Meet The Tallest Girl In The World

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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Comments • 7 099

  • petra klerken
    petra klerken Hour ago

    My dad is 6.6

  • Cayleigh Mcghee
    Cayleigh Mcghee 2 hours ago

    My dad , is the tallest in my fam

  • Grand E Z
    Grand E Z 8 hours ago

    My brother is the tallest person I know

  • Peter Carr
    Peter Carr 12 hours ago

    My uncle is 6 feet 10

  • Cassandra Jimenez
    Cassandra Jimenez 18 hours ago

    The tallest person I’ve met is my 2nd grade teacher. He’s 6’5

  • HIGHCharlieBear Games & More

    Im crazy taller than


  • lilypads animation
    lilypads animation Day ago +1

    TBH i havent had a growth spert for a litteral year i have a couple more years to grow more but im losing hope lol
    P.S im 4 feet but i know oters are shorter so im still grateful

  • Mohamad Haj mostafa

    The tallest person who I know is u

  • Double Extreme Gaming !!!

    Im 7’0 hahaha

  • Fantasy Bee
    Fantasy Bee 2 days ago

    Alfredo likes to hog the hedge

    DOGGIE WEEKENDS 3 days ago


  • Gacha SQUAD
    Gacha SQUAD 3 days ago +1

    I don't grow the normal height per year I grow very very slowly but I'm not a drof

  • mamudije ceka
    mamudije ceka 3 days ago

    you got a girlfriend

  • Red Tan
    Red Tan 3 days ago +1

    Robert wallow the most tallest man on history slender man the man who lives in the woods like for smartnest

  • Ian George
    Ian George 4 days ago +1

    i hit 6'5 at 14 dang she grew fast

  • Ian George
    Ian George 4 days ago

    im 6'5 and my uncle is 6'8 and he makes me feel short

  • Elizabeth Benfer
    Elizabeth Benfer 4 days ago

    new quote "im not tall im tal

  • Tony Gibbs
    Tony Gibbs 4 days ago

    Do a collab with azzyland

  • laura rillman
    laura rillman 4 days ago

    Yeah only 10 dollars

  • The Nukeh
    The Nukeh 4 days ago

    I have a 22 year old cousin who is 6’7

    MAHÉLIE HAPPENED 5 days ago +1

    i'm 6"5" and i'm eleven

  • Dark Unicorn
    Dark Unicorn 5 days ago

    You should see the video of the boy who doesn't have eyes

    • Anna Castillo
      Anna Castillo 2 days ago +1

      Is it wierd how I thought of Edward scissorhands when he was in the house upstairs looking at the newspapers about the boy born without eyes

  • Christinaldz Gamer
    Christinaldz Gamer 5 days ago

    Can u pls make it for iPhone under 11.0 pls

  • William Rice
    William Rice 5 days ago +2

    Read more

  • Shadow-Star Animations
    Shadow-Star Animations 5 days ago +2

    The tallest person I know is my dad. The second tallest person I know is me.

  • Sue Liberatore
    Sue Liberatore 5 days ago

    I once saw the tallest basketball player in the world at a airport. I think he was 7'9.

  • 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    She got long ass legs no cap

  • Magnifying glass Addict

    I m 13 and I m 5”8” I m too tal for my age? 🤔( this is to trigger all tal fans)

  • tg sparky
    tg sparky 6 days ago +1

    12m subs?????? for????

  • little leah
    little leah 7 days ago

    I'm 5f 8

  • Terrall
    Terrall 7 days ago

    My dad. He’s 6’ 4”

  • wicked angel
    wicked angel 7 days ago

    i love alfredo :( he's crazy af

  • Itz Abby Wolf
    Itz Abby Wolf 7 days ago

    The tallest is ME!!!

    right now

  • Ehorses 272
    Ehorses 272 7 days ago

    Meet the smallest people in the world

  • Dragon Gaming
    Dragon Gaming 7 days ago


  • PewDiePie real
    PewDiePie real 7 days ago

    The tallest people I know is Tal

  • Gamerninja67 Minecraft FNAF and more!!

    I'm 14 years old and I'm 5'9. One of the people in my family is 6'5 or 6'6. He told me maybe 6'6.

  • Disney fan 4ever
    Disney fan 4ever 8 days ago

    Basketball coach at my old high school he is 7 feet tall

  • Gacha Cookie XD
    Gacha Cookie XD 8 days ago

    Lol my bff thats younger than me

  • Richard T
    Richard T 8 days ago

    Tallest girl I know is my friend Louise📏

  • Jon Burden
    Jon Burden 9 days ago


  • Diamond Girl24
    Diamond Girl24 9 days ago

    The tallest person I know is my dad because he is 6,0

    SHARK08GAMING 9 days ago +1

    marc gasal ha

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 9 days ago

    My parents are the most tallest person in my life

  • Alexis Duran
    Alexis Duran 9 days ago

    ok i am mean so i think oh im just kidding go for it girls who cares what other people think you are amazing

  • johnandlind
    johnandlind 9 days ago

    my bff is taller than by alot and were the same age and im average size

  • Minspincher Gamer
    Minspincher Gamer 10 days ago


  • Carter Ruffin
    Carter Ruffin 10 days ago

    There’s this guy that’s 5’1 in 4th grade

    DHARMENDRA PATEL 10 days ago

    I’m almost taller than my whole family and I’m 9 and my family is 49 or older!

  • Paul Vaughan
    Paul Vaughan 10 days ago

    My friend Rebecca is 12 and she is 4 foot 9 she says.but she is really really tall

  • Steisi Polanco
    Steisi Polanco 11 days ago

    Usually these people have an excessive growth hormone and they end up dying from decayed joints or problems with walking because of it.

  • Elizabeth Briggs
    Elizabeth Briggs 11 days ago

    I love Alfredo

  • Sydney Wayne
    Sydney Wayne 11 days ago +2

    i have a friend in grade 7 and she is 6'3'' im in grade 8 and im 5'3 😭

  • James Finnegan
    James Finnegan 11 days ago

    The tallest person I met was 6,feet9

  • Brooke Heath
    Brooke Heath 11 days ago

    I'm 5'8 and I wanted to start talking to a guy and before I met him he asked how tall I was and told me he is 5'3 and he ignored me the whole time and then when I tried to text him another time just to check up saying "hey how have you been" he texted my cousin and told her "I ain't talking to that freakish monster" I'm like "really ya short sh*t"

  • Pixel Ella
    Pixel Ella 11 days ago

    My uncle is really tall

  • Music_ Rylie
    Music_ Rylie 11 days ago +2

    I’m tall

    to crumbs

  • Connor Schamp
    Connor Schamp 12 days ago

    My teacher

  • Gilbert Lohoua
    Gilbert Lohoua 12 days ago

    I’m 52 inches long

  • Kennedy Schlabach
    Kennedy Schlabach 12 days ago

    I know someone who is 6’10

  • Olivia Larocque
    Olivia Larocque 12 days ago

    My sister is the tallest person I know

  • Funtime Lolbit
    Funtime Lolbit 12 days ago


  • Thedeadly GAMER
    Thedeadly GAMER 12 days ago

    I'm taller then you

  • Mauro I9
    Mauro I9 13 days ago +1

    Felling small tal?

  • southern girl
    southern girl 13 days ago

    There's a guy at my school who is 6'2

  • Fortnitenoob2006
    Fortnitenoob2006 13 days ago

    His name is Sean he is in 6th grade and is 6”4

    MA. BEATRICE TECSON 14 days ago

    I'm 5'3 and im 12yrs old and I'm a girl

  • Ashem_The_gatcha Maker

    my dad he was about 7 foot when he died

  • Kitty Unicorn
    Kitty Unicorn 14 days ago

    Your the tallest

  • Kitty Unicorn
    Kitty Unicorn 14 days ago

    *lady or girl

  • Kitty Unicorn
    Kitty Unicorn 14 days ago

    Who only came here for the tallest latey

    GABRIELLE BAUSCH 14 days ago

    Yeet I’m interested!!!! Like if you are too!

  • Jasmine Costilla
    Jasmine Costilla 15 days ago

    The tallest person I know in my school is Riley T

  • Melany Pacheco
    Melany Pacheco 15 days ago

    A sub teacher who is 6’6 ;-;

  • Shannen David
    Shannen David 16 days ago

    I’m 5’9 and the tallest person I have ever met is 6’8

  • Gamerking 32
    Gamerking 32 16 days ago

    She has Giantism

  • Mark Inglis
    Mark Inglis 17 days ago


  • Drew Drew
    Drew Drew 17 days ago

    all i want is too u to shoow the video and stop talking

  • Maully514
    Maully514 17 days ago

    The tallest person that I've ever met is 6'11

  • Harinder Kaur
    Harinder Kaur 18 days ago

    The tallest is talfishmen

  • Lily Marie Taylor
    Lily Marie Taylor 18 days ago

    Your the tallest person I know

  • Gacha__Eva Gachaverse
    Gacha__Eva Gachaverse 18 days ago


  • Maggie Holliday
    Maggie Holliday 18 days ago +1


  • Karítas Svana Elfarsdóttir

    I am quite tall and I had allot of guy friends before I got taller and stronger then them they started making fun of me and it just stopped now since I have the black belt in taekwondo and I was 5,7 at 12

  • Summer Kitten
    Summer Kitten 19 days ago

    And you thought Tal was well....


  • leighton Kahika
    leighton Kahika 23 days ago

    My mum showed me this video of this girl on FB

  • Syd P
    Syd P 23 days ago

    my friend's dad is 6'8

  • Kyliegh Marshall
    Kyliegh Marshall 23 days ago

    I was cheering at a basketball game and a player on the opposing team was 7'3"

  • CrashConnor Gaming
    CrashConnor Gaming 24 days ago

    I am 4'i

  • XxsymphonyxX
    XxsymphonyxX 24 days ago

    Tal, I have made a poem SPECIALLY for you, I know you will never ever notice me, but, here goes...
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Tal is so hot,
    And I am too,
    I cry every night,
    Thinking of you,
    Because I know,
    I will never meet you,

  • Aria Virde
    Aria Virde 25 days ago

    Im actually 7' 4'

  • Kyd
    Kyd 25 days ago

    I refuse to believe you're 6'3" 😤

  • Sadie 100
    Sadie 100 25 days ago

    My dad is 6’7 I’m 10 and almost 5 foot

  • Mtisabellina0508
    Mtisabellina0508 26 days ago

    The tallest person I know is this friend that I have in my class and he's like 6ft 7in

  • lps lover
    lps lover 27 days ago

    Im tall im 6.9

  • Sharon Maxaner
    Sharon Maxaner 27 days ago

    The tallest person I know is me.
    I’m actually sometimes mistaken as a 5th grader or 8th grader lol

  • Bailey Morey
    Bailey Morey 28 days ago +1

    When i watched the video i got jealous because I'm actually really short😥

  • Carys Kelly
    Carys Kelly 28 days ago

    my dads 6 3 and a half

  • angelina cardenas
    angelina cardenas 28 days ago

    im tall ... lmao not kidding

  • CookieMonsterBUNNY LOL

    My cousin is ca. 2 meters