Anthony Joshua | The first time was so nice, he had to do it twice! 👑

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
    Anthony Joshua is a two-time heavyweight champion after defeating Andy Ruiz Jr in their rematch.
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  • Don morris
    Don morris 4 days ago

    Can I get 2X,

  • Dion Fowlkes
    Dion Fowlkes 14 days ago +1

    Nga you got yo ass beat don't try to make it cool😂😂😂😂😂PUSSY FIGHT WILDER SO HE CAN MAKE YOU RETIRE👊💣😫💤

  • T S
    T S 17 days ago

    this is like the scene at the end of snatch

  • Jermaine Williams
    Jermaine Williams 21 day ago

    I enjoyed when he first won the belt , 2nd time , Not to much ,

  • Claudio D'Ambrosio
    Claudio D'Ambrosio 24 days ago

    A. J. try Wilder, Fury or Usyk!

  • Jet Black Glitch
    Jet Black Glitch 25 days ago +1

    2 times

  • Suleman Khalifa
    Suleman Khalifa 27 days ago

    All that ad for a jab jab and run around the ring..... please guys just stop

  • Airon Cullen
    Airon Cullen 27 days ago +1

    I thought this was a video of aj on drugs😂

    OMG IM TRASH 29 days ago +1

    What is this anybody else😀

  • 大津真川拳闘
    大津真川拳闘 29 days ago


  • Kevin G22
    Kevin G22 29 days ago


  • ondiek sibour
    ondiek sibour Month ago

    ANthooonyyyyy joshuaaaaaaaa the king is on his throne!

  • time to fun
    time to fun Month ago

    I like aj all time

  • Kevin Umebuani
    Kevin Umebuani Month ago

    Mehn this dude is a marketing cow, gadamn!!

  • Jane Beresford
    Jane Beresford Month ago +3

    A paper champion stiff robotic no chin no half decent heavyweight will ever get the chance to fight aj it's bums all the way

  • Mike Person
    Mike Person Month ago

    Remember when people glorified being fat after the Ruiz win lol

    • Alejandro granados
      Alejandro granados Month ago

      Mike Person Honestly being fat wasn’t the issue... the motherfucker simply didn’t train for 6 months and got fatter... what did he expect, if there is a rematch he better get his head in the game and stop hanging with bad influences period...

  • Darren Mclaughlin
    Darren Mclaughlin Month ago

    Is there going to b a rocky 3

  • luka basilaia
    luka basilaia Month ago

    I think the director got some inspiration from DBZ, reminds me of Goku, before transforming and defeating Frieza :D AJ is great

    DW SPORT. TV Month ago

    I love this clip

  • Husni Husni
    Husni Husni Month ago


  • David Osas
    David Osas Month ago +1

    One punch can make you a champion, more training will make you to remain a champion, Glory be to God Almighty.

  • HiTTs
    HiTTs Month ago

    AJ is a true Definition of a CHAMPION

  • Frozen gamer
    Frozen gamer Month ago

    All the pressure was on AJ but he pulled through.

  • Miky Binns
    Miky Binns Month ago

    The Promotional team had a brainstorm to come up with that. A bit rehearsed and second hand sounding from AJ

  • Luke Titus
    Luke Titus Month ago

    Ultra Instincts AJ

    MORRIS SOLOMON Month ago

    Joshua had so gud physic, hight 6.6 , " why he took 12 rounds?? Dis is a ? To be answered.being Joshua s fan I felt it was n a easy was a simple draw..

  • devon haigh
    devon haigh Month ago

    The second time was so nice I had to do it 3

  • devon haigh
    devon haigh Month ago

    But he lost the first one

  • William Adebayo
    William Adebayo Month ago


  • big johnson
    big johnson Month ago +1

    The first time wasn't nice cuz he got his ass beat 🤣

  • khafier France
    khafier France Month ago +1

    the first fight was the real aj get 5 knockdowns and the second one was the best running man in world 👍

  • deputy dogg
    deputy dogg Month ago

    Thy said he could not box, said he was robotic. Thy krazy.

  • Julius Mar Dela Cruz
    Julius Mar Dela Cruz Month ago +3

    42 wins - 41 KO's easy win for wilder

  • bts. jungkookie
    bts. jungkookie Month ago

    AJ is the main character of boxing against wilder he will find a solution and motivation to beat him lets go joshua!!!

  • pepsii Seychelles
    pepsii Seychelles Month ago

    SKY obviously took a chance at making this video before the rematch!!!! lucky he won or they would never hv been able to put this advert out !!!! hahahaha

  • Diesel Boy
    Diesel Boy Month ago


  • Mel Scientia Trader

    The marketing behind Joshua are just streets ahead of any other boxer...match room dazn and Joshua team are formiddable

  • mcminn94
    mcminn94 Month ago

    Stole the idea from snatch but i still got shivers

  • MineTrack
    MineTrack Month ago

    Damn this look cool

  • Prosper P
    Prosper P Month ago

    All the best bro!

  • Billy Pollit
    Billy Pollit Month ago

    It sounded like he said," the first time *WASNT* so nice, so i had to do it twice ", after the actual fight, when he actually said it.


  • Eugen Butacu
    Eugen Butacu Month ago

    Fake champ.

  • Dyl Stee
    Dyl Stee Month ago

    Embarrassing the amount of lick arses on here

  • Tony Don
    Tony Don Month ago

    Ok fuck this i want 258 to manage me. This is too good, marketing to a T.

  • DeepHash
    DeepHash Month ago


  • Kalinaki Lawrence
    Kalinaki Lawrence Month ago

    Ya dono seh!

  • rowan 3
    rowan 3 Month ago

    Now let's see if he will fight Wilder or Fury

    V W WILSON Month ago

    AJ fought masterclass at distance now he needs to fight masterclass up close like, Parker, Chisora and Whyte

  • Jj s
    Jj s Month ago +1

    Till he gets hit again 🤣

  • Mo Rahadian
    Mo Rahadian Month ago

    *Aj can not KO Ruiz*

  • Mack Premo
    Mack Premo Month ago


  • kamal
    kamal Month ago


  • King Delevingne
    King Delevingne Month ago +1

    Yeah, he knocked down 4 times and quit! Just so he could won the belt "twice" 🙄

  • County Topper Rob
    County Topper Rob Month ago +2

    Brilliant AJ but you've still got to knock out Wilder in his home town in his front room with bent judges. Then knock out ruiz 3, then beat Tyson Fury to be considered the greatest. Oh I forgot about about Usyk and Pulev. Who else?

  • Ryan Bugden
    Ryan Bugden Month ago

    I love AJ, seriously...
    But fuckin’ hell that was some cheezy shit 😂

  • Kieran Pugh
    Kieran Pugh Month ago +1

    He's a promoters dream

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle Month ago +1

    When aj quotes ali, I cringe like a mofo. He just doesn't have that quality

    • Shahzaib Ibrar
      Shahzaib Ibrar Month ago

      Rust Cohle you’re legit the only person I seen in the same boat as me😂😂😭

  • davygraham
    davygraham Month ago +1

    2 times wont fight fury or wilder

  • Aryan1
    Aryan1 Month ago

    Closit Islamist