Top 10 Domesticated Cat Breeds

  • Published on Nov 10, 2015
  • If you're having trouble deciding what kind of feline friend to have in your home, we've got you covered. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Domesticated Cat Breeds. For this list, we ranked cats based on their behavior, body type, responsibility levels, how good they are around people other than their owners, and their popularity among the people adopting them. Now grab some catnip, and let's meet some kitties! Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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Comments • 4 619

  • Perkita Seaman
    Perkita Seaman 19 hours ago +1

    All cats are precious beautiful sweet angel I love 💕 cats all big and small cats my heart ♥️ and soul 🌹❤️🌹😻💋😻💋😻🌹🌹👍

  • Margarita Maestro
    Margarita Maestro Day ago +1

    What about the British Shorthairs, Longhairs and Scottish Straight?

  • Ashley Pruitt
    Ashley Pruitt Day ago

    I have a Manx and boy do I love that fat stubby bodied little beast ❤️

  • Samin Israk
    Samin Israk 2 days ago


  • ThE_wEeB_iN_tHe_TrEe

    so the best cat breed wilfred inst on here disgusting

  • Hazel
    Hazel 4 days ago

    My cats half Siamese and half korat which he gets his main color from he gets Siamese marking that are a darker shade from his mother he's the best of both worlds😂

  • subhradip chatterjee

    Where is Scottish fold , a top 10 cats list is incomplete.

  • Cptnicky5
    Cptnicky5 5 days ago

    You showed orientals in most of the Siamese part.....

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 6 days ago +1

    Extra credit for announcer pronouncing "often" correctly (with a silent "t")!

  • baxter Olivar
    baxter Olivar 6 days ago

    HOW DARE U OVER FEED UR CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baxter Olivar
    baxter Olivar 6 days ago

    I would take the blgle cat

    ANAHI CELIZ 6 days ago

    The picture i toke of my cat on The cover of this video hahaha

  • Puddin
    Puddin 7 days ago

    The Bombay (baby panther) wasn’t mentioned and they have better temperaments than any of the cats on this list. Smh

  • Kourosh Soudavi
    Kourosh Soudavi 7 days ago

    My favorite is persian because I am Iranian and its the closest to me

  • BlackHeart
    BlackHeart 7 days ago

    Who doesn’t love petting a cute cat, or cuddling with an adorable kitten? While every feline is fetching in his or her own right, there are a few that tend to stand out to the general public.

  • Tom Schmidt
    Tom Schmidt 8 days ago

    Where is the British shorthair

  • Random Reviewer
    Random Reviewer 9 days ago +2

    Munchkin? Scottish Fold?

  • Jon Jasper
    Jon Jasper 10 days ago

    The bangle is only a 10?! Look, I get it, my cat brings home live snakes and just drops them on the floor and leaves them, but listen, this cat is mad loyal.

  • Derquan
    Derquan 11 days ago

    I want a lazy and funny cat.

  • Abbytherobuxlover
    Abbytherobuxlover 11 days ago

    I have a Maine Coon :D

  • Rafael Diamond
    Rafael Diamond 13 days ago

    My cat is a Tortoise shell cat,which if for some reason you didn't onow is like a calico but instead of a white base color it's more of a blackish base color

  • Server Girl
    Server Girl 13 days ago

    Birman, Ragdoll, Siamese, Exotic Shorthair, Russian Blue, and Himalayan are cats I want to own one day in my life.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 13 days ago +2

    Stop comparing them to dogs.
    Everyone knows cats are way better than dogs

  • Holly Grace
    Holly Grace 14 days ago


  • Corey Redmon
    Corey Redmon 15 days ago

    What? No Tabby’s?!

  • Ficky Kurniawan
    Ficky Kurniawan 16 days ago

    Not even mention british short hair hmm

  • Asif Haider
    Asif Haider 17 days ago +1

    Umm 😐 I would love to have a Persian cat 🐱 but the annoying part and the problem is my mom is damn scared of cats and she hates them so she would never ever allow me to have a cat one time I got one and my mother was coming out of her room and the cat 🐱 went on her foot and she shouted like crazy and after that I didn't even try cause l knew what is gonna happen yuppp I'm forced not to get a cat 🙄😟😔😞🙁☹️

  • Kepakkopena_69
    Kepakkopena_69 17 days ago

    Exotic and Persian breeds have breathing issues

  • Rohit Kalaikumar
    Rohit Kalaikumar 18 days ago

    So basically Maine is a dog

  • Rohit Kalaikumar
    Rohit Kalaikumar 18 days ago +1

    Just Get a ragdoll or a Siamese cat

  • Daniel Chambers
    Daniel Chambers 18 days ago

    Russian blue not on the ranking? 🧐

  • Zarelie Guadalupe
    Zarelie Guadalupe 19 days ago +2

    I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!🐱😺😸😻😽🤗☺😚😍😊💖💕💓💗💞💝💟❣

  • Xavier Alvarez
    Xavier Alvarez 19 days ago

    Turkish vans are very Affectionate

  • Leo Pang
    Leo Pang 20 days ago

    Best thumbnail ever!

  • curious420
    curious420 20 days ago

    Not for me exotic breeds. The local moggie will do nicely for me. They are more disease resistant, more likely to thrive on food sourced locally - important when you live in a region where commercial pet food has only a limited variety, and on the whole are easier to look after.

  • Inominus Rex100
    Inominus Rex100 20 days ago

    If your trying to get a kid-friendly cat then half wild and domestic are not a good idea

    BUDHABHUSHAN MATE 22 days ago

    where is scotish fold

  • Orizzy McCrizzy
    Orizzy McCrizzy 22 days ago

    I have a Tortie, she acts like a bratty teenage girl.. but I still love her lol

  • BoxingChalice 40
    BoxingChalice 40 23 days ago +1

    Fooled you shall not be! A sphinx is about 5000$ and a Maine coon is 1500$ so yeah... there very expensive

  • W.A M.P
    W.A M.P 24 days ago

    I had a Polydactyl cat growing up and it was a beast.

  • Justin M
    Justin M 24 days ago

    My bengal kittens loves cuddling and she isnt loud at all shes my favorite i love her sm

  • Mehak abd
    Mehak abd 26 days ago

    Reccomend me a cat I want a cat that is okay with kids likes to play likes to cuddle and cute and be available in Ontario canada

  • Tigran hovo
    Tigran hovo 26 days ago

    Kitten:please dont
    Dog:AWWWW i feel poor for the kitten

  • joel gerson
    joel gerson 26 days ago

    Specil tuxefo cat

  • joel gerson
    joel gerson 26 days ago

    I love cats i have a cat shes minnie the cat shes a

  • Issy F
    Issy F 28 days ago

    This list rates cats like dogs! E.g. the more imbred, likely to fetch toys and be attention seeking made the list.

  • Another Episode Of Belle Being Confused

    1. All
    2. Cats
    3. Are
    4. Equal
    5. This
    6. Is
    7. Not
    8. Fair
    9. But
    10. Russian Blue

  • malik Videos
    malik Videos 28 days ago

    So no tabby?

  • Mahendra Kamble
    Mahendra Kamble 28 days ago

    Please add top 10 latin/reggaeton songs

  • NASCARgamersYT
    NASCARgamersYT 28 days ago

    So cute!

  • Xaiver McCoy
    Xaiver McCoy 29 days ago

    So are tabbies just shit cats and don’t deserve a spot on the list

  • nightmare killa
    nightmare killa 29 days ago

    nyan cat?

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson Month ago


  • A H K
    A H K Month ago

    Where are Garfield and Goose??

  • Cahyana Igneel
    Cahyana Igneel Month ago


  • Dankrisostomo TCM
    Dankrisostomo TCM Month ago

    1:42 that cat is fucking hitler

  • Andrew Ray
    Andrew Ray Month ago

    My favorite cat breed is American shorthair but I’m biased because my cat is an american shorthair

  • Harry Mudd
    Harry Mudd Month ago

    I adored my seal point Siamese male, but he was a wuss, as was my tiger stripe domestic shorthair. Every cat I've owned, including the special needs one are/were great. We still own 3 that are 15: a dilute tortie Wegie, a shorthair black girl, and a longhair version of whatever passes for a Russian Blue. For some reason, though, the boys taught the girl cats to not fear our dog, and make friend with him.

  • feeling irie
    feeling irie Month ago

    My favorite cat Breed is the red point Siamese

  • Mystical_gamer_
    Mystical_gamer_ Month ago +1

    UGH, this is honestly SO shameful. The exotic short hair and Persian are extremely unhealthy cats, with overly large eyes and small sinus breathing problems. They are purposely bred to be cute, ignoring how difficult it makes life for them. PLUS, the information and personality traits held in this video about the Persian is mostly incorrect. In my opinion, anyone who has one has my head down. Thumbs down.

    • Harry Mudd
      Harry Mudd Month ago

      I wouldn't adopt anything with a pushed in nose. It's not the critter's fault. Just not on my adoption radar.

  • Damien Darhk
    Damien Darhk Month ago

    My favorite cat is the bangle cat. I had a Bengal tiger tabby. Her name was Libby. And she's... Uh... No longer here with me anymore. R. I. P., my sweet loving and gentle kitty. I'll never forget you baby girl. I asked God to take you away because I knew that you were in pain and suffering and… Mommy loves you. Forever good night, baby. I love you forever and always, Libby. 💔💔😢😢😭😭😭💐💐

  • Sixta16
    Sixta16 Month ago

    #1 is Purrsian? Oh no no no no no no no. I hate theese. They look so wrong.

  • Demonz eyez
    Demonz eyez Month ago +2

    I want a exotic short hair because I'm lazy but I do take care of my other pets like my turtle

  • Grace Parmeley
    Grace Parmeley Month ago

    Where is the TUXEDO CAT the awsome.

  • TheDapperTangerine
    TheDapperTangerine Month ago

    I just got a bengal siamese hybrid today and have never had a cat adjust to a new home so quickly

  • Hitendra Chourasia
    Hitendra Chourasia Month ago

    please help me out ....i want all 10 cat breeds name . please 😅

  • • Crystal Wolf •
    • Crystal Wolf • Month ago +1

    Omg this is so cute! I have a Maine coon and I love himmmmmm 💕

  • Someone Anonymous
    Someone Anonymous Month ago

    Persians? Really?

  • Alexys Becerra
    Alexys Becerra Month ago

    Rescue cats are the best cats!

  • Sean Kav
    Sean Kav Month ago

    My cat is part Bengal and she ran out of my room when the Bengal made that weird meow

  • that coffee feel
    that coffee feel Month ago

    I just wanna say that the kitten in thumbnail is so precious i just wanna kiss her

  • Ali Ramez
    Ali Ramez Month ago

    Persian is the ugliest 1

  • DaZafki Channel
    DaZafki Channel Month ago

    I really want a cat that behaves like dogs because i love dogs but the problem is that i am Muslim so we cant have dogs

  • H.J. Davis
    H.J. Davis Month ago

    Russian blues are always number one 😊😊😊😊

  • pineapple
    pineapple Month ago

    i got a persian kitten yesterday!! shes a sweetheart.

  • rumajzlik cz1
    rumajzlik cz1 Month ago +4

    I love all cats, but i want mainly bengal, maine coon, egyptian mau and ragdoll

  • Kneazle ocelot Gamer girl


  • Ed Camp
    Ed Camp Month ago +9

    My best buddy was my old tom cat that I loved so much..He went to God still miss him so much!!

  • Adeel Kash
    Adeel Kash Month ago

    Russian blue was cute

  • Cousins And Me
    Cousins And Me Month ago

    What about the Scottish fold

  • sligo666
    sligo666 Month ago +3

    Unbelievable no siberian forest cat in this list!! Would knock spots off any on this list!!

  • langbo9999
    langbo9999 Month ago

    A hour cat 🐱 is a good idea 💡

  • VincentVs916
    VincentVs916 Month ago

    Russia. Blues should’ve been 1

    UFC MMA Month ago

    Both my cats weren’t here fuck you

  • PvtJohnTowle
    PvtJohnTowle Month ago

    Lot of problems with Persians including breathing this list is so wrong

  • PvtJohnTowle
    PvtJohnTowle Month ago +3

    Top 10 American cats please not just America

  • Brazil5D
    Brazil5D Month ago


  • Peli Tongi
    Peli Tongi Month ago +2

    Just watched a video about a black-footed cat 😻

  • Caffina
    Caffina Month ago

    We used to have a Persian when I was little but don't remember much of him but his name was Winston and he went on boat trips and car trips with my mom and just layed on her shoulders.

  • Summer Jones
    Summer Jones Month ago

    I always thought since sphynx cats looked so much like Gollum we could call them, ` Gollum cats.`

  • pockygold 69er
    pockygold 69er Month ago

    Thats a lot of pusse 😺

  • Mr Supreme Pizza
    Mr Supreme Pizza Month ago

    Everyone says cats are mean. Are you serious? There harmless little fluff balls. Dogs tear and slobber and cats just meow and wander around

  • Toppy Games
    Toppy Games Month ago

    I want a Bengal

  • TheSpaceghost69
    TheSpaceghost69 Month ago

    Torties are the best :)

  • Albert Wesker
    Albert Wesker Month ago

    Is it just Me Or Is Anyone Else getting 2 30 Seconds RU-clip Ads at a Time, I know it isn't.

  • Evan W
    Evan W Month ago

    The weird editing is making me uncomfortable.

  • lombardo141
    lombardo141 Month ago

    Another list that ignores Tabbies. Why can’t tabbies get love. 😢

  • Kimberly Siegfried
    Kimberly Siegfried Month ago

    Can’t believe Ocicats weren’t even mentioned.

  • beefy
    beefy Month ago

    What about the Aegean cat?

  • Kathryn O'Neill
    Kathryn O'Neill Month ago

    I love cats very much but why would that lady brush her cat on kitchen counter?