Living In My Brothers Pool For 24 Hours

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
  • and on that note we don't have to live the horrors of summer for the next 9 months amen
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Morgan Adams
    Morgan Adams  3 months ago +21426

    Okay PSA it’s not fall but starbucks sent out an email that it was their first day of fall and we went with it 😂😭

    • Delta _KimB
      Delta _KimB 18 days ago

      I *strongly dislike summer as well.

    • Ash Doe
      Ash Doe Month ago

      Morgan Adams QUEEN IS HERE

    • Itz_ Breader
      Itz_ Breader Month ago


    • destanee
      destanee Month ago

      i have the green version of the advocaco blanket.🥰

  • Imnotdead YET
    Imnotdead YET Day ago +1

    Me: I'm gonna get that float


    Also me: Oh.. $300 USD with $206 USD tax

  • Kellie Kennedy
    Kellie Kennedy Day ago

    omg your so naturally pretty your georgeous i love you so much beautiful!!!

  • th flwr grl
    th flwr grl Day ago

    Morgan youre so hot im crying

  • MissLittleCupcake !!

    I’m on Morgan’s team with the not liking summer

  • JLGhs1
    JLGhs1 Day ago

    Great idea but living on a pool sized raft shouldnt count as living in a pool for 24 hours!

  • Canadian Lady 80

    Ok that cat pack is awesome... I think I need one for Loki lol

  • Cora Csapos
    Cora Csapos 2 days ago

    im gonna laugh when ryland falls in the pool with the cat pack on with cheeto in the bag!

  • Diamond Diva
    Diamond Diva 2 days ago +1

    Shane says, " This might be the saddest thing I ever saw in my whole life."
    After one second later....... STARTS LAUGHING!

  • Kaitelynn Hale
    Kaitelynn Hale 3 days ago +1

    Please do the competition with mr. beast to win $1 million!!!!! Like this comment if you think Morgan should do it!!!!!

  • wolf town
    wolf town 3 days ago

    You should have had a 15-20 min shower break or body rinse. Chlorinated pool water can be extremely irritating. I can’t stand it. Props girl 👌🏻🤙🏻

  • Feelinxx Blue
    Feelinxx Blue 4 days ago

    is it wrong in the beggining, i belived Morgan DIDNT wear a bra?

  • janeddy rivas
    janeddy rivas 4 days ago

    I have the same phone case the marble case

  • Aliceshipycooks Xoxo

    My chickens at 12 in the morning

  • Marli O'Hagan
    Marli O'Hagan 5 days ago

    why is Morgan and Shane such a perfect couple???

  • Llama Playz
    Llama Playz 6 days ago

    that flamingo is the size of my pool. 😂😂😂

  • D D
    D D 7 days ago

    Morgans ass 🤓🤗

  • Evo Gymnast
    Evo Gymnast 7 days ago +1

    I agree summer isn’t that great because it’s to hot there’s bugs and it’s just not good so finally someone agrees with me

  • BB Kate
    BB Kate 7 days ago

    I’m the only one who likes tho old pool more

  • Josue Hernandez
    Josue Hernandez 8 days ago

    Is no one gonna y’all about how honey was drinking the pool water ??? 😭😭😭😭

  • Sammy G
    Sammy G 8 days ago +1

    So no one is gonna talk about the fact that Emilia got Shane outside without his sun visor and umbrella 😱she is an icon

  • MsStarlet21
    MsStarlet21 9 days ago

    Shane so strong! Lol but drop the box ha. They did it together though and that was great.

  • MsStarlet21
    MsStarlet21 9 days ago +4

    You didn’t invite anyone else to this class?
    “Do you realize I don’t know anyone that would want to come over.. haha”
    Lmao!!! So me!

  • Katie Brazee
    Katie Brazee 9 days ago +1

    Morgan’s thicc!!!!!

  • QCFV Queer Christian Family Values

    The fact you slept the full night in the pool was enough.

  • Nishel Lavey
    Nishel Lavey 9 days ago

    Had Morgan never come across a power back?

  • JoshnKrystal Mitschke
    JoshnKrystal Mitschke 9 days ago +1

    Too bad morgans not into girls cuz her and emilia cute together

  • Celabeast _yt
    Celabeast _yt 10 days ago

    Sup anyone 2019

  • Jeffrey F
    Jeffrey F 10 days ago

    Morgan is soooo pretty ugh

  • Mariana Vergara
    Mariana Vergara 10 days ago

    She’s so iconic

  • gam mal
    gam mal 11 days ago

    ya you really need to lose your credit card. Unless you are paying it back at the end of the month.

  • Roxanne E.
    Roxanne E. 11 days ago

    Ryland is so pure and supportive I cry 😭 bless his heart!

  • Victoria Sidney-Te Reo

    I actually want to be as thick as Morgan, I’m already think but like her. Sexy thick😍

  • Keisha Hildebrand
    Keisha Hildebrand 11 days ago

    Its Going Down Morgans Going Timber She Better Move She Better Dance 😆😆

  • Vanessa Chavez
    Vanessa Chavez 11 days ago

    school for me already started before the 30th

  • Monica Martinez
    Monica Martinez 11 days ago

    Okay but where you got ur blanket??!!!

  • Luna LaRose
    Luna LaRose 12 days ago +1

    Ryland is such a sweet, supportive brother.

  • alohaarianna
    alohaarianna 12 days ago +1

    Ok I was not expecting that flamingo to be so big 😂😂

  • Maria Fritsch
    Maria Fritsch 12 days ago +5

    this is like when you tr to kill your sims in the pool but they just wont die

  • S̷ydney S̷anders
    S̷ydney S̷anders 12 days ago +1

    Morgan: My favorite part of the pool are those two tiny flamingos...

    Also Morgan: But little do they know that *DADDY'S* on the way

  • T. L.
    T. L. 13 days ago

    Watching Shane lift that box was so manly.... I got so turned on lmao

  • Chapstick Addict
    Chapstick Addict 13 days ago

    Cold in California? Please go to NH Ryland! It is in the 30s sir!

  • Melissa Toynton
    Melissa Toynton 13 days ago

    Guys when expand showed the time on his phone there was a red blinking light

  • Sherridyn Forrest
    Sherridyn Forrest 14 days ago


  • weird and fat closet
    weird and fat closet 14 days ago +1

    Morgan I love on IA and there is very high winds and 40°F

  • Sienna Rosa
    Sienna Rosa 14 days ago +1

    Replay the part where they show its 8 something and notice how the phone camera light is flashing

  • Lola Caine
    Lola Caine 14 days ago +2

    5:24 sheeee thicccccccccc 🍑

  • tobias ennis
    tobias ennis 15 days ago


  • Emilee Grant
    Emilee Grant 15 days ago +4

    Not to be weird or anything but Morgan’s low key thicc

  • William Robinson
    William Robinson 15 days ago

    Yaasss!!! My Fist Poolmingo Tindr Date* I would love to see that video!

  • taylorkaitlynfn
    taylorkaitlynfn 16 days ago +1

    Morgan: Is this a LoOk?

  • Nick Barasa
    Nick Barasa 16 days ago +1

    she is sexy,hot as fffffff

  • Ashton Williams
    Ashton Williams 17 days ago

    How many times do they say OMG

  • Kymara Kimball
    Kymara Kimball 17 days ago

    Me and my brother always sleeps outside in our outdoor couch, one time me and my brothers and their friend slept in a tent outside in the was awesome but cold, nobody backed out either

  • Breanah Flowers
    Breanah Flowers 17 days ago

    Omg the gardener had no legs like omg 😱

  • Alex Holt
    Alex Holt 17 days ago


  • Andrea Godoy
    Andrea Godoy 17 days ago

    Absolutely sucked since the beginning weren’t able to complete it

  • Retro Sheena
    Retro Sheena 18 days ago

    i dont like summer too.
    you're not alone,
    *pat pat*

  • Kathryn Brennan
    Kathryn Brennan 18 days ago

    You never fail to make my day.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 18 days ago

    Morgan is my spirit animal. "68 degrees or nothing!"