AB 5 Week Reflections (Outside the NFL)

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • I know I said I do not need to play I now realize how grateful I am to play this game and do not take it for granted. I
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  • DL 24
    DL 24 Day ago

    "All I ever wanted to do was be a good representation."????? Of WHAT???? A selfish, arrogant athlete with all the talent and God given athletic ability of one of the greatest receivers in history.....but with the maturity, intellect and ego of a spoiled 3 year old? If that's what you "represent", you've succeeded. You left the Steelers with drama, caused drama in California and again in New England. You're NOT bigger than the NFL or ANY team. Your selfish and childish behavior and attitude has an effect on not only you but fans, kids who admire you, franchises and teammates. You couldve been one of the greatest of all time and remembered as such, but because of your choice to "represent" yourself as you have, you'll be remembered just like Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson....a talented, selfish clown.

  • michael harn
    michael harn 2 days ago

    Yall need to leave this man alone i bet yall look at all of ur social media each one of you will post how u feel ur perspective everyone wants to try to make sense of what hes thinking from his perspective may look insane or out there in your eyes but look at it like this if you were in his shoes i bet you guys would feel very differently wait for the hard facts to come out before u pass judgement and really everyone here thats middle class or below just being honest wouldnt even know what to feel do or say and i guarantee at least 70 percent on here would be scared as hell to even say what your thinking about in any situation when ur life is getting dissected im really annoyed with the people writing about ab and those who have no clue just putting him on blast for how he feels its a free country let him do him and u do u theres no reason to be passing judgement when u have never been in his shoes
    Ab you need to post something like this on ur tweets for the haters

  • Victor Palamar
    Victor Palamar 16 days ago

    Another Kap workout?

  • I'am a legend
    I'am a legend 16 days ago +1

    Tom Brady needs you sir.

  • ItzGavin
    ItzGavin 20 days ago

    I met ur kids do u know
    Kellen Greene I know the kids there so nice I might now believe
    Me but I did.

  • Day Walker
    Day Walker 24 days ago

    Bro.. I hope you are truly confident you can whether ANY STORM..
    Because you sure look like you are having break downs at different locales so to speak.
    I hope its just superficial and apart of the plan because right now they have you at arms length.. until them 'flashing lights' calm down.

  • MegaSteven011
    MegaSteven011 25 days ago

    Lol Ab is just routing up random white kids at the park

  • H B
    H B 28 days ago

    Just get AB a Coffin ⚰️, he’s like Kapernick
    Now. Training for RU-clip

  • Junior Ramirez
    Junior Ramirez 28 days ago

    Haha you damn clown. You could have had a big pay day with a team that coulda been 6-2. And you played them. They trusted you. Karma hits fast.

  • Roger Pean
    Roger Pean 29 days ago

    Lmao. What a disgraceful human being.

  • Christopher H. Meuse

    Holy shit...I think miami is gonna tank to get Tua and sign AB......instant 8 wins right there....

  • Joann Hall
    Joann Hall Month ago

    Keep doing you AB Family time is always great when the kids are young because time goes by so fast! They enjoying their Pops💞

  • RNBK
    RNBK Month ago

    yor career is over,stop bullshittin,nobody needs you

  • xTheJoexRF
    xTheJoexRF Month ago

    You will never meet me or know who I am, and may never respond to this comment. But if by some chance you read this message A.B.... If you remove the negative side of your ego, return back to your roots of being a hard working driven man. Not to say you aren't working hard, or you have forgotten your roots. Just saying that somewhere along the way, something got added to your life that has blurred the vision of you. So if you can get that focus back...I honestly believe that the eternal greatness you seek, that HOF career you may have been chasing, that example you so desperately want to set...would all become a reality. I say this as a Steelers fan, and somebody who once praised everything that you tried to embody. And honestly A.B....there are thousands of Pittsburgh Steelers fans who would open their arms widely, and embrace #84 if they knew they were getting YOU back.

  • Not My Name
    Not My Name Month ago +1

    This dude is delusional. He has no one to blame but himself. Dude just can’t stay off social media. Has an addiction to attention and drama like a middle school girl

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    This man don’t have a choice to take time off

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Month ago

    Please don’t teach your kids principals or ethics leave that to their mom’s , he said best receiver is sitting at home lol you’re the WORST teammate Ever

  • Brian The Lifter!!!

    Good luck homie! Hopefully you have learned a life lesson with this!

  • Kayla Hartman
    Kayla Hartman Month ago

    Honestly, really hope he finds the help and grounding he needs. Great athlete, awful attitude. Whichever team he plays for hopefully he’s more pleasant and humble this time around.

  • Storm 202000
    Storm 202000 Month ago +1

    Joining the dolphins?

  • John Goncalves
    John Goncalves Month ago

    Your gonna be broke in a year AB, I dont see any team signing you

  • Movin' On Bob
    Movin' On Bob Month ago

    What's a "azample"?

  • Jakeanator
    Jakeanator Month ago

    This was his English 1101 class project

  • Jakeanator
    Jakeanator Month ago

    He got Chad and zad from sugma kappa guarding him lmao

  • Rich Baehre
    Rich Baehre Month ago

    You went to that high school game on hard Knox and pumped all those kids up and now what?

  • Rich Baehre
    Rich Baehre Month ago

    Take it for granted? You mean you runnin out of money!
    You made a fool out of yourself and could be going to a superbowl.
    Check you're people that are around you.

  • crystal o
    crystal o Month ago


  • Brian Keating
    Brian Keating Month ago

    Running routes against high school scrubs now lol....

  • Brian Keating
    Brian Keating Month ago

    XfL here i come!

  • Dre Phillips
    Dre Phillips Month ago

    It's over for you this year too much scrutiny plus you need scapegoat

  • curt decker
    curt decker Month ago

    thank god we will never see him in the NFL again.

  • Americus DeVille
    Americus DeVille Month ago

    You are an Israelite man. You are gifted with many talents from the Most High. You are no longer Property of X football team. The Most High Yahawa is your true Father, and your destiny fulfills itself through Him. Knowledge of the Most High Yahhawa is knowledge og self. There is no price on manhood. No amount of money can purchase true manhood which is based on spiritual depth and principles. We know you were a victim of betrayal and a feminazi takedown. Real manhood builds civilizations and conquers all challenges. The Queendom falls far short of your masculine strength. Find a way, build your life, and seek out the Most High Yahawa.

    ACES NINJA Month ago

    Some team needs to pick him up

  • darion blue
    darion blue Month ago

    It’s to late for all of this G

  • Cianie
    Cianie Month ago +1

    AB should sign with the Philadelphia eagles they can use your talent right now especially with the Sean Jackson hurt I think you’ll be a good fit in Philadelphia

  • Jnel28
    Jnel28 Month ago

    He truly proved how social media can destroy you

  • Jeffery Shelton
    Jeffery Shelton Month ago

    This brother has real skills 👍👍

  • Tim Midcap
    Tim Midcap Month ago


  • Dr. Joseph Grant III

    When all the money is gone....

    • MoneyGang Extendo
      MoneyGang Extendo Month ago

      He gone rebrand and use his celebrity fame to prevent that from happening HATER

  • n Vang
    n Vang Month ago

    Thanks for screwing the raiders becuz of you they lost their picks.

  • Wilbur Hoffman
    Wilbur Hoffman Month ago

    Go to the person who respect the most. He will tell you what you need to do. Your mentor. Not the yes man. Stay up homie.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Month ago

    He made his own bed, now he has to lay in it

  • Meeks 9
    Meeks 9 Month ago +1

    5:45 that’s a nice sports bra

  • Rb6 For life
    Rb6 For life Month ago

    Great job setting a crappy example for your kids you probably cry more than them

  • Les Rosin
    Les Rosin Month ago

    Yes A.B. teams could use your talent, but not your self entitled diva attitude. Your not bigger than the game itself A.B., not even Tom Brady is. But you know what even Tom Brady has you don`t have? Humbleness bro., that`s why he is rich and that is a true champions character trait. Win or lose.

  • Gregory McCreary
    Gregory McCreary Month ago

    At some random park roasting some random joes .....
    What has happened to AB
    **This almost like an intervention video

  • Zerk FN
    Zerk FN Month ago

    Bruh the best wr is sitting in the browns flim review room and is catching passes from baker mayfield

  • Bentley Cee
    Bentley Cee Month ago

    All you got to do is tighten up cuz. You had Brady as QB, did you see what him and Moss did?

  • Beh
    Beh Month ago

    AB now realizes he can't buy any and everything he wants with out that 750k a week check.

  • Keith Givens
    Keith Givens Month ago

    We all still slaves we don't own nothing everything we loving life is made by the white man and control

  • san. 2k
    san. 2k Month ago

    His son played for rebels

  • Vegas Mitchell
    Vegas Mitchell Month ago

    Alllll the Sisters in the M.I.A Area & this Nicca did the Typical Negro nfl thing & got a WYTE Woman!!!

  • Lupe Perez
    Lupe Perez Month ago


  • William Hanley
    William Hanley Month ago

    Best thing for you is you. You kicked yourself out of the NFL. I loved you. You were on my team. Money will get you nowhere cause that's where you let it take you. Superstar has been, could of had it made but you are too high on yourself... I love you and hope you make a comeback... Sometimes you need to here the things most people won't tell you because they don't care about you.. I do!!!!

  • Ashockedobserver
    Ashockedobserver Month ago

    His add is gonna be practicing with no team 😂😂

  • shonda lucas
    shonda lucas Month ago

    Go to God for your answers , he is the reason for your talent and skills. Minimize yourself and let him speak to you. Continue to surround yourself with positive people there is no other way because you can’t do it on your own no matter what you think. Time is ticking and it can be in your favor if you would only heed his path for you. God don’t make mistakes but we do when we don’t listen.

  • joseph woycke
    joseph woycke Month ago


  • iamiix2 future
    iamiix2 future Month ago

    “ I don’t need football” Antonio Brown

  • Mark Judge
    Mark Judge Month ago

    You may be the most talented receiver but the best receiver has talent plus honor and loyalty to his team, his fans and his coaches. When you place you above team, then the likelihood of a team wanting to bring you in is gone. Hence, you sitting at home in Florida while the true Best Wr's are playing football every Sunday