Why Minecraft Is Dying

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
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Comments • 780

  • Totodile the Boi
    Totodile the Boi Month ago

    more like the Channel is dying, instead of Minecraft

  • X5
    X5 Month ago

    never again thanks to pewds

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 3 months ago

    ItsJerryAndHarry: Heh I'm in danger

  • Vid Sagadin
    Vid Sagadin 3 months ago +2

    ItsJerryAndHarry: Minecraft is dying....
    Minecraft in 2019: Hold my pickaxe.

  • Victor Vu
    Victor Vu 4 months ago

    aged like milk

    • Victor Vu
      Victor Vu 3 months ago

      @BruhWave minecraft is as big as it was when people liked it

    • BruhWave
      BruhWave 3 months ago

      no like wine

  • Lit Drakey
    Lit Drakey 4 months ago

    Anyone else watching in the future
    And know that minecraft got revived by pewdiepie and lazarbeam and other people

  • Hannah Doll
    Hannah Doll 7 months ago +3

    No, your channel is dying

  • Víctor Sánchez Rivera

    i love minecraft

  • Sebastian Demerjian
    Sebastian Demerjian 7 months ago

    minecraft is great! it is not dying. Most youtubers playing minecraft are older than you'd think and because fortnite is more popular doesn't mean it'll go on forever. fortnite is good, but it is inevitably going to end up just like everything else. that does not make fortnite dead.

  • potty the potted plant
    potty the potted plant 9 months ago

    What server are they playing on?

  • Dirt Magrin
    Dirt Magrin 10 months ago +2

    Just because people lost interest in your channel does not mean Minecraft is dead.

  • Kyle Richards
    Kyle Richards 10 months ago

    Actually, Minecraft is still *gaining* popularity so it isn’t even close to dying

  • ThatGuyWhoYoutubes
    ThatGuyWhoYoutubes 10 months ago

    I don't think something with annual 82 million players is dying

  • Lava Chaser
    Lava Chaser 11 months ago

    well why it is dying is cuz of how old it is getting people stop playing and move on.

  • ProjectAlex21
    ProjectAlex21 Year ago

    nice C L I C K B A I T m8

  • Aziz aziz
    Aziz aziz Year ago


  • ZionKube
    ZionKube Year ago


  • pgmc8
    pgmc8 Year ago

    Stupid video. Mnecraft isnt dying. The statistics you have shown is a terrible way to prove its dying. People just dont need to search minecraft in google. The reason people were searching minecraft was because we didnt have any tutorials back then. So we had to search to learn. Nowdays, it shows everything we need. So, why should we search it? Also that interest over time is only on PC. Interest over time in mcpe is just... RISING dude...Community is dying, not minecraft. The frikkin’ fortnite is just stealing MILLIONS of players. Minecraft doesnt need HDgraphics or tons of guns to be better than fortnite. The new updates are great. No cooldown and spammy swords made NO SENSE. The newer combat system is much better. It takes more time to make updates for microsoft because they make much better updates. Look at 1.13. IT IS AWESOME! And the new 1.14 will come before 2019. It will be awesome.
    EDİT: dislike the video if you agree

  • SetheXD
    SetheXD Year ago


  • JasonMC
    JasonMC Year ago

    For all of you who said Minecraft is dying why does it has 91 million active players and gained 10 million sales in the last 9 months. You guys thinks its dead because that's how you feel.

  • Logan436
    Logan436 Year ago +1

    look in the mirror. And you will see who is really dead.

  • Super LoneStar Bros Splatoon Roblox and more

    Dislikes from little kids

  • kornelbut
    kornelbut Year ago

    Ok im gonna write a comment saying it's not dead, and then a lot of kids will say 'IT IS DEAD"
    Truth: A game is dead when it has 0 people playing it, not being on youtube, and most importanly... BE DELETED
    You guys: A game is dead when i lose interest in it
    If you wanna know there are a bunch of sides for this "war"
    For example: Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft (of course) and a bunch of other games
    Roblox people say when Anthro will be added, they will move to Minecraft.
    While it may not be completely truth, some people will defenitely move to Minecraft.
    And now i will list all things that proves Minecraft is not dead:
    70 Million and more people playing it now. [Minecraft is not dead prove counter: 1]
    1.13 Update. [Minecraft is not dead prove counter: 2]
    Roblox people saying they will move to Minecraft (While they may just be joking, it dosen't mean that this will not happen) [Minecraft is not dead prove counter: 3]
    Big youtubers keeping the game "warm" (UnspeakableGaming,UnspeakablePlays) [Minecraft is not dead prove counter: 4]
    And someone said: "Just because a lot of people are playin' doesn't mean it's not dead."
    I mean that's someone with an IQ of -50 to not know what dead means.
    The more stuff we say about it being dead or not, the longer this war will be. So people let's just all agree that we have different opinions, we can like minecraft, or we can not.

  • daniltzx x
    daniltzx x Year ago

    But Minecraft is a good game

  • daniltzx x
    daniltzx x Year ago

    No not only Roblox is better,Fortnite is cool too

  • Christopher kassier
    Christopher kassier Year ago +1

    Minecraft is not actually dead there 76 million active users and rising plus there are tons of people that don't know how to use servers and the shulkers were never in mods as well as many other thing's

  • OlafGPug
    OlafGPug Year ago

    I love Minecraft, it's hole new world for me. I don't care if it's dying or not. Speaking from noob mc.

  • i quit YT
    i quit YT Year ago +1

    Jerry va harry channel died couse mc died finally

  • ugly
    ugly Year ago

    Nope ROBLOX is dead

    YOUSSEF _GAMER Year ago

    minecraft not dying minecraft is gosest game

  • FV N • 55 years ago

    Minecraft, the game I've been playing since 2012, and been begging my parents to buy it since the begginning of 2011, finally at the end of 2011 at Christmas time, I got minecraft. I played this amazing game for 6 years already. I met a bunch of friends, twice, but sadly lost contact with them a very long time ago. My current group of friends is dieing because everyone is thinking about quitting minecraft, and don't play it as often. For a teenager about to start the second year of high school, It's going to pull the beautiful game away from me because of schoolwork. This has happened for the past year, and since I lost access to my computer for the summer for some reasons, I don't have enough time to bond with the game anymore.
    Whenever I hop on my computer and open up minecraft, I'm bored of it. Nothing to do, the good old days are gone. I really just play a game of bedwars on hypixel for 15 minutes, lose, then just hop off of my computer and do other things.
    Minecraft is dying, face it. All of us that played it when we were kids are maturing and growing up now. We need to accept life and start a career. I really wish I could bond with this wonderful game again, but sadly, the chances of that happening are severely low.
    All those good times are washed away. I don't really have a passion for gaming anymore, I don't play fortnite, CS:GO, or COD, like all the others do, I just really watch videos on my phone all day. There's nothing really to do.
    My life is boring now, I hope school will bring my status of living up by not making me bored all day, homework sucks, but it should help.
    If I had no schoolwork or anything that came in my way, I would be playing this game every day again. It's not that I want to quit, it's just that I'm forced to by events.
    I'm sad this game is dieing, but that's okay. Whatever comes up, must come down. We're old now, we're maturing, and we need to step away from the childish world and games, and start anew.
    2012 - 2018

  • FV N • 55 years ago

    This is the 666th comment

  • drunken russian
    drunken russian Year ago

    Because of you

  • Pinhead
    Pinhead Year ago

    One day me and my friend died cuz of a zombie *minecraft is totally dying*

  • f u l l m o o n
    f u l l m o o n Year ago


  • Alternative Red
    Alternative Red Year ago

    I can't tell if they are joking or are actually being serious lol.

  • Minus Zero
    Minus Zero Year ago

    Mario never dies

  • Rikki Gaming
    Rikki Gaming Year ago

    i was a minecraft player but now im a mlbb player cuz minecraft is too boring, but i watch my favorite minecraft youtubers but im just watching not playing like minecraft console edition has a least updates

  • Gerovus
    Gerovus Year ago +1

    Minecraft is just no longer trending, it isn’t dying nor dead

  • yeehawrper
    yeehawrper Year ago

    because u banned me on ur server

  • doggo boi
    doggo boi Year ago

    Did you saw that harry was wearing the tf2 soldier skin the hole time???like if you did.

  • lalalaopal ]
    lalalaopal ] Year ago

    No, if u wanna know,
    Minecraft pocket edition existed on all of my friend's phone. Mcpe :1
    students in my school : 3584
    Minecraft is alive in my skool....

  • EarRape Productions


  • nancy goguen
    nancy goguen Year ago

    Minecraft= 160M F****N PLAYERS

    Fortnite= 40M players


  • None of your business

    Minecraft is added to the Legendary Games Trophy Hall, along with other Masterpieces.

  • potato potato potato potato potato potato potato

    lol nice clickbait i will only watch jerry vs harry not this lame ass once-used-to-be-machinima-but-changed-to-another-jerry-vs-harry-channel channel and i won't watch build battle

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Year ago

    Hermitcraft ain't dead

  • CSS
    CSS Year ago

    The question is: are you going to give up on the channel? (I hope not)

  • Keithkoekhoofd
    Keithkoekhoofd Year ago

    Holy shit. I remember watching your videos all day as a kid. Coming back here after all those years and rewatching all the old videos... OOF. And when I found out you were Dutch I kinda died omdat ik dat ook ben. :)

  • Ahmed Gamer83
    Ahmed Gamer83 Year ago +1

    Minecraft does'nt dying.... Your channel is dying that's the real question.

  • lclMetal
    lclMetal Year ago

    If a game with millions of players is dead, then most games have never been alive. :D
    It's just that the attention span of the mass audience is short - one day a game is popular, the other day the trend-following players are gone, moved on to new things. But that doesn't mean the game's dead.
    When the mass audience leaves a game, the ones that are left are most likely going to be the people who are the most passionate about the game itself, not about the RU-cliprs or other phenomena developed around the game. And that can be a healthy thing for the game community, as high popularity and large numbers of players also attract a lot of trolls and toxic people who generally only want to annoy others and are not into the game at all.
    The way I see it is that the playerbase is now going to settle at the normal level for the game - the player numbers have been bloated for years because of the high popularity of the game. Sure, eventually the playerbase will shrink to a point where the game can be called dead, but I don't see that happening any time soon. As long as the game gets updates, it's likely to retain a healthily-sized playerbase.
    And I'm not talking about Minecraft alone, but also all the other games people call dead despite them still having large numbers of players.

  • Kuraidoman
    Kuraidoman Year ago +1

    Its Just ur channel that is dying not Minecraft

  • just a test m8
    just a test m8 Year ago

    If Minecraft die just respawn ;-;

  • John Kaiser
    John Kaiser Year ago

    Meh... Just as they said, it's just a theory, an opinion, it's not actually really true, Minecraft has a Vast of Possibilities, especially the new Aquatic Updates, People just say that coz they can't think of any Contents anymore (idk wat im say'n.. sorry)

  • kirk and suri in amazing land

    why minecraft dying because of ROBLOX its so cool!!

    Millions of people playing roblox
    Hundreds of people playing minecraft
    I miss minecraft!!

  • JustJayden
    JustJayden Year ago

    Please play foRtNite plez

  • GizzardGamer Productions

    Reasons why the ItsJerryAndHarry server is dead:
    1. Hypixel

  • Ratral fiofanov
    Ratral fiofanov Year ago

    World of Warcraft is not dead, it was top on Twitch couple of days ago, and still in top 5 games, overall the game is much more alive than i ever seen( im following this game from like 2013)

  • Darkns
    Darkns Year ago

    for the people who are saying that minecraft is not dying its just youtube!
    i disagree and its not true too!
    people got bored of minecraft because they play 1.8 all the time and we're stuck at the same version so people got bored of it! 1.9 is so boring but it takes skills but its boring! i dont also think that microsoft will bring back the old minecraft 1.8!
    They also mentioned that hypixel bedwars was created and it have over 20k people and then a year later its now couple of thousands people
    also fortnite came out people came here playing it because they got bored of minecraft! microsoft also thinks that their game is good and not dying! i love how people really think that the old people are quitting, so the new mineecraft players are coming in! and thats not true! look at google's minecraft trend! it clearly shows you that the game is dying! i know you guys missed the old days when minecraft was a thing especially when hypixel came out, but then when microsoft bought it, its now bad! you guys should fight with mojang because thats their fault! back then when minecraft wasnt attacked by kids that say 1.9 is way more better than 1.8! Mojang said **you know what, lets update minecraft 1.8 into their kids opinion** and yea. please use your mind! its too late now!

  • GTechMinlox
    GTechMinlox Year ago

    I got a minecraft ad before this video.