Village Food in Sri Lanka - Epic 19 DIFFERENT Sri Lankan Dishes!

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    Weligama is a beautiful town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, and they happen to have some incredible local food. During the Best of Sri Lanka Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist, we were invited by Uchith and Nick to a relatives home, where they prepared a massive home cooked village cooking and eating experience.
    I went a little early to see some of the Sri Lankan food cooking and as they prepared all the dishes. Most of the Sri Lankan food dishes were prepared in earthenware clay pots, cooked over fire to give each dish an incredible complexity and smokiness.
    There were more than 19 different Sri Lankan food dishes that they prepared and that we tasted during the day. Some of the dishes were local regional southern Sri Lankan food, and each was spectacular in flavor and complexity of spice.
    I wanted to take a little of every single dish, and my plate piled up so high, I didn’t ever realize it. It was an absolutely Sri Lankan food feast!
    Huge thank you to Uchith, Nick, and Lakk from The Station LK for hosting us at their family home and for putting on a spectacular home cooked village food experience in Sri Lanka!
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