The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Remix

  • Published on Mar 5, 2017
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Comments • 636

  • Legit Duck
    Legit Duck 2 months ago

    i dont get why link only has traveler's gear in all the art and a traveler's bow in smash. like, you have the best sword, the best sheild, and the second worst bow?

  • Squirt_COTA
    Squirt_COTA 3 months ago +1

    Did I hear Toriel's battle theme in there????

  • Botan Kaffaf
    Botan Kaffaf 4 months ago

    This Game is actually in 10 years the best Game that was ever realesed for the switch

  • Keyvaun Pourmokhtari
    Keyvaun Pourmokhtari 4 months ago +1


  • Badis Djazair
    Badis Djazair 4 months ago +4

    I'm here because Breath of the Wild 2

  • Isaac Souray
    Isaac Souray 5 months ago

    I know this is really late but I'm trying to make a BOTW trailer, and I really want to use this music can anyone send it to me? Thanks!

    • Isaac Souray
      Isaac Souray 5 months ago


    • Isaac Souray
      Isaac Souray 5 months ago

      Even if you can't, keep up the great remixes

    • Isaac Souray
      Isaac Souray 5 months ago

      I haven't got enough money to support on patron or buy RU-clip premium but I really like your music and I'll give you a big shout out and promote your channel!

  • Cookie Mite
    Cookie Mite 6 months ago +1

    this song.... is so beautiful

  • MediaMotifs
    MediaMotifs 6 months ago +2

    Wait, is that Heartache at 4:00?

  • Chris Viles
    Chris Viles 7 months ago +1

    Put this in Smash, because listening to this while fighting would be awesome!!

  • elijahthesamurai
    elijahthesamurai 7 months ago +1

    If there is ever a live-action Zelda movie this has to be the music used in the trailer can't stop listening to it over and over

  • John Paul Boudreaux
    John Paul Boudreaux 8 months ago

    the way you just causally threw heartache from undertale into that........DAMN

  • Jackson Nexhip
    Jackson Nexhip 8 months ago +1

    Was that Heartache from Undertale at the end? Dude the way you sneak in melodies from other songs into your remixes is just bloody god-tier

  • DrBleh
    DrBleh 9 months ago +1

    i remember when i got the switch, i was hesitant to get this game because im ass at puzzle games. but man, im so glad i got it, i have at least 400 hours put into this amazing game right now

    CHARLES SPENGLER 9 months ago +1


  • Jackson Nexhip
    Jackson Nexhip 9 months ago

    This is incredible

  • Jackson Nexhip
    Jackson Nexhip 9 months ago

    I hear some song of storms in the first minute

  • Omesroy
    Omesroy 10 months ago

    free to use for non-profit use?
    i absolutely love it

  • lilgabe64
    lilgabe64 11 months ago

    Anyone else here because of Austin John plays?

  • ŒŦ SuckRam
    ŒŦ SuckRam Year ago +1

    Kuka tuli Luugin videost?

  • JoKeR
    JoKeR Year ago +2

    One hundred years of sleeping,
    now I finally rise at last,
    when suddenly, it dawns on me
    that I've forgotten all my past,
    I lost all of my memory for reasons unknown,
    and that includes my recollection of my name and of my home,
    As I encounter every trial memories return to me,
    the friends I fought aside to execute the evil king,
    By putting an arrow in all of these moblins,
    I solve all of their problems,
    send'em to the after-life, no other option,
    but censor the blood, the traveler's watching.
    I'll wipe out all these guardians, an ancient arrow and we're done,
    they could never ever hope to best the Hyrule champion,
    I've got Mipha's grace and I'm rocking Daruk's protection,
    every monster that attacks me is bound for dissection!

    100 nights of fire, each fight implies a final,
    the moment that's slowly outlining the kind of mind that I have!
    From the trees to the mountains, to the rising sun,
    reclaimed by nature, this is MY kingdom!
    I'll liberate this land and me from this ancient reawaken each memory,
    and if Zelda needs my assistance, I'll be there in an instant, the power to defeat any scourage,
    long as we have the Triforce of power, and the Triforce of courage!

    I saw the tapestry, remembered the prophecy, then it dawned on me,
    find the Great Deku Tree, there I would draw the item to banish the foe I had fought under lock and key,
    This is a weapon of victory, passed throughout history,
    I fought through witchery, uncovered mysteries,
    it could be blasphemy, what it has asked of me,
    I raise it up to sky,
    see it gleaming in the sun,
    Ganon, its time, it's over,
    your evil days are done!
    You've reigned death and destruction onto the land I call home, and now its time I sent you off to
    a nightmare of your own!
    Oh! The hero of Hyrule comes forth,
    reunited with his courage and the edge of his sword!
    It's the stuff of legends from the heroes before, and when Hyrule is threatened I shall rise once more!!

    "Courage need not be remembered for it is never forgotten", I charge the castle with 4 powers and a plan that's not misbegotten,
    We've fought through all the monsters now it is our fears that we must face, to stop the suffering and ashes that will be Hyrule's remains!
    But lo and behold! Hope is never lost! The champions unite to finish off the final boss!
    Using the divine beasts we all fire a final blast,
    sealing off the Demon King and the Champion's souls can rest at last...

  • Remco F. Gerritsen
    Remco F. Gerritsen Year ago +1

    Not yet played this game, so can't have an opinion about it.
    But this music is AMAZING!

  • E.J. Reflects
    E.J. Reflects Year ago

    Do you allow people to make songs with your instrumentals?

  • Karkat Vantas
    Karkat Vantas Year ago +1

    Can we get an akala ancient tech lab remix bc the regular theme is heat

  • Alpha Heraxis
    Alpha Heraxis Year ago +1

    0:28 Pokemon X 😄

  • Squirt_COTA
    Squirt_COTA Year ago +1

    Did I hear Asgore's theme from Undertale near the end? Glitch, you are a literal goddess.

  • chanyy lmaoo eyee
    chanyy lmaoo eyee Year ago +1

    The song is so great, I cried when I heard it the first time..♥😭That was a year ago and I still get tears..♥♥😢

  • Technerd
    Technerd Year ago

    Awesome Track

  • Rito the Morkie
    Rito the Morkie Year ago

    this is well done

  • Juan Coronado
    Juan Coronado Year ago +1

    Toriel’s song??

  • Heart Barks
    Heart Barks Year ago +1

    Did. Did you mix some Undertale into the last bit of the song? Heartache?
    Also this is awesome. It's hard for me to find good BOTW remixes because the game's music is just that good and people tend to kinda butcher it, but this is rad.

  • Razorshells
    Razorshells Year ago +2

    The way that I'd describe the music in breath of the wild is a sadness for what once was

  • Iron Pan
    Iron Pan Year ago +1

    I wish they used this music for the menu screen instead of silence.

  • David Anzalone
    David Anzalone Year ago +1

    It's always hit and miss with you. Granted, not every author releases platinum with every album, as a matter of fact, very few ever do, but with you, it's a personal case.
    I want you to succeed like no other remixer has succeeded before, but I'll be damned if innovation doesn't run dry more often than not with your uploads. It's pretty revealing when I can accurately predict the next 4 notes and exactly when the bass drops on one of your remixes; despite never having heard the OST.
    Beyond that little insignificant disappointment, please continue to evolve as an artist. I rather enjoy your hits, though I do wish they were more frequent and less...

  • SuduckaDim
    SuduckaDim Year ago

    is he a fan of pokemon x due to the x in the intro

  • rwby fnaf creepy pasta lover

    I got the gameee

  • Shadow Sear
    Shadow Sear Year ago +1

    I can't tell which theme in BOTW this is remixed after.

  • MrPoindekister
    MrPoindekister Year ago

  • Mimeon
    Mimeon Year ago +2

    I feel like there was a bit of Lugia's Song in there..

  • Grace Fuehrer
    Grace Fuehrer Year ago +1

    @GlitchXCity is it okay if I use this in an orchestra project??? I need to compose a piece and this is really quite inspiring for it!

  • GungiGinga
    GungiGinga Year ago +1

    2:30 starts best

  • Squirt_COTA
    Squirt_COTA Year ago

    This song is PERFECT in absolutely every way. Great job, Glitch!

  • Владимир пушкин

    *May Hyrule Be Set Free, Zelda awaits u go and get her*

    • ŒŦ SuckRam
      ŒŦ SuckRam Year ago

      Владимир пушкин wtf

      No where in the game did anyone say so

  • Drew
    Drew Year ago

    I swear I heard a bit of Heartache in there right around 4:00

  • MtMarshi
    MtMarshi Year ago

    Well thats it, this and the FF VII remix is all it took for me to destroy the like and sub button. Please make a Twilight princess or One Winged Angel remix! Puhleeeeeaase!

  • Storm Slayer
    Storm Slayer Year ago

    GlitchxCity i would like to know if i could use this in a video by slowing it down and adding to it?

  • Kirkland Lubin
    Kirkland Lubin Year ago


  • BlackPantherN7
    BlackPantherN7 Year ago

    Free download? I bought the thing off of itunes dang it.

  • Objectjon
    Objectjon Year ago

    Im hearing a lot of lugia and Asgore in this. Nice!

  • Objectjon
    Objectjon Year ago

    The game is definitely worth the purchase if you are into true adventure. By the way GlitchxCity, which music software do you use?

  • Didi Feuer
    Didi Feuer Year ago

    3:58 Am I the only one hearing Asgore's theme during this whole last part???

  • Donny Tang
    Donny Tang Year ago +1

    I get chills every time I hear lugia theme

  • Carlos Ayala-Santa-Ana
    Carlos Ayala-Santa-Ana 2 years ago +1

    At 1:49 you can hear Lugia's theme

  • Jacob Cox
    Jacob Cox 2 years ago

    I heard Heartache melody at the end

  • Creaciones y Manualidades angeles

    No estan sencillo hacer remixes de BOTW

    • Nero 98
      Nero 98 Year ago

      Este es un excelente remix

  • Flash Breaker
    Flash Breaker 2 years ago

    awesome arragement !!

  • Dayala Singh
    Dayala Singh 2 years ago +1

    Just got a switch and this game is too good!

    • Dayala Singh
      Dayala Singh 2 years ago +1

      I promised I wouldn't cry!

  • Aabrar Rahman
    Aabrar Rahman 2 years ago

    Second playthrough in, I still get teary at times during cutscenes or just traveling around the plains of Hyrule...

  • AjKawaiiCat にゃn
    AjKawaiiCat にゃn 2 years ago +7

    3:58 Did I hear "Heartache" from Undertale💔 in the piano?!😱😱😱😲😲😲

    • Jackson Nexhip
      Jackson Nexhip 9 months ago

      omg haha you're right

    • Didi Feuer
      Didi Feuer Year ago

      Oops, I didn't see this comment and wrote something similar, but yes!!! Totally hearing it.

    • BlobOfAwe
      BlobOfAwe Year ago

      I thought the same thing and was just looking at the comments to see if I was the only one.

  • sans pie
    sans pie 2 years ago

    Beautiful song

  • TheJoker Jokes
    TheJoker Jokes 2 years ago

    glitchxcity i play your songs while i play pokemon showdown and my fav out of them all has to be lugias song