Idiot Replaces His Harley Sportster Clutch in 22 Minutes

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
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    Watch in 4k! I'm just an average guy trying to change his Sportster's clutch after it blew up. I say the wrong terms, and my back fu**ing hurts. Watch as I struggle, but complete the process. Also, yes. It does work way better and it's complete!
    Parts Used:
    Barnett Extra Plate Clutch Kit: ►
    Compression Tool: ►
    Clutch Spring: ►
    Gasket Kit: ►
    Oil: ►
    Oil Filter Funnel: ►
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Comments • 126

  • Jessie Hinojosa
    Jessie Hinojosa Day ago

    Just replaced my clutch plate.. thanks dan

  • Hoang Nguyen
    Hoang Nguyen 21 day ago

    My 2009 XL883L has a issue that it won’t run after shifting gears
    Do you know what kind of issues it that
    Thank you

  • gaurav ram
    gaurav ram Month ago

    How much everything cost you ? Please say the approx digits :)

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty Month ago +1

    You wish that took you 22 minutes.

  • Captain Tripp
    Captain Tripp Month ago

    WAAAA, you have a moustache, WAAA, you have a girlfriend, WAAA, you took longer than 22 minutes, WAAA, you din't show yourself cleaning the bits of metal out, so, that means you didn't do it, WAAAAA, I wanna talk or complain about everything except what I learned from this.

  • Eugi
    Eugi Month ago +1

    Once you see that gonna look at it whole time.

    • Kyle247l
      Kyle247l 27 days ago +1

      go back to pornhub, man.

  • ThatGuyZack
    ThatGuyZack Month ago

    Aching backs while working on motorcycles or cars life of a mechanic 😂 I feel ya there man

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt Month ago

    You have it soaking in oil??? It looks like it says peanut butter to me. Lol

  • Mike O
    Mike O 2 months ago

    Great video...TY

  • Bobby Boucha
    Bobby Boucha 2 months ago

    does bike have to be in neutral

    • sporty04
      sporty04 14 days ago

      Bobby Boucha nobody mentions it but I put mine in neutral before replacing the clutch.

  • Xx412xxbluntz
    Xx412xxbluntz 2 months ago

    I'd suck nikkis toes

  • Ryan Cornelius
    Ryan Cornelius 3 months ago

    Hey bro how did the clutch hold up, just ordered one same kit you got. I got an issue with my bike hoping it’s the clutch. Seems weird not using the spring plate. Curious what ya think of yours.

  • Teresina C
    Teresina C 3 months ago +1

    OMG Thank you so much for this video!!!! I'm doing this tonight, and glad I can follow you along. Very good instructions. Thanks Again!

  • TheKniferaped
    TheKniferaped 3 months ago

    Dude u helped me so mutch I didn't know how to detach the clutch cable! 🇧🇪🤘🏻

  • Tim Lapre
    Tim Lapre 3 months ago

    Awesome video thankyou very much for posting!!!!

  • Fareez Bhathena
    Fareez Bhathena 3 months ago

    Great explanatory Video..Keep up the good work !

  • Danny Ohly
    Danny Ohly 4 months ago

    Good job. Just a touch of criticism, if you have a bunch of debris inside the clutch, next time, just blast out the primary with parts cleaner to ensure all debris is out so you don’t chew up new parts. You may have done that, just wasn’t in the video. But good job and I like your vids.

  • micah lane
    micah lane 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for the video. Did you have to adjust the primary chain afterwards? If so how did you do that?

    • Captain Tripp
      Captain Tripp Month ago

      Well, i see it has been 3 months now, i guess you figured it out. Just in case the chain tensioner is underneath the primary, almost looks like a oil drain, a big nut with a bolt going though it, that bolt has a slot for a flat head screwdriver, loosen the big nut, turn the bolt with a screwdriver WHILE KEEPING THE NUT STILL< OR IN THE SAME POSITION. Just turn the bolt, NOT the nut. Turn the bolt to loosen or tighten the primary chain, when it is like it is supposed to be hold the bolt in its' place with the screwdriver and tighten the nut.

  • Nanga Parbat
    Nanga Parbat 4 months ago

    How did you discover that you clutch had blown? Some weird sounds from primary or different driving experience?

    • Mark Payne
      Mark Payne Month ago +1

      There's another video he has where he shows it

    • benson420710
      benson420710 Month ago

      His bike lost power on the highway and struggled doin 20 up a slight hill

  • Nick Itoh
    Nick Itoh 4 months ago

    The clutch on a sporty isn't that hard to do but I wondered, does your engine oil has all the additives for clutches? I prefer to stick to a proper primary/transmission lubricant for this although I know nowadays lots of people simply use the same engine oil everywhere... When I do a sportster I usually simply used the inspection cover so I can dump a quart there from dry condition and do my chain adjustment at the same time. It's easier when you do the bike on the kickstand. Just my two cents.

    FAT BIKE WALA 5 months ago

    Hey will this fit 2014 sportster iron 883?

  • Christer sjöström
    Christer sjöström 6 months ago

    bla bla bla

  • majorlifts
    majorlifts 6 months ago

    WI have a 2001 with 50,000km never replaced the clutch yet but I have replaced clutch bearings twice

  • Kevin Selagea
    Kevin Selagea 7 months ago

    Man. You should've did an evaluation of what tools are needed because I got half way through the job to find out that I didnt have the right socket size to back off the chain tensioner.

  • GENESIS420
    GENESIS420 7 months ago


  • B H
    B H 7 months ago +4

    Long day? Title says 22 min! Wtf

  • B H
    B H 7 months ago

    You need a motorcycle bench bro

  • Indy Vin
    Indy Vin 7 months ago

    Learn to articulate, bro 🙄

  • Scott Rehak
    Scott Rehak 7 months ago +1

    Hey ever have any leaks?

  • D Willinghammer
    D Willinghammer 8 months ago

    The spring plate in my clutch on my 2004 I believe is going out so I’ve stopped riding it this week and ordered this clutch kit. I’ll probably watch this video 20 more times next week during the install. How much different does the new extra plate clutch feel?

  • Harry Hagan
    Harry Hagan 8 months ago +1

    Wouldn't it have been easier to adjust the chain tension with the derby cover off?

  • Jacob Goodman
    Jacob Goodman 8 months ago

    Does this clutch kit fit the 883 as well? I'm at 36k... starting to slip at highway speeds

    • Jacob Goodman
      Jacob Goodman 8 months ago +1

      Drew Willingham awesome man thanks!

    • D Willinghammer
      D Willinghammer 8 months ago +1

      Yessir. The clutches are the same

    • Jacob Goodman
      Jacob Goodman 8 months ago +1

      Drew Willingham so the one linked in the video will work?

    • D Willinghammer
      D Willinghammer 8 months ago

      Yea it fits. I have a 2004 883 and it’s the same kit for mine.

    • Jacob Goodman
      Jacob Goodman 8 months ago

      DanDanTheFireman awesome! Appreciate the video man!

  • crow omer
    crow omer 8 months ago

    beautiful ! Great work

  • J rod
    J rod 8 months ago

    Hey man I have a sportster 48.My bike goes in neutral and into gear but when I let the clutch out the bike doesn’t move.Is this my problem bro ??

    • John Phillips jr
      John Phillips jr 7 days ago

      Joe Troutt in another comment you said fuck Harley and now your just being a smart ass and commenting bullshit instead of helping people. So YOU FUCK OFF AND BUY A JAP BIKE YOU BITCH. THE HARLEY COMMUNITY DOESN’T NEED OR WANT YOUR LAME ASS.

    • Joe Troutt
      Joe Troutt Month ago

      You have to start the bike

  • PhatticusInch
    PhatticusInch 9 months ago

    I have heard many times that Sportster clutches break up after about 15k to 30k miles. A friend said his Sportster had almost 70k miles on it & had not had to replace his clutch. Please respond I'd like to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks.

    • Isaac
      Isaac 4 months ago

      All depends on your riding style. Take it easy (as HD intended) and your clutch will last. Ride like me, kill a clutch in 10k. lol. Ride it like you stole it!

  • Badbruce1 Davidson
    Badbruce1 Davidson 9 months ago

    Nice to get someone to help you bro
    Nice job

  • smiley42
    smiley42 10 months ago

    Great video my friend!!!!

  • Ob Fuscated
    Ob Fuscated 10 months ago

    BTW the Motion Pro is the best of the tools offered for this job, but you can use a hunk of PVC with a piece of suitable PVC scrap metal as a cross brace. The first one I made many years ago used the center of lawnmower blade and a flat washer. It works fine but you'll like the Motion Pro tool a bit better.

  • Ob Fuscated
    Ob Fuscated 10 months ago

    Those spring plates are trash. I've run Barnett's since before Evolution engines existed. Good shit.

  • Jay Dillon
    Jay Dillon 10 months ago +1

    When you took the clutch apart and found those broken metal bits, would it make sense to stick a magnet in there to try to find all the small metal bits? Just seems likely to miss some of them...?

    • sporty04
      sporty04 14 days ago

      Jay Dillon magnet wouldn’t work as the rivets that break up are brass.

  • victor chirinos
    victor chirinos 11 months ago

    What s the size of the Allen to remove the foot controls

  • Jyme Bale
    Jyme Bale 11 months ago +1

    When you come to a stop light and the bike is still moving forward a bit with the clutch pulled in then tighten the clutch until the bike does not move forward, I am mechanically inclined, you did a wonderful job, my son had to do what you did years ago as I watched, I told him to follow the instructions and i'd tell him if any thing was wrong, he did just right.

    • Joe Troutt
      Joe Troutt Month ago

      Are you talking about tightening the clutch at the cable or inside the primary cover? My 05 electraglide does that and also doesn't seem to engage (or disengage, however you want to look at it) until practically all the way out. How do I fix that issue too?

  • Jyme Bale
    Jyme Bale 11 months ago

    You do not ever, ever, ever work on any motorcycle with a Cressent wrench, they can slip off of a bolt top or nut too easily, please buy correct tools, sockets, real wrenches, you will never be sorry, buy the best you can afford, they can be expensive.

    • Ob Fuscated
      Ob Fuscated 10 months ago

      Ancient aircraft mechanic (Phantom, Bronco, F-16) here who knows how to use tools. If you MAINTAIN PRELOAD ON THE JAW BY USING YOUR THUMB ON THE WORM GEAR you can have LESS backlash than an open end wrench! Also works for "Ford" style wrenches.

  • Hr BeStalkinMe
    Hr BeStalkinMe 11 months ago

    Damn dude, your girlfriend is so clutch.
    Shes a real Catch.
    Dont let her.. Slip.. away.
    Dont.. Blow.. It
    You should.. Engage.. her.
    Lol i could go all day

  • Dirtbike Lif
    Dirtbike Lif 11 months ago

    What fire department do you work for

  • We Catch Fish
    We Catch Fish 11 months ago

    You forgot to show the tightening of the chain and showing the inspection hole.

    • Joe Troutt
      Joe Troutt Month ago

      And the replacement of the O ring at the cable entry into the primary cover.

  • Barry Wind
    Barry Wind 11 months ago

    Okay... I ditched the Barnett idea and experimented. Boy, am I glad I did.
    I just fixed my old HD 2006 Sportster clutch and spring plate problem and my bike runs better and shifts better than ever. How did I do it? I removed the pack of plates, found the exploded spring plate took it apart and kept the two steel rings. I then lined the two up as perfect as possible. I offset the original holes for the brass fasteners leaving no see-through holes. I took my MIG welder and tacked the smaller of the holes on both sides with about 4-second bursts tacking the two steel plates together. I then took my angle grinder and dressed them. I filed the ears so that the plate would mount like the single steel plates nice and smooth. I filed the inside of the basket where the damage was left by the original plate making sure no plates would hang up on any of the damaged areas. I then installed new fibers with the old steels making sure that the welded pressure plate would be "past" the damaged area when installed. I then put it all back together and took it for a ride. WOW! It shifted smoother quieter and grabbed very well. It was a trial thing and am I glad I did it. The only size difference is the thin springs that were between the two steel rings are gone and it had no effect... except a GREAT shifting clutch now! I did soak my fibers for 3 days before installing.

  • Barry Wind
    Barry Wind 11 months ago

    I'm wondering about "Motorman's" advise of dragging the clutch. That is not a normal function of the clutch and would seem to me that you are destroying your clutch following his advise! From what I understand the clutch should be engaged as much as possible and when at lights they say to put it in neutral. Has anyone any knowledge about this?

    • Captain Tripp
      Captain Tripp Month ago

      Do you mean Paladino, the motor cop? if it is, understand that police bikes , like everything else the police want and we pay for, (sry, had to get that in, lol) understand that if they are riding HDs, they have a heavy duty and expensive (we paid for it) clutch. Dr. Harley in one of his vids shows what kind they have, drag on that clutch forever, it won't hurt it. Anyhoo, I did as he said in his videos, use clutch, brake, and throttle, and I like it TBH. Wether that wore out my clutch or not I will never know, but I don't think it did.

    • Bunnyshooter 223
      Bunnyshooter 223 2 months ago

      Ob Fuscated i appreciate your info 👌✌️

    • Ob Fuscated
      Ob Fuscated 10 months ago +1

      Fuck that! (Ancient HD, multibrand motorcycle and aircraft mech here.) I have no problem with holding the clutch in at lights. They aren't that delicate, but I don't drag them. If it were required Barnett would recommend it. I've abused their clutches for over thirty years.

  • Sir Jhonson
    Sir Jhonson 11 months ago

    Doging the shit out of it like me HA HA ! Done broke it again .

  • Familia Huape leon

    Hi bro have question i'm need replace both cover sporters 883 05 instal Chrome .my question is the cover is same cover 04 or 05 .check another videos .guys check firts tensión chain and put 5 and check another time.u tell me please myself Made only need buy new set gaskets? And oil ( change 2 weekend ago.thanks Nice video

  • Christopher Franklin

    Thanks! We're both in the same boat then. Not an expert, but I like doing this stuff with my two sons.

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA Year ago +1

    What a pain in the ass!!! I am, never buying a Harley again . I could have had a jap clutch changed in an hour,--but I have to order special tools here, (7 to 10 days), and it did not have all the pieces I needed to compress the clutch. I have a little shop, and made the last piece in 20 min because I refuse to wait another 7 to 10 days to get that piece. OK, good, I pull off the first half of the stack, and find a blown up spring plate. But it made a burr on each rib of the basket, and I have to remove the burs with a freggen dremel tool to get the second half of the stack out. If I have to work on this engineering stupidity again, I will miss a summer of riding. My last Harley. Now I know when I was a kid, we called them "Hardly Ablesons". It's like they are hiring dumb ass engineers from the auto industry!! My bike is a 2007, and Harley can't even standardize the fasteners. Are you sure AMF did not do a better job? Working on Harley's is like working in a sewer with out benefits.

    • Ob Fuscated
      Ob Fuscated 10 months ago +1

      A hunk of PVC or pipe and a strap (I've used an old mower blade) gets the clutch compressed. That's an impressive disaster level for that spring plate disintegrating but they do suck infamously. I'd have pulled the basket and worked on the bench since it takes so little time to snatch a primary drive. Google "homemade Sportster clutch spring compressor". BTW if you have to remove a compensator nut (or other shallow head fastener like old Triumph kickstand bolts) the way to get maximum socket engagement is use a six point socket and grind or turn off the chamfer which only exists to center the broach during machining.
      If you have Sportster questions the best place to go is the xlforum. It's a goldmine.

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Year ago

      Oh yea, I had to drill and tap 2) 1/4x20 holes through the 3 or 4 plates of the second half of the stack, so I could use the taps like "jack screws" to force the next friction and steel plates out of the basket, and now have room to remove the burrs that I could not see with the all the plates of the second half still on.
      7 to 10 days, and I still have more work to do. I could have designed and CNC milled my own basket and hub in that time, and it would not need any special tools.

  • Sacha Baptista
    Sacha Baptista Year ago

    Well the video is 22 minutes long but apparently it took you way more to do it... I'll keep it anyway in case I have to change mine ;)

  • dicky doo
    dicky doo Year ago

    Hey Dan, thanks for the great video! I need to do this to my sporty asap. How's the new clutch holding up?

  • darkhorse21xx
    darkhorse21xx Year ago +1

    much was the Harley Rock from the dealer

  • priestof1
    priestof1 Year ago

    HA I use same oil. Nice video, having a hard time getting clutch adjustment right wondering if something else is going on.

  • bansai Roach
    bansai Roach Year ago

    Great video mate... Really clear instructions and yes my fucking back was killing me

  • nsimmons93
    nsimmons93 Year ago

    Sadly my Sportster is already having a clutch issue at 1800 miles. Already been adjusted a few times. Harley says they can't find an issue. So I think I'm going to replace mine

    • Joe Troutt
      Joe Troutt Month ago

      Sounds like some lame excuse to not fix a factory problem. Fuck Harley and their high priced mechanics

  • C Carbone
    C Carbone Year ago

    Huge help, thanks for the upload!

  • MattyMaxMac
    MattyMaxMac Year ago

    You’re the Man! Just did my Buell xb12s last night. Followed your steps one by one. My C clip was a bit tougher.

  • Matthew Zobian
    Matthew Zobian Year ago

    Bravo dude. You're an inspiration!

  • James Troutman
    James Troutman Year ago

    Just started watching your videos. Couldn’t tell if you were an actual firefighter or not, but I saw the mustache and thought Yepp, that’s a fireman’s mustache. Lol

  • Slash From Tx
    Slash From Tx Year ago

    he put the old pressure plate, he didn't use the new, and improved plate???

    • Danny Cushing
      Danny Cushing Year ago

      if you take out the spring plate you already have like 12% more friction area than the stock one, the stiffer pressure plate isn't needed on anything upto about 90hp infact some guys get away with 100 on the extra plate kit with original pressure plate without slipping. I put the 15% stiffer plate on my build and i wish i didn't as its pretty hard to pull in

  • bloodborne
    bloodborne Year ago

    Hey Dan, I was wondering where and how you installed all of the other smaller gaskets that came with your kit. I recently bought the same exact one for my sportster but I was wondering if you had like a diagram of where they’re supposed to go. Thanks

  • bobberguy1
    bobberguy1 Year ago

    Good DIY. But, please, foot pegs are not "mid controls".

  • Scott Stivers
    Scott Stivers Year ago +9

    Dude! For anybody that hs this 883 this is the video! This was wonderful of you to do and publicise. I know from screwing around with my own vehicles over the years that its quite tedious, but simultaneously rewarding upon completion. Also the funds saved is formidable. But to have messy hands and still record the process. Well, that command respect gratitude and a specific degree of admiration.
    I haven't ownership of any bike, but I still recognize this and you. Thank you.

    • Ob Fuscated
      Ob Fuscated 10 months ago

      His hands weren't messy because he used nitrile gloves. So do I and they save an impressive amount of time wasted in hand washing. They also work both ways. Got dirty hands and want a snack? Glove up. Walmart or Harbor Freight gloves work fine.

  • Carl Recktenwald Jr.

    Digging the title/name of the video.

  • Carlos M Urbaez
    Carlos M Urbaez Year ago

    wasn't aware about that 15k-20k clutch plate bomb ready to go off on your a$$ but I will check on that soon, as for the oil, why not 85w-140 ?

  • Michael Galanda
    Michael Galanda Year ago

    I been hear you use 20/50 bike oil. but I use transmission primary chaincase lubricant . it is 1 QT I look at the book for your bike. he right get a book for your bike . mine of the book can found on line all so an put on a tablet.. have both..

  • Michael Galanda
    Michael Galanda Year ago

    over good video. I mite add to raeders lay out the part on clean space. an where the cable hock in to is called a ramp it need to looked at there is 3 ball look at them for damage if damaged replace. all may change out the throw out bearing . he did a good job nice video shoot . ty . but next time show the re packing of the throw out bearing an ramp with grease may need a packer for the throw out bearing on older bike look at the one you have go from there. not all the same. have to say he did good on video an edit .

  • Nardo
    Nardo Year ago

    Great video and thanks for sharing! Have you had any slipping issues using synthetic trans oil? I am about to install the BDL extra clutch plate package and the instructions recommend using ATF and to stay away from synthetic oils.

  • Tom Boyte
    Tom Boyte Year ago +6

    Your one "Ballsy Dude" changing a clutch in a parking stall. I have a shop with a table lift, lots of light and all kinds of comforts and lots of time to do it and still I don''t know if I would attempt it on my 2014 Sportster "48" . Kudos's to you!
    Tom the retired Calif. Cop

    • Captain Tripp
      Captain Tripp Month ago +1

      I am changing mine out on my driveway, outside, on the ground, possibility of rain, heat, wind, birds, clouds, spotlight cuz this is taking me forever, never done this before. I am also 64 and having a great time, better than sitting watching tv. hehe, i'm just messin wit ya, although everything i said is true, just i think most DIY ppl prolly do this like me, and Dan of course. I am going to upgrade to the Hammer 1250 jugs and git me sum badass lifters and cams, be doin' that in driveway also, ain't got none of that there comfort stuff, ...sigh.

  • craik
    craik Year ago

    Damn boy that is some mustache you got sporting on the damn sporty

  • JC Galiano
    JC Galiano Year ago

    Good job!

    JAY BEE Year ago +3

    Ugh I know that appartment life it's horrible, I want to buy so many things to simplify my maintenaince. But I ain't got no personal garage and all that..sigh.
    You did a good job tho

    • ZIPPER
      ZIPPER Year ago

      JAY BEE I live in a duplex. Just as cheap as apartment but I have a garage

  • Cafe Sportster
    Cafe Sportster Year ago +1

    Great work brah ! bravoo

  • Chris Namgung
    Chris Namgung Year ago +2

    is this "sportster clutch bomb" a defect for all sportsters (or only affects up to a certain year model)?

    • Joe Troutt
      Joe Troutt Month ago

      @MikeRCJ420 thank goodness mine is an 03

    • MikeRCJ420
      MikeRCJ420 9 months ago

      I know this is an old post but this problem only seams to happen rubber mounted Sportsters, so 2004 and up. It's an easy fix as you can tell by the video but it's a problem HD should've fixed by now.

  • Ronnie Curnutt
    Ronnie Curnutt Year ago

    Hey watching your tutorial. I possibly found an answer to a problem with my Sporty. I'm having trouble once in a while on down shifting if I come to a stop and do multiple down shifts while stopped at the light it doesn't want to downshift. So I wil. Be checking my fluid level. Ant ideas if that's not the answer ?

    • John Becker
      John Becker 6 months ago

      I'm dealing with the same issue now. Clutch is definitely slipping for me as well. Was that your issue? I know this was a year ago for you, but I'd appreciate any advice.

    • jim walker
      jim walker Year ago +1

      You might want to rock the bike forward and backward a bit so it engages each gear while shifting. Or just down shift while your still moving.

  • Casey Roskwitalski

    Where was this video 6 months ago? Lol. I did the same to my sportster in April. Nice video

  • C0ffee
    C0ffee Year ago +15

    Nikki = Best GIRLFRIEND EVER ? For sure she hold your clutch :D!

  • MotoRickyRicardo
    MotoRickyRicardo Year ago

    Thanks man! Good to know that tip on the clutch life-span

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell Year ago +11

    The Sportster clutch bomb is the only major design flaw in the Sportster and Harley should have fixed that by now. Shame on you Harley!
    Nice video!
    Just some notes:
    1) if the shifter shaft is corroded clean it up before removing the cover to avoid damage to the seal.
    2) wrap one thin layer of tape over the rough part of the shifter shaft again to protect the seal.
    3) use a lift if you have one so the plates don't fall out.
    4) check the retaining ring before releasing tension.
    5) I prefer to coat new gaskets with grease before assembly. The stickiness of the grease hold it in place and removal for the next time is much easier.
    6) adjust the clutch before replacing the cover so you know everything is assembled correctly. Spray some lube on everything under the boot cover to keep it from corroding. I think I used WD40.
    7) I used a whole quart of oil in mine or maybe it was a liter and all is good. My Sportster is a 2016 model so maybe it is different. Also I am using the tranny oil from Harley and I would recommend that over the engine oil. I think the engine oil is too thin.
    8) grease will hold that o-ring in place under the derby cover.
    9) I would use blue loctite on the footpeg bolts.
    And use the proper torque specs on all of the bolts.
    ALSO: the torque spec in the manual is sometimes incorrect so those not mechanically inclined should google it to compare with manual values.

  • Big Jon
    Big Jon Year ago

    Good job! Good video and some good advice!

  • Trevor Jameson
    Trevor Jameson Year ago

    Excellent video. I had to do that on my sportster at around 40,000 miles but nothing was broken, the plates were just worn thin and slipping. It's due again soon with 82,000 miles now, so it's nice to review the procedure by watching your video.
    I hope it's working good for you now!
    I just got back from Tucson on Saturday, nice area and plenty of fun places to ride. Also rode to Safford and Mt. Graham, very nice!

  • CafeNightster
    CafeNightster Year ago +3

    I went and installed with Energy One Clutch with a 15% stronger spring plate. Great video at 30k, did your clutch not grip at highway speed or accelerating? Fyi, i use a couple nailed 2x4's to use at center stand instead of rock.

    • pineapplepissant
      pineapplepissant Month ago

      CafeNightster I’m looking at getting this kit and glad to hear it’s good


    yup,went over video again. after a 1000 miles drain and strain your oil to make sure "ALL" debris is "OUT". you'll thank me later on this,lol. and every clutch packs need to soak (like you did) for long life of it. don't be that guy, huh? unless you like the trailer life. not a fun life....

    T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE Year ago +1

    very fun to watch. i did mine at 34,000 to find out what really happened. lucas additive not used to directions, dumb ass me went 50% instead of 20%. put a kvlar clutch in and still doing fine. love lucas products and used ever since the racing days. great for air cooled engines (hint, hint) and "all" automotive needs. hope you keep doing these videos. very enjoyable and will put this one on my playlist of repair videos (hope it helps) for others to learn from. have a good and safe one bro!!!!👍✌😎 oh, now you know to put the bike up high, easier on the back.🤣 ~t.bone~