Inside the California bill that would let college athletes make money | Outside the Lines

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Dan Murphy joins Outside the Lines to discuss California's Fair Pay to Play Act, and what it might mean for college football, basketball and other sports if passed. Jay Bilas then joins the show to talk about the bill.
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Comments • 316

  • M VGA
    M VGA 13 days ago


  • EdmacZ
    EdmacZ 14 days ago

    California set to make several more college kids broke. Sooner rather than later.

  • Manuel Duran
    Manuel Duran 16 days ago

    On way or pay ur own college tuition. I know in my time I pay for my higher ed.

  • Chastity Harris
    Chastity Harris 16 days ago

    I feel like those who oppose the bill come from groups of people who are notoriously uncharismatic and bad at sports...historically speaking.

  • Mohammed Bin Goldstein
    Mohammed Bin Goldstein 17 days ago +1

    So, can we start ining these players when they act a fool?

    FAITHandLOGIC 18 days ago

    Lebron James Jr. starts college the same year as this bill kicks in (2023)?
    No wonder daddy was involved!

  • AhhCmon
    AhhCmon 18 days ago +1

    Just because California passes a law doesn't mean it will happen, the NCAA can still have their own rules and will probably win in a republican supreme Court.

  • Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben 19 days ago

    technically... this is part of Americas slavery...working athletes ...making billions but not compensating athletes!!

  • doug avila
    doug avila 19 days ago

    This will snowball and the NCAA will just have to admit defeat. They make billions fro TV contracts yet something like this is a threat? A teen on RU-clip can make tons of money but say a basketball player can’t go on RU-clip to make money just showing how to shoot a basketball if he plays for Duke. Insane.

  • gRiM
    gRiM 19 days ago

    The universities make millions off these players and they can’t even get endorsement deals? What type of sense does that make? 😤

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez 19 days ago

      it doesn't but it's not like the players don't get anything in return

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 19 days ago

    This is great news. So sick and tired of the NCAA making money on the backs of these kids. We need to get rid of this BS and fast.

    • EdmacZ
      EdmacZ 14 days ago

      It’s really Great news, until the kids end up broke and on the street.
      Everything comes with a price.

  • Bochaba
    Bochaba 19 days ago

    I totally disagree with Jay Bilas, the NCAA will ban all cali schools over this if no other states join them in the next couple years. The new Cali law doesn't start until 2023.

  • CFB Jared
    CFB Jared 29 days ago +1

    NCAA will ban all California schools from championships if the bill passes so other states need to pass this as well. Love that there gonna get paid but other states need to catch up so we can get these guys paid.

    • Bochaba
      Bochaba 19 days ago

      Unless some other states do it too, Cali schools will end up making their own college league after the NCAA bans them all.

  • Boosting
    Boosting 29 days ago

    NCAA is modern day slavery. Heck if I was greedy I would find a way to use this as a business model to pay my employees $0.

  • Efrain Perez
    Efrain Perez Month ago +1

    Well that just sucks

  • Montelo Payso
    Montelo Payso Month ago +1

    Lol slaves getting paid
    They don't like that

  • Damon Beasley
    Damon Beasley Month ago

    Once again California is the greatest place on earth

  • Jwxo Weeye
    Jwxo Weeye Month ago +1

    CA is leading the Charge

  • I Am Sambino
    I Am Sambino Month ago

    So basically colleges still won’t pay players. The bill only allows them to make money elsewhere. I guess it’s a start I guess

    • I Am Sambino
      I Am Sambino 8 days ago

      Those guys practice 2,3 times a day sometimes. The schedule is rigorous. That’s a job bruh

    • Outlaw Jodie Wales
      Outlaw Jodie Wales 11 days ago

      Why would they pay players? Playing for a school isn’t a job ffs

  • iwannababillionaire

    USC bout to get all the 5 star recruits if the bill is passed

  • T
    T Month ago

    If this bill passes, every California school is going to be *STACKED* with the best athletes around the country.

  • Joshua Footman
    Joshua Footman Month ago

    I wish black athletes would take a knee and not play for these dam college games until change happens and yes I said black athletes because we make up 75% of the field. We are the majority and can force change.

  • Daniel Sancoy
    Daniel Sancoy Month ago

    If it is allowed, then should be a cap of a couple thousand a month.. They should have to keep a good gpa and not just be pushed through because they play sports.
    If there is no cap on how much they are allowed to be compensated. Then it is time to be an adult and pay your own way.
    Because if you honestly think school will not be paying them something
    Then you are an idiot, because schools already do under the table so to speak..

  • Ron Cullipher
    Ron Cullipher Month ago

    If they let the students earn money from there own likeness, there should be at least restrictions on how it is earned. Example. If I owned a huge sports clothing company. I say oh hey Mr. 5 star. I will pay you tons of money for advertising on your tube videos if you go to Alabama to play, but only if you go to Alabama. Hmm.... You see were I am going with this, or Mr. 5 Star I will pay you tons of money to show up and take pictures with my clothing on if you go to Kentucky to play basketball. I mean there has to be some sort of restrictions on how the money is made.

  • Grcahill
    Grcahill Month ago +2

    College athletes shouldn’t be paid

    • Grcahill
      Grcahill 17 days ago +1

      Myron Bledsoe everything is about race these days isn’t? smh

    • Myron Bledsoe
      Myron Bledsoe 17 days ago +1

      spoken like a true slave master..

    • Grcahill
      Grcahill Month ago +1

      Christian Hernandez well I just think players wouldn’t care about the game as much I don’t think colleges would want to be in the NCAA anymore because trying to get all college to pay their players the money, they cloth them they feed them, and they give them a scholarship I’m not saying there shouldn’t be anything done because I do think the system needs to be improved but I don’t think playing players a good thing to do I can see it ruining college sports also you would have to pay other sport programs as well

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez Month ago +1

      Why not? They're the reason people watch college sports

  • ventura80503
    ventura80503 Month ago +1

    The NCAA was created to protect the players not to become a Monopoly that wants total control!!!!!

  • David Gainey
    David Gainey Month ago +1

    Just basically kick California out of ncaa they will not be in any events then broke. All schools in California suck in all sports anyway.

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez Month ago

      ​@Aaron Caldwell doubt it, but who know, we'll see

    • Aaron Caldwell
      Aaron Caldwell Month ago +1

      Christian Hernandez because NCAA said they schools aren’t following the amateur’s rule

    • Aaron Caldwell
      Aaron Caldwell Month ago +1

      Christian Hernandez no they can kick California out of the NCAA they already said their considering it

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez Month ago

      can't kick California out of the NCAA because they make a lot of money for them

  • Keith Nowak
    Keith Nowak Month ago +1

    So college sports are professional sports now?

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez Month ago +1

      did you watch the vid? it's not about colleges paying athletes, it's about the athletes making money off their own likeness

  • Mark Boardman
    Mark Boardman Month ago

    its about time. NCAA 21st century slavery.

  • FIFAmaster0
    FIFAmaster0 Month ago

    Maybe now Cal can get some good recruits

  • RJR Parker
    RJR Parker Month ago

    This video is not about colleges paying athletes, it's about the athletes making money off their own likeness. It literally will cost the schools nothing except their ability to control the athletes. Since only 1% of athletes go pro, it makes sense that the athletes should earn money while they are popular and in school. No need to rush to the pros, you can get paid for a part time job like all other college kids and get your degree. All of a sudden college will be the place to be and stay!

  • Cole
    Cole Month ago +2

    NCAA = Modern day slave master fighting emancipation at all costs

    • Luffer Booms
      Luffer Booms Month ago +1

      Cole shut up! Those kids. Have a choice don’t play.

    • aaa bbb
      aaa bbb Month ago

      Cole Who are the slaves?

  • Jovanna Flor
    Jovanna Flor Month ago

    Economic rights is extremely important for these students! Many will never see the next level in pro leagues and many are injured while playing.
    Please pass this!! Take back power for these men & women.

  • Yomali Martinez
    Yomali Martinez Month ago +10

    Modern day slavery. And Masta doesn't want to pay the slaves.

    • Yomali Martinez
      Yomali Martinez Month ago

      @Isaac Torres I said modern day slavery or (indentured servitude). And you do realize that there has been many different forms of slavery well before American Slavery right??

    • Isaac Torres
      Isaac Torres Month ago

      How does slavery keep Coming up? It seems the meaning of the term has been lost

  • RCM
    RCM Month ago +3

    Now y'all know how hard it is giving up slaves I feel so bad for the NCAA I sure hope this don't start a civil war

    • Zen Maestro
      Zen Maestro Month ago +1

      THE NCAA isnt slavery. The issue is money. no need to be so dramatic.

  • Benedicto Rodriguez
    Benedicto Rodriguez Month ago +4

    A lot of commenters here are really mistaken about the effect of this legislation. IT'S NOT THE SCHOOL PAYING THE PLAYERS. The law says that ANY athlete at any California school can license their Name, Image or Likeness for pay without penalty from any California school, on caveat is that they cannot conflict with an existing contract that the school may have. So a football player can sell his autograph or memorabilia, or even advertise their services as a coach or trainer. So while the big money sports athletes may get big money contracts, others like the softball pitcher can get paid to be a softball coach, or the tennis player can teach tennis, the champion swimmer can get an endorsement deal and not lose their scholarship. Which is really a no-brainer when you realize any other scholarship student can do the same without suffering any penalty. The music scholarship student can cut a record and get paid for it and still have a scholarship, the drama student can get paid to do a film, and not suffer any penalty. Why should students who play sports be treated differently?

    • christopher whitfield
      christopher whitfield 19 days ago

      Benedicto Rodriguez because they are “Amateurs”. It would ruin the purity of the sport. Or the best players would go to the best college markets and hurt competition. Or what if a student athlete takes a morally questionable endorsement?....
      You’re 100% right. I have not heard one sound argument against likeness rights. This will effect for more than the star football and basketball players. This effects the olympic level gymnast, or a tennis player or golfer who is invited to a professional open, or even a walk on who started a RU-clip channel or wrote a popular song.

  • Daniel Dominguez
    Daniel Dominguez Month ago

    What if CA teams just create their own league and destroy the NCAA in ratings until they succumb to pressure.

  • Shawn Evans
    Shawn Evans Month ago +2

    I’ve been all for this for the past 6 years!! I hope California passes it. Maybe other states will follow?

  • Tim Wilde
    Tim Wilde Month ago +2

    this will be the end of college sports as we know them.....time to get rid of the players that had no business being in college in the first place!!! If you DO NOT WANT TO PLAY BY THE RULES!!! THEN DON'T PLAY A COLLEGE SPORT!!!!

  • Jay Towerz
    Jay Towerz Month ago +1

    the D league is gonna takeover the ncaa for basketball but football players got no choice

  • Nikko J
    Nikko J Month ago

    It is a step in the right direction. Other states will undoubtedly follow to keep their schools competitive prior to 2023. It's still leaves an unfairness to "unskilled" positions or less popular athletes/sports. No doubt a Reggie Bush would have got a deal for a car dealership and made money. But what about Deuce Lutui or any of the other linemen?

  • Youre On Stolen Land
    Youre On Stolen Land Month ago +2

    So many whiners.
    How many players in any given year are good enough to go pro? 1%? Meanwhile 99% will never make money playing sports. As it should be.
    If you're too good for college why are you playing for free?
    If you can win Wimbledon why would you participate in college tennis?
    If you cant play by college rules then be a pro.
    Theres already a choice.
    Does LeBron NEED a college degree?

    • aaa bbb
      aaa bbb Month ago +1

      Youre On Stolen Land r/wooosh

  • Youre On Stolen Land
    Youre On Stolen Land Month ago +4

    California can't win a championship. Solution. Buy one.

    • Xftbllplyr
      Xftbllplyr Month ago +2

      So far no fbs team wins an ncaa championship presently. But for all other ncaa regulated post seasons, UCLA and Stanford won more ncaa championships than any other schools

  • Sheluv Baby
    Sheluv Baby Month ago +1


  • Lil Dooder
    Lil Dooder Month ago

    “We should get the bikini bottom and push it somewhere else” -Patrick Star 2001

  • Insatiable Woman ;* TAP ON MY PHOTO

    i'm bored, dude

    GAMEZSTAA Month ago

    Is this a good idea for college sports?

    • EdmacZ
      EdmacZ 14 days ago

      College sports will just continue to make millions of dollars.
      Student Athletes will officially get the screws taken to them. Big time. Perhaps this needs to happen, because they don’t know how good they had it. I hope getting the paycheck was worth it, because they will likely lose everything else.

  • jrsam21
    jrsam21 Month ago +4

    How can anyone have a problem with this? You don’t want the schools paying athletes? No problem, they can go and make money themselves from their own fame and popularity.

  • sphere 528
    sphere 528 Month ago +1

    simple solution, leave the NCAA for good & let another governing body manage the schools or they should form their own governing bodies

  • Est Mer
    Est Mer Month ago +3

    The NCAA top brass need to be in jail for fraud.

  • D Bail
    D Bail Month ago +14

    As long as we get the NCAA Football and Basketball video games back I’m all for it

    • Frederick Dorsey
      Frederick Dorsey Month ago +2

      Anything that can break up the Madden and 2k monopoly is great.

  • brian karlo
    brian karlo Month ago +3

    Do people realize that the schools themselves aren’t paying the players but the bill allows players to make money off their likeness

    • sphere 528
      sphere 528 Month ago +2

      and of course the the crooks at the NCAA want all the $$$$$$ for themselves

  • Bob Day
    Bob Day Month ago +1

    Bad idea. NO, HORRIBLE IDEA.

  • just Bfree
    just Bfree Month ago +1

    So a socialist state that is very difficult to afford to live there because of its socialist principles and high taxes and have a high number of those who love outright communism, they now want to promote capitalism amongst college athletes? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂👍👍👍👍🏈🏈 and get their schools uneligible for NCAA competition. Okey dokey. 👊✌🏼

  • A Pacing Goose
    A Pacing Goose Month ago +26

    If LSU can get a 28 million dollar locker room they can pay the players.

    • Veritas Aequitas
      Veritas Aequitas 11 days ago

      @go bot Or just simply a meal in what it appears to be a lot of cases.

    • African Safaris with a Chocolate Lab Named Aspen
      African Safaris with a Chocolate Lab Named Aspen 16 days ago +1

      If students can’t get paid, they can pay for their own Tuition 🤷🏽‍♂️

      No more free ride then.

    • Steezy Mac
      Steezy Mac Month ago +1

      @go bot funny thing is the money made by schools big sports fund the other sports programs in the school.

    • Dr0pkidd
      Dr0pkidd Month ago +3

      I'd get dressed in my car if it means I can paid off my likeness and not have a 28 million dollar locker room.

    • go bot
      go bot Month ago +3

      Funny thing is schools use that as recruiting tools. Come and enjoy our 28 mill locker room. The kids would much rather get a check.

  • Randy Farnsworth
    Randy Farnsworth Month ago +33

    Can you imagine Trevor Lawrence playing at USC? He would be pulling down 5 mil off shampoo adds😂

  • Randy Farnsworth
    Randy Farnsworth Month ago +5

    This would be great for CA college football! Finally someone sticks it to NCAA.

  • Brooks
    Brooks Month ago +2

    If they’re getting paid then they should have to pay their full tuition. Take away full scholarships and I’m fine with it. Tired of the bitching about getting paid when these guys have no student loans

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez Month ago +2

      the schools won't be paying the athletes, they'll be making their own money off their likeness.

  • Nick Badry
    Nick Badry Month ago

    A free education to a student doesn't hurt the university what so ever there not losing any money by giving the free education. It's a win win for the university. It's a million times made for each student athlete especially the big powerhouse football programs!

  • Tony B
    Tony B Month ago +36

    THEY ARE NOT KIDS! theyre all over 18 and deserve to be paid for their labor.

    • Veritas Aequitas
      Veritas Aequitas 11 days ago

      @Outlaw Jodie Wales Most people who go to get an education have some time for a job. When you're playing division I football you don't have time for a second job.

      When you went to get your business degree, you had time to open up your lemonade stand.

    • christopher whitfield
      christopher whitfield 18 days ago +2

      Outlaw Jodie Wales having a career and being employed is not the same. Yes they go to school but they also provide athletic services for compensation (via scholarships, medical, housing etc.) They generate revenue for the schools as well. The issue isn’t that the schools need to pay the players. The issue is that the students don’t own their own likeness/image/ and name rights. This law allows all athletes to own their own image. Athletes in the past have had to return money they earned in competitions such as tennis, or lost eligibility for being paid to coach in a kids athletic camp, or forfeit royalties earned from music sales, or shut down profitable RU-clip channels. It is un-American to control the labor cost in this market. They should be allowed to provide their services in a free market system like the rest of us. Capitalism is the fair way to allow the students to earn their value. Let’s be honest nobody would tune in to major college sports events if they were truly amateurs like you and I. They have valuable skills they should be allowed to sell those.

    • Outlaw Jodie Wales
      Outlaw Jodie Wales 18 days ago

      christopher whitfield because they’re students? Going to get an education isn’t a career.

    • christopher whitfield
      christopher whitfield 18 days ago

      Outlaw Jodie Wales 100% disagree. How are they not employees?

    • Outlaw Jodie Wales
      Outlaw Jodie Wales 19 days ago

      Tony B going to school isn’t work. They are not employees.