousness is fundamental. It's the source of creation. All that appears to us is mere vibrations and frequencies or at the fundamental core - concuousness that is being expressed differently. Different manifestations of concuousness that makes us who we are. That makes us feel like we are separate from everything else. But we are not. We are ONE. Everything is one massive concuousness. This universe is one single massive concuousness field. If we can tap into that field we will tap into our self. That's what many call GoD. Turn within. Turn inward. And you will get closer to this sea of pure concuousness. Infinite knowledge existence and bliss. Expand your mind. The brain is merely an instrument for us to be concuous. Awareness however pervades the universe. We live in a self aware universe. Blow your mind! God bless .

    • Robots 1016
      Robots 1016 21 day ago

      Mitch Mabee so you are saying that consciousness was a mistake and life is meaningless

    • Indicas Prime
      Indicas Prime 5 months ago +1

      @gustavo adolfo del valle Well said. If the two go hand in hand, it wouldn't make any sense to talk about how even after death, you're seeing exactly what the surgeons and doctors are doing to help you while you're physically dead. This means consciousness lives on. It is even obvious considering folks who've had NDEs of being in the void, yet were still conscious and aware of their existence. And the fact we have spirits lingering here on this planet, means that death is just a concept of itself.

    • MrWalker
      MrWalker 8 months ago +1

      well said

    • Dax Ross
      Dax Ross 11 months ago +1

      Kai Elvin I think the only reproducible experiment would be anecdotal at this point in time. But I agree with the OP

    • gustavo adolfo del valle
      gustavo adolfo del valle 11 months ago +2

      Excellent! Pam Reynolds is a case among lots of similar cases that definitely shows that consciousness and brain are independent. consciousness keeps working after clinical death more than what it is expected to be active...

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green 2 years ago +1

    5.26...look at this jabroni having a good ol' sleep

  • Douglas Bywater
    Douglas Bywater 2 years ago +13

    Ghost in a shell

  • G Davidson
    G Davidson 2 years ago

    'I think I think ... therefore I am .. I think!

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      "Of course you are my bright little star, you're miles and miles of files pretty files and now to suit our GREAT COMPUTER, you're magnetic ink!"

  • Eli Funkenstein
    Eli Funkenstein 2 years ago

    If you can trick a brain into believing it is part of the movie, and download its memories into the movie, then wouldn´t that be the same thing as becoming part of a simulation?

  • Bujf vjg
    Bujf vjg 2 years ago

    Consciousness has been studied a hell of a lot longer than 3000 years, it goes back to when man first encountered Psychedelics.

  • Ivo
    Ivo 2 years ago

    The body and the world appears in consciousness bro

  • I.A. Woien
    I.A. Woien 2 years ago +46

    Please keep TED alive! It is one of the greatest concepts of sharing knowledge I have ever seen.

    • 3 Cs
      3 Cs Month ago +1

      Please explain more John Miller.

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      Yeah when they're being honest that is. Do some research and you'll find out what I'm talking about.

  • Josh L
    Josh L 2 years ago

    Futurama is well on its way. I can see it now, heads in a glass gar with a fully feeling robotic body with inter changing parts that can be changed out like snap on tools. Truly amazing the progress made toward understanding the brain in just the past 10 years. In the next 10 years we should be able to upload our entire life experience after mapping all the neurotransmitters. This will only work however if our entire consciousness is recorded only in the physical brain. I have a good feeling will not be the case. Just as the laws of nature in the universe had to be made prior to its creation which proves there is a under lying consciousness which is and will always be outside of our ability to test. However this under lying consciousness which created all that we know may effect our lives just as much as the physical we perceive to be real. If they can map out this hidden energy that connects our bodies and tap into this so called spirit, who knows the limits to what we may find.

  • Meischel 5
    Meischel 5 2 years ago +2

    It must be a traumatic experience to die in those kind of videogames.

  • Mohamed  Jebary
    Mohamed Jebary 2 years ago


  • 0U8123MTA3
    0U8123MTA3 2 years ago +19

    I would have called this "Cognitive Neuroprosthetics: Visual/Tactile Recalibration". Interesting topic for sure.

  • Heat Box 27
    Heat Box 27 2 years ago

    Me and my friends been doing this OBE we didn't know dat what it was.. unto I started researching it and now I understand it but it's something way better then OBE.. but I think PUTTING OUR consciousness inside the universal web is a great idea I believe biologically it already has been done on a massive scale without a lot of people permission butthead I always wanted to live inside of No Man's sky the video game or Korbel or Sam or GTA 5 or create my own video game where I can be anything from a piece of paper on the ground to a thought in someone's head that will be a great game and I will call it weird shit

  • Darth Graggus
    Darth Graggus 2 years ago +1

    Very good lecture! Especcially the OBE part. cheers.

  • Andrzej Sati
    Andrzej Sati 3 years ago +2

    It is just a materialistic prejudice he repeats over and over again: brain creates consciousness. There are no proofs to support it.

    • David Hoggan
      David Hoggan 2 years ago +1

      proof / evidence - not proves

    • Ivo
      Ivo 2 years ago +1

      Andrzej Sati Rupert :)

  • stikowsky
    stikowsky 3 years ago +2

    hm this all seems like a fluke. If you mess up the connection between the brain and limbs yes ok then it gets confused. So?

    • Corvid
      Corvid 2 years ago

      True initially... "sever" the connection between brain and body (or possibly even consciousness and body) and of course it's exceedingly confusing, and if accidental or during a potentially fatal experience, possibly terrifying. It's what happens when you accept that lack of input, and explore it that interesting things start happening. It's like starting a computer with no operating system... initially it just sits there, but when you've got something as complex as the human brain (or perhaps something a bit deeper) strange and extremely interesting things happen, particularly if such a state is cause by NMDA receptor antagonists.

    • NotAnyone WorthRemembering
      NotAnyone WorthRemembering 2 years ago +3

      What? Seriously? This discovery is completely revolutionary. It can give an entire new perspective to prosthetics. It can let people who lost their limbs literally be able to feel and experience what it is like to have that limb again.

  • Adolfo Medrano
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  • g
    g 3 years ago +1

    VOODOO science 1.0

  • Kevin Chisholm
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    Not a very fitting tittle for this talk

  • Gary Caltharp
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    just kidding

  • Gary Caltharp
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    boohoo boohoo boo

    • Christopher D
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      Are you crying or making a comment? I really have no idea what you are trying to express.

  • Michael Dunham
    Michael Dunham 3 years ago +1

    The body creates an energy body made of all the energy in the body. This energy body is detached from the physical body and moves independently of it. This detached energy body survives death. Rubbing the rubber hand and your physical hand causes you to move your spirit hand in the same position of the rubber hand. It is not a trick or illusion. Our science sucks. This guy needs to go back to school. Wait till he finds out that we are related to these grays that live in this thought dimension.

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      It's a nice story until you include some kind of evidence. Do you have any idea how many wacko's are telling stories on the internet?

  • Laura Aguirre
    Laura Aguirre 3 years ago +1

    Best TED I have ever seen

    • stlkngyomom
      stlkngyomom 2 years ago +2

      Try TED:meditation,lucid dreaming,fasting,banned.

  • level 3 neural network


  • Roger Hofer
    Roger Hofer 3 years ago +3

    I have had many OBEs in my life as a teenager and less later. There are both visual and audio components too these experiences, with the visual being the most significant for me. Even so the tactile sensation tends to be first. I considered them to be like dreams, except the clarity was that of a lucid dream with more ordinary surroundings.
    When I was a teenager I mastered the technique of inducing them by waking up and going back to bed late night, sort of falling asleep while barely conscious. The visual experience at that age was indistinguishable from real life; that is, I would not be able to tell if it was real life or not except for various tests (such as reading writing, turning away, and seeing if it changes). I'm 45 now, and the visual sequence tends to break up more now and is not quite as life like. Supplementation of fish oil and exercise tend to make the visual better, but it is definitely not perfect like when I was a teenager.
    Sometimes there are audio additions in my case too. I could cause the audio to start by willing an audio device or going to in my house (if that is where I was) in the OBE where there was a stereo. Turning it on might start music of a very strange variety, often linked with very strong emotions. The emotions would feed into the music and the music change with mine. This kind of feedback could produce intensely emotional music. If I started feeling frightened, for example, the music would take on ominous sounds, often alien-like sounds that I had not heard in real life. It was the most odd thing!
    Another thing I did was turn on a computer in the OBE. In this case sometimes the screen would not turn on, but when it did, there were amazing graphics (well for the mid-80s - probably nothing as amazing as today's real-life graphics).
    It seemed to me at the time that this avenue of exploration was also linked to emotions typical of an introverted, lonely man. Further nothing of this sort has been duplicated in my life since then, which might be for the best. I can see it being extremely counter-productive if such a state where easy to enter, and since it didn't hold any particular spiritual significance to me as I'm agnostic and the OBE did not reliably reveal unknown real-world information (my test of authenticity), I'm not sure there was a lot of use other than simple entertainment. It was cool, though.

    • stlkngyomom
      stlkngyomom 2 years ago

      No problem,try:Waking Life,Manifesting the Mind,binaural beats,TED:lucid reaming,meditation,fasting,banned;yoga nidra,lung gom pa,tummo,tulpa,science of lucid dreaming.

    • V
      V 3 years ago

      +Roger Hofer I find that my lucid dreaming/OBE onsets are far more common when I change my life or experience/learn new things. My mind has been a bit stagnant since 2012 with my daily routine being just about the same, and all I've had is the odd "I'm awake, I can't open my eyes, fear is taking over.."-crap that I discard immediately.
      Until two days ago, right after I made my mind up about moving - and there it was!
      Didn't even notice it happening like I normally would, I had to "wake up" three times before I realized I was still asleep.
      I have never controlled this, it's just been with me forever. And aside from being there far too often as a kid (scared me out of my mind for years), the only time I experienced it almost daily was right after I started playing the piano or when travelling a lot.
      Perhaps you could try something completely new? How's your diet? Do you have a high intake of fluoride? Do you still feel inquisitive?

    • Marek Liban
      Marek Liban 3 years ago +2

      +Roger Hofer Hello Roger, thank you for sharing your experience. For my the big question here would be this - were you able to do some experiment to verify that you are not dreaming? Meaning that somebody put some paper with a word or letter somewhere and while on OBE you were able to read that and thus verify that you are indeed floating in the real world ? :)

  • Мальчиш Кибальчиш

    I will say thank you again after this))))

  • chas ames
    chas ames 3 years ago

    I'm curious why the video switcher elected to omit the 5th slide at 15:00...

    • Aurelien Geron FR
      Aurelien Geron FR 3 years ago

      The 5th slide is visible at 14:30. I suppose the video switcher just wanted to make you feel like you are in the audience.

  • John F.
    John F. 3 years ago +2

    I have to say, I don't think Blanke et al. has induced an OBE identical to the canonical spontaneous OBEs - based on several scientific articles I've read debating this subject. The lucid dreaming theory of OBEs by Laberge and Levitan is far better, but I'll outline what's wrong with this.
    In his 2002 article, the patient receiving TPJ stimulation reported only the following: “sinking into the bed”, “falling from a height”, “I see myself lying in bed, from
    above, but I only see my legs and lower trunk”, “lightness”, “floating”. Upon further stimulation, the patient reported bodily distortions such as her legs becoming shorter, bending, and moving quickly toward her face. Other patients described fear, horror, derealization, and depersonalization.
    If anyone has read phenomenological descriptions of spontaneous OBE, one will notice numerous discrepancies here (eg her locus of perception was confined to the perspective at an angle of only seeing her lower half, from a fixed location - she did not describe a disembodied locus of awareness from a wholly different perspective than the body, which may have moved about freely). Also, if the patient closed her eyes, this body illusion ceased - usually with OBEs one's eyes are already closed, and the experient is in such an altered mental and physiological state that they cannot report on its contents until they come out of it (eg as in a dream). There's other independent empirical considerations why Blanke's study neither shows what's necessary or sufficient for OBEs but I'll leave it at that.

    • Ken Crotty
      Ken Crotty Year ago

      Yes, accurately put, Blanke's work inaccurately truncates the veridical characteristics of OBE's as Jeffery Long, MD, et al have shown.

    • Mason
      Mason Year ago

      It was a very crude reduction of consciousness and OBE reports, but I am glad that I kept watching as I haven't seen this research applied to the future possibility of personal sensation in virtual reality. Anyway, thank you for your analysis. I no longer feel the need to read his research on OBE's.

    • StillSeeking
      StillSeeking 3 years ago

      +John Fly Very succinct analysis.

  • Shmannel
    Shmannel 3 years ago +6

    hes pacing around as if hed not had the chance to go to the bathroom for a while before this lecture

    • Wes Ovall
      Wes Ovall 3 years ago +2

      +Shmannel I have heard this is a common occurrence at these talks. So, you may be more correct than we know.

  • Glypt0d0n
    Glypt0d0n 3 years ago +4

    nah, you have to actually study oobe to talk about it. you took someones else study and added couple of lame states to it..really bad talk

    • The Ultimate Reductionist
      The Ultimate Reductionist Year ago

      +Glypt0d0n You have no objective testable evidence of OOBE. That's the entire problem with it.
      OOBE is just a personal subjective experience. Even if it's real, it's still just subjective and untestable.

    • Glypt0d0n
      Glypt0d0n 3 years ago +1

      +Marco Fogli That's fine, but he is using OOBE for his study and he knows nothing about it. Do you actually know what OOBE is or you heard of it first time in this video?

    • Marco Fogli
      Marco Fogli 3 years ago +3

      @Glypt0d0n My friend, I think you missed the point. Try to rewatch it with an open mind. He is talking of something else (and potential application to prosthetic).

    • Glypt0d0n
      Glypt0d0n 3 years ago +2

      +Marco Fogli He has false claims about OOBE. He doesn't understand it and he thinks it is only a brain trick, which is certainly not. If he had studied OOBE ever, he would be surprised. My recommendations to you too, if you like that topic.

    • Marco Fogli
      Marco Fogli 3 years ago +1

      +Glypt0d0n not really a bad talk. He is presenting application of this study to prosthetic limbs, could improve the lives of many amputee.
      He is not talking of the kind of oobe you are referring to, but the "illusion" that our conscious brain creates and application of it in practical surgery.
      It is fascinating (and yes our brain can be definitely tricked)

  • Grape Gym
    Grape Gym 3 years ago +1

    very good
    (I only fell asleep at the part where you said "peripheral cortex!")

  • John Benitz
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    What happens if he steps out of the red circle on the floor? He literally will not do it. He never steps out of that damn red circle. Not even a little bit.

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      He's trying to avoid making loud stepping noises. The red circle is a mat

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      He cant step out of the red circle or he'll die.

      Hes still standing there now...

  • AhYaOkRgT
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    The premise is wrong because Descartes didn't say I know, therefore I am. He said I think!

  • Roland Hinnion
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    one more techno-fascist who dreams of leading us to the Brave New World !!

    • Fuk Yu
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      +Roland Hinnion
      One more moron.

  • Arjuna 1
    Arjuna 1 3 years ago

    see 14:00 for the mentioned out of body experiences.. pharma has to go deeper to those things.. maybe one day we could be best friends with that murders.....

  • charliewisp
    charliewisp 3 years ago +10

    I think if they did a virtual reality test where a person was wired with sensors over his entire body (much like those suits used to record movement in video games or 3d animation) and wore a helmet or goggles which put the subject in a virtual realty where he is two feet smaller or two feet taller, after interacting with various familiar objects, upon coming out of the virtual world, the subject would feel as though he had gained or lost height. Further proof that our depiction of our body and self is an illusion that could be altered with subtle changes in our cognitive recognition.

    • Yntsy
      Yntsy Year ago

      at this moment (2018) there are many games which as you describe can give you a similar experience as you suggested,the virtual reality has made an advance with the interaction of a person and their avatars,but it still needs lots of development for a complete experience,we already have the goggles in that part,anyways i think right now its a good time to start those kind of experiments with the advancement that has been done (and maybe they started and i don't had any idea about it ^^) interesting suggestion bro

    • singularity
      singularity 3 years ago

      sounds interesting thank you

  • Roel Vink
    Roel Vink 3 years ago +2

    If you really want to know what your *spirit/conscious* is I would suggest reading the Book *The Present* you can find it on the site *TruthContest*. It is an accurate explanation of the *Truth of Life* ( the Big Picture Of Life) People are trying to understand the universe independent of consciousness, and it is the most important factor in the equation. *Like energy, consciousness cannot be created or destroyed. (page 2 The Book Present)* Check it out *TruthContest* and read the *Present*

    • john miller
      john miller 6 months ago

      God not you again. You are one persistant Troll.

  • Rhoda Mackenzie
    Rhoda Mackenzie 3 years ago

    Either he has dry mouth or his dentures don't fit well. Couldn't get much out it really. Nothing new.

  • Lobo Azul Bleu
    Lobo Azul Bleu 4 years ago +3

    Interesting, is like Ghost in the Shell with all its possibilities.

  • shamanahaboolist
    shamanahaboolist 4 years ago

    Hmm... only really expresses how adaptable the qualia is at using the brain to manipulate different forms. Says nothing about the source of the qualia.
    Would love to compare the testimonies in these induced OBEs with actual OBEs from NDEs and DMT induced OBEs.

    • Anthony Greico
      Anthony Greico 3 years ago

      I have to DISAGREE with YOUR point of view of there being "no qualia."

    • shamanahaboolist
      shamanahaboolist 3 years ago

      @Fuk Yu
      No I'm not a duelist.
      And there is qualia that is pretty much proven.

    • Fuk Yu
      Fuk Yu 3 years ago

      OMG, what are you? A dualist? How anachronistic.
      There is no qualia, bro. Deal with it.

    • shamanahaboolist
      shamanahaboolist 3 years ago

      Every experience we have will have a corresponding part of the brain light up.
      Measuring brain activity says nothing about the source of these experiences or even why they are possible, with or without drugs. And, as you say, tells us nothing of what is "real" or whether or not we can extrapolate meaning from the fact that we have these experiences.

    • Rory
      Rory 3 years ago

      @shamanahaboolist I'm sure they are different, but I don't think the differences make one kind more or less "real" than the other, just different. About a year or two ago, there was a popular story going around about a girl who could, at will, have spontaneous OBEs, but she herself knew that she wasn't literally "leaving" her body. Scientists did scans of her brain while she was having the OBEs and were able to see that OBEs are associated with activity in a particular part of the brain.

  • Mick Malkemus, MS
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  • Daulton Baird
    Daulton Baird 4 years ago +27

    This talk was intentionally titled to give the impression of metaphysics .

    • The Ultimate Reductionist
      The Ultimate Reductionist Year ago +5

      I am glad they titled it this way, to draw in philosophers and metaphysicists to think about hard experimental & theoretical physical neuroscience.

  • Bruno Mk1
    Bruno Mk1 4 years ago

    May I recommend an episode of 'Red Dwarf' - "Better Than Life". Try to avoid reading about it first, so it arrives brand new. Be warned - you may become a fan of this alternate thinking. If so, the very first episode explains a lot. Another episode that comes to mind is "The Despair Squid". Brilliant, long-running comedy with a national following. Keep questioning the nature of reality.