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  • Ireland Boys Productions
    Ireland Boys Productions 11 months ago +8158

    72,000 LIKES 👍 and we’ll DROP PART 2 BEFORE NEXT FRIDAY!


    I love you guys

  • Cherry Parks
    Cherry Parks 2 hours ago

    Y wuz music playing in the middle of the video

  • Jake Jack
    Jake Jack 2 hours ago +1

    I subscribed to you guys you make funny videos

  • Cherry Parks
    Cherry Parks 2 hours ago

    Exposeufasus 😂😂😂 I would never kick them it if I worked at Walmart❤️❤️💙love u guys

  • April Rogers
    April Rogers 3 hours ago +1

    you need to do a 5 days in wamert

  • Bodie Duclon
    Bodie Duclon 4 hours ago

    This Channel is amazing

  • Ultra Instinct Gogeta
    Ultra Instinct Gogeta 5 hours ago


    Rudy gobert: 4:04

  • Mikki Brock
    Mikki Brock 5 hours ago

    Ppl watching this in 2020,CORONAVIRIS

  • Tornado Brady
    Tornado Brady 5 hours ago +1

    100 mil subs 100 days in Walmart

  • Macey Vicars
    Macey Vicars 7 hours ago

    If they did this in 2020:
    Nick: wouldn’t be able to find food
    Rick: would of gotten corona
    Both: would of been caught cus the workers be restocking

  • Shavon Alexson
    Shavon Alexson 7 hours ago

    9:45 when your friend ruins your joke🤣🤣🤣

  • Macey Vicars
    Macey Vicars 7 hours ago

    Nick: We can’t take any risks
    Also Nick: *Makes a smoothie*

  • Benjamin Humbyrd
    Benjamin Humbyrd 12 hours ago

    400000000 is next 👍

  • Yoboi Tetak
    Yoboi Tetak 19 hours ago +1


  • Randi Ruple
    Randi Ruple 21 hour ago +1

    Ricky and Nick: We want to try and stay in the same Walmart for the whole time
    Also Ricky and Nick: we got to be LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randi Ruple
    Randi Ruple 21 hour ago +1

    I’m watching this right now at 3:24 a.m. and it’s my birthday Today and I was watching tv for like an and hour and then I decided to watch you peoples because I knew it would pass the time

    • Jaylin3k
      Jaylin3k 15 hours ago

      Happy birthday🎂

  • Tord
    Tord 21 hour ago +3

    Ricky: licks the floor
    corona virus: am i a joke to you?
    thanks for all the likes lmfao~Tord

  • Willy Woods
    Willy Woods 22 hours ago +1

    Watch out for Corona time!

  • Salvatore Capezzuto


  • seth bryson
    seth bryson Day ago +2

    Why are they called Ireland boys if they are all Asians

    • DYNEX 27
      DYNEX 27 2 hours ago

      @seth bryson there last name is is ireland

    • seth bryson
      seth bryson 3 hours ago

      I think it is funny 😂 because they should be called the Asian boys

    • DYNEX 27
      DYNEX 27 5 hours ago

      Not cool bro

  • GD fam Breh
    GD fam Breh Day ago +2

    Why is everybody watching this today?

  • Hayden George
    Hayden George Day ago +1

    Very healthy 🤣😂

  • Cinder Bun
    Cinder Bun Day ago +1

    5:01 2019 kids remember this

  • Crafts Tv
    Crafts Tv Day ago +1

    Imagine being the staff and seeing this

  • Roderick Shawn
    Roderick Shawn Day ago +2

    2020, who still here watching this legendary vid💪💪⚡⚡
    Bring back the OG 24 HOURS challenge pls like to be seen by IBP

  • Christopher Robinson

    anbody watiching this in 2020 because we dont have toilet paper

  • Hadenn Brown
    Hadenn Brown Day ago +1

    At 9:42 that looks so wrong

  • Jazzy Johnson
    Jazzy Johnson Day ago +1

    You said $33 on food and other stuff

  • Jackson Omalza
    Jackson Omalza Day ago

    I have my own RU-clip channel called Jackson omalza

  • Dylan Twain
    Dylan Twain Day ago

    4:03 coronavirus

  • Lauren Driscoll
    Lauren Driscoll Day ago

    Plot twist: the Walmart is a 24 hour Walmart

  • Dijinix Yt
    Dijinix Yt Day ago

    i think you were the one who started corona virus because you licked the floor

  • Logan Gaming
    Logan Gaming Day ago

    Cameras bud

    SILAS MILLER 2 days ago

    This is like chuckle cheese all over again

  • ham and cheese sandwich

    he got the corona

  • Cherry Sheeran
    Cherry Sheeran 2 days ago

    I love rewatching your videos. I love how you guys are so grateful for your subscribers. Other people are always like thanks. You guys are just like thanks we’re so grateful. Thanks for being awesome.

  • ailynxelizabeth rivera

    Yeeyee everyone

  • AI Fangs
    AI Fangs 2 days ago +1

    Title should have been
    259,200 seconds in a fort

  • Anti-Suceed
    Anti-Suceed 2 days ago

    Im watching this in 2020 and if they do another 24 hour challenge they cant do toilet paper

  • JackCorte Yeet
    JackCorte Yeet 2 days ago

    21:56 what is there music? im so confused

  • ItsFunnyChris
    ItsFunnyChris 2 days ago

    Hide at the toilet paper you guys always Hide atThe baby diapers

    • angelm291
      angelm291 2 days ago

      Its that if they hide at the toilet paper for 3 days stright, the employees will restock so they will get caught if they hide in the toilet paper

  • Trace Harrell
    Trace Harrell 2 days ago

    Should have use a dog food. It is better than diaper.

  • MrEyaan
    MrEyaan 2 days ago

    This is so fake how did u stay in Walmart for 3 days (72hours)

  • Ben Kistler
    Ben Kistler 2 days ago

    You guys are truly inspiring

  • Bryan Pineda pinon ytp

    9:43 me 🤢😊
    Nick oh yeet

  • Ben Nielsen
    Ben Nielsen 3 days ago

    The reason why the coronavirus was because Ricky disrespected it 🧻🦠

  • Ben Nielsen
    Ben Nielsen 3 days ago

    When Ricky lick the floor The first thing that came to my mind was coronavirus 🦠🦠🦠🦠

  • Jasmine Settles
    Jasmine Settles 3 days ago

    that stuff was not heathy at all dude like omg like you lide man that bad dont like you man like that7s so bad man boy get yoa potao head ciking head hhhaaaaa

    • ii Basicxx
      ii Basicxx 22 hours ago

      Jasmine Settles your grammar 😂

  • Diana De alba
    Diana De alba 3 days ago +1

    Throw back to when the shelves of Walmart were stocked 🤣

  • Manav Chopra
    Manav Chopra 3 days ago

    You guys should try to do a prank call video

  • Epicness cubing & other stuff

    4:03 and that’s how coronavirus was created😂

  • Ronnie Nich
    Ronnie Nich 3 days ago +1

    Do you guys even pay for the food

  • Shirley Zhou
    Shirley Zhou 3 days ago

    i love the videos and blunders tottaly 33 dolars

  • Joseph Miniex
    Joseph Miniex 3 days ago


  • Lion Lord
    Lion Lord 3 days ago

    Nick pick good grub

  • Lion Lord
    Lion Lord 3 days ago


  • Diane Griffith
    Diane Griffith 3 days ago

    I thought you said you saved and hid the blender!

  • The formal Carrot
    The formal Carrot 3 days ago

    It is soooo soft

  • It’s Sparkles
    It’s Sparkles 3 days ago

    Please bring back the 24 hour challenges at Walmart&Target!

  • NamesLimitCharacterGrowth _

    this is my first time watching, and I didn't know their names for the first bit and they look really similar, so I identified them by the wrinkles at the top of-- I think his name is Nick, Nick's forehead lol

  • Unstoppable—Gaming

    I can not tell which one is which

  • Unstoppable—Gaming

    3:02 Your welcome like please

  • Deadly7241
    Deadly7241 4 days ago

    4:04 you wouldn’t want to be doing that now would ya?

  • Angham Alsaeg
    Angham Alsaeg 4 days ago

    plz do a 4 day Challenge in Walmart

  • Sean Carroll
    Sean Carroll 4 days ago

    2030, spending 1 year in Walmart

    CAMILA GUZMAN 4 days ago

    love you ireland boys

    CHAN CLAN 4 days ago

    NO WAY

  • Sammyclassicsonicfan fan

    Ah yes lol surprise on tv my favorite show

  • Sammyclassicsonicfan fan

    If youtube fail you can just rob targets and Walmart’s

  • Parker Ashman
    Parker Ashman 4 days ago

    The we’re talking loud how did they not get caught

    TIK TOK FAM 4 days ago +1

    👖 I would say yeye but I'm shy

  • Horse Lover
    Horse Lover 4 days ago

    This is crazy

  • Michael Olive
    Michael Olive 4 days ago

    No one:
    Nick: you must be QUIET.

  • Nicolas Niebling
    Nicolas Niebling 4 days ago

    To lit paper 🧻 isn’t a good option no more

  • Tiana Holloway
    Tiana Holloway 5 days ago

    So when nick said “he would like a nice eggplant” does he mean a nick mean a nice D***

  • Noah Gonzalez
    Noah Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Umm the music

  • SPY GUY/GAMER/ vlogerkid

    at least they are legit

  • Sonia Killen
    Sonia Killen 5 days ago

    I am doing an overnight challenge in my mom’s truck in the back with my sister Gracie and it will be on RU-clip

  • Johnny Vor
    Johnny Vor 5 days ago

    Ireland boys you should do 72 hours in target that will be 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥